There is one thing we know for sure: students who go through our Silicon Valley Study Tour program often bring a new attitude back home and love to create new things. Some of our alumni have started new companies, incubators and digital agencies.

Some spin off on the SVST are: Aizoon by Franco Cornagliotto – The Hub Milan by Nicolò Borghi and partners, The Hub Rovereto by Jari Ognibeni today Ceo of Industrio, Creonomy by Nicolò Borghi and Corrado Alesso, aLabs by Mattia Accornero, HK Horticultural Knowledge by Emanuele Pierpaoli, Regalister by Davide Bertarini, Wheresup by Theo Gonella and partners, Poip by Edoardo Tosetti and Alessandro Giuliano, today based in Milan Politechnic PoliHub, supported by IBM Blue Mix, Hint Club by Max Brigonzi, and Tensive founded by Alessandro Tocchio after his SVST2011 attendance.  All above from the inspiration arouse from the SVST attendance.

Carlo Alberto Pratesi, marketing Professor of Roma Tre University, after attending the SVST 2007 and 2008, launched in Rome in 2009 Innovaction Lab with Paolo Merialdo and Augusto Coppola, great school of entrepreneurship for wannabe startuppers. All of the participants return to Italy with a renewed excitement, new tools, new perspectives and a burning desire to one day succeed as entrepreneurs and technology executives.

On May 26th, 2012, all the Alumni met in Genova University, School of Engineering, where the project was born, in 2005.

400+ are the Alumni, since the beginning in 20+ editions.

In 2013 the Technology Scouting Project in Silicon Valley for European Companies was born, supported by the Italian Foreign Ministry. The project is managed in Silicon Valley by selected SVST Alumni.