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  • Davide

    Hello everyone! You’ve all been very active on the forum, wow!

    I’ve been very busy with the uni, but thankfully now I have more free time. I’d like to play the black sheep and stand for the opposite view for the the huge space mirror. I think that it’s a very sound, environmentally friendly and smart solution, and that the problems outlined by you all will be solved. Let me explain:

    as far as i can think now, the smartest design would be modular, that is the main mirror is made up by thousands of smaller mirrors, which would look like a bee’s eye (but convex). In this way, each sub-mirror could be rotated independently by the others, allowing to fine tune both the amount of light reflected and the focus and illuminated area. The accuracy of the pointing system wouldn’t be, in my opinion, an impossibile technical issue, as current state-of-the-art scientific telescopes from NASA and other agencies have awesome accuracy. The only problem would only be controlling an enormous system and not a small satellite: then, maybe, the best route would be that to make the sub mirrors detached from each other, connected to a main alignment system. Finally, if it is accurate enough to be pointed only at cities, without bleeds in the surroundings, I am absolutely positive about the project.

    About the Galaxy Fold
    I’m happy to finally see some paradigm shift in the smartphone industry, that until now has essentially produced bigger, more powerful versions of the first smartphones. The recent stagnation of the smartphone market has pushed all producers to push prices upwards and to implement more technology in order to justify those increases.The future is bright for us customers!

    About Car Lights During Daytime
    @valentina, although the numbers you cite are very realistic, the news itself feels like conspiracism to me: I often find that daytime lights are a must for visibility in some situations, like when looking into mirrors, or transitioning from a bright to dark area, especially for black or gray cars. What leaves me baffled is that with the advent of LED lights some car manufacturers, instead of keeping the same luminosity and lowering power conception, seem to have kept the same power, resulting in brighter lights, both during daytime and nighttime. You can see what I mean with the new Clio’s LED daylight, which manage to disturb me even at noon. I’d light to see more systems like Opel’s IntelliLux around. It basically detects cars in front of you, and changes the shape and direction of the headlights accordingly. Wonderful!


    @danielafiorellino thank you for you’re article on the differences in the privacy concept between West and China. Now I understand how can it be that Chinese people accept such a harsh (for us) invasion of privacy. Well then, if for them it’s fine, it is fine also for me, provided that they don’t export the model 😂.

    @jessinthebox96, you’re right, the Filter Chamber effect should be a primary concern for such an app. If I where to design it, I would constantly keep in mind that, trying to avoid it: there can be no debate if you don’t confront with the opposite opinion. So, there could be a box, or a specific section, in which the views opposite to yours are presented, even if I feel that people would tend to skip these, or that there’s a risk that they would feel manipulated if the thing isn’t done smoothly enough.



    Good evening guys,

    I saw that you started other interesting discussions, like the one on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. I want to read all the articles and insights you share before saying something about it. I would get back on this topic in the next few days.

    Today I just want to share with you two interesting articles that I had read this morning about self-driving cars and that I think could be interesting to discuss here.

    The first one is about something Elon Musk had said during a podcast. He says that Cars will have ‘full self-driving’ features by the end of the year
    I think that he’s probably exaggerating and that we need some time more to develop such technology with an acceptable level of safety. What do you think?

    The second one says that Police could be able to control your self-driving car in the future.
    It’s a little clickbait, but the bottom line is that “self-driving vehicles could be programmed to have a function wherein they will automatically pull over or move to the right (or left, depending on which country you’re driving in) if the vehicle detects flashing police lights or emergency vehicles behind it“.
    Some Startups are already working on it and I think that this could be a good innovation to speed up the journey of emergency vehicles. Do you agree?

    Let me know your opinion
    Have a good day,



    Good evening everyone!

    Looking on internet I found main characteristics of Samsung Fold and Huawei MateX. Even if Samsung is the first one who presented the new mobile or better a new category of product, Huawei seems to be better than this one because, from the first release, it will contains 5G and will be possible use the main screen to manage apps while Samsung allows the management only from the small one; so Huawei seems to guarentee a better service than Samsung. As you said @valentina and @jessinthebox96 it’s a great move for Samsung to collaborate with Adobe and Instagram, I think it is trying to give a better good looking of its brand and use them to communicate great quality of the product. I think Samsung is a big competitor but is not at the top right now. I am wondering why Apple is not doing anything to be competitive. I was reading that Apple will launch the Iphone Fold with 5G integrated in 2020 but I think it could be too late and it could lose some market shares.

    @jessinthebox96 I really liked what you posted about Huawei Unfinished Symphony. It’s a really great communication campaign; in this way Huawei has managed to unite the social, cultural and technical side. It shows you how Huawei can be big and powerful and allows you to exceed limits. I think no one ever before did what this company did. This adv shows how and why AI could be useful in our society.

    @francescatomasello regarding to copyrights, it’s a very hot topic. I think copyright is right to be given to the creators of the program. Associate a copyright to a machine it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    @gianlucabelloni Well, actually it could be a little bit unrealistic think having a self-driving car by the end of the year but if Elon Musk is convinced about it..well something is going to happen, most likely. He is investing a lot on this innovation and he has a really good team of researchers..so let’s see.

    About the police control on driverless car, I agree with this system. Leaving the control to police, it could improve the police and emergency services and make safer roads. If we want the driverless car system, it is mandatory to make it perfect and able to undestand the situations thanks to a connection to public services. in according to that it’s important the help and implementation of AI innovations by Governaments.

    Lat but not least I saw this video report by TG3 and I found it very interesting. The first part talks about Robot and Ethics (it’s impressive see how the robot moves and talks) but the topic that I want to introduce you  is the application of AI and machine learning to reduce the sea pollution (you find it from the minute 3.56). There is a robot called Folaga, it looks like a missile;it can go down up to 80 metres and thanks to an exchange of sound waves it can recognize if it’s approaching a rock or not. We need absolutely make researches on AI applied to marine pollution, save our oceans and marine life is really important.

    Have a nice evening,



    Hello everyone,

    love to see updates from Elon Musk! While he certainly knows his business, I agree with @gianlucabelloni: he will probably have to correct himself to a more realistic timeline. The conventional time span for level 5 autonomous cars to arrive into the market is nearly 10 years in all the declarations and analysis that I’ve read. Cutting that down isn’t impossible, but considering that the task of making the AI work in situations with complex signals, road turns, traffic, pedestrians like in a city centre or where the horizontal signals cross themselves is scary difficult I’m cautious. Still, good luck to him and to Tesla! He has made the world a better place.

    @serenavineis I’d love to see more sensibility towards ocean pollution and cleaning. Luckily in these years startups like The Ocean Cleanup (I LOVE them),  OceanPlasticBracelets and 4ocean are growing both in numbers and efficiency. For what I understand, the importance of the last two is mainly in the sensibilization they do, while The Ocean Cleanup promises the most significant garbage collection. Also their idea and the way the are pursuing and developing it looks sound and rigorous to me. If I weren’t a student, I’d make a donation to all of them and cover my girlfriend with ocean saving bracelets! Though I have a feeling that she would prefer Swarosky…

    It’s sad to see that some people are still going in the opposite direction: Iceland has recently lifted the ban on whale hunting and will resume the slaughter soon… 😩

    Have a good evening/night, cheers!


    Hi everyone,

    @ jessinthebox96 thanks for your suggestions and your ideas, I saw Obama movie and it’s terrible!

    As for the “perfect flatmate” we are at the paradox, in my opinion human nature tends to find faults even in the face of optimal situations, but maybe I will be wrong …

    Thank you @serenavineis for your evaluation of the situation of the “makerlaw” in the future 😉

    @francescatomasello about the hidden-city-ticketing do you have any right to not pay three air tickets Milan-Barcelona from April 26 to May 2, 457 euros?  My friend with equal number of people, same period, same route paid 290 euro because he booked a month ago! Don’t you think that the trick of booking before and pay less is unfair?!?

    @serenavineis is true when you write that Italy has many resources and good characteristics, but unfortunately it does not have the innovation, I think the same.

    @ jessinthebox96 @serenavineis we will have to get used to new artistic forms initiated by technology: from painting to music as the case of Symphony No 8 by Schubert. Perhaps even literature and history will undergo changes with the GAN.

    @francescatomasello I don’t know German, hahaha! 🙂




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    Francesca Tomasello

    Hi everybody!

    @gianlucabelloni I do not think that by the end of the year these self-driving cars will be ready… But surely there will be innovations since Tesla and especially the person of Elon Musk are always at the top. And about the control of the police over self-driving cars, I totally agree with @serenavineis.

    @davidetoniolo happy to see that someone knows these companies! I personally bought some bracelets from 4Ocean and I firmly believe in their work. It’s obvious that not all of them could be helped with our donations (we are not billionaires) but if everyone chooses a charity/enviromental friendly/ecc organization to support it, maybe our action won’t be only a drop in the ocean but something more. Not only with ocean pollution but the theme should be enlarged to other environments and the world in general.

    It would be a great step forward the duo: AI and sustainable development. In 2015 the United Nations declared the sustainable development goals in order to achieve them by 2030.

    In this article (thanks to the work of the top consulting firm McKinsey) it is said that there are several cases for AI’s potential or actual uses for improving and achieving the SD Goals. Especially in this paper work, there are lots of examples in reality, social ones in particular. Surely AI could be give a boost to these themes but I retain that the world needs more responsibility itself because only AI could not solve all our problems, we should be aware of our problems and then trying to solve them with or without AI. But if we are not aware of them, we won’t be useful at all, even with the potential help of AI.

    @valentina what are you talking about has nothing to do with hidden-city ticketing but it derives from politics of price made by airlines and based on several factors as the time when you buy the ticket, the device from which you search for the ticket and so on. These are tricks that are used thanks to algorithms that use and match big data (as the position of the buyer, the time, the device…) in order to fix the maximum price. They are all made to maximize profit for airlines but in effect there are not so ethical…

    I want to share with you this fresh new project that involves AI: ChatterPal. Who uses this software on his website has 3D avatars that give information to the clients 24/7/365, always! In this way they claim that the bounce rate would be eliminated because customers felt connected to this and had access to information straight away in real-time. This is a sort of customer care but all automatized without human interaction (not real agents). What do you think? This is a real innovation in order to collect data from customers automatically and without any effort.




    Hi everyone,

    how are you today?

    @davidetoniolo about the Led lights on the Clio I agree, but I think these small, but useful progress steps must reach everyone and this will certainly also have an impact on running costs for the car.

    I agree with you when you write about the Chinese privacy model, if it’s okay with them, it’s okay with everyone. We must not globalize the models of culture, but is it possible in 2019 to choose what to globalize and what not?

    @gianlucabelloni I think as well that Musk needs a little more time for autonomous driving 😉

    @gianlucabelloni when you talk about the police but I am not convinced that it is good to automatically move left or right independently without a prior opinion expressed and not because it is unfair, but because we still need to think independently about the reality that surrounds us.

    @serenavineis thanks for sharing the report movie, tonight I will watch it carefully.

    What you write about marine pollution is true. We should take great care of the environment and if it would be good to have better solutions based on AI. @davidetoniolo it is very sad what is happening in Iceland.




    Hello everyone,

    thank you @francescatomasello for the articles you shared. It’s the second time you post a work from McKinsey and I’ll start to check them out regularly, they make really interesting analysis and are able to explain and report very effectively. I also didn’t know about UN’s SD objectives, its awesome to see organized effort in this direction. In the two articles you shared two applications stuck me particularly: the first is the use of satellite data to understand which roads are safe, combined with software to map out optimal routes. The second is the Rainforest Connection, they use old smartphones, combined with a microphone and solar cells to listen to the sounds of the rainforest. Audio streams are analyzed in real time to listen to chainsaw and other telltale noises in a very sensible way and detect illegal logging and preaching. What’s amazing about them is the fact that they used simple, already available tech: at a point people begun sending them their old smartphones for the common good!

    ChatterPal looks promising, I see that some companies are already using something similar, but less sophisticated, like a chat bot to do the job. Good luck to them, they’ll need as I think that they’re really not the only ones that have had the idea!

    @gianlucabelloni I’m positive about the compliance of the autonomous cars with the public authorities vehicles. While someone may not like the concept with what regards the police, think about its applications with ambulances or firefighter vehicles: in a fully autonomous word, they could go at full speed in a safer, more informed way. I also envision a way for you to say, even as a common civilian, “please, let me pass, a person close to me has had an accident” and avoid traffic. (With some sort of validation to prevent abuse of the feature)

    Have an awesome weekend,

    Jessica Amianto Barbato

    @gianlucabelloni interesting readings the ones you shared! I totally back you when you claim Elon Musk is overstating the state of art when it comes to self-driving cars, but I appreciated his point on how people might manipulate his statement: “people sometimes will extrapolate that to mean now it works with 100 percent certainty, requires no observation, perfectly. This is not the case”. It’s clearly a smart move on his part to protect himself from allegations of having put somebody’s life at risk with his driverless cars, but it’s also a way to make it obvious that claiming that something “works” it’s not equal to saying that something “works with 100% certainty”. It reminded me of a Linguistics study about the role the way our language influences risk perception; I couldn’t find a proper paper online (the experiment was Rundblad’s) but, if I had to transpose its results into the driverless cars topic, I would say that when we read or hear someone say “the self-driving car is safe (or works properly)” we tend to understand that “the self-driving car is always certainly safe”. I mean, I guess Elon Musk must be a clever one, and, apart from being a great entrepreneur, a sharp-witted communicator.

    As for police controlling the driverless car to make it pull over, it think it would be great way to prevent the vehicle from going out of control. I am aware of the legal repercussion in allowing the authorities to supervise the car, but I’m seeing it in a different way: what if the driver suffers from some kind of illness while behind the wheel? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the car could detect and recognize the medical emergency and immediately seek help?
    My mind is wandering (again) a little bit, but imagine if there was a way of calling the police anytime someone breaks into a car and tries to steal the owner’s stuff or reaches out to the tow truck whenever the vehicle has some kind of malfunctionality. I am not completely sure about this, but I think I would, let me say, “let the police in”; if the only kind of control the authorities could exert was stopping the car when the driver isn’t able to manage the situation anymore, I wouldn’t mind about it.

    @serenavineis marine pollution is such a relevant issue, thanks for bringing it up! I didn’t know about Folaga, but I read about The Plastic Tide Project which consisted in the development of an AI-fueled drone that could detect plastic waste in the oceans. It seems that the charity that financed the project has ceased and I don’t know what to expect from their team right now. In my researches I found out about the Microsoft AI For Earth project and it’s amazing to see how much we can achieve through a conscious use of AI technologies; you can scroll through their open projects in the fields of smart agriculture, weather forecasting (it deals with the management in response to catastrophic hurricanes) and mapping for species conservation. Here you can read all the topics explored by AI applied to environmental issues in 2018 … Let me say I had never even considered the matter, and the most interesting side of the story is that the expose the risks of applying this new systems to those issues (they mention ethical, control, social and economic risks). As the Earth Institute at Columbia University claims: “In India, AI has helped farmers get 30 percent higher groundnut yields per hectare by providing information on preparing the land, applying fertilizer and choosing sowing dates. In Norway, AI helped create a flexible and autonomous electric grid, integrating more renewable energy. And AI has helped researchers achieve 89 to 99 percent accuracy in identifying tropical cyclones, weather fronts and atmospheric rivers, the latter of which can cause heavy precipitation and are often hard for humans to identify on their own. By improving weather forecasts, these types of programs can help keep people safe”

    I’ll be back later for another couple of things, but meanwhile I wish you a great weekend!


    Hi everyone,

    while we have written our evaluations on the technology of the new Smartphone models, look at this beautiful 18-karat wristwatch:

    Nubia Alpha: uno smartphone da polso da 18 carati | MWC 2019


    Good day!



    Daniela Fiorellino

    HI guys!

    Thank you for all your interesting comment! I am not an expert when we talk about mobile phone, I don’t even know what phone I have myself ahah! But as a student of marketing I can talk about Samsung, Apple and Huawei as companies: Apple is not the most selling company, it is in the third placement, and Samsung and huawei have the first and second spot. This is an article from 2018 where it explain the movement in the mobile phone ranking: https://www.startmag.it/innovazione/huawei-apple-seconda-samsung-punta-al-primo-posto/ Huawei surpassed Apple but I think we can’t be so surprise: basically in China everyone has a Huawei and they are..so many!!! And I think in a long term the Chinese company would be the leader in this field, what do you think?

    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/aug/01/huawei-beats-apple-smartphone-manufacturer-samsung-iphone here the writer of The Guardian wrote: “If Apple and Samsung want to maintain their market positions, they must make their portfolios more competitive.” So with this new type of Galaxy I think Samsung is playing his shots.

    In conclusion this article from the beginning of 2019 explain really good the dynamic of the mobile market and how and why Huawei is becoming more present everywhere. https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/tecnologie/2019-01-04/huawei-samsung-sfida-il-primato-mondiale-e-apple-arretra-121700.shtml?uuid=AEPpX18G

    @jessinthebox96 the video you posted about Obama is scary and could be very dangerous: make politician say some things like this could be very dangerous for everyone. Also, most of the time, people cannot recognize what is true or fake news, most people just believe blindly in everything they see/read. Internet is a magnificent invention but we have to be careful about how it is used.

    @gianlucabelloni about the police control on driverless car I am not really in favor of that, at least not completely. A lot of time we heard news about police brutality in the USA, with this innovation who says that some policeman/woman could use it for the wrong reason? I don’t know if you can tell by all of my post but I don’t really trust American people ahah Sure, they are great innovators, they always come up with some new inventions, but when we talk about how people think and act they lose my trust. (obviously I am not talking about every single person, but in general. I always hear some crazy story that happen in America). I have to say that I agree with @davidetoniolo ‘s thought about that used by ambulances and firefighter, that could be really helpful!

    @serenavineis nice topic! I think we have to be more careful about climate change in general. I mean in these days in Milan was super hot, and in the south (at least where I live) was colder, it is not normal! https://www.avvenire.it/attualita/pagine/clima-italia-capovolta this article explain it well : “Dobbiamo prepararci al peggio: i Paesi del Mediterraneo nell’ultimo secolo si sono riscaldati più del resto del mondo – +1,4 gradi contro +1 grado – e nei prossimi anni il riscaldamento sarà più forte del 25% di quello globale, in particolare d’estate; siamo un hot spot, una delle aree più sensibili, per via dell’aumento della temperatura e delle diminuzione delle precipitazioni”and this has repercussions on many things, for example think about agricolture.

    @jessinthebox96 thank you for your link about AI  helping in environmental issue, I love it when we use AI for good reasons! It is amazing! Give a look at this: https://ai4good.org/active-projects/  when AI meet good!

    Give a look at their projects, most of them we have discussed in this forum!

    Have a nice day,

    Daniela Fiorellino.

    Giuseppe Vitale

    Wassup y’all, how is it going here?
    @davidetoniolo your link over Dunning-Kruger Effect punched me in the face! Reading I felt it so much going back to apulia, I met with some guys and there was this butthole keeping talking about facts he was clearly making up to make his point valid, was like talking to a Flat Earther, I felt angry cause I hate talking to dumb peeps, I feel like I waste my time. But thanks to them, I think these events remind myself to have humility when expressing thoughts and to approach to people differently by moduling the tone and the determination of what I say. Just to keep them in your control, instead of letting him spit crap over science or history.
    Here’s a nice project: http://adnauseam.io/
    Is a project intended to contrast the digital AD surveillance by deploying more useless data to those tracking system, so that your real interests online are “obfuscated” by the great variety and huge amounts of classes, that don’t necessarily correlate so that Google or Facebook process wrong ads for you, all this while giving more credit to who posts ads banners on the web (i hope).
    Another news about Apple, Ad blockers on Safari don’t work anymore, due to the major update Safari 12, they deprecated a function of the API of the browser engine so that plugins like DuckDuckGo now can’t block content loading from other sources than the visited website. Apple didn’t explicitly said any thing about adblockers, it was intended to improve security. I doubt of that.
    Since a lot of women are in this thread, here you are @danielafiorellino, a real parody of this_person_does_not_exist, thisvaginadoesnotexist, NSFWalert ahahaha!
    Like the original fake face generator, the authors are using a Generative adversarial network (paper) which is a type of ML unsupervised algorithm, wikipedia explain gratefully the process and possible applications (ex. an automatic face aging algorithm). Fun fact is that training this 512 x 512 pixel model took 4GPUs running synchronously for 4 whole days, and it would have cost about $60,000 for training only on Google Cloud platform.
    The same developer made also a unique piece of contemporary art using GANs, really interesting how : https://www.sothebys.com/en/articles/artist-mario-klingemann-on-artificial-intelligence-art-tech-and-our-future
    About GANs and security, stealing identities on internet is way older than AI making up faces, and I humbly think that the AI has limits. Our creativity is the limitation, machines are not creative, they just match things, or reproduce things after models are trained, but human will boost in capabilities by delegating to and communicating with AIs.

    Wikipedia is not quite reliable? Since when? What has been created for? What makes you untrust it? Functional illiteracy has nothing to do with resources availability, it’s people fault if they get bored looking for an answer. That’s my thought. Wikipedia is not a journal, there are no news in an encyclopedia, i might agree that sometimes articles loose accuracy, but there are specialized encyclopedias for every needs in the web.

    @valentina, I strongly believe your centralized car managing system for long period it’s the worst scenario I can imagine. I’ll give you another black mirror example: think if the central system gets hacked by Iranian hackers, they could make thousands of kills by just making collide cars on high speed. That’s a real opportunity for terrorists.
    Non experts think that centralized systems are better than decentralized ones, it’s totally false, at least for computer science (not politics). I understand that because of the internet being built on a centralized structure, all the best ideas we can come up with now are based on a centralized thing. Internet was born to make computers connected and directly (p2p) share information, connecting to computers as client and serve files stored to other clients (much like torrents now).
    As well for IoT, all the “things” (devices) don’t have to be totally controlled by a single localized system, the more isolated the more secure they are, exposing only few commands to manage it, that’s one of the main reasons why Home Automation Systems get hacked, attackers know secure systems and they do test/penetrate all single components checking if they are isolated, and work indipendently.
    Galaxy Fold? What is that? Oh yeaaaa, omg this is like the revolution which Motorola made with the G3 phone or Nokia with the E90, but today with a foldable touchscreen and 5G connectivity OMFG that’s so innovative, so futuristic, so advanced, so competitive, and also so cheap for the best phone in the world, they should sell it for more!
    Jokes aside, why should I pay more if you (the market) habited my unconscious for better things at a cheaper price?
    Why that price? $1,980 for Samsung’s and $2,300 for Huawei’s… come on now. People are getting poorer every year because of this turbocapitalism and companies set higher prices every year.
    I’m confident that Apple will not release an iPhone fold because it might not seem a “competitive product” as they try to sell it . Samsung and Huawei didn’t reinvent anything they just looked back at the past and implement old conceptual designs of phones integrated with a foldable touchscreen and new brandwidth of connectivity such as the 5G. I think Apples policy isn’t about releasing the last tech in the field, they wouldn’t had hit trillion by doing that, they release products with the best user experience they had tested.
    @davidetoniolo, I started using a new type of classifier for my CV project, it’s called YOLO (You Only Look Once) (paper) a “state-of-the-art, real-time object detection system”. I discovered it from github trends, than I looked up at the author’s work and I even found a TedTalk . Amazing work and top performances thanks to C lang, ithas. Go check it out😍

    The author cracked me up with his resumé ahahah.

    Francesca Tomasello

    Hi everybody! How many hot topics have we developed?!


    I want to focalize the attention on sustainability!

    Surely sustainability (now referring only to environment. The theme embraces three pillars: economic, social and environmental) is a hot topic during these years. It’s a side of everyone’s life because we can not avoid world and nature distruction any more! We are actors in this process of awareness and we are actors in order to spread and implement new ways to act, to respect nature and animals, the world in general, since we have only this house!

    I’m glad to see that there are several applications (maybe lots of ideas at the first step) of AI on the environment, looking in a sustainable way. AI applications for sustainability are not so widespread, and they are early stage, but surely they will be implemented more and more in the long-medium term.

    For example this utility company Xcel Energy has started reducing its emissions of nitrous oxide (that they produce by burning coal and which is dangerous for the ozone layer) from AI because it has equipped its smokestacks with neural networks. It works as a sort of human brain: it can quickly analyze the data that results from the complex dynamics of coal combustion. It then can make highly accurate recommendations about how to adjust the plant’s operations to reduce nitrous oxide emissions and operate at peak efficiency. Here’s the various graphs that show how much the emissions are reduced.

    Coming back to the others two pillars: economic and social, we were talking a lot about the problem of unemployment that could derive from AI, and how companies are reacting to this phenomenon? This Accenture’s research from 2017, identified 5 main steps to change approach in order to implement AI in all processes and businesses: to have a new perspective, to recognize the best fitting data, to combine solutions, to project technology for people and to re-think the outsourcing. These are in my opinion fundamental steps to change direction and to innovate towards technology in general but specifically in terms of AI.

    Not leaving Accenture’s forecasts: here’s the 2019 technology trends. We see the top five and among them there are DARQ technologies (distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR) and quantum computing): 89% of businesses are already experimenting with one or more DARQ technologies, expecting them to be key differentiators.

    We can easly look at this graph and state that AI has the greatest impact!!

    And the other 4 trends are hot topics too (but I do not want to annoy all of you and you can read the 4s in the article above)


    Thanks @peppuz for your articles especially the one of “Adnauseam” I think that the name has been chosen not only for the latin meaning but also because of AD (what they do, in fact), that’s a beautiful one! Regarding to Apple’s update of Safari I am skeptical as you with their “security improvement”.. Ad Blockers need to work hard to restore their position.


    Have a nice evening,



    Marco Pastore

    Hi guys!!
    I see there has been a lot of discussion here in the last weeks!
    I am really happy about this. You all proposed many interesting articles and presented a lot of interesting topics.

    Now, I want to introduce what will probably be the last two arguments of discussion: genetic editing and biohacking.
    They are two topics that involve ethic at the maximum level.

    Read these articles about genetic editing:

    Primi bambini nati con DNA modificato: mancanza di fonti scientifiche e dubbi etici

    Genome editing sugli embrioni: scientificamente possibile ma eticamente sconsiderato

    CRISPR CAS X: funziona come CRISPR CAS9, ma meglio

    And biohacking:

    Biohacking, i cyborg sono già tra noi

    What is your vision about these two trends?
    Look forward to read your opinion!!

    See you soon.


    P.S. Impactscool is a no profit foundation that bring the discussion about impacts of exponential technologies inside schools and universities. I am an Impactscool Ambassador and I will be very happy if some of you will decide to join our movement. Don’t hesitate to write me at marcop.ambassador@impactscool.com if you want to know more about this project.

    Tomorrow and 26th march Impactscool will hold two events inside the iBicocca program, here the links:

    iKnow: Disrupting humans, nuove tecnologie e salute

    iKnow: Future critical thinking, affrontare il futuro con gli strumenti del mestiere



    Good morning guys!

    You wrote a lot! Right now I am on holiday in Sicily for the Carnival, I’ll be right back on the forum to read you all on Thursday! Unfortunately I haven’t the pc with me at the moment 🙁



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