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  • Paolo Marenco

    Here we are – for the 12th year running! – to select students from Amedeo Avogadro University to attend  the SVST August 17 The selection will be made according the discussion here and yr Resume within April 2019.

    The next Tour will be the first for Students , managers and entrepreneurs.

    After years of distinct Tours we understood that mixing the age and experience of attendees is a great value for both.

    We’ll promote this Tour starting from October 2nd and 11th  2018 conferences  by Prof Candiotto Program- coming soon- than everybody will discuss the topic here moderated by our Alumnus  Luca Baldessarini  SVST 2018.

    The goal is to multiply the SVST 2018 effects that we can synthetise as follow:

    1- 37 attendees students in Italian Universities coming from 8 different countries, with 16 female the largest number ever.

    2 – Three month  interships  each after the SVST for 3 Business students from Trento University- Stefania Tibiletti-  in Cloud4wi ,  and Piemonte Orientale University, two guys in A3-Cube

    3- Mix  students with managers and professionals attending together the Tour, to extend the effect seen in August 2018 among  Generale Francesco Vestito, Head of Cyber Security task of Ministero della Difesa and Captain Giuseppe Cannatà- the minds and arm of Cyber Range in progress in Chiavari- Luca Barigione manager of Postel in Genova, attending the Tour with University students. Great mentorship of the senior attendees to the juniors happened during the Tour.

    4- Five Meetings  in Italy after the Tours, early September,  among Silicon Valley company CEO ( Peaxy, Hytrust) and companies like Ansaldo Energia, ABB, Cetena. This in the frame of improving Italy- Silicon Valley relations for business.

    5- A book ” Tra Italia e Silicon Valley. I migranti tech dal 2000 al 2018″ written by 60 Italians in Silicon Valley to tell their story. The book will be given before the Tour to the attendees  of SVST 2019, as an unique information base.

    Are you a student or a manager entrepreneur interested to join the SVST 2019 Tour?

    introduce yourself here!

    We are happy to lauch this discussion Forum with the report written by Pavia University student Lara Princivalle, from Borgosesia,  great attendee of SVST 2015, now working in Trento.

    Finally  what the attendee Fabio Vantaggiato  from Varallo Sesia, Business Grad of Milano Bicocca University kept from the experience.


    Hi Guys, my name is Edoardo Ceffa, I’m 21 years old and I’m attending the 3rd year of Economics in Novara, at the University of Eastern Piedmont.

    I’m very interested in studying and doing esperencies abroad, infact I went in NYC this summer, doing a Study Tour at the United Nations, working with the representative of Brazil. In October I’ll go to Brussels to participate as a member in the european Commision and in the European Parliament. I’m so interested in Economics improvement and sustainable development, innovation, technologies and politics.

    I’ve attended a 2 months stage for young manager entrepreneur at the Camera di Commercio in Alessandria, and i really enjoyed it.

    I’ m also one of the members of my university commitee, and I’m so proud of it, because I can see and live my university from a different point of view.

    Thanks to my professor of Organization, I’ve known about your interesting opportunity, so I apply for this Study Tour and going further you’ll be able to know me better.

    Stefano Garavaglia

    Good Evening everyone, my name is Stefano and I am, as said in the bio, an economics student who’s attending the second and last year of a master’s degree, after the achievement of the bachelor degree last year in November.
    I am very happy to have had the opportunity to study economics, so I’m sure I would choose this subject again and again.
    One of my favourite passions has always been to live and see (and why not, try) something new, and in my personal opinion the best way to do this, or at least one of the best ways, is to travel abroad.
    I’m so glad to have had various opportunities to do this, and I’m not referring to summer holidays or anything like that: these trips may sure be astonishing, but the “get in touch” with the culture, people and the way of living is missing (if it’s not, what a luck).
    What I think is better than the above said experience, are exchanges: not just for English which sure is very important, but above all for what a person like you can give you. I’ve had the luck to do this two ways exchanges, among the others, with a Belgian guy, an American one, from Chicago, and last but not least a Chinese Guy from Beijing. I fell in love with Chinese culture, their will to work and study, their respect and way of living (and also food, love food :).
    Time to conclude the introducing, so what’s left to be said is my interest for this unique opportunity l got in touch thanks to my professor.

    Thank you all!

    Federica Formato

    Hello! My name is Federica Formato and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Valle d’Aosta but I’ve lived in Novara since 2014. I graduated in business administration and now I’m attending the marketing and operations management master!

    My biggest passion is going to see my football team that is Avellino. I also love travelling. In the past year I have visited a lot of new places such as Monaco, Montecarlo, Innsbruck, London, Amsterdam and Corfu. I’ve never been in another continent and the Silicon Valley experience would be the right opportuniy. I studied for one year in France (Nice) in high school and last year I took part in the Erasmus project that made me live 5 months in Santiago de Compostela.

    Moreover, in February 2019 I will leave for Denmark with another Erasmus project and this will allow me to improve my English. I am sorry if my English doesn’t sound perfect at the moment but I am sure that I will improve it in Denmark and will be perfect at the time of the start of the Silicon Valley project.

    I love getting in touch with different cultures and I love discovering new things every day. I am extremely curious and I am looking forward to getting to know more about you!

    See you soon!

    Alessandra Leonardi

    Dear all,

    My name is Alessandra Leonardi and I am a student in Business Economy at University of Eastern Piedmont.

    I like to consider my self as a curious person who always wants to learn new things and discover new places. In fact, I love travelling and living new experiences abroad: for example, I have been in Dublin and London to improve my English.

    I love swimming, playing football and walking in the countryside but I also enjoy taking care of children. People say I am a competitive and very determinate girl!

    I am keen on all the activities of the Coast Guard: during the last four summers,, I had the opportunity to do a stage to the Port Authority and it was a wonderful experience!

    In my opinion, SVST is a beautiful and useful chance to come up with new ideas that make the world a better place. I am interested in the experience of companies that involve their employees in achieving a common goal. Particularly, I am attracted by the idea of doing business taking care of workers, like Olivetti did in Italy.

    I hope to hear from you soon!






    Hi everybody,
    My name is Matteo Borella, I’m 23 years old and I live in a small town near Casale Monferrato in Piemonte.
    I‘m studying Economy at University of Eastern Piedmont exactly I’m attending the third year.
    I’m so happy to have this opportunity: studing Economy has always been a big dream for me and now it has come true; in fact after high school I’ve worked for two years to earn money I needed for attending the academic classes.
    And now every morning, when I wake up, I ask me if this is reality or just a dream. It’s amazing!
    During summer I usually work as a waiter in a pub near home.
    I love sports, expecially i like playing basketball, skiing and Body-building (Gym).

    I’ve never been abroad and I really hope one day I’ll visit a lot of countries.
    As I heard about Silicon Valley study tour, I immediately thought it was a joke! It would be an amazing experience, absolutely the best of my life!
    The only idea makes me so exited! Expecially I imagine how electifying would be seeing new institutions like Google or other companies that involve their employees in achieving goals.

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Matteo Borella

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    Martina cimaglia

    Hi everybody, my name is Martina Cimaglia, I’m attending the last year as an economy student at University of Eastern Piedmont and i will graduate this November.

    I am a very determined person, well organized and who’s always in need of challenges, as a metter of fact during my whole journey at UPO I’ve always worked part-time at a local store, but as soon as I can I visit the ryanair website to buy a flight ticket, in fact in two week’s I’ll be in Copenaghen. I can’t wait!

    Other than travel, I’m very passionate about going to live shows and for the last one I went seeing my favourite american singer in London.

    I’ve alwals had many idea on what I was going to do when I grew up, but I still haven’t canalized them well and I think that this experience will help me figure this out!

    See you soon!


    Hi everyone!

    I’m Benedetta and I’m currently studying for my Business Administration degree at UPO in Novara.

    I would describe myself as a realistic and curious person; if I had to pick a weak spot that would be having definitely little patience. I don’t want a day in my life to pass without a kind word, a cup of coffee, a plan to follow, a good talk, a countdown for a plane to take and a new song listened to.

    Recently, one of my favourite quotes – a John Lasseter one – suits me particularly: “You can do whatever you want in life, but pick something that you really love to do, because then you won’t work a day in your life.” Looking around me, it doesn’t seem that simple, or even possible at all, but maybe “around me” is not where I have to look, maybe this place is based a little farther, both in space and time.

    Right now my biggest long-term goal is learning to see future as a challenge and not as something to be afraid of, and I think that maybe SVST could help me with that.

    I hope to read from you all soon!


    Hi to everyone!
    I’m Selene Delle Cave, I’m 21 years, I live in a small town in Biella and I’m attending the last year at the University in Novara.

    I’m a creative and curios person, I love every form of art, in fact, I’m an amateur photographer, I’ve taken photos in many events and I’ve taken part of many competitions. I consider myself a brave person and I try to draw the best in everything.

    At High School I studied tourism so, when I heard America, California, it seemed to me a very distant destination, almost impossible but with this opportunity I hope to reach my highest expectations and test myself…and why not..take many pictures!!

    I studied English, Spanish and German and I’ve good cultural and economic preparation, and actually, I do repetitions in my free time to keep me trained.

    SVST 2019 would be an opportunity for me and I hope to enjoy it!

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Selene Delle Cave



    Hi everyone, My name is Linda Farinello anche I’m 22! I am a student in Economy at University of Eastern Piedmont and I’m attending the third year.

    Two years ago I started work at accounting office for 6 months but after that I didn’t feel completely satisfied. During my internship I decided to improve my knowledge about what I studied at high school and nowadays I’m looking forward to get my graduation.

    Photography is my greatest passion and also I do love travelling, discovering new place, take photos to beautiful landscapes and getting in touch with new people.

    Since I was child one of my dream has always been to vistit USA, California in particular. I’ve never been on another continent.

    When I heard about this project I was speechless so I think i’d like to try this amazing experience because SVST is a very great opportunity and it will surely give me the possibility to grow up. I need to clarify my ideas about the future but I think I found the right way.

    See you soon!!<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>


    My name is Linda Farinello and* I’m 22!

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    • This reply was modified 2 years ago by Linda.

    Hi there!

    I’m Luca Baldessarini and I’ll be the moderator of this forum, so I will walk you guys through the selection process of SVST 2019. The first thing I fell like I should tell you about the Silicon Valley Study Tour is that it really is the experience you’re looking for, it’s been the best I had so far in my entire life and I hope it’ll be your best one too.

    Just a little bit about myself, I’m a third-year Economics & Management student at Catholic University of Milan. I’m a tech enthusiast and I’m really fascinated by entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and new ideas that can really change the world and the society that belongs to us.

    The selections for the 2019 participants as you know, will be based on your activity on this forum so keep it simplebe creative and interact with one another.
    I really hope to see you all in the cradle of innovation this summer in order to get to know each other better, but for now let’s get started!

    By the way, it’s so good to see already so many attendees: Edoardo; Stefano; Federica; Alessandra; Matteo; Martina; Benedetta; Selene and Linda, welcome on board!

    I’d like to begin with a really HOT TOPIC of the last few weeks: Elon Musk and his fight with the SEC.
    What do you think about it? Deeply analyze the story as a whole and tell us what are your personal thoughts and opinions about it, but don’t forget to first introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Luca Baldessarini

    Giovanni Labate

    Hello everybody,

    My name is Giovanni Labate, I’m 20 years old, I live in Novara and I’m attending the third year in business administration at Eastern Piedmont’s University.

    Two years ago I started working in my old school, my job is helping young students in scientific subjects like Mathematics and Physics.

    I love to travel and thanks to my job I can save enough money to do it on my own, without asking my parents any money. My last travel was in Japan, so exciting.

    I’m also interested in cinematography and videogaming. I’m a great football fan and I support AC Milan so, every time I can, I take a train and move to Milan to watch a game.

    I studied English and a little bit of German.

    I heard about this project from one of my closest friend who took part of it in 2017’s edition. I think this could be a big opportunity for myself to look at some of the biggest companies of the world an also to visit California as well.

    See you soon!


    Marianna Liguori

    Hey guys!

    I’m Marianna Liguori, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Novara. I’m a business administration student at UPO University and I’m at the third year of my bachelor.

    I would consider travelling as my favourite hobby, when I have some spare time I’m always around the globe!

    Last year I studied for two semesters in Athens thanks to the Erasmus project and I can say without any doubts that it was the best year of my life. I met so many amazing people, visited so many places and learnt to live by my own.

    My other passions are playing the piano (I study at the “Guido Cantelli” music academy in Novara) and food (especially tasting different dishes and flavours when I’m abroad)!

    I consider myself as curious and outgoing, but unfortunately also a bit clumsy!

    I’ve always been intrigued by the Silicon Valley’s state of mind and seeing with my eyes how these big companies work would be such a great opportunity.

    A friend of mine participated in 2017 and was enthusiastic about this experience so I am really craving to go!

    Have a nice weekend,


    Irene Caneva

    Hi everyone! My name is Irene, I’m 21 years old and I’m attending the second year as an economy student at University of Eastern Piedmont.

    I live in Grana Monferrato, a small village in the middle of the countryside (as you can see in the picture below). I’m an active person, I practice horseback riding since I was six years old and, during the weekend, I work in a restaurant as a waitress (I like to be independent!)

    I love traveling, discovering new cultures, landscapes and different ways of thinking; I’ve been to many cities but the one that I fell in love with is Sydney. Last summer I had the possibility to visit Australia for a month and I can say that it’s the best trip that I’ve ever done (for now ahah!); I met a lot of people from all over the world and my Australian relatives for the first time!

    This summer I’ve been in Andalucia for a month, doing a Study Tour for practicing Spanish and of course, meeting new people; I visited many different cities and villages of this area of Spain and I really recommend it!

    I define myself as a very curious person, so I’m always looking forward to doing new experiences! Getting in touch with a big reality as the Silicon Valley opportunity would be an honour for me.

    See you soon!

    Irene Caneva


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