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  • Stefano Garavaglia

    Good Evening everyone,
    Honestly to start I find IOS pretty impossible to use, and providing a not so good user experience, since every time I tried I failed as an 80 years old grandfather. Furthermore I retain the “exclusive” functions, like the ones that work only among Apple devices “wrong”, since there are not different levels of devices, you produce smartphones as any other producer: maybe better, surely more expensive, but still smartphones. And I say smartphone just to simplify. Of course I’m not saying Android is better, even if I think so: is just a habit factor on my view, my sister for example has a specular opinion from mine. I find Android easy, beautiful and free from restrictions.
    About the imposed must to fee-charge smartphones producers who develope their products on Android to let them preinstall Google apps, I don’t think a lot will change, at least for customers, considering that the fee entity is not known yet. I also retain right the decision to let Google apps being payed for, even if as a customer who uses every app of Google property (among the most known) I think I should be quite worried. Above all, the fine is justified for what are my thoughts, and an abitual user of an app won’t quit using it just for these already mentioned reasons.



    Good morning guys!

    I’ve read all your thoughts, personally I’ve got an Iphone 6, and I think that everyone who has always used an IOS system will find it very convenient because is more safe and easy to use, also the apps quality is very high, I am an amatorial photographer and IOS apps are perfect to edit videos and photos, sometimes handier than photoshop.

    So I don’t totally agree with @stefanogaravaglia, is not difficult but a little bit different from Android, a lot of times I heard this phrase: ‘Who has an Iphone will never change it in an Samsung’ and I had also a Samsung but when I switched to Iphone, I was plesantly surprised.

    I think Google imposing itself as a reference browser for the Android system has made it easier to manage the apps, such as maps, reading emails, searching for news and I could mention many others, but has also limited the action field of Samsung..Huawei (…) phones.

    I think it’s right for Google to pay, if you want to impose yourself, you won’t have problems paying for it.

    Does anyone agree with me?

    Read this interesting article: https://it.semrush.com/blog/apple-40-anni-strategie-marketing-vincenti/


    Giovanni Labate

    Good morning guys!

    In my life I always had android but almost one year ago I decided to break off with my last phone.

    It was a Samsung Galaxy 6 and my decision about changing phone was because it worked really bad, it was slow, I had almost lost a flight because it didn’t work!!

    Now I have an iPhone 8 plus and I’m so happy with my decision, my phone works good and I fell comfortable with IOS system. The most important thing is also that I have a Mac so their connection is just perfect. I don’t think I will return to Android.

    I agree with Selene, Google has made easier the use of Android apps that need a connection to the browser but with some phones it seems not doing it well. If you want to impose yourself you have to pay.

    What do you think?


    Hi everybody,

    On the issue of climate change, what do you think about this NEWS: “Typhoons cause Japan’s famed cherry blossoms to bloom early”?


    Have a nice Sunday,


    Marianna Liguori

    Hi guys!

    About Giorgio’s question, I think it’s actually pretty cool to see nature reacting to strong events in a such beautiful way, especially because for once the events are not caused by humans.

    I was in Japan when a big typhoon hit Osaka at the beginning of September and it was really heartbraking to see the consequences of it. So, since there will be no harm to next spring’s hinari, at least after all these catastrophies Japanese people can enjoy the “quiet after the storm”.



    This phenomenon is regulated by the leaves, which prevent their blooming by releasing a hormone. Rain and the strong winds have bared the trees, starting the flowering again.

    I think it’s a beautiful event but very strange. I must say that I’m not surprise. The climate is changing, it will have repercussions on everything and therefore the possibility that these events can happen is higher.

    Have a nice weekend!


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    Good Sunday!

    Regarding the Japans’ news, the respondent of this is the human race!

    According to the IPCC V Report “human influence on climate change is unquestionable”, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by 40% due to the massive use of fossil fuels The methane gas concentration has grown by 150% and the concentration of nitrous oxide has increased by 20%. Most researchers agree that if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Earth will continue along a path of global warming that could reach 3 or 4 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

    It would be necessary to increase renewable energy and drastically reduce the use of oil and gas. Without counting the protection of forests. If we don’t do something concretely, what will be the immigration from the most vulnerable countries (small islands, mountains, very hot countries)?

    Sara Catto

    Good morning guys,

    I disagree with Selene and I agree with Stefano. I have had an IOS and after two years (after one year I had to change mu Iphone because it didn’t operate) I changed phone with an Android. I have always had Android and, when I must changed phone, I wanted to buy an Iphone because everybody talked about it very well. Never again!! Battery problem, difficulty in passing photos and videos from Iphone to Pc (not apple): a disaster!

    Maybe I’m not able to use it, but with Android I can do a lot of choises, expecially for documents, power point presentations, the passing of photos and videos from phone to pc.. A lot of people told me that IOS is very easier to use, my head is a little hard to convince, but it’s not said that I can change my mind later.

    About Giorgio’s questions, I think that we don’t try to “dominate” nature, because nature is stronger than human. These climate changes – provoked by human with, for example, environmental pollution – cause the rising of temperatures and consequently the typhoons that cause Japan’s famed cherry blossoms to bloom early. We see the same situation (without the drammtic event of the thyphoons) in Italy, where plants bloom in seasons that should be cold.



    Good Sunday,

    I agree with Valentina, every human action has a result, that could be positive or bad, in this situation very dangerous.

    As mentioned, a few days ago, the climate could create so many problems and it is right to worry about it, each of us must take the necessary measures to respect the environment as much as possible and I sincerely hope that this alarm is useful from Japan to the whole world to raise awareness of this problem.

    You often talk on TV about economics, politics, gossips and you leave behind the news about the whole ecosystem, but for example the cherry blossoms are or not a good source of tourism? As well as a manifest of the health of Japan.

    Every year millions of tourists travel to Japan to watch this beautiful event and now to know there isn’t a clear distinction between the seasons reflects only the bad response of the climate to the constant bad human habits.

    Let me know!!



    Hi everyone!

    About the topic of climate change, I’d like to suggest you watching this documentary that opened my mind to a greater understanding about sustainable energy, waste reduction and many more subjects.

    The film explains the climate science in a fascinating way and it’s called “Before the flood”: to convince you watching it, if you haven’t already, I link you these bits from the documentary



    The first one contains Leonardo Di Caprio’s Paris agreement speech, the second one is about Musk’s Gigafactory. I sincerely hope watching it will inspire you as much as it inspired me. Have a nice sunday!

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    Stefano Garavaglia

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I find the early bloom of cherry blossoms amazing, but even warming if we want to screen these effects on every other aspect of nature’s and environment’s change. An event like this, everything but ordinary, is on my view supposedto be wrong, at least it should be. The world is going mad, the human being makes it cry, but in cases like this one it reacts laughing in such a beautiful way.

    The earlier or later blooms are in Japan as like as the whole planet commons, if we refer to a deviation of a couple of weeks from the average. This time the Japan’s trees gone wrong of two entire seasons. Economically I’m not sure it’s going to be bad for Japan’s tourism: of course the increasing uncertainty of the blooming period will harm the most, but if the “spring is spreading” the amount of revenues could also increase on my view.

    Thank you Benedetta for your tip!

    Have a nice sunday,


    Luca Lostumbo

    Hey guys! Sorry for my absence but i had important stuffs to do.

    Regarding Giorgio’s question, unfortunately with our actions we are changing the normal course of the nature and this makes me feel a little bit sad.The event is wonderful but is too early compared to when it should happen. All this leads me to wonder if we already crossed the no return point or there is still hope to return as close as possible to normality.

    Certainly the use of renewable energy and a more sensitive attention to this problem that affects all of us, no one excluded, could help.

    However, for make me forgive about my absence, i would propose a new topic for a discussion: Brexit. In fact, recently 700000 people have demonstrated in London asking for an agreement between UK and EU,it seems in fact that both parts have not yet agreed while 29th march (official day of Brexit) is approaching. A “no deal” scenario (considered by all the worst result for Brexit) could be reality even if in my opinion it is difficult for UK government to come out in this way: there would be dangerous consequences on companies and citizens.So, I think that UK and EU will reach an agreement.

    And you guys what do you think about Brexit in general and how do you think the situation will evolve?

    Let me know!! For the moment i propose this article


    Have a good day!


    Matilde Trevisan

    Good evening!

    About Giorgio’s question I think that our actions have determined, with the passage of time, what today we can see: a real and worrying nature’s change. The fault is only ours and we must as soon as possible cooperate for a better world also with the small daily actions.

    About Brexit I read last Saturday over half a million people gathered in front of the British Parliament to manifest peacefully against the exit of the UK from the European Union.

    In my opinion the British have become aware of the troubling problems and disadvantages resulting from this goodbye. In recent months one of the factors most affected by Brexit effect was certainly the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the UK, which is in sharp decline compared to the pre-Brexit period. I think that without well-defined agreements situation of the country would become even more critical.


    Sara Catto

    Good evening guys,

    thank you Luca for the new topic. I think is not a good idea that UK won’t reach an agreement with EU for different aspects. First of all for business: the UK will have to pay higher tariffs than it was paying when it was part of EU for foreign trade, some British products might be reject because they could need new certifications or authorisations; Britain would lose some of EU subsidies (the article reports, for example, that of the Common Agricultural Policy that gives £3 bilion to farmers).

    Then, another problem is related to people who lives in Britain, because the terms of their living and working rights aren’t good defined and professionals working in the EU might not find their qualifications then they won’t be able to practise.

    These are only some of the countless of problem that can emerge in my opinion, because for many supporters the definitive closure with EU is the best way for Britain.

    Do you agree with me or not? Let me know, see you.


    Stefano Garavaglia

    Good afternoon everyone,
    I remember the period of the voting last year, I didn’t expect that the final result would be the one that is today. I think Great Britain citizens had voted on the wave crest, I think they had repent immediatly after, at least someone did. As I said in previous discussions, my position about this kind of moves is not favourable, It’s odd to think to better-do leaving the Union, and if we want to is even more odd to take the risk, because maybe it would be better with time passing: but the price?
    Stated these points, I’m pretty convinced a Brexit without a deal would be the worst projection possible. The pound would lose even more value than the loss till nowadays, the Kingdom’s economy would fall, the rights of foreign workers: who knows?
    With deals it would be surely better, and the GB premier has just declared the deal is almost done. So the best scenery should be a soft Brexit, and since that the market forecasted a hard brexit, the value of the coin would probably increase a little. For the same reasons a hard Brexit would change little in both internal and union economy, even if with a brake of growth and money value (of GB).
    Were you favourable or against Brexit?

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