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  • Luca Lostumbo

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Luca Lostumbo, i’m from Novara, i’m 22 years old and i’m attending the last year (i hope it will be the last.. :D) in Business Administration  at UPO University.

    I consider myself as a self confident and funny person but also stubborn and critic with myself.

    Recently i spent 5 months in Portugal thanks to the Erasmus project and it was the best experience of my life until now so far. The mobility helped me to improve the ability in conversation and problem solving, i learned to live with other people (until now i just lived with my family), respect the spaces and i learned and improved portuguese that now i speak quite well. Thanks to this mobility i think that now i’m more indipendent and open to new cultures.

    I’m very interested in  Silicon Valley Tour because is a great opportunity for know how the biggest companies in the world works and improve my knowledges.

    My goals for the future are continue the studies with a master degree, i would like to study management and markets, and then find a good job in a dynamic environment because i like competition, meantime i would like to grow my hobbies as football and travelling.

    I’m very excited to begin and try to be one of the lucky people to be selected for SVT!

    Have a nice weekend guys!



    I personally think that facts like this one show us how easy it is, for a public figure such as Elon Musk, to affect the economy just with few words: in particular words written on social media!

    What do you think about that? Is it fair to risk legal actions “just” for a tweet?

    Marianna Liguori

    In my opinion, in our era, expressing our opinion on social medias is nothing less that making a statement on the radio, on the newspaper or on the TV.

    So, especially a leading personality like Elon Musk should always be careful of what he writes or says.

    It’s also true that the situation escalated quickly, maybe too much. What do you guys think?


    Hi guys

    About the article I think most of us use to spend part of our time on social media as Twitter. Nowadays is a daily routine share with someone else opionions, ideas and thoughts. I do agree with Benedetta and in addition to this I would say that an important person like Mr Musk could influence every “FOLLOWER” in a good or bad way and it’s easy to create issues or misunderstandings. In my way I would never type something like that but if he did I hope there will be a fair reason.

    Will Musk be able to carry on his work? How about this?

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    Federico Sacco

    Good evening to everybody, my name is Federico Sacco and I’m from the small and cute village of Bogogno, in the province of Novara. I’m 24 years old and I’m attending the second year of tourism development policy and management at the University of Eastern Piedmont. I really like what I’m studying and I find that all the subjects treated up to now are very interesting. I have many passions including traveling (I love Learning about cultures), football (I’m a big fan of Juventus), running, technology, and of course also enjoy life with friends. I’m very excited to have heard about the Silicon Valley Study Tour and what this unique experience offers; it would be for me the opportunity to learn a lot and improve as a person, as well as visit a country where I’ve never been.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sara Catto

    <p dir=”ltr”>Hi guys!
    My name is Sara, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Robbio, a small town in the province of Pavia.
    I’m attending the 2th year of MEF (management and finance) curriculum Human Resource in Novara and I’m excited about this course because, for me, it reveals as a surprise: really interesting lessons and many knowledges that I’ll make treasure about.
    I think that SVST is an incredible opportunity because it can give students the possibility to interact with other students of different University, but especially with entrepreneur, know their ideas and understand how to make these ideas come true.
    I think that Silicon Valley is the best place to find new paths, to breath innovation and to know new information about.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Sara</p>

    Martina cimaglia

    Hi everybody, i’ve read everything you just wrote and i agree with you.
    These days people really do think that real life is based on social media, it is just like simultaneous connection. If used in the right way you can transmit positive messages, while on the contrary negative ones. But who knows what’s good or bad if not yourself? He took a risk and he succeeded, in your opinion can this become a new way to make investments while technologies keep getting more and more advanced?

    Alessandra Leonardi

    Hi everybody,

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>lucabaldessarini many thanks for this interesting article!

    Talking about it, I think that the issue discussed is a very complex topic. It’s clear that moving from a public company to a private one is not easy and requires different step to be taken and sometimes is very difficult take private-funding to finance this operation. Moreover, although social networks are widely used nowadays, I believe that there are particular information which cannot be disclosed using these means of communication. For this reason, I agree with Linda: it should be better if Elon Musk had forwarded this information in a more formal way, being sure to reach all the interested shareholders and to give them true statement. So, I consider founded the intervention of the SEC.

    Concerning the content of the massage, even if the Elon’s declaration is truthful and the privatization will be realized, going ahead in this way Tesla only risks losing its credibility and might get in to deeper trouble because of the huge expenses that the carmaker has to pay in case of defeat in the fight with the SEC. The result is only that the increase of Tesla’s shares value, occurred after the Elon’s tweet, being lost.

    If I were in Elon Musk, I would use more diplomacy for these things.

    Waiting for hearing from you soon.







    Hi everybody,

    First of all I want to thank the moderator for this topic!
    In my opinion during this years, tweets have taken up more consideration than before and this facts are proofs of that.

    Elon Musk had identified the funding as secure, but he would have been sure that it was really possible because shareholders must receive authentic and verified informations.
    This is the reason why security law requires public companies to make certain data to all the shareholders at the same time.
    My business idea does not consider social medias as good tools of communication expecially if notice, as the Elon Musk’s case, turns out to be unfounded.

    In according with Benedetta it isn’t fair for Elon Musk to take such a big risk just for a Tweet!

    For me the best thing to do for The CEO of Tesla is to settle with the SEC.

    I really want to know how many people agree with me!

    Let me know!


    Giovanni Labate

    Hi everibody,

    I totally agree with Marianna, in our era social networks are one of the most important system of communication, so an important CEO, like Elon Musk, must be careful about his tweets.

    For my opinion Musk has to stop this fight and reach an agreement with the SEC like Matteo said in his post.

    I would say to use more diplomacy because I don’t understand why he took a risk just for a tweet.

    What do you think about it?


    Stefano Garavaglia

    Good Morning everyone,

    I have read the article and everything you guys wrote.

    About social medias, I think they’re becoming every day more influential and this is not necessairly a mess. Of course, according to their nature, there are some kind of arguments that social medias are not suitable to treat, like Musk’s idea or intention to take Tesla private. These kinds of news must be given through different channels. This topic brings me to remember an article, a report of an interview with Tesla’s CEO, in which he complained about the too many hours a week he had to work for a period, even 120 a week. Maybe social medias are just a good way to outpour stress (stil according to my opinion), or maybe not. Of course, social medias are a perfect communication channel that can help to create and spread a cult of personality, a well-known phenomenon that in Musk’s case helps him to excite the capital market in ways others CEOs can’t.

    About the SEC case I totally agree with those who think that Tesla’s head should better, if not apologize, at least explain and take another way, since I retain absolutely right the SEC’s reasons-why. The goal (still on my view) should be to reduce the negative effects this action could have on the firm.

    After all, even if Elon Musk’s aims are (may be) right, the ways he tries to reach those purposes may be not. I think the trade-off between those two is more important than the single one, singularly taken.

    I hope someone agrees with me!



    Hello everybody! My name is Rebecca and I’m a economics student at University of East Piedmont. I’m from a little town, Busto Garolfo, province of Milan.
    I’m in love with what I’m studying, in fact for the moment I work part time in an accountant’s office but I would like to become an auditor.. studying economics was my dream since I was little.
    Moreover, as I wrote in my bio, I’m also a dancer.. this is my biggest passion since I was a child..I love comunicate my feeling with the movements.
    SVST is one of the most interesting project I ever heard before, so I really hope to take part on it. I’m sure that the best way to improve ourself is traveling, and keeping in touch with other culture. I’m fascinated about foreign countries, in fact I did some exchange in England, Ireland, France and Japan.. and each of this experience was amazing, and they had enriched me a lot.
    About the article I believe that nowadays social media has a huge impact in our life, because most of us spent a lot of time on it.. and also lots of the informations comes from socials. For this reason I think that, before write something on socials, we have to think.. Even Elon Musk, who is a influent person and all the world could see what He writes and he could influence in a positive or negative way the shareholder and every person which follow him.
    Anyway there are some particular informations that are better discussed in a formal way and not on Tweeter, even if the same Commission “has allowed company to disclose informations on social media, provided other shareholders are alerted in some other way.” For this reason I believe that the SEC intervention is founded. Before spreading an information He had to be sure about its truthful and comunicate at first with all the shareholders.
    That’s my thoughts, let me know yours



    Hi everybody,

    In add of what i previously said there is the fact that the Commission has allowed companies to disclose information on social media in the past, provided other shareholders are alerted in some other way.

    So my opinion is still the same but this assertion must be critically analyzed because brings up a very usefull information to provide at Elon Musk a way to get out of this problem.

    Let me know what do you think about that!




    Stefano, I totally agree with your opinion! The CEO’s reasons are valid, but fighting the SEC (via Twitter or anywhere else) could lead Tesla to nowhere.

    He often complained about short-selling threats, but what about the damage his reckless behavior could cause? Actually it already did, since I read that at a certain point Tesla’s stock went down 7% thanks to Musk’s tweets!

    Isn’t more important, for his company’s sake, to focus on his mission?


    Hi guys!!

    I’ve been following Tesla’s head, Elon Musk for many years, as I’m a really fond of automotive fields. I can tell you, a part from the reading of the article, it’s that his ideas are totally helpful for 2 reasons: innovation and way of thinking.

    Nowadays Tesla is not living a good time, the requests for the Model 3 are not enough and the costs for doing it are too expensive and we all know that if the costs are more than the revenues in a short time you’ll disappear. So this is a reason, I think, for what Musk has done and probably the reason why he thought that Tesla should delisted from Wall Street.

    So, in my opinion, the post that Musk wrote on last August 7th without telling anyone his intentions was a real signal that he was desperate. I don’t agree with him about this solution, but I can understand him in the way that Tesla is like a son for him.

    SEC has done a good work because Musk’s attitude was over the laws and the shareholders must be protected. Networks and Social medias are positive to share good ideas, but in a company such as Tesla the discussions about company future must stay in a room and the shareholder’s will must be followed.

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