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    Hello everyone !!

    First of all, I have to notice that you have very intersting points of view on this topic and I really enjoy to share with you some ideas.

    In my opinion, Tesla remains nowadays still a very important and one-off the « first range » company in the automotive sector, both for the innovative ideas and for the objectives that caracterizes the company policy.

    I’ve found some informations about this topic and I’ve noticed that it’s not the first time for Tesla to be changed in its governance.

    The agreement marks the beginning of a new era of corporate governance for Tesla, an option already suggested by some shareholders who over time had claimed that the company was too dependent on Musk and his closest collaborators, including Musk’s brother.

    Already in 2017, Tesla had diversified its board by adding James Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc., and Linda Johnson Rice, Chairman and CEO of Johnson Publishing Company.

    As for Tesla, the SEC explains that although the company had informed the market in 2013 that it intended to use Musk’s Twitter account as a means of announcing material information on Tesla, the company has never set up controls or procedures on the accuracy of Musk’s tweets.

    Musk will retain the role of CEO (CEO) of the company, but he will be replaced by an independent president and can not be re-elected in that role for three years. Tesla will have to appoint a total of two new independent directors for his board and creates a new committee of independent directors and prepares further controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.

    “ New is always better” ?!

    In my opinion, in this case, we can find that Tesla is a flexible company and the high level of the managers leaves it in good hands.


    Hello everybody! Hi Benedetta, i’m totally agree with you.

    I put beforehand that I admire Elon Musk as a persone Who has become, but I believe that the listed companies produce informations and the should mantein a certain Image in order not to influence the shareholders.

    Therefore, a declaration made by one’s own impulse and not rational can never help the fate of one’s own society, especially the statements come from the CEO.

    What do you think about this?

    Martina cimaglia

    Good evening everybody!
    Giorgio, you are perfectly right: who wouldn’t wonder if this situation really was created by mistake? If i have to tell the truth i also thought that he perfectly knew the consequences he was going to face by tweeting that. Having a twitter account myself i started to follow him and he uses it daily to promote his company and share his thoughts. One of them in particular impressed me: “People sometimes forget that a company is just a group of people gathered together to make products. So long as it makes great products, it will have a great value”, i think that with this tweet he shows how much he actually cares about the people that are behind the scenes in this company, people who put their souls, hard work and sacrifices to achieve together the mission of Tesla. But it is also true that Elon Musk himself writing the tweet that has caused this storm didn’t considered his own words, forgetting that other than his and the company’s name with his actions he was going to hurt all of his hard working employees. So, after reading my reflection, do you think that the tweet i quoted is just a way to try to calm the air or is he genuinely trying to put a remedy to his mistake?

    Federica Formato

    Apologise for my absent, but I can read your comments only now. About the Elon Musk’s scandal I find everything a little bit mysterious: Musk is the CEO of Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, so he’s an important man. Also, not a young guy at first experience. I really don’t understand reasons for which he did this statemant on social media. I admire this man for the empire he managed, and I support press freedom, but I think it’s always important to consider our role in a company.
    I think is too soon to make a conclusion. Probably, in the next few days news will come and the situation will be clearer.



    What do you think about the basic income for the new reforme in Italy?

    Irene Caneva

    Good morning!

    According to what Martina said about Musk’s tweet, I think that he tried to calm the air and to put a remedy to his mistake too but with an ulterior motive: he is trying to find approval and the credibility that he (in part) probably lost, in order to keep fighting against SEC and as I said to get what he wants or only for “winning the battle” which I consider almost impossible.

    As Edoardo said this wouldn’t be the first time for Tesla to be changed in its governance, is beginning a new era. We all agreed that Musk’s tweet caused a big damage to him and Tesla but I’m confident that his great company will recover from this turbolence.

    Edoardo asked if we agreed with the following statement: “New is always better”, I personally agree! But I also think that this new era for Tesla won’t be totally new because Musk will retain the role of CEO and I think this is good, he must be part of the company that he created. There will be changes for Tesla of course but I’m confident that they will be positives for the company.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    What do you think?

    I also found out that Musk made an important speech about Instagram, he talked about how this social can be fake and how much it can be<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>destructive for people who become depressed. He said that he personally decided to leave Instagram because “it makes me sad”. So his relation with social seem to be turbulent and it’s curious how much a person like Musk can be emotionally affected by Instagram or social media in general.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    Marianna Liguori


    Regarding Valentina’s question, maybe I’m too cynical, but I think that the “basic income” has more negative aspects than the positive ones.
    First of all, the name itself seems to be chosen to get more votes at the elections from people that didn’t inform themselves enough. A basic income should be distributed automatically to all citizens without a requirement to notify changes in the citizen’s financial status, but the one of the latest reform is more like an unemployment or social benefit, since it’s distributed only to a certain part of the population.

    Then, I think that it incentivizes unemployment and working off the books.

    It’s also true that you can decline job offers only 3 times, otherwise you lose the right to get the basic income. But in Italy, especially in the South, there’s a really high percentage of unemployment and job offers are scarce. So how much time will it take before a person manages to get 3 of them?

    Do you agree or do you guys think it could be a positive thing?

    Sara Catto


    I want to answer to Giorgio and Luca. Of course! People can be wrong, but don’t you think that when people cover important positions it’s time to express your opinion in a different way? Mostly when your opinion has an important financial impact, aren’t you agree with me? I won’t say that Musk is out of control, but I say that Musk should count up to 10 when he will want to post a provocative tweet.


    Stefano Garavaglia

    Good afternoon guys,

    while agreeing with Edoardo, I would like to give two more personal thoughts. First of all, on my view, it does not matter if an action like this is intentionally made either by mistake, since a man (or woman) who covers high level roles can not commit certain thoughtlessness. It’s not passable if it’s done by mistake, because a mistake is what cannot be afforded in these situations; moreover it’s not acceptable even if it’s done on purpose, since “you” should know, or at least forecast, the aftermath.

    The second one is that i totally disagree with the statement “new is always better”, for the following reason. A firm has a value, an economic value of course, but it also has a social one. This last, on my view strictly related even to those who drive the firm, could certainly be reduced (or improved?) by changes at the top. Fortunately Musk’s keep covering the role of CEO, probably reducing the impact that a social value change could have on the economic one, which depends also on the social aspect. What’s left behind is known, what’s going to be is not.

    I really hope to find someone that agrees.


    Irene Caneva

    Maybe I didn’ explain myself in the right way; I agree with the statement but it depends on which topics we are talking about . For example, as I said, “something new” in this new era of Tesla could be something that could help Tesla to recover from this “bad period”; we still don’t know for sure but I’m confident that there’s still a positive future for the company. As I said fortunately Musk will retain the role of CEO so I guess that he still will be part of Tesla’s decisions even with restricions. Don’t you think?


    Hello everybody! I’m Alessandro.

    I’m a student of the third year of business economics at the University of eastern Piedmont in Alessandria.

    I consider myself curious, interpresing and sociable. I love practise a lot of sports and travel around the world.

    I’ve a deep passion for the economics sciences and this is the reason why I embarked on this path of study. I hope to meet other students with whom to compare my self and increase my passion and knowledge in the field of technological innovation

    I look forward to attending the next convention with all of you.



    Hi Marianna!

    I believe that the intention behind this idea is very good because it’s an idea coming from liberalism, based on equality and personal dignity and its objective is the improvement of welfare.
    Italy, however, for this idea needs time to be able to implement it and a quiet economic situation.

    I don’t think it’s correct to touch the public deficit for a change of this kind, first of all for the market trand also because most of the Italians aren’t educated enough for this. The occasion makes the hooker man!

    I believe that the main negative effects are the increase in unregulated labor and the increase in “made in Italy” fake products (given that one of the regulations for the use of this benefit is to buy only Italian goods).

    I wonder is it correct to release this benefit to people in order to increase consumption, or would it be better to find a way to stimulate work and entrepreneurs, with more employment and more consumption?



    sorry guys but I realized I made a mistake yesterday, at the end of my opinion I meant “president” and not “CEO”.

    Regarding what Stefano said I think he’s perfectly right, a mistake like this can’t be justified. After that, about “new is always better” sometimes it’s not like that, we know what we leave but don’t know what we are going to meet. Perhaps this is the case of that quote, I hope this awful situation will get over and the company could bring back its brightness always with the presence of its founder.

    Instead about Valentina’s question I agree with you Marianna when you said “the name itself seems to be chosen to get more votes at the elections from people that didn’t inform themselves enough” because for some peolpe it is more convenient to receive the basic income than to work or look for a job. Also my thoughts is that there are more negative aspects beacuse it is for fight poverty in Italy but there will alway be someone who takes advantage of it. Of course some requirements are needed to have it but not everyone had understood it when they voted.

    I don’t know whether to give confidence or not to this decision, maybe it will be a new starting point, I hope.

    Giovanni Labate

    Hi Valentina,

    I totally agree with Marianna’ s thought.

    I hope my opinion is wrong but I think that “basic income” is only a way to get more votes and not a real way to solve italian problems.

    I believe that it would increase “not regular” labor, unfortunately lots of people prefer to cheat and they will keep basic income with an unregulated labor. I hope that the rule about the “only 3 jobs declined” works!

    “Basic income” will also cost 10 billions and the expectation about the italian deficit is not good.

    What do you think about it?


    Dear Valentina,

    I totally agree with you, the basic income is a very good idea but i think Italy is not ready for this now.

    As you said this idea needs time to be able to implement it and a quiet economic situation and now there’s a lot of work to do.
    So first of all we need to find stability, change people’s mentality and only at this time we can apply basic income and obtain true results.
    This is my personal opinion and i want to know how many people agree with me.

    Have a nice day




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