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  • Lorenzo Antoniazzi

    I have to admit that this video doesn’t shock me, I already know this kind of fake news that has become really popular and dangerous.

    But there is another thing that I think we must consider, technologies make us lazy. And I’m not saying only about the physical way, but even on the way we think, we don’t want to make the connection between the thing we know to find some gap in the things we hear or we see, because if we do this this kind of fake news (news is uncountable) will be exposed in seconds.

    Even if we don’t talk about “deep faked” videos, but we look around us (newspapers, news channels, etc.), there are a lot of “fake news” made only to get higher number of views or some political speech that only wants to blame something or the other that maybe isn’t even related to. I don’t think that FB, YT or all the other video or social platforms have to manage this, they only have to make the people more conscious about the world around them.

    For surely the government must do something to protect themselves against this media attack, they need to spend some resources to find the causes and fix them, but as I said before, people have to learn how to fight those fakes. Regarding this, last year I went to the “Melfi Media Show” which is a video making competition among students from all around the world, and the topic was “fake news and how to fight them”, the winning videos are some examples of the approach I think is useful to solve this problem, in fact, they teach the viewer how to avoid those fakes.

    Let me know what you think about my ideas and remember, to avoid fake news “fa bala l’occ” always.

    See you in the forum.



    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all!!

    great discussion up to now! happy to see you all here…VCO rocks!

    Happy to invite you to attend our SVST 2018 Reunion  in Milano where you can hear about us and the next Silicon Valley  Study Tour.

    We’ll be from Milano, Genova, Verbania, and Novara !

    The invitation is open to you all!

    Andrea Dondo

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Andrea Dondo, I’m 18 yo and I come from Domodossola. I’m studing at I.I.S. Marconi Galletti Einaudi, where I’m attending the last year of Environmental Biotechnology.

    First of all, I’m an eclectic person because I like doing a lot of different activities. For example I play volleyball in a local team (in D league), I’m an actor and singer in two different drama companies and also I volunteer helping children with their homework.

    In addition, my passion is science and all its application; in particular, I love studying applicable technologies to the environment and to the health for maintaining them in safe conditions. That’s the reason why the SVST got my attention! The possibility to participate to such a prestigious and stimulating initiative, which would give me that spendable breakthrough in any field (from work or University world to my life vision improvement)!

    I’m very excited and motivated to take part in this challenge.


    I’ve also seen Marco’s post and I would like to say that it has been shocking to see how easy it is to spread fake news by using these programs, therefore making them look a lot more convincing. However, in doing so, we compromise the possibilities that social media offer us to be able to express our opinions freely.

    It is undeniable that most of these violations occur due to economic interests, so it’s very difficult to identify a single effective tool that allows timely and error-free interventions. Surely it is necessary to develop algorithms that are able to recognize file containing false information, in such way to do an initial skimming of suspicious files. Then a control action by governments is needed to prevent the dissemination of false information, in the limit of privacy, and if necessary they must delete fake files.

    My general advice is to avoid information coming from unverified sources and to compare the news you get.

    Let me know what do you think about my opinion and I hope to see new ideas soon.

    I wish everyone a good evening,

    Andrea Dondo

    Marco Pastore

    Hi guys!

    I am really excited about your comments. Some of you demonstrate huge knowledge regarding the topic and others instead preferred to highlight the social implications of this problem.

    In general, I think that fake news is a problem that hit social platforms (FB, YT, ..) really hard, so it is first of all a problem of these platform to remove fake content.

    I don’t believe governments can do something really effective without falling in freedom coercion so I think that social platforms themselves are the most suitable subjects to resolve the problem.

    To sift all contents by human hand is impossible so I think that AI algorithms will do much of the work. Humans should intervene only in case of uncertainty, like it works for violent and extreme content banning.

    In the end, I think the fight to fake news has just started and I will be happy to talk again with you about this topic.

    Now I want to introduce another argument that gained strong visibility in the last days:


    Drones will become really popular in the future but they rise a lot of questions from different perspectives.
    What about safety? Do you think our country has already regulated flying-drones concerns?
    What about privacy? Drones needs cameras to work and they can record you and your secret lover flirting in the garden.
    What can companies do with these data?
    What about climate change? Do you think drones are a good solution to reduce pollution?
    And finally, what about the job market? What types of human jobs will be replaced by drones? What are the main sectors where drones can deploy their benefits?

    Let’s discuss!!
    I look forward to read your answers.


    Marco Pastore


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    Paolo Binda

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Binda Paolo, I’m 20 years old and I live in Verbania, where I graduated in Electronics and Automation at ISS Cobianchi in 2017.

    I’m currently attending the second year of the bachelor course in Computer <u>Science</u> at University of Milano Bicocca.

    I always had a passion for technology, especially for Electronics and Computer Science, probably because I was immersed in this environment since I was a child, and my parents transmitted me their own passion in the topic; hence the desire to graduate in electronics and then undertake my current course of study.

    My studies so far allowed me to have a general understanding of Electronics and to become familiar with different programming languages like Java, C++, Prolog and Common-Lisp.

    I decided to join as soon as I became aware of this project, because this experience will give me opportunity to improve and expand my technology-related skills; I’m really excited and motivated, and I hope I can have this opportunity.


    Regarding Marco’s post about fake news, I think, as someone has already wrote in this forum, Internet gave us the chance to easily share and spread our ideas. The web, through social networks, expanded this opportunity, but indirectly helped the spreading of fake news.

    I believe that the idea of creating and implementing an algorithm able to effectively and accurately detect and eliminate fake news is difficult to achieve in a few years. Moreover, I think that since social networks are the most used channel for spreading fake news, platforms must be able to implement an algorithm that can give “rating of reliability” based on the source of the news. Through the vote assigned, the algorithm will give more or less visibility to the news, so as to be able to highlight verified news better than the others, in order to contain the spreading of false information.

    Finally I believe that there must be laws that regulate and protect privacy and freedom of thought of both the source of the news and of the reader.

    Good evening, PB.


    Hi everyone!

    The discussion about drones that Marco gave to us is really interesting and an important topic that will develop in the short future.

    The first question that come in mind at everyone is: will drones become popular?
    To answer  this question i want to point out that nowadays drones are already use in some country, like china where already 100 village that can’t easily reach by couriers are
    reach by drone, here the link of the news https://www.ecommerce-school.it/blog/ecommerce-in-cina-si-consegna-con-i-droni/, and in other country drones are being tested, for
    example as i read in the news posted by Marco in Finland. All this make me think that delivery company are aiming to use drones and so i think they will become very used and

    Another big question is: what advantages and disadvantages drones bring?
    This questions is really difficult to answer because drones bring both important advantages and disadvantages; For example an advantage is, like it’s said in the news I posted, the cost will be reduced, because drones don’t need fuel and the expensive maintenance of a delivery van. Another advantages is the reduction of pollution. And again, the fact that the deliveries will become faster and easy, and for example we can bring medicine and supply in place difficult to reach.

    However,like i say, there are some disadvantages like problem concerning the privacy and the disappearance of jobs.
    Drones can record everything and data can be used by every company to do what they want, obviously always in respect whit laws. But if we think this problem of privacy
    already exist, think about google car that photograph everything or the fact that exist algorithm that save our preference and what we search on the internet.
    So even if the fact that we are always watched is annoying we must accustom.
    Also, drones will make disappear the work of the courier. But i think this is a psychological fear because we don’t have the security that will be a disaster, and we don’t know what will happen, maybe corriers will go to the management of drones or the warehouse since there will be lots of drones to manage and load.

    Another important point,like Marco says, is the regulations on drones. For this point i think Italy isn’t ready and that there must be a lot of collaboration to be able to introduce drones and take only advantage of them.

    In conclusion i think that drones will become popular and useful, making delivery faster and possible in place that are hardly reached, but we must engage and try to make sure that they only bring benefits, without leaving us afraid



    Maddalena Baraggia

    Hi everybody guys!

    Well, the argument of drones fascinates me a lot! They are now very popular  in several fields and I love for example the photos and videos they can do in places difficult to reach and with amazing results.

    We are discovering that they can be useful for more and more things since they are now very small and light and sophisticated, for example they can map geological disasters like landslides for example before rescuers choose a way to solve the critical issue and helping in selecting the best solution with the less risk.

    We can see that drones are already used for derivery in some countries and my opinion is very favorable! They are very smart and with they dimensions can reach every destination and a very important aspect is their cost: very very low if compared as mentioned at a van or an helicopter or a train, well obviously they can be used just for small deliveries but with a close to zero cost and most of all pollution, which is one of the biggest problem of humanity nowadays!

    The unemployment of drivers should be taken into account but we have also to consider that the work of delivers is really dangerous and in the last years a lot of accidents happened because drivers have bounded margins of time for the deliveries and some of them make use of illegal substances to continue to drive for hours and hours.

    Also the problem of having a lot of drones that go around with videocameras can reduce our privacy buy, by the other side of the coin, we will also be more guaranteed about safety: if we will be in trouble, we will know that maybe a drone can see us and register what has happened, helping to find the people in charge.

    About the regulation, according to Federico, I think that a lot of work has to be done and it will be a challeging objective to do that in a short time horizon, but it’s not impossible and as I was saying before I think that drones can be a really positive and powerfull resource to reduce pollution and delivery costs, giving also the possibility for people to buy more and maybe this can bring to a push in the economy.

    See you soon guys



    Marco Pastore

    Hi @Paolo Binda! Have you seen the new topic regarding drones? I look forward to read your answer!

    I find both Federico and Maddalena’s comments really clever. What do other people think about drones?

    I remember to you all to perform the subscription to the bando within the deadline (Friday, 11 january 2019)


    Marco Pastore

    Mattia Raniero

    Hi everybody,

    I was happy to read Marco’s post about drones, they are something that really captivate me and I personally own a little model. When I see a drone footage I’m amazed of what an high resolution video they can get out from such a small camera. They can be used also for searching survivors during disasters, inspecting structures, and even in agriculture to water the terrain (like they show in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2YPG8PO9JU

    Companies like Amazon started developing this idea in 2016 in England, I think in Italy we do not have rules that make clear where they can fly or not. In a future they can surely reduce the amount of courier vans and the use of car by the postal services.

    In my opinion the privacy is not a big problem, Google Earth has got all the street recorded and as we see the faces of the people are censored, the drones can for sure reach zones that are not visible from the street, but in theory this footage will not be published and used only for internal researches.

    About the pollution: Drones use lithium battery that need to be be discharged at a certain level of charge and then recharged really slowly with a precise voltage to make them last longer. Nowadays this is not a problem the number of products shipped by them is really low, but if they became used intesively the battery will start to last less and being replaced several times causing the problem of how to recycle them. The risk is only to move the problem of pollution and not to avoid it.

    To conlude, in the next years drones will start to increase and the number of couriers that will lose their jobs, but the number of depots needed will increase because the drones can’t cover long distances, and they also need maintenance

    Hope to hear you back in the forum.


    Sophie Cavallini

    Hi guys!

    About the fake news topic I think that an algorithm should be used to find and ban them. But it can’t work very well to uncover them all, because like the one showed in the video it’s very difficult to detect. So there should be other strategies too. I think the government could help solving this problem by establish a “Fake news free Journalist” certificate. A certificate that a journalist can earn by doing some specific courses and pledging that he or she won’t publish any article with fake news inside it. If he do so, at first he will have to pay a fine. And if he continues he will lose the certificate. It something like “D.O.P.” (Denominazione di origine protetta) certificate for foods, but in this case for journalists. So if you read an article and you see that the author has this certificate you can be sure that what is written inside it is true.

    I think drones will be used more and more. For this reason they have to be regulated. Like it has been done with cars. At the beginning there weren’t many laws about them, but now we have traffic laws and we have to take the license to drive a car. The government should form a drone traffic code, inside it there should be clear regulamentation on what you can do with drones, and what you can’t do, and what happens if you don’t respect this rules. Also istitutions like ONU have to discuss about this argument. Because drones aren’t used only for good reasons like bringing drugs in places far away or going into enviroments dangerous for humans, or for reasons of practical utility like are testing Google and Amazon, but they are used also for terrible reasons like in wars and conflicts. They should express also on what a company can do with the data collected by its drones. In this case the work to do is similar to the work to do about the information collect by social networks,

    Of course drones will steal jobs from human. But also in this case we have already got through a similar situation: the industrial revolution where machines took place of the humans in a lot of jobs in the factories. There will be crisies for some people who will lose their job, we should find a way to minimize this effect, but after a while the society will adapt to it. Drones will be used widely in the transport area. A sector where they can be very useful is the emergency sector, not only because drones can go where the humans can’t, like it has already been done after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, but for example if someone is lost in the mountains, an emergency situation that happens frequently in our province, we could send a fleet of drones that can cover more space in a shorter time than a group of people can do, increasing this way the probability to find the lost person alive and using less human energy.

    In conlcusion I think drones will be very useful and improve our lives, but there have to be rules regulating them to protect use from the side effects.

    Have a nice day,



    Hi everyone,
    I want to say my opinion on drone topic.

    That the drones would have invaded the market had already been understood for many years.
    In my opinion drones are perfect to transport small objects to quickly reach a place not too far away.

    Regarding safety there are very specific rules about it.
    I know friends who have obtained the patent for drones driving in the professional field by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile). They told me that, in Italy, there are strict laws concerning the flight of drones and sometimes, who fly for hobby, do not respect these laws.
    Regarding privacy ENAC is very clear about it. Professionists and Companies can take private photos or videos and post them wherever they want, but they can’t record people to their homes, their garden or people at work.
    Internationally, I know that NASA has started the development of the project UTM (Uncrewed traffic management) in 2015 to regulate drone traffic, for enabling safe and efficient low-altitude operations.

    I think that the use of drones is a great advantage to reduce the emission of polluting gases in deliveries. The official site of Google Wings project says that in the U.S. alone, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation.
    However, the recycling of these lithium batteries must also be considered. As Mattia said, if the use of battery became intensive it will become less efficient and being replaced several times.

    As mentioned by other, introduction of drones in the deliveries will replace human jobs. But I think it will create new types of jobs in future, the development of drones has just started!
    Sectors where drones can have a great development I think it’s research for lost people, transport of medical devices and transfort of people.
    This is a concept of rescue drones with AED (automated external defibrillator), developed years ago.

    In conclusion I think that in the next few years the development of drones will grow a lot but it will be necessary to develop batteries with more autonomy, which can also be used in electric cars.

    Let me know what you think about my opinion.
    See you soon in the forum.

    Maddalena Baraggia

    Hi guys!

    I’m very happy of your comments because I’m learning more about drones!

    I saw Alex’s video and I was very touched… Since I’m a lifeguard and I attended courses about safety, I know very well how is important a fast assistance in case of accidents, for example a heart attack as shown in the video. If more countries will adopt drones in the health department, all citizens will have benefits because of quick deliveries of drones of medicines or instruments of first aid, which will not suffer from traffic but can arrive in direct line through air reducing the time in an impressive way, as we saw in the video.

    So I’m more and more convinced about the power of drones, used in different fileds.

    Some of you mentioned the problem of lithium battieries’ disposal, of course some measure should be taken for this and by studying with more attention this phenomenon, surely the life of them will be improved and they will reach a new level of efficiency.

    For the regulation, I’m aware of some of ENAC rules which Alex reported and I’m also aware of the fact that a lot of people doesn’t take them too much in account, this is because there isn’t an efficient autority which strictly monitors how drones’ owners used them. Some new laws should be written and of course this will not be easy in Italy, because of our bureaucracy.

    See you soon


    Lorenzo Antoniazzi

    Drones, in the last years, have become very popular. They’re used for a lot of different purposes from rescuing people to record movies. This is caused by the high versatility of this technology and the relative low cost of the drones today which is a lot cheaper than to rent a helicopter or put a human operator at risk.

    In Italy, we already have some laws that control the use of those drones (I’m talking about flying drones like quadcopters), for example you can only use your drone where there is no risk to hurt people. If you use your drone for work you have to get a license, you can only use drones approved by the EU. There are a lot of other rules that you have to respect if you want to have some fun with your drone, but some improvements have to be taken. First of all, as Marco said about the issue of the privacy, because I don’t really care if someone records me while I’m walking to school, but maybe I could get angry if I’m taking a shower and I see a drone out of the window. So, some measures must be taken, but I think that there already are some laws that control this aspect, it’s just hard to catch someone that spies on someone else with a drone.

    Concerning jobs that can be replaced by drones, for sure they are helpful for rescuing people or in case of a disaster like floods, fire, avalanches, earthquakes etc. because, with the use of cameras or even thermal cameras, operators can get an idea of the disaster and how to approach it. They’re useful even for small jobs like the one shown in the article, for example delivery, and I think they fit perfect in it, they’re fast, quiet, and use “green” energy, I even think they’re less dangerous than a van. But what about the people that will lose their jobs because of it? Well, nothing is perfect, first of all, computers are extremely stupid, and it’s not their fault, it’s their programmers’ fault that, because of their human state, really can’t forecast all the infinite possibilities in which the drone can slip into: a tree with some strange branches, some electrical cables, Christmas decorations on the middle of the streets, it could happen that you been waiting for a delivery since a week and someday you find your drone wasted after a bad fight against a seagull. So, who will help the unlucky drones? Maybe the old delivery men that are now searching for a new job, they would be kind of an ambulance for drones that needs some help, using GPS to find a crashed unit and repairing it to complete the delivery. But, to be honest, I think that some delivery men are anyway needed because I don’t want a washing machine flying over my head.

    I think drones are really beautiful. They’re really a fascinating futuristic product, and they’re only at the beginnings! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how they can help us in our everyday life.

    Thanks for this beautiful topic, see you in the forum!


    Marco Pastore

    Hi guys!

    I am amazed about your comments because are full of important thoughts.
    The technical background of some of you emerged strongly on this topic highlighting the technical limits that drones will have to overcome in order to become really mainstream in the future.

    I noted that privacy is not one of your first concerns about the argument and this is probably due to your really young age and open mentality. I am sure that the same topic proposed to a group of 50 years old people would have generated a lot of discussion about privacy.

    Regarding the unemployment I believe that the biggest concern is not if  innovations will generate or destroy jobs that is extremely hard to define but to realize that the biggest problem is the temporal shift between the creation and the distruction.
    When some big company introduce a new technology lot of jobs are lost immediately, instead the creation proceed more slowly but also extend more during the years.

    I believe that the relation between innovation and economic prosperity is a huge question that need to be studied more and more. What do you think?


    Hi everyone guys!

    I read all your comments and I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat the amazing technical qualities, the various possibilities of development and the large scale of uses of drones. Instead, I would like to dwell about the Social aspect of the advent of this technology.

    Clearly, first of all, the privacy speech! The fear of being spied on like “The Big Brother watching you” it’s an exaggeration. I don’t belive, if someone wants to spy on us, needs drons, Smartphones are enough and aware we buy them yet, then we already are in a showcase! The drones need the camera vision to do precision tasks, the alternative uses of the camera is a bearable collateral effect.

    The impact on the workers it’s a more delicate discusion… It’s certain that the advent of technologies, such as the express drones in the topic, and the automation of industries are bringing changes in the vision of “Human Employment”. I find it necessary to replace the manual work with a more performanant robot arm. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean that the worker becomes unemployed, but we need a redefinition of the position that mans cover. The machinery should not be seen like a “Substitute” of an operators, but like an help for him. I’m vision implies an upgrade of the tasks of people involved in automated operations ‘cause then the drones need us to work.

    Let me know what you think about!

    Regards, HK.

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