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  • Marco Pastore

    Hi everyone!

    I am really happy.
    This forum has been a long journey where all of you introduced many new points of view in my, and other candidates, minds.
    I am really glad to have shared all these thoughts with a group of smart and motivated students like you.

    This is the list of the candidates that demonstrate on this forum to possess knowledge, vision and motivation necesssary to 100% live the experience of the Silicon Valley Study Tour.

    Lorenzo Antoniazzi
    Ali Aouacher
    Maddalena Baraggia
    Paolo Binda
    Michele Brusa
    Sophie Cavallini
    Stefano De Sario
    Andrea Dondo
    Michele Fontana
    Marco Fattalini
    Andrea Gallini
    Celeste Giani
    Kabir Hakim
    Federico Motta
    Michele Pelgantini
    Mattia Raniero
    Emanuele Savino
    Alex Vellone

    The candidates in this list can apply to the official “bando imprenditoria giovanile” that expire in just 4 days!!!

    All of you will receive a grade from 1 to 10 for your activity on the forum. This grade will be then summed with grades from other steps of the selection.
    The first four of the final rank will receive funding for the SVST2019. 
    Other candidates that demonstrate to possess skills to partipate can organise crowdfunding campaigns (remember the three F: friends, family, fools) in order to support the tour.
    May the best candidates win!!

    Thank you for the time shared.
    Hope to see you soon in Domodossola, bye!


    Marco Pastore

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, I’m very happy of this result…arriving finally in VCO and in a few months find 18 smart students eligible for SVST is a great result!

    Now I have a new goal: to bring the whole group in Silicon Valley in August, helping you in project financing.

    Different ways, i tell you:

    1- Bando Fondazione Comunitaria. This is the first source, due to your big number I would like to propone to the selection committee a prize variation if accepted. Instead of 4 prizes full cost covered, make 6 prizes with the flight cost in charge to the prized. The Flight cost to San Francisco or Oakland AR can be very low in 2019 buying the ticket in great advance …also 500 Euro.  I do not know if it will be accepted , but I’m interested how you judge the idea .

    Do you prefer 4 students full prized or 6 without flight?

    2- You can start your Crowdfunding from now, without waiting  Bando selection. The full cost to cover is around 2700 Euro.You start from your Family&Friends, but we can promote you in the economic environment of VCO (Alumni Cobianchi, Rotary, Lion’s, Industrial and Artisan Enterprises), organizing meetings. Your give back to the supporters can be what we called Tech Scouting 

    It means a focused work made in Silicon Valley for the  sponsor company that helps you (a report, a seminar or a stage when you return, a useful link with Silicon Valley people that you’ll meet there) . The Crowfundind Campaigne can be done in a “Solo way”  or as a team. The first one we saw in the past is more effective, you put your face on it, and you look for a smaller amount of money (only your need not a group need) This is the Solo Campaigne made by Lorenzo, SVST 2018 20 yo attendee.

    The SVST changed the life of participants, since 2005, in this map you find what- start up, projects- some participants created after the Tour. Hundred of other attendees found great jobs around the World. It is a changing life project!


    Davide Bartolomeo

    Hi, i am Davide Bartolomeo; I’m 22 and i live in Casale Corte Cerro. I study geology/geophysics in the “Università degli Studi di Milano” in which I’m almost graduated.
    During these years of study I partecipated to many geological campaigns in Italy: I particulalry focused myself in the geodynamics aspects of the Adamello batholith or Sesia-Lanzo ultramafic intrusion of the Alps, and the volcanic environment of the Etna stratovolcano.
    These last three years in university were very important for my personal knowledge in geology, even though my basics of education resides in my former high school “Cobianchi”, which has allowed me to get a Diploma in “Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnologies” articulation “Environmental Biotechnologies”.
    Probably the most important experience that I’ve done was the geocultural interchange with the hogh school students of Vaala, in Finland.
    Between the other experiences were important, the award ceremony at the Quirinale for the contest “Immagini per la Terra”, Mathematics internship at the Insubria University of Como and national competitions for Mathematics teams at Cesenatico.
    I always dreamed about visiting the Silicon Valley with such a concentrate of technology there and in my opinion a journey to the USA, wolud be very important to increase my knowledge.

    Yours sincerely,
    Davide Bartolomeo.

    Paolo Marenco

    Hi @davidebartolomeo you are still on time to apply to the Bando promoted by Fondazione Comunitaria ( deadline January 11) You find the link in the first post.

    Davide Bartolomeo

    Yes, today send all documents; it’s all ready.


    Marco Pastore

    Hi Davide and thank you for joining this forum just in time before the closing.


    Next monday me and Paolo will be at Marconi-Galletti-Einaudi Institute for our last event. (via Olivia, 11.30-12.30)
    Look forward to meet someone of you!


    Marco Pastore

    Erik Nonis

    <div>Hi to everyone,</div>
    <div>My name is Erik Nonis and I come from a small village in the north west of Italy called Ornavasso.</div>
    <div>Right now I am attending the ITI L. Cobianchi of Verbania where I study elechtrotechnicity, basically the application of electricity and his principle to solve everyday needs. I am at the 5th year, that is the last and from the next I would like to study electrical engineering in Switzerland.</div>
    <div>In my free time I love to enjoy with my friends, but I also play the trumpet and of course I love to apply what I am studying to create and repair.</div>
    <div>I really like everything that is involved with informatics and electricity, and I find the latter pretty easy to understand , maybe because of my passion for it.</div>
    <div>I really think that this opportunity is a great one for some young students like we are. It is the occasion to see a big company like Google, a new and innovative country like US and of course to use and improve our knowledge in English.</div>
    <div>I strongly believe that we learn everyday and this would be a great opportunity to improve myself not only from the technical point of view (since Google is one of the company with the most expertise and knowledge in the field) but also from the personal one, since it would be an international experience.</div>
    <div>Well, I have spoken enough about me, I am not going to bother you anymore!</div>
    <div>See you in the discussions</div>
    <div>Best regards</div>

    Alessia Galeazzi

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you’re doing well and excited as much as I am for this great opportunity.

    My name is Alessia Galeazzi, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Verbania. I’ve been living in London for one and half year now, where I’m studying translation and interpreting.

    I’m writing this post to express my interest in participating in this study tour.  My area of specialisation is languages and, consequently, linguistic. I have a strong interest in communication and media, technology and assistance which I understand will predominantly be carried out in this tour.

    I first became interested in languages during middle school and  decided to follow my passion by studying a degree in foreign languages. I’m currently studying in London, where I’m attending the third year of university.

    Through my academic career, I was able to develop my interest in languages and communication, whilst improving my translation skills. I have gained some experience in medical, legal, economic, environmental, marketing and creative translation. I have good IT skills, having used several CAT tools such as SDL Trados and memoQ  through my years of education and work experience. I must say that this is one of the main reasons for which I would like to take part into this tour. Although I know it might seem unfamiliar, translation is highly related to IT. The CAT tools are there to support my thesis. I think it would be amazing to have the possibility of speaking with the minds, the creators of these new technologies, to know how it all stared to complete my knowledge and to fulfill my curiosity.

    During my years in prep, I had the possibility to participate in cultural exchanges which gave me the possibility of adapting a different point of view and it would be great to do the same in a non-European country.

    Hoping to see you soon,

    All the best,


    Davide Bartolomeo

    Hi Marco, thanks for the invite, but monday I’ve lesson in university at Milan and therefore I will not be able to here.

    Thanks, bye! DB

    Marco Pastore

    Hi Erik & Alessia!

    I imagine that you have already accomplished all the formalities of the bando:
    – motivational letter
    – participation form
    – university certificate
    – reference letter..   .. and more.

    I am sad to tell you that you will obviously receive a low grade for the forum activity. This forum started just after our first videocall and closed 6th january.
    This will not prevent you to arrive first in the final list. 

    I take the occasion to remember that from the 5th position down, candidates can organise crowfunding campaigns (family, friends & fools) or tech scouting projects for companies in order to pay the tour.




    Hi everyone!

    My name is Alessandro Vergani, I’m 19 years old and I live in Verbania.

    I’m attending I.L.Cobianchi High School . I don’t have a huge experience in the informatic world , but I’m curious about everything could touch my imagination and creativity.

    I have different passions,(theater ,music ,art ,literature, sports..)but I think that all are parts of a whole body. A man needs to know is limits and he can discover they, only by testing himself. I try to don’t impede anything to myself, conserving the larger possible view on the events.

    In a world difficult by translate and understand , we need young people full of happiness and joy of life , in order to create a future where people could really understand the mean of the worlds : wellness ,hope ,love .

    Sincerely I don’t believe that humanity has a future in technology and I’m also born in the digital age…

    What I think is that before, we need to evolve as human begins ,developing attention on emotions, sentiments . we need to create a real network between people in real life, because what I have seen is that the world is full of new objects that never will make you happy. We need a global re-education , we need to change the fuel of the planet’s engine , by money to love, good experience to grow.

    Only after that will be finally sure that we are using technology and not that technology is using us. That technology is working for our development and is not making us only more alone.

    Because I want something more than money and success in my life . I want to be a person that has suffered is position , that deserve his success , that make more comfortable the existence of other people.


    Thank you all guys for the attention !


    Paolo Marenco

    Thank you Alessandro for your precious feeling.

    I’m like you: “to make more comfortable the existence of other people” is a great statement that I feel mine.

    Talking about the selection process for the Tour prizes we will have the 1st general meeting of the Commitee @Fondazione Comunitaria on January 22nd.

    For this reason I’d be happy to meet the eligible students to attend SVST ( the list above of Marco Parstore plus the last 4 Galeazzi, Vergani, Bartolomeo and Nonis) January 21st, Monday  at least who can be present. My proposal is :

    2 pm @Cobianchi

    5 pm @Marconi hosted in  Collegio Rosmini by ArsUNIVCO

    I’m  arranging a room in Cobianchi with Ettore Perelli

    It will be useful to me to see you in face,  to know your stories and talk about crowdfunding.

    Sophie Cavallini


    At Cobianchi, we have lessons till 2 pm. So if we could move the appointment to 2 pm, will be better for us.



    Hi everyone,

    As Sophie said, we have lessons up to 2 pm at Cobianchi. I don’t know how many of us can be present for 1 pm.
    The meeting for 2 pm should be good for everyone.

    See you soon.

    Paolo Marenco

    OK Perfect at 2 @Cobianchi!

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