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  • AliAouacher

    Hi guys!!

    I’m Ali and I’m 17, in January I’ll be 18. I come from Vogogna, a little village near Domodossola and I’m attending the last year of a technical institute (electronics branch).

    Well, I start by saying that I’m really excited to have this fantastic opportunity and to be part of this beautiful community where people have the possibility to discuss about issues related to innovation and technology. I take the opportunity to thank everybody for the event that took place last Friday in the high school “Marconi Galletti Einaudi” in Domodossola. I’m very happy to see that also in the VCO area students have been allowed to participate in a fantastic project like the SVST one,  in which I personally believe so much. Thanks to this project I hope I’ll be able to achieve one of my dreams, that is to visit the Silicon Valley and of course the USA.

    Since I was a child I’ve had a great passion for technology and innovation, especially for smartphones, PCs and for all the new generation of tech devices. I’m a big fan of Apple and I like it a lot, but unfortunately its products are really expensive and therefore I can’t afford them. In the future I would like to collaborate with this company to sponsor and test its devices in order to receive them for free and doing what I like; maybe there is someone who could help me do it.

    I think that, in a sort of way, our generation is very lucky, because we’re witnessing an exponential progress that the world has never seen before. Think for example about the innovation of smartphones: they are becoming more and more powerful and secure, with lots of new functions.

    But where did all this innovation start?

    Obviously there is no place on earth like the Silicon Valley, where the main innovations were born: here we can find the headquarters of the largest companies in the world such as Google or Facebook and many others.

    I think this SVST experience would change my way of thinking and would give me the possibility to understand what I’m really interested in: what I’d like to do in the future and which university to choose. For all these reasons I think it’s important for me to seize this great opportunity.

    For these last high school years I’ve been learning to program by using different types of languages such as “C” and also “Arduino”, with which we’ve done some projects.

    At the end of last year we programmed some robots able to follow a path with various obstacles and to reach the finish line overcoming them.

    I have done many individual tasks, such as PC disassembly and assembly, and many other software tasks. I did various internships in different companies and in a computer store too. I am very motivated and determined, and this is one of my greatest strengths. In the future I would like to be able to program software very well and even to create apps.

    So, I hope we can discuss together, and I hope that many interesting topics will come out. But I have no doubts about that!

    And special thanks to Paolo Marenco, who gave me the opportunity to take part in this fantastic project!

    See you soon, have a nice day!

    Ali Aouacher



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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