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  • Francesca Cazzaniga

    Hi guys! Sorry if I am late!

    I am Francesca a student of University of Easter Piedmont. I am interested about Silicon Valley Study Tour. My passion is psychology and communication.

    I would like talk about big data. Today Big data has change interlay interactions with other. Everything has a fast response, companies have an immediate feedback. Then big firms use these informations to change business policy. Another fact that big data improves our life is the cloud. Cloud can store our information immediately. If we have a precious pictures but the phone felt in the water, we can save them easily.

    Dalila I agree with you! Some firms could not exist without big data or growing up so fast. For example uber, that change completely the market of transport. Uber analyses data on its drivers such as their vehicle and their location. Uber also monitors their speed and acceleration to be safer.

    I read from Marco about Abraham Maslow that studied in high school. He classificated the people’s needs, while nowadays our needs are completely change. Internet become a main necessity. Safety become online store. That was very interesting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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