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  • Paolo Marenco
    Here we are for the 5th year running to select students from Bicocca University to attend the Silicon Valley Study Tour in August 2020. The selection will be made according to the discussion here and your Linkedin page within March 2020.

    The next Tour will be for students, managers, entrepreneurs professor and researchers.

    After years of distinct Tours we understood that mixing the age and experience of attendees is a great value for both.

    A book ” Tra Italia e Silicon Valley. I migranti tech dal 2000 al 2020″ written by 60 Italians in Silicon Valley to tell their story will be given before the Tour to the attendees of SVST 2020, as a unique information base.

    Are you a Bicocca student interested to join the SVST 2020?

    Introduce yourself here, telling why you are interested in the project!

    We are happy to launch this discussion Forum with the report written by Pavia University student Lara Princivalle, a great attendee of SVST 2015, now working in Google Ireland.


    Welcome everybody into this forum to attend the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2020. I am Ismaele Paoli, alumnus of the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2017 and now working for Vodafone, you find everything in my LinkedIn profile.

    I just want you to know that the Tour is something that can change your life and open many doors…so be ready to take and live this amazing opportunity.

    Now please introduce yourself in the discussion saying who you are, your background and why you are interested in joining this adventure…updates will follow!

    Ardalan Mehraram

    Hello everybody, I’m Ardalan Mehraram from Milan. I’m studying Data Science (Masters Degree) at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Here, I had the opportunity to work, at my best, on my ‘startup’ project. I came from Pescara, where the opportunities number less than half of those that exist in of Milan. Now I am here to take advantage of all the opportunities I come across.

    The truth is this: Everything is an opportunity and anyone can teach you something. That is how I see the world.

    The Silicon Valley is a dream: an area where everything can happen (they used to tell us). But it is not the reality. The dream is that the people that work there are unstoppable, not unfailing. I want to see how they do. I have an idea, the world is not made of problems, but solutions. I ponder that they think the same way as I do. What about you?

    It is my belief that “SVST” could be my ‘launch pad’.. ‘<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>MsWEAS'</span> is ready to SAVE YOU. She needs to learn more about strategical marketing techniques, she needs to relate to entrepreneus, she needs to know how to be the best.

    Don’t you know who (or what) is “MsWEAS”?

    I am very pleased to join this forum and I hope to tell you some of my life experience’s (as well as hoping to read yours, to learn and maybe “copy” your behaviours, to develop further).

    Paolo Marenco

    @Ardalan , I coudn’t see your link …can you put again!

    Paolo Marenco
    Paolo Marenco

    Welcome Ardalan, I am pleased to meet you and see that you are eager to catch new opportunities.

    As you said, finding solutions to issues that may happen in business or in dealing with technology is crucial for further development. By that rationale, what do you think about the future of private transportation? We have to deal with a growing number of people and cars worldwide, which you think could be the main problems and possibilities?

    Let me know your perspectives about it!

    I attach here a video showing Waymo’s technology and how they want to face the future of transportation (thanks to the SVST I met a guy working in this project…and he is an Alumnus of the Tour like me 😉 ).

    Matteo Miglietta

    Hello everybody, I’m Matteo Miglietta. I’m a “Marketing and Global Markets” student (Master Degree) at the University of Milan – Bicocca.
    In the bachelor degree period I had the possibility to take part in Erasmus program, in that period I had the possibility to know people from different countries, different cultures and different backgrounds. This experience strengthened in me the idea that having experiences abroad extend the mind and sight.

    My background is about Business Administration (bachelor degree) but also about Informatics because I studied it during high school and I developed a mobile application with my school mates (for more information just asking me). Informatics and marketing are two of my passions and I would like to be able to combine them in one profession in the future.
    Silicon valley is the motherland of computer science, most of the apps we use today were born there. The new marketing concept was also born in Silicon Valley, just think of the marketing techniques of Apple and Steve Jobs.

    As Ardalan also said, I moved from Lecce to Milan for the bigger numbers of opportunities. I have an entrepreneurial idea and I want to know how to make it real. Silicon valley is the land of opportunities, especially for those who have a passion for informatics, innovation and have an entrepreneurial idea.
    Waking up in the morning and dreaming of changing the world is what I love about Silicon Valley.

    I’m really happy to be here and to read and know your experiences.
    Let’s dream Silicon Valley together!

    Matteo Miglietta

    Thanks for sharing this interesting video, I didn’t think there was a company ready to offer this service!

    Certainly the world of private transport is going in that direction, the cars will be automated and we will no longer need to drive to reach a destination (check it out this mercedes-benz concept).

    Now the building process of cars is focused on safe and comfortable driving but this actual concept is going to change in the future and customers will enjoy their journey without worrying about driving (check it out this example or this one).

    It will certainly be an advantage for those who need to work or study but they have to drive or for those who simply want to enjoy the trip without worries.

    There will be an advantage in terms of safety because that very high percentage of accidents caused by distraction or human error will be eliminated. All cars will respect speed limits, signs and use arrows.

    Self-driving cars should be built to facilitate entry for disabled people autonomously, it would be a big advantage and would allow disabled people to travel independently.

    On the other hand there are also disadvantages, surely a part of the passionate car drivers will not be happy to don’t be able to drive their car, for many driving their car is a passion!

    In the first period, passengers will feel less confident in using an self-driving car despite they will be safer.

    Another disadvantage will be the replacement of some jobs which will become automated, just think about taxi drivers, postmen, home deliveries and in the future also bus drivers.

    This is the future but why don’t we have self-driving cars yet? The Society of Automotive Engineers classifies automated system using five levels:

    – Level 1 is driver assistance;

    – Level 2 is partial automation;

    – Level 3 is conditional automation;

    – Level 4 is high automation;

    – Level 5 is full automation.

    What level are we currently at? Experts say we are between level 2 and level 3. So, self-driving may seem like something achievable in the near future, but it is not. It is not only the car that must be ready for automatic driving but the surrounding environment must be appropriate. For example, the streets full of potholes or poor lane markings aren’t going to support high-tech well (Source: Business Insider, check it out this video for more informations).

    I want to leave you with this reflection: would we be more independent or dependent in a “machine-driven” world?

    This is an interesting topic and I will wait others opinions about it.

    Thank you,

    Matteo Miglietta.


    Great perspective Matteo, your closing involves an interesting question!

    Now I would like to move the discussion forward, talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Many companies in different industries are thinking about how to develop their best format to exploit technological development in this field.

    What do you think about these topics? How do you imagine the future with applications of these new technologies? How can they affect our everyday life or companies’ actions?

    Here is an interesting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwsrzCVZAb8 . Have fun and let me know!

    Ardalan Mehraram

    Happy to talk again in this forum. I’m so surprised that you found my product on “Subito.it”. @paolomarenco it is for our market research, and it is not the only one thing that we did. My team and I have prepared a survey using Google forms (you can find that on my linkedIn page “www.linkedin.com/in/ardalan-mehraram-teammsweas”). We have already opened a facebook page at this link “https://www.facebook.com/msweas/?ref=bookmarks“. At the moment, we are creating our first MVP in a lean startup method, and it will be avaiable soon. I will keep you updated on the progress of the project. It is inquisive how simple is doing pivot. I’m reading a very interesting book called “the lean startup” by Eric Ries, that is helping me to learn how to develop a good MVP project, and i’m discovering a lot of impressive techniques, first how to change everything about your business idea.

    Talking about what @ismaelepaoli shared with us, I rekon that the real question is not whether the A.I. or other technologies could be enough developed to let the car to be automatics, but how ready are being our environments, understood as cities infastructures and other similar thing, to host this technologies.

    According to this vision, I could say that the private transportation will be able to use that technologies, but in a far future, when people will trust this new kind of life style.


    Hi everyone!

    I’m Giovanni Fu Lin from Milan. I am studying “Economia e amministrazione delle imprese” at the University of Milano-Bicocca. This is my last year of study and if possible I want to finish within 2020.

    After working in an IT consulting company and went to a lot of events I discovered that working for a company by doing what your manager wants you to do cancelling all your creativity, follow the 9-6 working hours just to get paid at the end of the month a fixed amount of money wasn’t for me. I questioned the meaning of life. In that period I learnt a lot about how all the things works and I only saw a mere exchange of workforce for salary in that place so I quit.

    I have participated in competitions and hackathons where I’ve lost in so many of them and I have won in others. The up and down make me feel alive. It wasn’t the monotonous work without a meaning which was killing me inside. It is hard to see your hard-worked projects get rejected but this fact makes me know that I still have a lot to improve. I have to break walls. I have to overcome limits. That is what I am looking for in this adventure, to see further.

    (as everyone here I also have my startup idea but an idea without concretization is nothing. I would be happy to talk you more about it when I have something to show)


    I think the future will be more automated in fields where before AI,XR or DLT wasn’t possible, all the invention make the human’s life easier. People are the main reason to slow down this process because they are afraid of the unknown as @ardalanmehraram mentions, the environment isn’t prepared. The autonomous car can’t guide in streets where drivers don’t respect speed limits or missing road stripes.

    The best improvement brought by IA and machine learning is the understanding of human behaviour or not-obvious result with the analysis of big data.

    In the future, we can imagine a person who can ask everything to a virtual assistant from trading suggestions to booking a flight. In company could be used as an advisor in the board of directors. Robots as a child’s companion or friends. Generate and publish articles to Blog and social. Create music by musical instruments or genre. play videogames.

    In short, everything that human can do also creative’s one such generate new chair design could be substituted by a machine or software.


    Hi Giovanni! Welcome to this forum dedicated to the amazing experience of SVST 2020 and thanks for sharing with us your point of view.

    According to what you guys said till now, I’d like to share an entrepreneurial story that describes some SV’s facets. It gives an idea about the high number of possibilities offered in the Bay Area. Moreover, it shows how a founder changed his perspective, failed and has grown after all.


    There are many success stories, but if you had the chance to risk and challenge yourself following your entrepreneurial spirit in an environment where almost everything is possible, what would you do?

    Ardalan Mehraram

    Hello, how are you?  I love these kind of discussion dear @ismaele! First I would like to comment this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwsrzCVZAb8. A lot of technologies are amazing, but remember that they are not good as well as the the video shows. For example Machine Learning is usefull by companies for recruit employees. There is a funny story about that. Amazon used a script that favored white man. Very racist!! https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/10/amazon-hiring-ai-gender-bias-recruiting-engine. There are till a lot of problem with these technologies, and in many times, when they look fantastics, they are controlled manually by human. Pay attention to whether are exhibitions!

    Talking about your last topic, how I said before, I would like to fight myself and follow my passion: create a startup. There is only one way to do that: exit from your comfort zone!


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