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  • Giuseppe

    Hello everyone,

    thanks to you @ismaelepaoli for running this forum!

    Going back to your previous questions, it’s difficult now to image the world after this health emergency, since we are facing perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation. Consequences of people’s actions will influence not just our healthcare system but also our economy, culture and politics, as well as our life styles.

    Habits have therefore changed. Everybody is currently working from home and keeping in touch with the others only at a distance. Even schools and universities are continuing online. In ordinary times, not a single person would agree to direct such experiments. But in the future, attending any kind of online course or working from home will be more natural than expected.

    Nicholas Sollazzo

    Hi everyone,

    I wasn’t ablet to post my answer to @ismaelepaoli‘s question for 3 days (I think it’s because it is too long) so I uploaded it to a public gist on GitHub in order to post just a link here.

    You can find my answer here.

    Thank you for this great opportunity, I hope to see everyone soo 🙂

    Paolo Marenco

    Hi guys

    here we are with the eligibility list (in order of position) that we sent to IBicocca, after this 3 month+ Forum:
    1. Nicholas Sollazzo – Economia e Amministrazione delle Imprese, Milano
    2. Giuseppe Occhino – PhD in Public Health, Milano
    3. Ardalan Mehraram- Data Science, Milano
    4. Matteo Miglietta- Marketing and Global Markets, Lecce
    5. Giovanni Fu Lin – Economia e Amministrazione delle Imprese, Milano
    6. Davide Costa- Ingegneria Elettronica al PoliTo
    This means that you all are eligible to participate to the next Silicon Valley Study Tour. As you can imagine the August 2020 project is going to be postponed to August 2021, for the Coronavirus Pandemic. To give you all the chance to know before, in a Virtual mode, the Silicon Valley Environment Italian Hosts we are organizing a 12 Webinar cycle next June-July. It will be a fee based cycle, we are discussing with IBicocca if they support it, for the Bicocca students.

    If you are interested,  join the relevant Forum, Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020. We’ll count there the attendees.

    Thanks to @Ismaele to have animated this Forum.

    Any personal question you can also write to marencopaolo@gmail.com

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all,

    Here you can find the video conference program “Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020” and the Zoom link to follow it.

    No attendance limit, you can spread the word!

    Ardalan Mehraram

    Thank you!

    So excited to join it!

    Hope to see you soon


    Thank you for this further opportunity!

    I will join the program, too.

    See you soon,


    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, I strongly advice you the attendance to this one day course   Saturday October 10th held by our friends (and super hosts in Silicon Valley) Emilio Billi and Antonella Rubicco

    Emilio and Antonella tell the story of A3Cube,  born in Novara but grown in San Jose and the US Market, today based in Parco del Ticino @ Galliate over an Hydroetectric Power Plant…a must to see!

    I’ll be there!

    Join us!

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