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  • Paolo Marenco

    The next SVST August 2019 will be the first for Students , managers and entrepreneurs.

    After years of distinct Tours we understood that mixing the age and experience of attendees is a great value for both.

    We’ll promote this Tour starting from September 14th, 2018 in all ligurian tech Events, starting from Coffeetech and Federmanager meetings, and at National level in other Discussion Forum.

    The goal is multiply the SVST 2018 effects that we can synthetise as follow:

    1- 37 attendees students in Italian Universities coming from 8 different countries, with 16 female the largest number ever.

    2 – Three month  interships  each after the SVST for 3 Business students:  from Trento University Stefania Tibiletti  in Cloud4wi ,  and Piemonte Orientale University, two guys Claudio De Santis and Andrea Re in A3-Cube.  The 3 students have job proposals from the 2 companies.

    3- Mix  students with managers and professionals attending together the Tour, to extend the effect seen in August 2018 among  Generale Francesco Vestito, Head of Cyber Security task of Ministero della Difesa and Captain Giuseppe Cannatà- the minds and arm of Cyber Range in progress in Chiavari- Luca Barigione manager of Postel in Genova, attending the Tour with University students. Great mentorship of the senior attendees to the juniors happened during the Tour, and reverse mentorship in the other side.

    4- Five Meetings  in Italy after the Tours, early September,  among Silicon Valley company CEO ( Peaxy, Hytrust) and companies like Ansaldo Energia, ABB, Cetena. This in the frame of improving Italy- Silicon Valley relations for business.

    5- A book ” Tra Italia e Silicon Valley. I migranti tech dal 2000 al 2018″ written by 60 Italians in Silicon Valley to tell their story. The book will be given before the Tour to the attendees  of SVST 2019, as an unique information base.

    We are happy to launch this discussion Forum with the report written by Pavia University student Lara Princivalle , great attendee of SVST 2015, now working in Trento, after the degree in Pavia.

    Finally, read  what the attendee Fabio Vantaggiato Business Grad of Milano Bicocca University, now working in TAG Calabiana Milan   kept from the experience of SVST 2018.

    Are you a student or a manager entrepreneur interested to join the SVST 2019 Tour?

    introduce yourself here and discuss the topics introduced by moderator Lorenzo Daidone.

    April 20th,  2019 we will define the eligibile students  to SVST 2019, according to the discussion Forum and the Linkedin page of candidates, and we’ll make interviews, in case of prizes to attendees  decided by Public Bodies,  to select the prized ones.



    Michele Cipollone

    Hello everyone!!

    My name is Michele Cipollone, I study a MAdes course in Service Experience Design & Innovation at the University of the Arts London. If you have any curiosity regarding what I do and what I have done before(info on my profile page or LinkedIn) or you simply want to ask for any help/advice just let me know.

    I discovered this initiative during the discovery phase of my thesis project that I am currently developing.  I am very eager to take part in this opportunity since I am expecting to learn a lot of useful things and live such an outstanding experience. I also hope to give my contribution back to make grow this initiative even further and to share back my knowledge with my peers around the world and in Genova.

    In the meanwhile, I highly suggest to all of you to invest some of your time attending the coffee-tech events that are held every Friday morning at Confindustria Genova, Via San Vincenzo 2. In case you cannot come physically it is also worth it to attend digitally. But remember that attending physically you will have the opportunity to spend some time with a lot of interesting people and do some networking or exchange god ideas or knowledge.

    I am looking forward to learning more from you during this forum discussion and of course to provide some useful insights.

    See you soon!


    Hi there!

    I’m Luca Baldessarini and I’ll be the moderator of this forum so I will walk you guys through the selection process of SVST 2019 here as well as inside the wonderful world of the Bay Area, together with Paolo, as a guide of the tour.

    The first thing I fell like I should tell you about the Silicon Valley Study Tour is that it really is the experience you’re looking for, it’s been the best I had so far in my entire life and I hope it’ll be your best one too.

    Just a little bit about myself, I’m a third-year Economics & Management student at Catholic University of Milan. I’m a tech enthusiast and I’m really fascinated by entrepreneurial creativity, innovation and new ideas that can really change the world and the society that belongs to us.

    The selections for the 2019 participants as you know, will be based on your activity on this forum so keep it simplebe creative and interact with one another.

    I really hope to see you all in the cradle of innovation this summer in order to get to know each other better, but for now let’s get started!
    I’d like to begin with a really HOT TOPIC of the last few weeks: “Elon Musk and his fight with the SEC“.

    What do you think about it? Deeply analyze the story as a whole and tell us what are your personal thoughts and opinions about it, but don’t forget to first introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Luca Baldessarini

    Paolo Marenco

    After an Amazing Sche Days, organized by a youngest team leaded by Guglielmo Schenardi (20, ESCP) waiting here Guglielmo and the Others present today, we are ready to launch the next meeting, open to student and managers! Eventbrite soon…to join it

    Marco Lanteri

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Marco Lanteri, I’m attending the second year of Electronic Engeneering (IETI) in Genoa. I’m very passionate about science, technology, programming and mathematics. Speaking of which, I run a math-related channel on YouTube, called “Zero Punti” with my friend and “co-founder” Lorenzo Carpaneto.

    I am also fond of entrepreneurship and personal development.

    I discovered the opportunity of the SVST thanks to ISICT (Istituto superiore di Information and Communication Technologies) which I was part of last year. On top of that, my friend Lorenzo Daidone encouraged me to take part in the Tour, as he participated last year and found it extremely valuable for the development of his startup Estro. In September, I also had the chance to meet Paolo Marenco at Coffee Tech and learn a lot more about the experience, including career stories of some of its participants.

    Needless to say, I was hooked! 😀


    Regarding Elon Musk and his fight against the SEC, I hope my opinion is not too biased, since I consider myself an Elon Musk’s fan.

    On the one hand, I understand his concern about making Tesla private: Elon seems to enjoy having extensive control over all his companies, by keeping the position of CEO, despite owning so many businesses. This is further underlined in his biography by Ashlee Vance “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”, where the author states that Elon fought to remain CEO of X.com (one of his first businesses) and still wants to keep SpaceX private to this day. These facts show how Elon is not just a greedy businessman but also someone who deeply cares about solving important issues (space exploration, revolutionizing the paying system and – speaking of Tesla – accelerating the transition towards renewable energy sources).

    On the other hand, the way he handled this situation looked somewhat sketchy, as by stating in his tweet: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured”, he made TSLA stocks soar by nearly 6%, earning him (20% shareholder) approximately 1.1 billion dollars that same day.

    From my understanding, one of the core legal issues with his message was that he made such an important disclosure without filing any official paperwork to let all his shareholders know at the same time. In addition, the alleged secured funding is believed by SEC not to be that secured, but only based on Musk’s predictions.

    Again, being an Elon supporter, I feel sorry for the consequences he’s facing now. However, I think a legal sanction was needed to protect the investors, who, after all, are those who make Tesla mission possible through their funding.

    What do you think?

    Bye for now. See you at Manager 4.0!

    Bartolomeo Tiralongo

    Hi guys!
    I’m Bartolomeo Tiralongo actually I’m working in RINA as “Innovation Solution Architect” but before this I’ve worked for 2 years and a half in Ferrari as “Powertrain Control Engineer”, it was an amazing experience but I couldn’t stay in touch with the stuff that I love: tech and innovation. I graduated at “Politecnico di Milano” in “Automation and Control Engineering” but always in love with programming at any level, from Android apps to web; in 2014 I’ve attended “InnovAction Lab” a wonderful “course” that taught me a lot about entrepreneurship, startup values and how to make a good pitch but more important I’ve met amazing people!
    I moved to Genoa only one week ago but I want to know more of the startup scene and, if necessary, help in grow it with you on this group 🙂

    Talking about Tesla, of course in an iper-regulated market Musk should take care of every statements that he writes and says and has to stay at the rules like any other player. Elon Musk is a disruptor and probably he is thinking in creating an its own market, I’m joking of course, but since the communication has changed dramatically from the past maybe is it the time to modify some regulations? Of course the content of your statement is up to your judgement 😉

    Bye! See you the 8th of November @ Manager 4.0

    Lorenzo Carpaneto

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Lorenzo Carpaneto, I’m attending the second year of Electronic Engineering (IETI) in Genoa.

    Since you have already read my dear friend Marco Lanteri’s introduction, you should be able  to guess a few things about me: I’m the “co-founder” of the youtube channel “ZERO PUNTI” and I am really keen on maths, programming and everything involving technology.

    I started programming at university and I kept doing it on my own: as a matter of fact not only did I take online lessons to learn Java and xml, but I even tried to challenge myself solving problems using other languages.

    This week I have been working at “Festival della Scienza”, which is a popular event in Italy, held in Genoa. It attempts to hype every subject related to science through lectures and workshops.  I have been entertaining children enjoying my time, looking at their amazement while discovering new concepts through games and intriguing presentations.

    I think it is imperative to teach the beauty of science to children: in the future this will lead them to “stay hungry”, looking at the world with curiosity,
    ready to take our knowledge about nature and technology to the next level.

    What do you think?

    Thanks to ISICT (Istituto superiore di Information and Communication Technologies), I met Lorenzo Daidone who caught my attention telling me that he would have joined the SVST. He actually did it and had a great time. He said that, somehow, it changed his way of thinking.
    (I suggest you check out his startup estro)

    So… here we are!

    Bye for now.

    Paolo Marenco

    @lorenzo-2 @endermark happy to see you again here!

    Reading about yr passion and Zero Punti ( i’ll check it) I think you are the right smart guys to join the association leadthefuture.tech , a super network made by Francesco Capponi (you red of Francesco in our book), our youngest host working @Linkedin

    Edoardo Gruppi

    Hi guys!
    I’m Edoardo Gruppi. Like my great friends Lorenzo Carpaneto and Marco Lanteri, I’m attending the second year of Electronic Engineering (IETI) in Genoa.

    My greatest fortune is to know people who lead me to improve myself in every aspect. Last year I took part, thanks to ISICT, in a formative experience with a group of incredible guys. From one of them, the already mentioned Lorenzo Daidone, I heard about the opportunity of the Silicon Valley Study Tour. Introducing myself, I think curiosity is the best word which can define me. I have a great number of passions and interests. I love reading about Science in all its branches. Especially, I’m fascinated by all the technologies aimed at improving human life and preserving the natural world in which we live.

    Entering in the Topic, I can’t be impartial. I have followed Elon Musk for years. I consider him a visionary, one of the most brilliant people of the new century. His way of thinking and of doing entrepreneurship are into a higher level. His hunger for knowledge is insatiable. More and more frequently he spends his resources on innovative ideas. I only need to mention his many successful companies in which he covers a leading role. They are all in different domains. Think about the distance between his two greatest societies: Tesla and SpaceX. With the first, he has revolutionized car market showing the benefits of an electric engine. Talking about Space X, he has introduced the concept of a reusable rocket.
    On the other side, he made lots of mistakes using social media like Twitter. I’m thinking about also when he attacked the diver, who helped the Thai football team trapped in the caves this summer. It is my opinion that in a historical period dominated by social platforms, where in a few seconds we can share our sudden thoughts, Musk should reflect more before “twitting”. Otherwise, he risks ruining his good work.
    This is what I think.

    See you tomorrow at Manager 4.0!

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all! great to meet you yesterday at the amazing first Federmanager conference. I think we will do great thinng thanks to this cicle…bringing us to Silicon Valley. Check Tech Scouting a way to be financed for the Tour giving a service in Silicon Valley to interested ligurian Sme’s. We’ll talk about it!

    Guglielmo Schenardi

    Hi guys!
    Really nice to meet you. I´m Guglielmo Schenardi, 20 years old. I´m attending the last year of ESCP bachelor in management in Berlin after being in London and Madrid.
    I always wanted to participate to SVST and it´s a dream that becomes true. I´ve known Paolo from 4 years and I discovered the tour at the same time.


    A part from studying I have two start-ups and one football tournament. The football tournament is 7 cup and is the biggest football 7 tournament with age restrictions in Genoa. It takes place once a year in April. The first start-up has the goal to provide safe accommodation to always changing campus ESCP students. I founded it in 2017 and now I´m managing 3 flats and multiple rooms in London and Madrid for a total of 40 students.
    The newest one, and in my opinion the most challenging and important, is SCHE days. SCHE days is a new conference format that addresses Science Communication High-tech and Entrepreneurship. The objective is to inspire Genoa´s students allowing them to speak with the best start ups and experts in Europe. The local authorities, innovators and investors are also present to create a new network that will encourage a new start up environment in our city.

    Joining the Mask conversation, I would like to explain my point of view through comparing the CEO of Tesla with a more basic figure like Mourinho, Manchester United manager. They are both really motivated on what they are doing, the demand the 110% to their employees and they are both a strong character. Moreover the Portuguese and the American both like to battle like there is no tomorrow and at a certain point they are cut out by their own employees/players (Real Madrid- Pay Pal). The best part of them, in my opinion, is that they are really strategic managers. Indeed they know perfectly how to use media to take the pressure off a real problem of the company. As Mourinho goes in the press conference shouting and insulting when the team goes bad, the same does Musk when the company can´t delivery in time the orders. The days after the press is discussing about Mourinho´s conference and Musk´s tweet and not about poor performance of the team/company.

    Concluding I think that Tesla should be fined following the rules. In any case the little amount they will actually pay was just a well-planned collateral damage of a bigger picture.

    Sarvenaz Bastani

    Hi guys!

    I’m Sarvenaz and I’m in the second year of Electronic Engineering in Genoa. I’ve been always interested in whatever is about technology and innovation, this is the reason why I’ve attended many conferences and events including Festival Della Scienza and Coffetech during these years.

    I took part in GeMUN (Genoa Model United Nations) in 2016 as a delegate of Austria in SOCHUM (Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee). It has been an amazing experience that contributed my personal development since I was invited with a few delegates to take an opening speech in front of hundreds of people. This was an opportunity to discuss and deal with different themes, but it was also a chance to meet up with people from different countries such as Singapore, Madagascar and Russia. By this experience, I’ve understood the importance of collaborating and sharing our opinions to reach a common goal which could be for instance creating a link between technology and sustainability.

    Thanks to ISICT, I’ve had the pleasure to meet Lorenzo Daidone whose experience in SVST 2018 was an inspiring one.  I think that this opportunity would be a source of inspiration for my vocational training and a great way to enrich my knowledge.

    As regards Musk, it’s hard thinking how one single person has been able to innovate by creating companies so much different from one another. Musk has put design, technology and business together and this approach has led him to success. However, it’s necessary saying that Musk has always taken risks and the recent problems he bumped into, reveals simply the other side of the coin. Musk’s tweet didn’t put at risk his investors because if it was true, they would have been alerted in some other way. The fact is that since he made a false statement, he has needed to suffer the consequences. I deeply believe that this mistake he made will drive him to continually do better.

    Let me know what you think,




    Lorenzo Daidone

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Lorenzo Daidone, I attended the Silicon Valley Study Tour this summer. This experience changed my life and my career.
    I would like to share with you my crowdfunding story. When I was selected to partecipate in the experience I was really excited but I wasn’t able to pay it…but in the end I went to California!

    For many of you the crowdfunding way could be a good opportunity.

    How did I do? Find out more at: https://youtu.be/eY5UxCM_Ras

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all last chance to attend Federmanager Open Innovation December 4th, 7 pm by Iren Auditorium


    see you there

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all!!

    Happy to invite you to attend our SVST 2018 Reunion  in Milano December 18th, 3- 6 pm where you can hear about us and the next Silicon Valley  Study Tour.

    We’ll be from Milano, Genova, Verbania, Novara !

    The invitation is open to you all!

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