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  • Paolo Marenco

    Hi all,

    due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are pushing in this period to virtual activities to overpass this period of “NO TOUR”. In this framework we launch the  project  “Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020”. It consists of 12 Video Conferences open to 98 participants of this discussion Forum (FIFO rule). The 12 one hour Video Confereces will be held between June and July 2020, between 4 pm to 7 pm CET. The participation at the Video Conferences will have an inscription fee for the entire cycle

    The 12 speakers will be among the best Italian Hosts of our 43 Silicon Valley Study Tours, working in big companies (i.e. Google, Oracle, Apple), Universities (Stanford, Berkeley), Startups.

    Among the 12 some top ones like Fabrizio Capobianco, inventor of the Start up mode “US HQ-ItalySW Dev” with Funambol more than 15 years ago, and  Andrea Vaccaro, Silicon Valley Study Tour 2005 Alumnus with 13 years experience in USA, actually Safety System Expert at Google Waymo.

    In this Forum you will find the dates of Video Conferences.

    Please introduce yourself here telling your story and why you are interested in our project.

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    Your registration must be approved by the Administrator. 
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