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    Hi all,

    we are pushing in this period to virtual activities to overpass this period of “NO TOUR”.

    In this framework we launch the  project  “Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020”. It consists of 24 Video Conferences.

    The 24 Video Conferences (in Italian language) will be held between 13 May 2020 and May 2021.

    The 24 speakers will be among:

    the best Italian Hosts of our 43 Silicon Valley Study Tours, working in big companies (i.e. Google, Oracle, Apple), Universities (Stanford, Berkeley), Startups;

    top Alumni SVST working after the tour around the world.

    Here you can find the program of the first 13 video conferences (from May to July 2020), and the link to follow them.

    Here you can find the program of the other video conferences (from September 2020 to May 2021), and the link to follow then

    Preparatory to Go to Silicon Valley Virtually the following video conference held with Politecnico di Torino:

    7 April 2020  – 5.30 – 7 pm CET – Stefano Pistillo, Alumno SVST 2009, project coordinator Clickmail

    21 April 2020 – 5.30 – 7 pm CET Andrea Scianò, Alumno SVST 2014, frontend engineer Sysdig

    You can find the recorded video conferences at this link.

    Please introduce yourself here telling your story and why you are interested in our project.

    Attending the video conferences and discussing them in this forum, will permit you to attend the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2021.

    Notice For the security of the web site, to partecipate to the discussion forum you must be registered at the www.siliconvalleystudytour.com 
    Your registration must be approved by the Administrator. 
    After you receive an email with subject “Membership Approved” you can login and start interacting with the rest of the community.
    Nicholas Sollazzo

    Howdy! My name is Nicholas Sollazzo, I study Economics and Business Administration at the University of Milano-Bicocca and I have a background in computer science. I chose this degree course because “when I grew up I would like to be an entrepreneur”: I knew that there were no real university degree courses to be an entrepreneur, but this seemed pretty close to me.

    I would like to be an entrepreneur because I would like to do something to change the world: everyday I see things that are done fundamentally wrong, like privacy, environmental protection, financial system and I think I could help to make it right. I could help to improve that.
    That’s why I want to be an entrepreneur. To build something to help. Something to create value for every single person on earth. Something to fix what, in my opinion, is wrong or could be done better in this modern age.

    But in order to do that I’m aware that i have to learn more about how companies works. Luckily i’m a very corious guy and I love to learn and that’s why I would like to participate to Silicon Valley Study Tour: to learn from the best, to learn about cultures and mindsets different from mine and to grow as an individual.

    This is who I am.
    This is who I want to be.
    This is who I will become.

    Alex Bisetti

    Hi everybody!
    I would like to introduce myself – I’m Alex Bisetti, I’m 18 years old and I go to the arts high School in Omegna where I study architectures & environment.

    I have a lot of passion, among all there are photography and graphic design (so I love work on the computer and with technology) as well as nature.

    I’m so curious to be part of this project.
    I can’t wait to improve my skills and, as far as I’m capable of, to help the others as well!


    Hi everyone!

    My name is Noemi Scifo, I’m 23 years old. I’m attending the first year of the Economic Development and International Relations Master’s Degree.

    I graduated in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Palermo last year. During my third year of Bachelor study, I had one of the best experience of my life: I joined the Erasmus program and I spent 9 months in Vilnius. It was an intense year which made me feel deep emotions that I I’ve never tried before.

    Just one year ago I thought “economy stuffs” were not really my vocation, but then I found out this Master Degree and I became immediately interested in many of the courses proposed. The link between innovation and development changed my view of the world.

    I think the Silicon Valley Study Tour is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge in the field of innovation, to visit the most important companies in the world, to do networking. One of the best aspects will be for sure the possibility to speak with Italian managers who work there.


    Hello everybody!

    My name is Gaspare Antona and I am attending the master’s degree in Microelectronics at POLITO.

    I got my bachelor degree in Electronics at Polito last July and  I always be interested to visit the Silicon Vally since when I start my degree in engineering. When I discover the possibility to do the Silicon Valley Tour, I immediately got interested to improve my self and find new opinion of people that work in this envirorment. I was really excited for the first conference talking, and moreover I want try to take part of this amazing experience.

    I always use the summer to improve myself and I went in the last years to England and Ireland to have more opportunity to learn something. I would like to overcome my limits and to discover the Silicon Valley world. This tour represent the perfect experience to do before the last year of my master degree that I want to spend outside ITaly, maybe in Erasmus because I think that it could be another good experince before the world of work.

    The tour would take place in August, I will be ready to have this exciting new experience.

    I really look forward to new meeting!

    Gaspare Antona


    Hi guys! I am Davide Preatoni, I am 19 years old and I study
    Computer engineering at the Politecnico of Milano.

    I chose this course of study because I strongly believe that the world we are building is evolving
    an exponential speed, used to look in step with the times and much of the change
    both to know the soul of progress: technology.

    The main problem is that it is a universe in constant evolution, that in the good and in the male, by the faculty and
    the opportunity for anyone who wants to try to express themselves.
    It is for this reason that in all this chaos one must find a starting point and even if it is not said that that will be the final destination, we must still try to aim for the stars and it is
    for this reason I believe that SVST are famous stars to which we must aspire.

    Honestly, I still have no concrete plans after graduation; choose what i know is that i will do my best,
    for being a small fragment of the change, and it is this reason that I aim high on SpaceX. On Mars.



    Hello everyone!
    My name is Marco and I am 21 years old. I am going to graduate in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia (CIM) at the University of Pavia. Over the years, curiosity about the world of innovation and new technologies has become stronger and stronger in me. From an early age I watched my father work on the computer while he was programming and I was fascinated. Now I got here. I am looking forward to hearing your stories and listening to your opinions and ideas. I’m very excited. I think this opportunity is a reason for personal growth for me, as well as increasing my know-how considerably. Getting in touch with important players in the innovation field can make us understand every little nuance of this still little-known world.
    I can’t wait to start discussing with you!

    If you like, I leave you my LinkedIn profile.




    Hey guys!
    I’m Angela Ferrari, I am 22 years old and I am passionate about entrepreneurial world, technological innovations and most of all about web marketing. I am a very curious girl, I like to have goals, to confront people and to have a new experiences to learn and grow. I have another really great passion: writing. That’s why I worked as a copywriter for two agencies. My passion for business started at high school when I was selected in a group of 2000 people, to participate in the business course “Business Idea and Business Plan, how to design, evaluate and plan the realization of an entrepreneurial activity”, at the end of which I did a team project. I strongly believe that team work is essential to create a winning project: I am used to work that way since high school, when me and my classmates created innovative projects of design to compete in different contests.

    After high school I spend a year in Brescia, where I had improved my skills in web development, graphic design and web marketing at the Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia. I had the opportunity to live two important experiences which have left an imprint in me. I worked as a social media manager and graphic designer, this gave me the chance to challenge and improve my skills and the suite Adobe programs is now part of my professional background. Then I become a member of BNI: one big organization of business networking and exchange of references worldwide. The concepts that I learned at the events of BNI will be always part of my personal baggage.
    After that period I decided to spend some weeks in Bristol to improve my English and on September 2017 I have started my Communication, Innovation and Multimedia degree in Pavia! In a few months I will graduate ( I hope! ahahah) 🙂

    Bye bye!


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    Hi guys,

    my name is Lorenzo Lacchini and I’m 24 years old. I graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations, I’m attending my second year of major degree in Economic Development and International Relations. I’m from Lodi but I’m actually spending my Erasmus period in Lisbon.

    Basically, I’ve always been fascinated by technology, in particular by everything related to computing and electronics. Moreover, I have also a big passion for videogames, in fact, 3 years ago I’ve decided to build my gaming computer by myself, starting watching tutorials on YouTube.

    I’m so excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait for it!!!

    Lorenzo Lacchini


    To whom it may concern,

    my name is Matteo de Nitto Personè, I am currently enrolled in my second year of Political science at the University of Pavia and I have a background and strong interest in the economy.

    Since when I was a child, every moment was good to create ideas where I could create the best experience of any common objects used in everyday life. The more I grew, the more grew with myself the desire to create something that could be lifechanging; or at least that could change my life. My mind is always busy wondering with what I could create and how I can improve. I have interests in a lot of different subjects and issues, and I feel that one day I will achieve and create a striking match on all of these interests. I want to be en entrepreneur because I feel I am made for this and because I am not afraid to work hard to become a successful one.

    I’m also always looking for ways to improve and I discovered that books are fundamental in order to do so. I’ve noticed it quite recently in the last years; I believe that books are the second-best way someone can achieve knowledge and knowledge is the basic requirement and the starting point to have a good idea. I believe that the only thing that can beat the knowledge that a book can give you, is experience. The Silicon Valley Study Tour project could give me an incredible chance to complete one of my goals as a student and as a world citizen, giving me multiple instruments necessary to create something that will change this world in a better one.

    What do you need to start a business? Three things: you know your product better than anyone, you know your customers, and you want to succeed with all your might.” -Dave Thomas-


    Hello everybody!

    My name is Gabriele Verde and I am 23 years old. I’m attending the first year of the Economic Development and International Relations Master’s Degree in the University of Pavia. Last year I got my Bachelor Degree in Political Science and International Relations in the University of Palermo. I’ve always been fond of innovation and I believe that the entrepreneurs can play a key role in the evolution of international relations and in our daily life.

    Two years ago I joined the Erasmus program by living in Brno, Czech Republic, where I could experience the atmophere of an updated environment, by getting into touch with colleagues of other scientific areas coming from the Masaryk University, a well known institution for the scientific research. This experience gave me a strong push to look for new experiences in other countries, especially in the technological development. I believe that this Tour represents a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in this field.

    I’m looking forward to discuss with you!

    Gabriele Verde


    Good morning everybody,

    My name is Jacopo Tirintilli, I’m a sociable and curious guy who likes to meet new people, listening and learning from them. Since few years I approached the world of technology and communication, applying me a lot because I am passionate about these topics.

    I’m so excited about this second opportunity of attending this forum, I’m sure I’ll learn many interesting things and for this I can’t wait to start again!

    Honestly, I’ll graduate this week and I’ll have a little to study, but I should be present to the meeting tomorrow.

    See you soon


    Lorenzo Daidone

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Lorenzo Daidone, I attended the Silicon Valley Study Tour in 2018. This experience changed my life and my career.
    I would like to share with you my crowdfunding story. When I was selected to partecipate in the experience I was really excited but I wasn’t able to pay it…but in the end I went to California!

    How did I do? Find out more at: https://youtu.be/eY5UxCM_Ras


    Hello everyone,

    I’m Chiara Cagnino, currently enrolled in Humanities BA at University of Genoa.

    I have a passion for linguistics and cognitive studies and, in particular, their technological applications.
    The opportunity of getting in touch with some of the most relevant industries in the field, as well as with professionals, made me very eager to join the project, since experience is the teacher of all things. Moreover, sharing opinions and ideas with others will surely serve me well as a way for personal growth and to broaden my perspectives.

    Looking forward to the next meeting,





    Hi everybody!

    I am Teddy Gyabaah and I am a computer science undergraduate at the University of Trento and I spent the last six months in the Netherlands with an Erasmus scholarship at Utrecht University.

    I always had a great curiosity and interest towards entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas, that is why in the last three years besides my scientific curriculum I tried to have a taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur and a business driven thinker.

    Moreover, meeting new interesting people from any field and background is something that I always looked for in a new experience.

    Look forward to discuss with you all,


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