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  • GiuliaPiesco

    Good morning guys!

    Thank you for all the stimulating conversations!

    To answer @gianluca-pontoni I believe economics should influence and incorporate design in the data driven approach towards business goals!

    Well guys, this will be my last post, I really look forward to see you all in silicon valley next year! 😉

    Keep up your amazing projects and keep up the curiosity!

    I will now leave you in the hands of Stefania, your next and last moderator!

    Wish you the best,



    Oh and by the way, @gianluca-pontoni , i worked a lot in what you call “eco-design”, we call it considering the product’s lifecycle or LCD (Life Cycle Design) which is strictly connected to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). In particular I worked on a service between Feltrinelli and ATM to reduce the impact of online ordered books on our ecosystem. In short, we developed a system that could reduce CO2 of private transportation for online ordered products and at the same time spread culture amongst the city!

    Ok now I’m really done!

    Have fun guys, see you in September! 😉


    Stefania Tibiletti

    Good morning guys,

    I’m Stefania and for sure you have seen me during the conferences. I’m really happy to be here with you and I want to thank you all the previous moderators for their amazing work!

    This is going to be the last week in this forum so here an important deadline.

    In order to finalize your willingness to take part in the next SVST, you have to send us your LinkedIn profile by Saturday, June 11 at 1pm.
    Please, send it to me via email ( stefania.tibiletti@gmail.com ) putting also in cc marencopaolo@gmail.com 

    Yesterday there was the last conference for this edition of the Go to Silicon Valley Virtually. It has been a long and intense journey! It’s time for a little sum-up!
    What are your final thoughts? What have you brought at home after the 13 conferences? Which speaker inspired you the most?

    Tell us your experience, if ( and how ) something has changed and how will you use this new knowledge in the following months.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach me out.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    Alex Bisetti

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately yesterday I could not partecipate at the conference, I’m sorry for this.

    I’m very happy to taking part of Go to Silicon Valley Virtually, which has shown that one must <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>never stop</span> when obstacles are found, in this case Covid-19 failed to stop us!

    I think that this is the spirit of SVST and fantastic people who work there. All the speakers showed us their open mind that many aspire to:maybe thi is proof that the environment in which you find yourself can change you and make you grow not only from a working point of view. Probably we who are part of this project are already one step ahead of many others, mostly after we interacted with the speakers and within this forum.

    All the guests were great but perhaps, for me, Carola Pescio Canale, Luca Prasso and Lara Princisvalle were the most inspiring.


    Although you were almost all undergraduates, I found myself well! Unfortunately I was unable to participate in any discussions as I was not very knowledgeable on the subject.


    I will send my profile as soon as possible.


    Hope that you enjoyed your stay here, like me 🙂


    Daria Arena

    Hi everyone!

    I am really glad I had the opportunity to take parte in this wonderful experience. Having the possibility to discuss with the different people we met made me feel less far from them. I lived the interaction between study and work fields that must always come together in order to reach aims.

    Discussing with you all in this forum is challenging and stimulating.

    Those that attracted me the most were Lara Princisvalle that made me discover a different aspect of Google, Carola Pescio Canale with her strength for reaching what she believed in and Maddalena Adorno who made us be part of her research path.

    All the people we met have amazing multidisciplinary knowledge and in my opinion this is one of the most valuable characteristics.

    I’m a supporter of the idea that we should never stop studying. Experiences made us develop and discover competences.

    Hope you are all fine, see you soon!



    Hi Stefania, nice to meet you!

    I will try to be brief: I found out about this project that the conferences were already halfway through, but I liked it so much that as far as I could, I covered the old videos.
    I immediately fell in love with the environment you created: full of energy, friendly but serious, inspiring and after all I found myself more motivated to achieve even higher goals than those already set. It was a wonderful opportunity to discover so many stories, and for this I want to thank you.

    What I bring home first is the awareness that doing Startups is very difficult, the difficulties that more or less all the speakers have faced made me think. The second lesson that I take home is the importance of the team that is built: without a good team the project has already failed at the beginning. The third lesson is the importance of having a network: knowing many people not only can be an advantage for personal enrichment, but also for obtaining different ideas, opinions and even appointments with investors. And finally, even if it may seem trivial, I understood better what are the different steps that a startup faces in its path, from creation to their acquisition (or IPO), and how it must face the different changes.

    Some speakers I liked more and others less, the ones I liked the most were Fabrizio Capobianco and Giuliano Iacobelli: I liked them because I think they had/have the same mindset and determination as I do, also I found their speach very compelling. I would have liked to have gone into more detail of many stories, but I am aware that time was not so much.

    Surely in the coming months I will try to expand my network more, and above all I feel the need to find some mentors. What I feel like doing is also to explore better the life cycle of a startup, to learn even better the initial stages. Sincerely I feel the need to create something, but I don’t know what yet, so obviously I’ll keep thinking and informing myself, hoping to get the right stimuli (I feed my brain and the rest I make him do it unconsciously ahah)!

    Thank you again to everyone for the beautiful experience, I hope there will also be a live one, in Silicon Valley!

    Gianluca Pontoni



    I would like to thank everyone for these months of pure personal growth and exchange of experiences.
    Each webinair has left me something unique, but I can say that in general everyone has increased my enthusiasm for the projects that i’am carrying out and why choose Silicon Valley.

    I am very happy to have had this opportunity for debate, also because i’am convinced that exchanging different ideas can only help.

    I’m sorry i couldn’t have been more involved because of the exams, but luckily the method was very flexible, especially with the publications on YouTube.

    I wish everyone a good summer and continuous personal growth and determination to achieve your dreams, hoping to see you again soon, maybe in Silicon Valley.

    Thank you again for this opportunity

    Matteo Prosper


    Oh, i forgot this and now i can’t edit my post anymore:

    Personally i was inspired more by Carola Pescio, Antonella Rubicco, Emilio Billi, Fabrizio Capobianco and Luca Prasso, also because i follow a lot Google and i love programming Android Apps and werable devices.

    Paolo Marenco

    Hi all,

    happy of your feeling and comments. In the next days you will have here the eligibility list to attend the SVST August 2021.

    If you are in the list we could give you a formal declaration from us and SVIEC ( Chairman Jeff Capaccio) that you could use as a reference letter to look for possible sponsors of your trip,  i.e.:

    1- Your University : Contamination Lab, International funding grants, other grants etc

    2- Companies and Association (Confindustria, Technoparks) : your connection in your Region to support your role as a Tech Scout after the SVST, following the path you learnt by Carola Pescio Canale (after the SVST2013  she has been supported by Confindustria Liguria as a Tech Scout for 5 ligurian companies)

    stay tuned! Follow this Forum 😉



    Hello everyone! I’ve been quite busy during last week.

    The Virtual SVST was a success for me. It was a great opportunity to listen to people who made it and interact with them, asking questions. Some of the guest which most impacted me were Carola Pescio Canale, when she gave some insights about work life at Dropbox (company organization, product management lifecycle, etc.), Antonella Rubicco, Emilio Billi (which were hard, but I like them a lot!) and Lara Princisvalle which revealed so much humanity and humilty and showed how much she likes to work at Google.

    Antonella Rubicco, Emilio Billi, in particular, offered an “hardcore” but true view of the Silicon Valley, a place full of challenges, a land you have to understand how to “tame”. I liked them a lot because, as I mentioned while ago in the forum, my way to live is to aim for resilience with the need of reactivity to external changes. I think they pointed why pretty well.

    Exchanging ideas and points of view on this forum were helpful and inspiring (so thank you so much to all of you!) and I hope to be able to keep in touch with this community. Since I liked a lot these webinars I’ll probably follow also the ones at September, so probably we’ll hear about each other here again soon!

    I see this experience as a confirmation of my commitment to reach the Silicon Valley or to get in some area in Europe similar to it. Most of the time I felt some of my efforts were worthless, but the Virtual SVST showed me they’ll be meaningful somewhere in the future. Moreover I see this experience as a little “bump” towards it: lot of insights, information, ideas were shared, most of which I’m still processing. For sure, these will be useful in the future and I’m glad to have received them.

    I wish you an happy and proficient summer, see you in September!



    Hi everyone!

    I think that this experience has given to me lots of new ideas to think about and I was very happy to have met such amazing people during it.

    Having the opportunity to directly interact with the speakers during conferences and with other participants in the forum has been very inspiring for me and I really liked some of the ideas shared in this moments.

    About the speakers, I would like to say that choosing is difficult, since each one of them has brought his own experience that was very different from the one of the others and unique in its own way.

    But If I really have to do so my eligible candidates would be: Luca Prasso, Carola Pescio Canale and Giuliano Iacobelli.

    I really liked the story of Luca, and the concept behind his job. I also appreciated his personal life story and its strenght on not giving up when difficulties occur.

    About Carola I liked her energy and her open mindness about new projects and challenges.

    About Giuliano I really appreciated his startup story and how he finally reached Silicon Valley through it.

    I really liked the insights he gave us about startups and the startup world.

    Happy summer, and see you in September 🙂


    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for sharing your final thoughts! Here you can find the eligibility list to attend the SVST2021.

    If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us and don’t forget to share with us your updated LinkedIn profile! 🙂

    See you soon !

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, I strongly advice you the attendance to this one day course   Saturday October 10th held by our friends (and super hosts in Silicon Valley) Emilio Billi and Antonella Rubicco

    Emilio and Antonella tell the story of A3Cube,  born in Novara but grown in San Jose and the US Market, today based in Parco del Ticino @ Galliate over an Hydroetectric Power Plant…a must to see!

    Join us!

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all!

    here we are again with our webinars that accompany you up to May 11th, 2021.

    Yesterday 100 listened Theo Gonella with a great debate. Moreover 0x is searching a  Front end Dev around the world – thank to smart working- so apply now if you are that 😉

    Paolo Marenco
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