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  • Daria Arena

    Hello everyone!

    I am Daria and I am 19. I am attending a Business Economics course at University of Calabria. For two years I took part in Summer courses abroad, once in Oxford and the next year in Dublin. I love spending my time with others, listening to them. I like volunteering. I am passionate about culture in general. I like learning and improving not only in the field in which I am studying, but in everything I discover. Everyday is for me a new opportunity even in this situation we are all living. I don’t think that our lives stopped, they just moved to other aspects of our existence. I believe in humanity, people are those that makes our world rich. I always count on my blessings and try to get the best from every experience I am part of. I got interested in this project because it can make me come in contact with different realities, work and speak with people that have different ideas. It will give me the possibility to bring my personality in this field. Working in teams makes people discover new aspects of they character, but most of all makes people come together to reach the same aim. I really want to do something real for the world, something that can really help others. We should never waste our time that is so precious.

    Our lives are the best gift we could ever ask for.

    I am looking forward to discovering where this journey will bring us to.

    Patrick Turricelli

    Hi everyone!

    I’m a high school student and I see the SVST as a project that can really shake your prospectives and goals for the better. From the experience and insights of successful people in the fields that i’m most passionate about, I think the SVST gives you the opportunity to connect with people that have done an incredibly and successful journey through some careers that I would like to pursue.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    In order to learn from others and to have a more clear idea of what I would like to do in my future, I’m doing a podcast-interview where engineers from big tech companies (NASA, LinkedIn) and students from prestigious university (Sant’Anna di Pisa, Cambridge, Harvard…) tell us their stories and gives a sense of what their doing.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF_L3HLeKkKvWZTkZo8MVSQ

    Podcast Web site: https://spongetown.buzzsprout.com

    Katia Palma

    Hi guys!

    I’m Katia.

    I’ve read some of your posts about yourselves and the first conference.

    I think, as most of you said, that the digital world is now our present and the future.

    Most of us are “digitally prepared”, but are we “practically ready” for this World?

    Do we know the risks, the pros and cons of our decisions?

    Many Italians realized their American dream -as this course shows-, but not without sacrificies!



    Look forward to discuss with all of you about this topic.




    Katia Palma

    Daria Arena

    Goodmorning Katia,

    I’ve just read your post and I think that most of the time pros and cons are ignored. I mean that most of the time people think that it is easier using the Internet without knowing what it is. I think that everything we do should have a good amount of knowledge. The digital world can be useful only if use it in the intelligent way, without agreeing to things we don’t know what they talk about ( for example, it seems easier to argree to Terms of Use and Privacy Police without reading what they include: it seems a contradiction because, in my opinion, it can’t be possible that we start using some specific digital features without understandig what they are about).

    And then, I think that sacrifice is essential in everything we want to do: if we want to reach an aim we must work hard, be focused and we will have the right reward. I think that sacrifice, honesty, culture are the base of a well-done activity.

    So, I agree with you, I think that if we want to be prapered we must know the pros and cons, but most of all I think that the social contact should never be sacrificed because of a digital world.

    Thanks for your spark Katia, I think it’s really wothing talking with peope in general and about this topic too.

    I hope you all will have a good day.

    Katia Palma

    Good morning <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>dariaarena,

    thanks for the time you spent answering my post.

    I completely agree with you. It’s quite impossible to get the best from the digital world without knowing it well.

    In this period I’m attending a course about Europlanning, and I’m learning how complex policies and terms can be to search and understand.

    Moreover, surfing the net is different from comprehend it!

    Do you agree?


    Have a nice day.


    Katia Palma


    Goodmorning everyone!

    I’ve read what Katia asked and how Daria answered and I totally agree with both of you. In particular with the fact that when people agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, they don’t actually read them and moreover if someone tries to read them, the text isn’t always that clear.

    I think it’s important to give value to our privacy while surfing the Web and also to get informed about it. There are quite a few free online courses about it and they require from none to a bit of experience on this topic, so they’re suitable for basically everyone. I’m talking about Coursera or Udemy online courses.

    In my opinion, knowing which data websites can and can’t use is important not just for safe reasons, but also for general transparency. I’m pleased about the fact that, for example, web browser such as Microsoft Edge give you the possibility to choose how strict you want the privacy setting and the tracking from websites to be, and that can be easily found in the setting menu.

    However, I think that when you’re using Internet, you need to be conscious about what you’re searching and the links you click in. Nowadays, web browsers have the feature of giving the user the type of certificate for whatever site and they give people alerts if they’re visiting potentially damaging domains.

    As far as I’m concerned, Internet is for everyone but we have to use our consciousness to fully be safe and we have to get informed on the risks Internet potentially has, to be aware of what it’s good and what it’s bad.

    Thanks for this question, it’s an interesting topic and it can be discussed widely.

    Can’t wait to hear your points of view as well.

    Roberta Maria Pia Rizzo

    Simone Dalledonne

    Hi guys!
    Andrea Baldini webinar was the kickoff of “Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020” and if you weren’t able to attend it, soon it will be available on YouTube and I’ll share with you the link.
    I think that this conference is the best way to start this new journey, because Andrea’s story is based on a great training that has always been accompanied by many experiences and this is one of the SVST key factor.

    From this webinar, I learned that it is never too late to get back in the game and radically change your life, as Andrea did after Cisco, when he decided to take a MBA and change his work and his life. What do you think about it? Would you prefer to stay in the same job and try to grow vertically even if the motivations have weakened, or try to start from the beginning in a new job area?

    Another very interesting topic is the “spin-in” startup, especially the history Crescendo, Andiamo, Nuova, Insieme e Pensando, the five Cisco’s startups (https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/ciscos-former-spin-crew-resurfaces/2017/02/ ). It was very fascinating to hear Andrea speaking about this economic “phenomenon” as normal in the USA. Do you think that spin-in startup can take hold in Italy or will they have to find other ways to grow? Why?


    I would kindly ask you to have you name and surname inside the ‘Name’ label, in doing this you will have it right next to your name in light blue and it would be easier for us to recognize you when you write a comment.
    Thank you!!

    Nicholas Sollazzo

    Hi everyone.
    Yesterday’s webinar with Andrea Baldini was really interesting and he has surely experienced a lot in his life.

    It was specially interesting in hearing about the Cisco’s story and how they became the leader in the telecommunication field.

    I agree with Andrea regarding the difficulties of being an entrepreneur and starting a start-up; but as Katia (@katia-palma) said “intelligence and resourcefulness are the keys to succeed in life” and I believe that too. I think being an entrepreneur is a way of life: an entrepreneur is someone who does not follow but leads. A real entrepreneur has to be bravestrongclever, a life-long learner and crazy enough to distinguish yourself from the reality that everyone perceives. Crazy enough to see the hidden beauty and the potential of the world around you and then bring it into the light for everyone to see.

    As Valerio Marco (@valeriomarcociampi) said, Andrea also spoke about cybersecurity. This topic, together with the privacy one, is very close to me so I would like to point out how important they are and how we should be careful. As Daria (@dariaarena) said, it’s “easier to agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Police without reading what they include”, and after that cry about how Facebook is using our data for commercial reasons. But it’s also true that if we want or have to use that product from that company, we’ll have no other choice but to accept whatever that company wants.

    Katia also talked about being “digitally prepared” and “practically ready”. Well, I don’t think anyone in the world is. Internet and network infrastructures as they are now, are not good enough to meet the ever-increasing needs in the world.

    The current system is built to make money for the giants of telecommunications and technology and not as a human right. It is not surprising that “innovations” (if we can call them that) are driven by economic laws such as supply and demand, rather than to lead humanity forward. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing bad about it, but I don’t want to ask for permission to some company if I invent something that could help people, but destroy their whole business model.

    For example: Solar energy is great, but oil and electrical industries aren’t happy about it. They have money and power and they can use it to stop this innovation to happened.

    We are constantly dragged down by the same company who should lead us up. That is because they have an economical reason to keep society drugged as it is now, and they don’t want it to get clean.

    We need a radical open revolution: we need to put aside our differences to work together for the greater good. In the open source community you can see people from all around the world collaborating with each other on software and hardware in order to create something good for everyone. Couldn’t we do the same thing with science and medicine?

    I’m not saying that money is bad or evil and everything should be free, what I’m saying is that innovation should be open, meaning that everyone should be able to access the same information and that people should be able to build whatever they want without worring about stepping on some titan foot.

    I’m aware companies invest time and money in R&D in order to have an advantage over other companies, but if everyone had kept their inventios for themselves, the Mac would have been the only computer with a Graphical Interface, Ford the only car brand with a combustion engine and the United States the only ones to have internet.

    Harric Hoffer, an American moral and social philosopher, once said: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”. So my question to you is: Are you a Learner or a Lerned? Are you a leader or a follower? Will you look around and see the hidden beauty of the world and work with each other in order to bring that beauty into light? Are you brave enough?

    Katia Palma

    Hi guys!

    Today I’ve read some other posts on this forum, which made me think that, as A. Einstein said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”.

    Can you manage this new digital world without changing and opening your mind?

    As a young woman, I strongly believe that I must give my contribute to this new world, because acts are what really make the difference.

    As my body is that part of the world which my thoughts are able to change, the same thoughts have the power to riform people’s habits.

    I’m sharing this thought with you to say that the new marketing business can’t scare us.

    Probably we don’t have the right knowledge about the net, start-ups’ world and so on… but we are enterprising men and women.

    Nothing can stop us!

    Valerio Marco

    Hey guys, evening!

    How many interesting topics are popped up today! Starting from the question “we are “digitally prepared”, but are we “practically ready” for this World?” (@katia-palma), passing through the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” (@dariaarena) and the “radical open revolution” (@sal0hc1n).

    I would like to add something about these topics. First of all, most of us – and for us I mean the Gen Y (Millennials or Generation Y) – are digitally prepared, that’s for sure. The thing is: how many of us (not the ones in this Forum) are practically ready? In my experience as simple human being I have seen lots of cases of Gen Yers that are not ready for this world and I’m not talking about the technicalities, but as a moral use of the technologies. For instance, digital bullying and similar. I think we are in charge of teaching the next Gens (especially the Generation Alpha, basically our kids in the next future) how to be practically ready for the world that we will build in the next years.

    About the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” I’ve just read today a blog about a new app that helps people to cope with this problem. Something like: “Hey, are you updated on what you have to know about Terms and Policy? Here are some basics you may wanna check before giving your “I agree”!”. Forgive me, I don’t remember exactly the name, but I’m gonna Google it or look back in my browser history and I’ll let you know!

    The “radical open revolution” is a topic I do care. Nowadays there’s a kind of selfishness (in the society I mean) that has arisen and is dangerously arising. Nicholas asked: “Couldn’t we do the same thing with science and medicine?” and I think the answer has to be “yes, we could!”, but also “yes, we have to!” because there’s no way to have things got better! Remember, no man is an island: https://web.cs.dal.ca/~johnston/poetry/island.html

    Have a good night you all! See you around,


    Daria Arena

    Hello everyone,

    I want to share with you some of my thoughts concerned with the topics we were talking about. I believe in the power of doing, I mean that everyone of us can really send a contribute to humanity and to the whole world.

    I think that we should always watch on the bright side of things and thanks to this attitude we must bring light into everyone’s life.

    We are all different and everyone is special for this. We can learn a lot from others and at the same time we have the chance to help them with what reflects us the most.

    We are all here for a reason. As Nicholas asked, I think that we are Learners all the time. We must always find the hidden beauty and make others find it to. Humility, positivity, honesty have to be the instruments through which we discover the world and act in it. We must be bearers of real values.

    So, what are the values that rapresent you the most? Do you think you are already bringing them with you when you act or is it easier to be procrastinators of values?

    We should never stop dreaming because someone tells us we can’t reach our dreams. We should never change our ideas because they appear too big to others. We are our thoughts, our values, our feelings, our behavior and much more.

    Never think of you as limited people. Be you and overcome everything.

    Hope to hear soon from you,

    Daria Arena.

    Simone Dalledonne

    Hi everyone!
    I’m so sorry but in the last post I forgot to present me!

    I’m Simone Dalledonne, I am a SVST 2019 Alumnus and I’m one of the moderators of this forum with @cbrugo during these first weeks. Then, other Alumni will join the conversation!

    Congratulations to all of you because you are doing an excellent job! The topics are very interesting!
    Especially, @dariaarena ‘s topic is really important because we all have values that are often shared. In fact, I think the greatest value I have is to be Italian! Italians are loved by everyone abroad for our culture, our preparation and our ability to innovate!

    SVST was an experience that taught me the importance of this thing, because only by meeting Italians who have made a career in Silicon Valley, you can understand that there is something special in all of us!
    Last year, we were lucky enough to meet Loris Degioanni, one of the “Italian God” of Silicon Valley and perhaps one of the most important.

    This video is from 2011, when Loris was the director of Riverbed, just after the sale of Cace Technologies to Riverbed. The following years he founded Sysdig, it is still alive and based in Silicon Valley. It was very inspiring for me!

    Have you ever heard about him? What values do you think distinguish Italian people? Have you got some example to explain that? Share some videos or some articles if you have them!


    Hi everyone! Who am i?
    I’m Carlo Zuppardo, I am 20 years old and I have been studying computer engineering for two years at the university of Catania.
    I have always been passionate about everything that revolves around the world of programming, so i manage to reconcile what i love with what I study.
    Myself in 5 years?
    Easy! Inside a startup incubator in the silicon valley ready to make innovative and revolutionary ideas come true and it’s the reason i would like to participate in your project which i guess is truly a great opportunity to improve my professional and personal skills.

    Ready to live this great experience!
    Memento audere semper.

    Daria Arena

    Hello everyone !

    The central point of Andrea’s presentation was the radical change in his life .<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    I really liked the fact that he stressed that our choises depends on our aims. We must not be conditioned.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    Im my opinion, critics are important but they don’t have to influence is in a negative way. We decide what to listen to and what can have an impact in our life.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    In order to do the best in everything we do we must feel attracted by what we are doing, we must get from it the power to keep moving forward.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    Feeling satisfied si emotionally rewarding and we will feel like this if we do what we love. So, I think that it would be better to stop spending our time in something we have a good position in in order to start something that really counts for us. We will be happier and we may be able to improve the whole working experience.Furthermore, if we work in a team, our passion will spread and others will feel motivated too. So, I share Andrea’s attitude.

    Concerning the “Italian values” @simone- talked about, I believe that most Italian people make you feel at home. You con breathe the family atmosphere when here. It is amazing making people feel protected even if they are far away from their countries. In my way of seeing things, this is one of the best values we can be carachterized by: making people feel loved.

    I wish you a good evening!



    Hi guys! How do you feel?

    My name is Elena Busi, and I ‘m so grateful to become this way.

    I study Business Administration and now I’m waiting for degree.

    My fav subjects are marketing and commercial policies, business strategies, the dynamics inherent startup-sustainability combination and the evolution of digital world with its variations.

    Entrepreneurship and innovation are passions that arose as a result of experiences that allowed me to meet stimulating companies and people.  In 2016, my team and I won a startup competition. We worked at our project for two years and I developed entrepreneurial skills. I did a internship inside the extraordinary world of a Big Four, consulting company. Solar, optimistic, ambitious, curious. Features that I hope will always accompany me in my professional life.

    Finally, I hope to create a special network with all of you. I hope to improve my skills and I hope to learn a lots from our speakers!

    << Don’t follow your passion, follow your talent! >>

    Scott Galloway


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