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  • Mattia

    Hi everyone,

    I think there was a lot to learn from Fabrizio’s talk. His long-term vision is really fascinating to me.

    Not only he anticipated almost everyone with his employment // offices decision, but he was also able to create a company culture based on respect and transparency. The consistency with which he created (and sold) his companies make him an entrepreneur that got the best between Silicon Valley’s and Italian’s culture. On top of this, he looks very willing to help and chill. I wrote him a message right after the webinar because I wanted to know why he really thinks that is better to create a startup right after you finish your studies rather than first doing a few years in a big tech.

    This was his answer: “Quando cominci a lavorare per terzi e cominci a guadagnare, diventa difficilissimo buttarsi perche’ ti abitui. Oggi sopravvivi con 10, quando cominci a guadagnare ti abitui a 30 e tornare a 10 diventa difficile (non impossibile).

    Secondo me, il momento giusto per rischiare e’ quando non hai niente da rischiare. Mettere soldi da parte e’ una cosa a cui ti toccherà pensare con una famiglia e figli, magari fra 10 anni. Adesso il tuo focus dovrebbe essere “fare esperienza”. I soldi non dovrebbero essere un obiettivo, tanto se lavori per una big tech non ne guadagnerai comunque a sufficienza per la pensione. Se invece fai una grande esperienza, poi fra 10 anni in una big tech ti assume chiunque, e se sei fortunato magari come parte di una acquisizione (e li’ i soldi da parte li puoi mettere davvero…). Fare esperienza oggi vuol dire fare soldi domani.”

    I completely understand his opinion, but what would you do if you family can’t guarantee you the economical opportunity to take that risk? Would you start your own startup still or would you work for a few years?

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    Sofia Di Giorgio

    Hi @silviag! Sorry for the late reply. Indeed, it’s the first year available! For what concerns the course, it’s divided in two semesters and now we are attending the medical lectures, or better, we are now preparing for the medical exams. I cannot tell you very much about the project because we are still learning and gathering information before we can actually start! We are learning about kinds of tumours (stages, names, location), and the methods used to diagnose them. The basic idea it to create a software that could detect a tumour in its early stage, before it becomes a malignant cancer preferably.
    Hope I answered. Bioinformatics is a very cool field, good luck with your studies!

    Have a great day,


    Sofia Di Giorgio

    Hi @mstrocchi!

    It’s a difficult question and the answer is not easily given.

    I think it all depends on the idea you have, if you are able to find people willing to work with you even at an early stage and of course you need to have some money in order to start. It surely also depends on the network you have.
    If I hadn’t the money I would wait. It all depends on who you are, and if you have a goal I think you could work some years in order to save some money. You are able to save if you are truly willing to. I understand Fabrizio’s point of view but I have to disagree. Of course, if you have a great idea That cannot wait, and you are still studying I think you should go for it and make everything in your power to accomplish you goal! Maybe by starting a crowdfunding.


    Daria Arena

    <p dir=”ltr”>Hello everyone!</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>@sofia that’s a really interesting course. I have always been fascinated by medicine in fact I would like to combine it with Economics. I think that can be really powerful using resources coming from many different fields in order to find solutions to some important problems.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Considering your question, I can mention my experience. I went twice abroad to take part in studying trips because I really like keeping on studying and meeting different cultures. The first time I was hosted by a local family so I got used to learn new habits, to be able to adapt. So it taught me that even if condition are not the best if you want to reach something you don’t have to see everything as something impossible to overcome but that with the knowledge you have you can bring your reality abroad and make it reacher in contact with others.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>And then, the second year I lived as a Dubliner student in a campus. There it was more comfortable. But, considering all pros and cons, I would have never replaced the time spent with a local family. So considering this I will always choose host families.
    I can say that yes having the opportunity to live an experience abroad at an early age helped me. But I even think that in general it makes people be more open-minded.
    So, I would always recommend an experience like this at every stage of life and I strongly stand for doing it even when people are young.
    Even if someone is living a period in which the  necessity to change is an attitude maybe this road can bring some answers.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Some questions came in my mind: have you ever felt the necessity to change? If yes, what did you do?
    Are you creators of habits or do you feel attracted by innovation?</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>I wish you all a good day.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Daria.</p>


    Hello everybody!

    Do you think that an early experience abroad has a different impact on the person you are, with respect to experience at an older age?”

    I think so, when you’re young you’re more willing to be enthusiast about new concepts, ideas and way of thinking and act. Thus, you are more willing to understand, change and absorb everything of a new culture. Of course due to lack of experience, you may get some ideas that does not really work and gaining experience you prune what is important from what is not. On the other hand with an older age you are more biased on your experience and you are less open to change your ideas. So is important to make new experiences now than later.

    Regarding the question of @mstrocchi: “what would you do if you family can’t guarantee you the economical opportunity to take that risk? Would you start your own startup still or would you work for a few years?”, I think the answer is few posts before when @matteo30 mentioned “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” (Theodore Roosevelt).

    I think about money as a medium. Few years ago I read a quote on Quora regarding a question like this: “How much money do you have to make in order to feel free?”. The quote in a reply was: “You won’t feel free if you make 500.000$ on Wall Street, but your boss makes 1 million and the boss of your boss makes 5 million”.
    So the brief explaination is that money are like a fluid: it comes and it goes. If you need money, you’ll find a way to get some. The important is enjoying what you are doing and what you are.

    So my reply to @mstrocchi question is: if my family won’t be able to take that risk, I’ll just find the economical support elsewhere whether it is a less expensive-starting business, an investor or a 9-to-5 job to raise the capital I need. I’ll find another way. It won’t be wasy, of course, but everyone of us is capable to do it.


    Hi everyone,

    In response to @sofia and @parro question I think that an early experience abroad can have a strong impact on the people you are.

    In fact, at a very young age, you probabily find yourself in certain “adult situations” for the first time and you have to find solutions to them abroad.

    As an example I will bring my one year experience in China: I went there when I was 19 years old, I had no concept of bank account, laundry, cooking and many other adults basical things.
    That experience radically changed myself and gave me a methodology to perform this tasks that I still use here in Italy.
    Probabily if I was older, that experience would have touched me less since I would have already developed strategies to solve this “issues”.
    In general if you are older, you have experienced more of the world and the probabilities be surprised by  basical things are lower.

    About @mstrocchi question, I would  search for money in every way possible, maybe through crowfounding on private investors.
    Probably I won’t quit my job because working to save money for my project is still an option to consider if the two above doesn’t go as expected.
    I would run the startup and my job in parallel, it won’t be the easiest thing and there would be many sleepless nights but as many says “no pain no gain”: if you have a dream and you believe in it woking hard is preliminary step to go through.

    I’m looking forward to hear your opinions on the topic! 🙂


    Andrea Parodi

    Awesome guys, so many great points of view! You’re keeping the conversation interesting and I think that every one of you can learn a lot from the other members, so keep up with this!

    I really liked the wise words of Fabrizio Capobianco, not always applicable but still a great stimulus for thoughts on career decisions. Thanks @mstrocchi for sharing.

    Today is my last day as a moderator of this forum. I wanna leave you with one last topic of discussion that I think is a great takeaway from Fabrizio’s webinar:
    The importance of multidisciplinarity in a work environment and in the personal network as well. Contamination between engineering, business, science, etc.

    Let me know your thoughts about this, whether you agree or not.

    Thanks for the great conversation we had, tomorrow one of my colleagues will take charge of the forum’s moderation.
    Good luck with everything, I’d be happy to see you in Silicon Valley in the future 🙂



    Good morning guys, my name is Mavy Mereu and this week I will moderate the forum!

    Let me introduce myself briefly: I work as a project manager and I am the brand manager of 4marketing.it, a company that deals with marketing and digital marketing in Turin. I am also in the organization of TEDxTorino, a passion born also thanks to the tour in Silicon Valley. I am passionate about cinema and TV series and i love the United States in general.

    I attended the svst for the first time in 2016 and I returned as a guide in 2017 and 2019.

    I thank Andrea Parodi for the work of last week and I thank you for the enthusiasm and the many messages exchanged. I’m curious to know what you think of Fabrizio Capobianco’s words at the webinar, as suggested by Andrea.

    Good luck guys, i hope to see you soon!



    Good morning guys,

    the new online conference will be held today t 5pm. Today’s guest will be Carola Pescio Canale.

    Product Designer at Dropbox, SVST 2013 alumna from Genoa University and many stories to tell us. Don’t miss it!



    Hi everyone,

    I am Luca Attanasio. I would like to introduce myself and thank everyone involved in creating this project because I am learning a lot from other people’s experiences.

    I am an Information technology engineer and I will get a degree in ICT for internet and multimedia in July 2020.

    My dream job is to love what I do everyday, independently of the company. My main interests are cyber security, machine learning and data analysis, software development.

    This is why I would like to start with people who have experience and learn as much as I can from them.

    Later, I might apply that experience to build a Start Up.

    See you in the tour,


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    Alex Bisetti

    Hi guys,

    I hope you’re all fine…

    The last webinair was greatful! I learn many tips. I’m trying to study design by myself too. Is there anyone else passionate about design like us? Do you have any advice on books or documents to learn from?

    Once again learn by doing emerged, and the most interesting thing in my opinion was work in a field you haven’t studied for at the university. And what do you think about this topic?

    A couriosity that I dindn’t know before yesterday is that you can bring your pet at work, so funny.

    See you soon, Alex

    Valerio Marco

    Hey you guys,

    How are you? Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something because I had to study for some exams (as you, I guess…)

    I just wanna say a couple of things about the last webinar that so far, in my opinion, it’s been the best because I share a lot of my background with Carola. I’m a graphic design too (even If I work in digital marketing) and hear her talking about design, user experience, product was so stimulant to me. That is what I wanna do in my life and she gave me tons of determination. Except @alexbisetti no one said anything about Carola. Didn’t you like her talk?

    Anyway, I was browsing the web and I found this article by Forbes in which is reported that Facebook will let users turn off political ads, especially in view of the US Presidential election that will be held in November. Here’s the article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelsandler/2020/06/16/facebook-will-let-users-turn-off-political-ads/#320e005e951a

    Do you have anything to say about it?

    See you tomorrow, have a good night! Bye,


    Daria Arena

    <p dir=”ltr”>Hello everyone!</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>Carola’s speech made me focus on many things.
    One of these is that if we want to innovate we have to look for a big break.
    In fact, when we want to leave a great footprint we have to do something that has never been done. We must risk. And I think, it’s like taking a break too. You stop and think what you did and what you want to do from now on. And then start again.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>
    I was really amazed by the necessity of demonstrate who we are to ourselves that came out while Carola was talking . I absolutely share this approach. I mean, we struggle with ourselves  in order to gain always something grater. This is part of what makes me set myself goals always bigger and bigger. In this growth it is essential not to lose our drive.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>
    Carola even talked about believing in failures. I think that we may learn from these but only if we give them the possibility to innovate us instead of letting them dishearten us.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>I wish you a good day.


    Good evening guys!
    I saw both from the conference and from your comments here that Carola’s speech really inspired you!
    What do you think of telling us your thoughts related to:
    – choose to work for what we love
    – choose a job that we will learn to love
    – follow a path or change direction?
    How are you preparing to achieve your professional goals and make your dreams come true?
    I remind you of today’s appointment at 5 pm with Antonio Iannopollo!
    Do not miss it!

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    Hi guys,

    I agree with you @dariaarena, I’ve read various books on success and failure, it’s hard to get anything without having failed at least once, so it is very important to be able to turn the “negative” into “positive”.

    Carola has given me a lot of positivity and has made me think about why we set ourselves certain goals. I believe that here there are many creative minds and this is the primary reason why we feel to do something big and express ourselves to others.

    In response to @alexbisetti I have never studied design at university, but being an android app developer I had to experiment with it many times, just like you say “on the road”.
    Personally I followed a lot of youtube videos which was very useful to me and i think they’re can be to you too, finally I believe that everyone of us has our own style and it is better to follow that rather than to emulate someone else in a forced way.

    @valeriomarcociampi I haven’t read anything about it yet, but i think limiting the political spread during elections is very important, especially after the past case.

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