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  • Paolo Marenco

    Hi all, this Forum is for You:

    – If You are following our webinars since 2020 or just from the Vittorio Viarengo one of March 30,  2021, 5,30 pm CET

    – If You are eager to know the Silicon Valley Virtually than touch with your hands the Silicon Valley environment with a Tour

    Introduce yourself here: your story, studies, ambition, projects, English Linkedin Profile. Than discuss the webinar topics with your colleagues here.

    At the webinar end, July 6, you could be selected to attend the Silicon Valley Study Tour.

      – You could go on August 2021 edition, if you are ready to go, covering your SVST costs

      – You will go on August 2022 edition, if you need time to find sponsors and money, or because your studies.

    Happy to have you join the 500+ Alumni group of this amazing life changing experience!



    The next webinars:

    30 Mar 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm CET

    Vittorio Viarengo

    Vice President of Cloud Marketing at VMware.

    Bachelor’s Degree Computer Engineering Genoa University 2010, Extensive Marketing and Product Experience in US: Object Design, BEA Systems, Oracle, Keas, Mobileiron, Skyhigh Networks, McAfee, VMware since 1997.Food Blogger VivaLaFocaccia since 2009.


    27 Apr 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm CET

    Elisa Rossi & Andrea Parodi

    Elisa, BA MA Advanced School of Modern Languages Bologna University, MBA UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Milaner Founder Craftsmanship-driven luxury brand from Italy and France after product marketing and international growth experiences (Square, Yik Yak).

    Andrea, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at Genova University 2017, Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumnus 2017 and Dreamteam Member. Founder of startup T-Gain and Head of Growth at Milaner since June 2019.

    11 May 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm CET

    Angelo Bonomi & Paolo Marenco

    Angelo Bononi, Industrial Chemical Doctor from Milano Statale University. Extensive experience in Technology Transfer and Contract Research held in Battelle Memorial Institute in Swizerland, Extramet in France, Consortium Ruvaris and CNR IRCRES in Italy. “Technology Dynamics” book writer.

    Paolo Marenco, Electrical Engineer, Founder of La Storia nel Futuro in 1999 and Silicon Valley Study Tour 2005, after the leadership of four Innovation Centers in Italy, since 1986: Genova Ricerche, Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore, Pont-Tech, Cestec, and one IT Company, aizoOn.

    15 June 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm  CET

    Vincenzo Di Nicola

    Computer science engineering degree in Bologna University, PhD at Stanford University. He started working in Microsoft before co-founding Gopago in San Francisco. Sold Gopago to Amazon, he came back to Italy, where he co-founded Conio, today leader in Crypto-currencies, with shareholders like Poste Italiane and Generali. Believing strongly in the “Give Back” he is computer science teacher pro bono in the Technical School of Teramo, where he studied. Since 2021 he is Head of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation at INPS.


    29 June 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm  CET

    Francesco Volpi

    Informatic Engineering degree in Genoa University, Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumnus 2011. Up to 2020 data science consultant and manager in aizoOn. Since 2018 co- founder of Beltmap, startup to help blind people thanks to sensor technology. Since 2021 Technical Innovation Project Manager at Italian Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Digital Transformation Department.

    6 July 2021 | 5:30 – 7 pm  CET

    Federico Feroldi

    Computer science degree at Politecnico di Milano. Great experience as co-founder and CTO of startups in Italy and USA (Coderloop, Measurance). Deep knowledge of software development, architetture scalable architectures and technological organization. Since 2020 he is Strategic Innovation Officer of PagoPA in Milan.


    Hello everyone!

    I am Kianna Kazemi , a third-year computer science student at University of Genoa. When I heard about this project, and being able to hear the story of successful people working in Silicon Valley, I was thrilled. Today I enjoyed attending Vittorio Viarengo’s conference, and I learned about team values, how to lead a team, how to hire A+ people, and then motivate them while trusting them to do their work. One of the most interesting things that I learned today was about the golden circle, and the knowledge about why we are doing something. I also learned about the importance of a manager’s role who should hire grate people, and get out of the way, so they can do their job as fast as they can.

    Till today I thought that in Silicon Valley what matters most are the ideas, but today thanks to Vittorio, I understood that what matters the most are the people with ideas who make useful products, and sell it to the clients.




    My name is Aurora Bottino and I am a mechanical engineering student at University of Genoa. Firstly I would like to thank Vittorio for his conference which has been very interesting and motivating, I’ve learned so many things in just one hour, in particular how important is to be open-minded, to embrace changes and challenges and always try to improve ourselves. I’ve enjoyed every part of his speech, it helped me understand that team values, how you lead the team and how you motivate people are the keys of success in a company. My favourite part has been when he said that mentality is worth more than marks and competence: to be honest I truly believed that such great companies were looking for the opposite. I understood that in Silicon Valley young people are respected as they’re full of ideas, leaders give them responsabilities despite thier age and that experience is not a fundamental requirement. This part of the speech made me feel motivate to work very hard to be able to live and work one day in a company such as the ones Vittorio described.

    Last but not least, I hope to taste his focaccia as I’m from Genoa too!

    Thank you all for this great opportunity.



    Hi all,

    my name is Fabio and I am a master student in Materials and Nanotechnology at University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore. Currently, I’m working on piezoelectric materials for biomedical applications.

    I would like to thank Vittorio for sharing his experience and also everyone involved in the organization for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the meeting, particularly some ideas struck me more: firstly, the fact that “la gavetta”, to pay your dues, should be considered a crime for young workers. Obviously, it does not refer to all jobs, but I share and appreciate the concept behind this challenge. Then, the idea that states: “follow your passion is bad advice”. Personally, I was always told to follow my passion and I think many people can relate with me.  Hear something like this may sound odd, but actually I understand why I am not so passionate in making things difficult to me and I started considering my passions with a more critical and wider view.

    Thanks again Vittorio for these insights and the interesting concepts during the conference. I hope to have the opportunity to hear again other compelling ideas.


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