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  • Rayne

    Thank you so much Luca!  I’m so humbled by your words.

    I am motivated and will continue to work twice as hard as I do inorder to achieve my dreams to help unfortunate kids in the world 🌏.  I will be doing my first broadcasting nextweek about Media and gender using technology and would be happy to share my opinion once I record it. Understanding how technology is giving a positive impact in our  life.  I remember working in Aracne, I was a shooting the best ,video, picture and doing interviews using technology that I wasn’t able to had the chance to study or  learn back then,  I wasnt good in technology but I  ended up being a good after the experience I got there, my boss was so proud of my work.

    I believe there is beginning and the end would be great !!

    Aminata Ndiaye

    Grazie mille luca per i bei suggerimenti.

    In effetti far conoscere le tradizioni del popolo senegalese in italia é una cosa che mi sta a cuore, infatti con l’associazione dei senegalesi qui in romagna di qui son membro organizziamo delle giornate a richiamo culturale per far conoscere alle nuove generazioni senegalesi e ai italiani stessi quello che contraddistingue il popolo senegalese.

    L’anno scorso ho partecipato ad una conferenza organizzato proprio dall’associazione startups turismo con interventi da parte di relatori molto competenti e con ottime idee. Gli altri due invece non le conoscevo prima d’ora ma mi sembrano ottime iniziative per una maggiore valorizzazione del turismo italiano e l’apertura a quest’ultimo ad un nuovo segmento di mercato.

    L’IOt e collison conference non le conoscevo prima d’ora ma suppongo sia perché non mi muovessi abbastanza in questo ambito prima. Però penso che siano importanti iniziative come queste in quanto viviamo ormai in un mondo dominato dalla tecnologia quindi é bene conoscerla per farne buon uso, e il miglior modo per imparare (al meno secondo me) è il confronto con altre persone, perche il che ti permette di avere una viaione a 360°.


    Prima di tutto grazie Luca per il tuo punto di vista ,la tua opinione e per le informazioni date!

    Riguardano la “Collison Conference” non la conoscevo prima anch’io! Ma guardando il trailer dell’evento ho capito il concetto! L’apertura della tecnologia, le strade di sviluppo che prende! E si vede che più il tempo passa più la tecnologia non riguarda soltanto i metodi per facilitare la vità professionale e intercommunicativa ma anche la vità personale! Quindi si vede che la tecnologia non si ferma e non è mai soddisfatta di ciò che ha già dato ma di ciò che ha da dare! Il punto speciale diremo così dell’evento è che: si ci diverte !


    Luca Signori

    Hi guys, I’m back, how are you?

    After the Collision Tech Conference, I give you another idea: Google at Design Week (Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone), a big event taking place in my town in Milan these days. Take a look and tell me what you think about it. Here you find the top five tech events!

    Great Rayne! Don’t worry, it’s a pleasure! We must continue to engage and learn more and more. This is the right mood, especially in the tech area. So beautiful the experience you have done! If you have some photos or videos and if you like, you can share them here.

    Aminata you’re welcome! It ‘s true: it must be a beautiful project t the Senegalese culture in Italy. Would you like to share it with us? And, if you like, send it to the Welcomaps team and let’s put it on the map, what do you think? Instead what’s about the Tourism Startup event? In your opinion what is the tourism tool more digitized than others?

    You’re welcome Ivana! Yes, in fact, Collision is a stunning event for the quality of the topics and the speakers thickness: their speeches really are a great source of inspiration. Everybody would have the opportunity to participate, at least once!

    Look forward to your new ideas and ideas to keep the discussion alive. Keep in touch!

    P.S. @aminata @ivy98 @ousmane @kelvinzwennes If you want you can put the account picture!

    Aminata Ndiaye


    Certo condivido volentieri qualche foto un di uno degli eventi con voi.. nell’immagine i ragazzi indossano i costumi tradizionali delle proprie etnie (un modo per loro per approcciarsi ai propri origini).

    Quanto riguardo l’evento sulla startup é stata molto interessante anche perché hanno fatto intervenire dei giovani startuper preparati e con passione e che credono molto in quello che fanno, molto coinvolgente insomma.

    Gli strumenti più digitalizzati di tutti sono i metodi di prenotazione di voli e hotel, che caratterizzano nuovi tipi di turismi e turisti, il che ha portato agli attori del settore ad adattarsi e ha portato anche nuove possibilità di lavori nell’ambito turistico.

    sulayman bah

    I am sulayman bah. I am Gambian by origin. I currently live in Bologna, Italy. I came to Italy in 2014 to seek for an asylum protection. In 2015, I was given a humanitarian protection. I really thank Italy for such a gesture.

    Shortly after I was given a protection, I won a grant called “unibo for refugees”. Having won this grant, I got enrolled in the university. Now I am a regular student. I am a second-year political science student. At the same time, I work as an interpreter, a translator and intercultural mediator. I work mostly in refugee reception centers, in the commission for asylum procedure interviews and sometimes in the court house of Bologna for appeals of asylum seekers whose asylum requests have rejected.

    I like watching news and documentaries about politics. I studied at the Gambia college and I got a higher teacher’s certificate. I was immediately employed as a qualified teacher by the ministry of education of the Gambia Govt. I taught English and core science at Nioro Jataba/Sankandi high school from 2012 to May 2014, after which I left the Country because I could not get a scholarship to study at the university of the Gambia being an opposition to the previous regime which lost the December elections in 2016.

    Now I am grateful to govt of Italy and the university of Bologna that I can pursue my studies which has always been my dream. I am very excited to study in Europe. Hard work pays. Yes, I agreed with this saying. It was never easy when I newly arrived in Italy because I could not read and write Italian. But guess what? After eight months my Italian was already good. My Italian was very fluent that it was incredible to many people. The coordinators of our reception center understood that I was hardworking, so they started giving me support. I met many kind people who wanted to help me continue my studies. Thanks to these people I am very fine in Italy now as I write this describtion.

    However, I am okay now in Italy, but many other migrants are not. Making a choice is always very difficult. Many migrants are in very touching conditions because they lack a technical support to make concrete choices or decisions. It’s true that there are many associations, cooperatives and organizations that are involved in helping migrants but still something more can be done. The first choice many migrants make after getting their documents in Italy is going to other European countries because they believe there are no other options here. The ones who stay in Italy prefer looking for indecent jobs to learning a skill or a professional course.  Now most of them cannot even renew their documents because there have been some changes in the issuing of documents to migrants.

    My objective is to create a support to these migrants once they arrive in Italy which is more technical. I would like to first create a forum online and unite all talented migrants who have made very good choices while they were in their reception centers. I am already one of them. I have started collaborating with others and we are putting some ideas together to bring solutions on the table.  The current idea we have is to organize events and meetings where migrants, especially asylum seekers can meet all talented migrants in different cities.

    To conclude, I want most part of this initiative to be digital.  If I am selected for Silicon Valley 2018, I will learn more about digital work to facilitate my work.

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    Hello guys,

    I have been having problems with my pc and I am finishing my Master’s Thesis, that explains my long absence from the forum. I just finished going through these wonderful and discussions put forward by my colleagues. I am really excited about this whole experience because I think it can be a starting point for something great. Recently me and one of my best friends started a small fashion “business” wheras our objective is that to incorparate african wear to occidental/hiphop wear as its now a number 1 trend in youth around the world. That is just a side project harnessing my passion- its called born savages on instagram.

    Actually I have been for the past 2 months been involved with LA CASA ROSA at modena to assist in helping women and children suffering from abuse. I can see that most of you are actually active in the digital/technological area, whilst personally I am still looking for ways and methods to incorporate technology to the welfare of women. Especially to help those that find it difficult to communicate whenever they find theirselves in unfamiliar environments.

    I know technology has no limits and bounds and I can’t wait to interact with minds that can stimulate mine to come up with resourceful instruments to reach my future goal. i.e. to help women and children in impoverished countries.

    Luca Signori

    Hi guys! I’m back!

    Thanks @aminata, it is a beautiful picture! iIf you have more send us. For tourism: I meant what would you like to digitize in tourism, the innovation you consider the best. Let me know.

    Here you are @sulaymanbah, finally!. You are a very dynamic and smart boy. You do a lot of things! Beautiful idea to create a new forum. Is it already online? Keep me updated.

    @kelvinzwennes, don’t worry!  Congratulations for your thesis! So cool the idea of ​​Born Savage, I follow you on Instagram! I see that you are always involved in social activites! Well done! Great!

    sulayman bah

    Hi fellows I am back to update you about few things

    Like I said in my previous text that the first step I am working on is to bring together very talented migrants from different cities particularly Bologna to put my idea into practice. I have got one who studies law at the university of Bologna and he is ready to collaborate with me. Another friend of mine is doing his phd at the university of Valencia in Spain and he has also welcomed the idea. He said he can give support although he is too busy with research and other stuff. So far, it is moving smoothly.  Usually, I do meet CHRIS of mygrants who helps me abundantly. His support is huge. He is giving me all the technical assistance I need.

    I hope to meet all my team workers soon, so I can start. Once this step is done we will put pen to paper by describing our initiative in detail after which we will meet cooperatives and councils of this territory to present the initiative to them. If we come to terms they will be paying us per hour for every meeting with each migrant or refugee. We will also be organizing events in which many talented migrants will be present to share their experience with the refugees who have newly arrived in Italy. They will get to know some of these talented migrants and they will build relations. I think it will create space for the refugees and migrants to be in contact with these talented people who were once in the reception centers like them. A lot of technology work is required in doing this job, so I am very convinced that Silicon Valley will be a powerful instrument for me.

    I have good news! Guess what fellows? I am recently selected as a coordinator of an exchange programme in Germany which is financed by the European union community for Erasmus. I am the second coordinator. The main objective of the programme is to bring young Italians and migrants in Italy together so they can share ideas and culture by living together. It is an intercultural exchange amongst the participants. There will be different activities about culture. They will get to learn one another’s culture. There will be topics on migration. The asylum system in Germany and Italy will also be part of the topics. In my previous text, I have made mention of migrants moving to other European countries particularly to Germany without knowing the system there. Well this programme will help a lot of them to have a clue of how things are in Germany before finally moving there. You can follow the event on Facebook titled “tama taman”.

    As you can see, this responsibility given to me is a greet move for my initiative. I am moving forward. Update you soon.

    Paolo Marenco

    @sulaymanbah great your feeling and yr wish to do, link, create…I’m convinced that SVST could push a lot yr ideas…I do hope to have a positive answer from the Italian Foreign Ministry…we do hope they will not refuse our proposal!

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