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  • Alice Bixio

    Hi everybody! I am Alice, a law school student interested in getting a better knowledge about IT world and new trends.

    Legal world could seem far away from IT innovations and its issues, but they’re more connected than how we believe. If IT world is our present and our future, why don’t try to understand this world in a different perspective? IT offers new challenges for legal expert, something old is used for new instances and new legal institutes are arranged for its purposes. Recently, I have found out that opportunity and I thought that it could be a chance to understand better IT world from who is keen on and study it and who works in this field.

    So I started reading your posts. The topics sound really interesting, especially I was amazed and shocked at the same time by the article on Big Data.

    I share the same fear of Luca about the possible consequence of a wrong use, but I am positive and I am sure we will find a balance. In fact, the Kosinsky “search people engine” has a great potential and it should be developed. For examples, it could be a means for the community in order to prevent crimes, safeguard public order from threats such as terrorism. On the other hand, his work has an inherent danger, as he underlined: it “could pose a threat to an individual’s well-being, freedom, or even life.” I think that collecting information on people without their consent is a limitation of their privacy, even more when the aim is to influence their vote. It’s true that most of all are conscious that information about what we click or “like” on Internet could be collected and used for commercial or other purposes, however we have still a right to privacy and legal protection on released data.

    In Europe, DIRECTIVE 95/46/EC  recognised that “personal data should be able to flow freely from one Member State to another, but also that the fundamental rights of individuals should be safeguarded”, especially “fundamental rights and freedoms, notably the right to privacy” ex art.3,10. The objective of the Directive 95/46  has been enforced by The Regulation (EU) 2016/679, which seems to find a balance between a higher protection of personal information and private companies and public authorities use of these. On the contrary in USA there are more lax laws on releasing of Data (just thinking about the USA-EU agreement for the “Private Shield” that replaced the “Safe Harbour” after the decision of the CJEU on the case Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner- CJEU underlined that US didn’t guaranteed “an adequate level of protection of personal data”).

    For that reason, when I heard about negative points of view of Big Data I thought about Henry R. Silverman, professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, words: “At present, Big Data can feel like Big Brother, a natural enemy of personal privacy and free choice.”

    However that is our present and probably our future. It has pros and cons. Such as every innovation we need time to understand how to exploit it in the best way, how to control  and avoid wrong uses. In that case, people shouldn’t be frightened of what they’re sharing on Facebook or what kind of website they’re consulting, ascribing themselves an obligation to protect their own privacy. Authorities should safeguard the flow of big data in order to guarantee the interests of both parties: who enjoy that innovation and who need information of his targets in order to reach their legal purpose.

    So, my question is the following: do you think that regulation could be the only way to avoid dangerous use ? How to balance business activities purpose on that field and people personal rights?

    Moreover, you talked about e-voting and bitcoins: new way to do old things, voting and making transactions easily, cheaply and quickly. What are the barriers that companies or governments have to face? Just diffidence and fear of cyber-crimes? How to convince people that Big Data and Web activities should be consider like a challenge or an opportunity and not as an enemy?

    In conclusion, I want to share with you the words of Paul Ohm, professor of Law at Georgetown University, who incites legal experts for a new approach to Internet:

    “Let’s change the internet, for the better. Let’s encourage countries and states to serve as laboratories of change, testing theories for what might be a better internet or a worse internet. Let’s stop treating the internet like it’s a fragile figurine that we might break through rough handling. We couldn’t kill it if we tried.”


    Paolo Marenco

    Good topic Alice, IT in legal! Do you know Legalesemplice ?

    Genoa based, the IT man is a SVST Alumno!…if u have interest i put u in touch

    Alice Bixio

    Oh, wow! I haven’t heard yet about that website. It is a smart idea! Did he himself come up with this idea?

    Costumers can easily consult legal papers online, download documents and even ask legal advices by sending an email. Legal world is exploiting ICT in order to offer professional services, being more approachable for people. I heard about some Lawyer Associations who built apps (for examples Lawyer Association in Milan published a free app in 2013).But also Public Institutions think of something similar: The Justice Ministry created an app (Giustizia Civile) where people can consult public registers of justice offices.

    Paolo Marenco

    Alice, write to marencopaolo@gmail.com  I put  u in touch with Egidio Zamboni, tech man of the site

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, a point of next steps.

    The 4 Forum from Torino, Novara, Castellanza (LIUC) and Milano are espressing something more than 30 attendees , high quality…pratically they could fill it up a SVST 🙂

    I have already received 10 cv…deadline March 31. Now we start your help to find sponsors for the Tour by our https://techscoutsv.com  initiative.

    Born in 2013 , permitted to many Alumni to transform the SVST in a Tech and Business scouting project  for italian SME’s and startups that want to open to the Silicon Valley Ecosystem.

    Techscout consists in  attending  the Tour and remain in SV from 1 week more to up 3 months from  yr arrival for SVST ( according to 3 month ESTA Visa duration) to do a TECH or business scouting for one or more companies that cover your costs. The coverage could be from the minimum (1500 Euro to cover  SVST inscription fee, and stay 1 week only;  to 6-8000 Euro, to stay 3 months). It’s just a coverage of expenses but a huge opportunity for you. Who did it ( many guys and girls) is now startupper or working in Italy or abroad.

    One of the best case is Carola Pescio Canale ( Carola PC on facebook) that will be speaker via skype in Novara, Fondazione Novara Sviluppo , March 30, 5-7 pm.( see Novara Forum)

    Join if you can. She, 26, biz grad,  has now her second job in Silicon Valley

     How we promote this for you? ( you can do also by yourself , by personal or University contacts or sponsorship)

    1 You as a group make your Crowdfunding Project. We did 4 in the last 4 years from UNI Torino selected students. Some promoter will talk at the Torino Conference to be held on Monday 27 3-5 pm- Join if u can (see Torino Forum).  Obviously one reward for a company that put money on it, could be a Tech Scouting project

    2 Join the Facebook Group Italian Start up Scene. I will make a post in the next days to promote you all for the Tech Scouting Project. In this case the target could be the italian Start up interested to Silicon Valley. We will give the direct contact with you to the Italian Start up interested: they will choose autonomously the right man or woman for the job, among you, according to the skills required for their goal.

    As you understand , now proactivity from your side is a must, to reach the goal of SVST!

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    Valentina Colucci

    I Everyone!! Nice to meet you!
    I am Valentina and I studied at the University of Milano, I graduated last year.
    I discovered SVST and I really want to take part in this discussion.
    Thanks to my background, indeed my Bachelor’s Degree is in Human Resource management, I find very interesting what Federico just wrote.
    You mentioned smart working, and I believe this is the biggest innovation right now in my field, together with coworking.
    All the smartest companies are starting to use blended forms of smart woking, think about Google, Microsoft… I see it as a way to bring the spirit of a start up inside an established multinational company.
    What do you think about that?

    Coworking instead is mostly used by start-up, but to may way of thinking I believe that a big change has yet to come.
    Just think at Uber for a moment, their example fits perfectly, them with their implementation of the sharing economy in their business, made less desirable for people to own a private car.
    I believe the same could happen with offices.
    What are your ideas for this future development?

    Just to answer Alice’s question, I think that it would be really hard to regulate BigData, but then would you regulate the collection of data or the use the companies do of them? Isn’t it just something too big to control?

    Federico Pellegrini

    Hi, to all of you! Welcome to this discussion!
    It is really good to hear the point of view of an HR on smart working and coworking.
    I know there are a few coworking offices in Milan and I know they don’t just rent offices inside their space, but also organize interesting events.
    Anyway, I believe that for a start up, being in a coworking, is something extraordinary, it is a place where every day new ideas arise and startups have the possibility to collaborate between them. Most of the startups I talked with at the iBicocca where based in coworking.

    Yours is a great intuition! It is probable that in the nearby future companies (not just startup) will not need offices of their propriety but instead will opt for a much more flexible solution, such us coworking spaces that can adapt much better to the rapidly changing needs of the modern business.

    As a business student, I also think that many innovative businesses can arise in coworking, like facilities you don’t easily find in other offices.

    BigData is not an easy topic, you already went through the most important issues about them but I would like to give you another point to think about.
    I see a strong connection between Artificial Intelligence and the use of Big Data.
    We know for sure that enormous companies such us Google and Facebook are developing, also with the help of the first exemplars of Quantum computers, great AI that are astonishing, and they literally feed them with BigData through Machine Learning.
    This is my point, and I agree with Valentina on that, should governments regulate the collection of BigData or the use?

    1- Regulate the collection is not possible, we WANT to share our data. Think about Facebook, you are not obliged to post a photo or a text, you are willing to do so! And who are you going to blame if facebook stores your data and “LEARNS” to recognize you and your friends better than a human?

    Please read it!


    2- Regulate the use of BigData…
    Well, I think it is impossible.
    How can you regulate something so vanishing? How can you stop Facebook (or anyone else) to elaborate your data?

    Is it still correct to talk about privacy when we “register” to lose it?

    Talking about Bitcoin and e-voting, those are completely different things. E-voting uses the Blockchain, Bitcoin instead is the “fuel” of the Blockchain.
    It is a really complex topic, the Blockchain is a really important concept to understand aniway. It is the solution to a big problem we always had which is DISTRIBUITED CONSENSUS.
    This is why I strongly disagree when you say Bitcoin is a new way to do something old.
    This is not about money, this is about something bigger (about not being controlled by whom controls OUR money).

    Was the internet a new way to do something old?
    Well, this is the INTERNET OF MONEY.

    Paolo Marenco

    https://www.facebook.com/connecTOSiliconValley/?fref=ts  2016

    https://www.facebook.com/SiliconValleyEspresso/?fref=ts   2015

    here the 2  CF exp from Torino, objiect of monday 27 conference in UNI TO ( i push for Facebook streaming…)

    Paolo Marenco


    I advice with you Augusto Marietti and Marco Palladino’s story.

    Paolo Marenco


    Hey all, Federico Somaschini CEO in Utrecht of the start up,  is interested to a Tech Scout 2017 for his company ( they are in seed stage).

    They are open to a Business developer (good if  event ticketing exp) to scout possible SV links or an AI tech fond to engage more permanently in the company ( now based NL and Italy).

    A Good first link for the Scout in the Valley will be Marco Palladino – Mashape Cofounder, good friend of Federico since teenage.

    Duration: from the minimum SVST time (1500 Euro coverage) up to more, tbd with the candidate. Federico will be in San Francisco on September 11 for TechCrunch Disrupt

    They wait from me the CV’s interested in, than possible Skype call. Confirm yr interest, if applicable to you

    Paolo Marenco

    Follow live on Facebook Confindustria Genova page, tomorrow morning 8 am conference of Saverio Murgia, Engineer from UNIGE , SVST 2014.

    The young story of Eyra and its technology for blind people Horus, born after the SVST,  is amazing and only at the beginning.
    If you cannot follow live streaming, from friday afternoon or monday, you could follow recorded on Confindustria Genova Coffetech page ( cool event, all fridays, since 4 months)

    Luca Signori

    Hi everybody! First, I wanted to thank you for your posts and for expressing your points of view, all of which were very interesting points about  the digital revolution we are currently livng. So, now I give you my feedback about your questions by providing new ideas for reflection.

    IT in legal
    Alice, you’re right. Oftentimes we consider the legal world far from innovative. But it should not so, because if something doesn’t work at the legal level,then everyone is in trouble. With regards to privacy, do you know what the Trump Administration has done? It has just made the news only few days ago!
    Click this link, and listen to the video and read the article!


    The beauty of co-working, Federico and Valentina, is exactly what you had brought up: you multiply the networking opportunities and connections not only between startups and venture capitalists, but also among those who are looking to make contacts or professional profiles and to be brought on board. Here is an example that everyone will recognize: Talent Garden, the largest co-working network in Europe.

    What you said about e-voting is true: we’ve been speaking for years about how to solve an age-old problem, like the vote, with a new technology. But in my opinion, we need to change our own cultural approach, perhaps taking note from Estonia. Estonia, despite having gained independence from ex Soviet Union in 1991, has made digital leaps and bounds! And not only in e-voting but for many other aspects. Take a look!


    FB8 2017
    Finally, one last point. Make note on your agenda one cool event on April 18 and 19. On these days in San José, the Facebook Developer Conference 2017 will take place: it is the annual convention of Facebook. What can we expect? According to the latest rumors, there could be important news about the drones (for bringing connectivity In developing countries) and virtual and augmented reality. There is also talk of a device that reads thoughts and another one for health. Finally, a large expectation regarding Building 8, The Facebook Secret Laboratory specializing in building hardware.

    Here an image about FB Developer Conference 2016

    Paolo Marenco
    Hey all cool debate!
    here is the eligibility list for SVST 2017
     Luca Signori

     Federico Pellegrini

     Alice Bixio

     Valentina Colucci  

    Emanuel Cukaj

    This means that you can start search for funding ( CF, tech scout, University, locat Authorities…, family and friends).

    A few tips:
    1-  passport to be done at soonest ( far from summertime…) http://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/1090
    2 -the flight cost is less if you buy far before the Tour. The cheapest last year was American Airlines from Venezia …around 600 Euro AR
    3- The inscription fee to La Storia nel Futuro – invoice 1500 Euro (plus IVA if to a IVA subject) – is due within July 31, 2017
    4- Foreigners ( Not italian passport ) among u verify immediately how it works the touristic VISA from yr country to USA.
    any other question Welcome!
    We’ll organize a full group meeting in Milan  End of May- June to make group and know one each other. Maybe on Saturday!
    Stay tuned
    Here start the …cool story! 🙂
    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, happy to announce our retreat in Milano , Bicocca University  U6 Building , Room 01B,  Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1 ( Bus 87 from the right side of Stazione Centrale)

    May , Friday 19.   Agenda:

    2,30 pm Welcome by Bicocca people

    2,40-4,30 Roberto Bonzio http://www.italianidifrontiera.com  Inspiring talk . Roberto, out of the box journalist,  is the guide of Italiani di Frontiera Silicon Valley Tours held since 2011 for 200 managers and entrepreneurs

    4,30- 7 Paolo Marenco introduction to all the City teams : Torino, Novara, Castellanza, Milano, Trento,  Bolzano, Padova, Genova. Every team will introduce the attendees one by one, the actual status of their participation ( Crowdfunding, Tech Scouting, other ) . Sinergies among teams, Q&A.

    Tour Program Presentation, useful things to know going to Silicon Valley and California ( for those who add to the SVST vacation time)

    It’s only the second time we do such retreat, thanks to Bicocca!, I think will be great for mutual knowledge and sharing programs and ideas!

    (language will be Italian  😉

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