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  • Giulia Solis

    Good morning everybody!
    First of all, thanks to @daniel-romano and his description about IoT: I confirm my opinion and I think that it is a vary important question and innovation mostly for increase in efficiency in Italian context in which bureaucracy often creates difficulties for citizens and becomes difficult know rights and services offered to them by the State.

    Thanks also to @stefaniatibiletti for the last two articles about our previous comments. They are vary interesting and current: the first one is about the transformation of business in line to environment and innovation. I think that the winning weapon is the culture for a green vision that lots of industries are creating in their DNA. It doesn’t have to be an obligation or a marketing lever to attract consumers but it must be the main goal for companies to create a winning mission!

    The second article I think is exciting! Dubai is it’s a city projected towards future and innovation so I think that this program to convert waste in good energy with artificial intelligence, it’s a solution for all the countries of the world. In fact we have two problems: the problem of the waste disposal (Dubai produces 3.5 million tonnes of waste annually) and the problem of the lack of energy. The first one is a problem especially for costs that Municipality needs to dispose of a large quantity of waste; but here we have also the second problem about the lack of non-renewable energy and the need to always find new forms of renewable energy! The solution of these two big problems is the challenge proposed by Dubai Municipality which will transform Dubai in the only city in the world that will use artificial intelligence in transporting and processingwaste to generate clean and sustainable energy.
    The real innovation is in the use of artificial intelligence and start technologies because they will give us the security that energy will be clean and green. In fact often we are skeptics for our health about the use of waste to produce energy. In Italy there are lots of regulations to eliminate damages related to waste-to-energy plants: for example for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) there is a slight increase in the risk of cancer for humans only in the case of high levels of exposure to 2,3,7,8-TCDD but the emissions obtained with the modern construction and management technologies of the waste-to-energy plants, in compliance with the legal requirements, are far lower. Then high temperatures favor the destruction of dioxin: so in the most modern plants it is now forbidden that the fumes fall below 850 ° C, so as to contain the emissions to levels much lower than the legal limit.
    So I think that using right previsions, rules, restrictions and regulations, waste will become life!

    Thanks to @elenariganti and her interest about my reference to “Le Cicogne”; I really appreciated your anilysis and advantages that you found regarding this innovative service.

    Welcome to our forum, @oscar! It was a pleasure read your presentation and I think that next yeas I will do “IBicocca”; your words convinced me!!

    Happy Easter everybody!!

    I’m caming back home, finally with my family and frinds in my hometown! I’m so happy!
    Have a good weekend! 🙂

    Daniel Romano

    Hi @elenariganti ! Thank you for your appreciation for the IoT topic! I really think that’s going to increase more and more and become just a common thing in our future, something that will silently serve us, hoping for the best of course. I also wanna thank @giuliasolis for the same reason :))

    And welcome @oscar, it’s a pleasure to have you here! Yes, I confirm all the positivity about iBicocca project, it’s really a chance to litterally breathe and test the startup and innovation world from the inside! So yes, I quote all your writings and advice people to send their application for the next cicle, it can be really blowmind if you are curious enough. As a matter of fact, even if I finished the first cicle in february I am attending the sixth cicle which started in march ;))

    @elenariganti it’s fantastic to me that some people know about themes such as passive house! That’s great to hear. As an architect I can tell that designing a passive house is first of all about “controlling nature” rather then technology (just an example, the way you orient the house itself, which concernes only the position in the space), and then it comes the technology of course. Actually it is possible to make a passive house (not so easy though, and it’s never going to be completely passive, due to technical aspects) but, talking about reality, right now it’s quite expensive and the average person can’t afford it. Whatsmore, in Italy the question is more about what to do with existing buildings, which are so many in the number compared to the new ones, and impact so much more on the environment. The answer is not simple at all, I think that making our cities more efficient requires the contibution of different disciplines, from architecture to economics to informatic (which is why I am mixing up different studies), and a work both on new constructions and extisting ones. And it’s needed, now! Reports by IPCC about climate change are so heavy, and the ones by the italian ISPRA don’t move away from those!

    Daniel Romano

    And to respond also to the article posted by @stefaniatibiletti I want to share the story of this startup, which bonds the sustainability theme and the energetic efficiency theme together: Greenrail (http://www.greenrailgroup.com/) is a startup born in Politecnico of Milano that makes railway crossbeams mostly by garbage mixed with cement. It’s a nice example of how to use our everyday garbage in a very intelligent way, doing an effort of research and engineering and making a product out of a waste. Of course their target market is represented by developing countries, because replacing the crossbeams in existing railways would be a mess, but it can be used also in countries like Italy in the process of maintenance, starting a slower process of substitution.

    What’s even greater is that they are now implementing the crossbeams with photovoltaic panels, so that big and long things such as railways are going to turn from inert, lifeless lines in the territory to alive systems able to produce so much electric energy, due to their enormous extention.

    To sum up we will have garbage-made railways crossbeams that will feed the need for electricity of our towns, sounds great, doesn’t it?!

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    Hi guys!

    I really appreciate those topics cause i really support sustainability, green economy and renewable energies. About this, i read that EU (https://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/topics/renewable-energy) wants to achieve the 20% of renewable energies by 2020. That’s a good increase compared to 2000.

    @stefaniatibiletti shared an article about it: “how environmental innovation will transform business as usual”. I totally agree. Businesses are changing due to changes in our society and our enviroment. That’s no way: if we wanna survive as humans we have to deal with those kind of problems and i consider as a better person who develop business to solve those problems than a person who just help “consumism”.

    As a marketer i really want to help to develop project that have a good impact on society and economy. I don’t want to just “convince” people to buy products, i want to participate in the companies that are changing our world!

    @daniel-romano spoke about Glass to power. I’m really happy that my university took a part to this startup and i’m glad that they came to iBicocca. You can find their interview:


    I think step by step our society is having awareness about the need to be more sustainable and these kind of “green contest” are the proof cause they are getting popular: http://youthinactionforsdgs.ideatre60.it/

    I’m hopefull

    Bye guys!


    Hi guys!

    @giuliasolis was speaking yesterday about social responsability and that sometimes companies just use it to “appear” good but in reality they behave bad.

    For example there was a famous scandal of Moncler company:


    They tried to look “good” but in the end the reality came out and they had a big problem with stock options.

    Before internet only the big corporations could afford the price of a good “corporate social responsability” but now with social networks and internet it’s much easier to communicate with customers. That’s not always a good thing cause they can easily influence people but fortunately nowadays there are many policies against “misleading advertising”.

    More infos in this EU policy report:


    Those policies are so important cause nowadays lot of people (especially old ones) cannot distinguish enought false things on internet and they can easily get confused.

    There is always a double face for everything: internet has connected the whole world and let us get every knowledge almost for free, but at the same time it has given the chance to damage people as well.




    Hi people!

    @giuliasolis thank another time for your topic!

    I know very well the italian startup “le cicogne”. I knew about them the first time thank to lacerba platform: http://lacerba.io/

    That is a platform where you can find many marketing, startup and business courses. I joined that platform cause i wanted to have more than the “normal” courses at university. In that platform there is also one part dedicated to the “business interviews” and i watched that one of le cicogne.

    They also came to iBicocca last year and here you can find a brief resume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZfWi5E1QLQ

    But why i like them?

    -Cause they are women and since in this “world” we find almost only men i really like to underline and share when women do really good things.

    -Cause their idea is so simple, but so good at the same time using what society had already (babysitter with no contracts and needy families) in a better way. infact i really appreciate when startup use the existing resources in a better way valorizing them.

    -Cause listening their story i could understand better what technically is an “MVP”. They used facebook as a minimum viable product before starting to develop their own platform to find out if there was a business for their idea. It’s seems stupid, but many startups do the “basic errors” and they fail soon as this report can confirm: https://www.cbinsights.com/research/startup-failure-reasons-top/   

    If you read that article you can notice that the first reason of startup failures is infact “no market need”.

    See you!




    Hi people!

    Reading the topic that we are talking about is very clear: our society is changin and lot of opportunities are coming out.

    We are in the best era ever!

    We can get every information very easily, public universities are not expensive and the “social elevator” if nowadays more powerfull than ever. Infact everyday we can read about many persons that didn’t have almost anything and they became successfull.

    I think those people have one ability: to see the changes in the society and adapt theirself to them.

    We have spoken about IoT, AI, Robot, Sustainability and so on. Most of people are afraid about them and they don’t understand the power that those changes and innovation have.

    History repeats itself always!

    People always don’t think that those innovation can change their life and they accept it only when is too late. (you spoke about kodak for example, that is a case study of how innovation is fundamental).

    @daniel-romano @ilpabli @fabio Our university created a free course about that topic! You can find it here https://www.unimib.it/comunicati/e4job-arriva-certificazione-informatica-che-coniuga-cultura-e-tecnologia

    It’s a course about how new technologies (IoT, Cloud, AI, big data…) are changing our world and how the society responds. It’s very interesting cause it gives to you the “vision” of what it’s happening and we our generation can get more “awareness” and take different decision that can lean to a better future.

    Hope you are interested in that course! for bicocca students it’s free 🙂



    Hi guys!

    I’d like a suggestion from you.

    During these days i had to think about my final thesis.

    During the last 2 years i’ve been very passionated about new technologies and how them affect our society.

    Also, i got interested about marketing and in particular about growth hacking (for ibicocca i interviewed Raffaele Gaito that is one italian exponent of this discipline and here you can find it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM7YGiv_hgk )

    But why am i telling you this?

    Cause i’d like to write a thesis about the new economy and how it affects the companies. i also want to write one entire part about growth hacking because it’s a new approach for companies to succeed.

    What do you think about it?

    The idea started when i watched those videos of one professor that explains briefly the story of economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXps4GIeOo

    The index would be more or less like this:


    -Introduction with a brief story of the industrial revolutions

    -How the 4th revolution affects the economy and the companies that have to change business models

    -Groth hacking: a successfull data-driven process for companies (lean approach, funnel ecc…) that now is possible thank to internet

    -Case studies


    I really apprecciate if you can give me some tips.

    Thank you very much!

    Daniel Romano

    Lads! How are you?

    @oscar thank you for this massive contribute of yours with the last series of posts, so many interesting things. I agree “growth hacking” is a fantastic data-driven approach, I studied Gaito’s book, so yes, it would be fine to treat this topic in a thesis, to disrupt the old paradigms!

    What’s more it looks like that this first chapter of the forum is coming to an end (just right before to continue with the second one)! It would be nice guys to meet personally with those who attend Bicocca and share thoughts and ideas :)) and after all this innovation articles, and robot stuff, AI, IoT and whatsoever thing we spoke about, I would like to ask you a question, to let your own imagination fly, kind of philosophic (don’t be mad at me though): how do you imagine the world in the future? how do you imagine life will be when all of these things are going to be massively part of our lives?

    I can imagine robots doing things for us, walking (or rolling, who knows) in the streets and flying in the streets. I can imagine our fridge “speaking” to our computer, to our washing machine, to our house to our smartphone, connected in an IoT net making everything so smooth. I can imagine avatars working instead of us, controlled by our mind. And who knows what else! What do you think men are going to do? Which job do you think we are going to do? Not all the people can do a “brain work”, many people are just ok with doing manual and basic stuff, but what if machines are going to replace those tasks? I think that’s a serious question: I can’t respond to it, but at the same time I am to curious to see what’s gonna happen that I can’t imagine to stop all this progress even for a while :))

    With this digression of mine, I wait for yours 😉 Let’s keep this on

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    Thank to @daniel-romano for the interesting question.

    I think that’s the most important topic nowadays: imagine how will be our society in the future and try to build a better system.

    I think that we are quite good to forecast the changes in 20-30 years and this article can confirm it:


    That is an old newsparer and it says that in 2000 mobile phones will do basically everything. In the end what happened? We control everything with our smartphones! We use the bank, we pay, we have maps, we listen music and radio and so on.

    So what? I think we should believe to the scientists that today forecast what will happen in the next 20-30 years.

    There is one interesting book called “Robot will steal your job, but that’s ok” by Federico pistono (http://it.fede.online/) that talks about this forecasts.

    Here you can watch his TedX that it’s basically a resume of his book:


    I read that book and i agree to many things. I think we have to re-invent our social-system cause otherwise there will be a huge crisis due to:

    -robot will steal lot of jobs that today are done by humans (let’s imagine how internet was desruptive in 2000 and how many jobs almost disappeared because of it and how many it created)

    -there will be a “polarization” of the society and there will be only jobs with high-skills and jobs with no-skills. so basically there will not be a “middle-job” .

    -we will have to solve many problems about robot ethics


    But there is one thing: i’m sure that those people with a right mindset will always find a solution.

    Infact during our history we had lot of revolution and innovation and always there was the same fact:

    -Those people who had a wrong mindset always never changed their life and only complained

    -Those people who had a right mindset always found out a solution and worked hard


    I’m so hopefull, how about you guys?


    Anyway, I totally agree with Daniel and would be very good to meet up and speak about those topics personally also because we are in the same university

    @ilpabli @giuliasolis what do you think?

    See you guys!

    Elena Riganti

    Hi everyone!

    I agree with @lucabaldessarini, H&M isn’t a non-profit organisation, so it’s natural that it tries to do everything possible to increase its profits. It could do it in any way, positive or negative. At least it does so considering these sensitive topics.

    @lucabaldessarini I agree also about the importance of governments in order to introduce these topics in the political debate. I think our istitutions are too busy with their personal affairs to understand that future is changing. As you said, the 4th Industrial Revolution is coming, so we have to be ready, prepared. Otherwise we will miss an opportunity for growth and development and lag behind other countries (more than now, I mean).
    And yes, we absolutely need leaders like Dubai Municipality. If we had more examples like this one, maybe we would better understand how to behave with regard to these issues. I think that to create project like this, there should be more competent governments. We should be guided by someone who has competences and skills concerning these themes.
    Since you talk about blockchain, do you think that i twill be useful in this case? I’ve read an article about finance and blockchain tecnology. It said that many blockchain projects launched by financial istitutions have been stopped beacuse this technology is still at an early stage, in which expectations aren’t fulfilled. This is the article:


    @daniel-romano you’re right when you say that IoT will be more and more present in our life. Studies say that about 30 milliard products will be globally connected! IoT-based products already exist and they are used in so many fields. I think that they would be useful both for individuals and collectivity/society. They could be helpful in production, public health, public administration… I also think that we will have more and more products without even realizing that! They will be part of our lives and we won’t can help it.
    For what concerns passive houses, I agree, it’s expensive to create one, even if after that you have less expenses for bills. The main problems could be the need for space and the need to manage old buildings. The first one could be a problem in big cities full of costructions who have no more building lands. Moreover, you need adequate areas to build a passive house, for example to orientate the house and exploit sunlight. The second one is a problem that affects all of Italy. Maybe, we would fix dangerous buildings before constructing new ones (with “dangerous” I mean both for personal safety and environmental impact).
    Thank you @daniel-romano for quoting Greenrail, it’s very interesting and innovative! “We will have garbage-made railways crossbeams that will feed the need for electricity of our towns”, yes, it sounds really great!!

    I want to thank you @oscar for talking about the contest “Youth in Action”. It’s amazing the role given to young people. In my opinion we have to spread this sensitivity especially among young people. That’s because we are the future, we can change things! But to change things we have to understand and make others undesrtand the importance of our actions and their consequences.
    Regarding companies who want to be seen as socially responsable, I think that there is a difference between companies who do something good to appear and misleading advertising. In the first case, companies do a right thing for a secondary reason. Their goal is to achieve success and profits, but at least they develop sustainable projects. In case of misleading advertising companies lie and cheat just to get rich. That’s despicable!
    I agree about the link between internet and fake news and I think people should learn more and better in order to discriminate between false and true informations.

    To answer your question @daniel-romano, I don’t know what the future holds for us. I think that we can’t even imagine the great things that will be realised! I’m probably influenced by sci-fi movies, but I’ll wait for flying cars! Lol
    To be more realistic about near future, I think we’ll be more connected with everything. With little and sofisticated devices we’ll can do more actions or activity than with smartphone as they are now. I fantisize about items who will simplify our lives in many ways. I imagine smart-cities fully functioning, where it’s all connected to make our daily routine easier too. It’s difficult imagine future, it depends on what will be created and develop and from who too. Different people have different ideas and goals, so based on who will be able to realize his own project there could be a different future. Maybe we’ll be one of these future-writers!

    Have a nice day guys!

    Elena Riganti


    @elenariganti thank you for answering!

    I agree with you that companies that do misleading advertisement just to get rich have a very deplorable behavior.

    Unfortunately nowadays money drives people.

    We do so bad things for them and many times we loose our health to get them and then we discover that money does not buy happiness!

    For this reason i said that we should re-imagine our society trying to build a sustainable economy. Fortunately there are many innovation hub that try to spread the culture of innovation and sustainable economy.

    Here in Milan we have for example Talent Garden https://talentgarden.org/ and Copernico http://www.copernicomilano.it/

    Those coworking-spaces are amazing and they help innovative startups to grow. I think in the last 10 years Italy has developed many good initiatives and step by step we are changing things.

    Massimo Temporelli http://www.temporelli.it/ is one exponent of this italian innovation. He works in Talent Garden for a company that manages 3D printers.

    He came to iBicocca last semenster and i had the pleasure to interview him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmGHUyzMfA8

    He spoke about industry 4.0 and how our society could re-imagine itself. Hope you find interesting that interview.



    About fake news, i competely agree that there should be many courses for everyone about how to distinguish between fake and real news.

    If you are interested on this topic, there will be this event planned by iBicocca:


    We invited Marco camisani calzolari to speak about digital communication and fake news. He’s working for “striscia la notizia” and RAI about project that aim to spread the “digital culture” and improve the awareness (especially among old people) of internet.

    Of course the event is for free and you can all join it!

    See ya!

    Lorenzo Stevenazzi

    Hi everyone and welcome to @oscar !

    Thank you @giuliasolis for talking about Le Cicogne: it easily legitimates the babysitting job, increasing trust both for workers and parents (and trust is essential in such this circumstance).

    @elenariganti ’s hint about passive houses is great and, when building a new construction, I think why not adopt these measures that mean almost nothing to us but can impact in a virtuous way on the environment. Unfortunately, they have to be easily flexible in order to use them in crowded cities and high buildings to make the difference, but I think technology progress could lead us in that direction. @daniel-romano shows it’s easier to do that for houses that haven’t been built yet, another point in favor of technologies such as Glass To Power that could be integrated also in existing buildings.

    I particularly appreciate @stefaniatibiletti ’s post about the Wastenizer system in Dubai because of its goal and the fact that the government collaborates with local and international companies on AI, funding research while forecasting future. As I said previously, we must ask ourselves where our action are carrying us, trying to evaluate contingent bad consequences that might occur, as well as possible innovations. This is another reason why I like Glass To Power: they understood what the issues their research could solve was and were funded for that. Coming back to the waste topic, I think it’s necessary to intervene before, for example trying to reduce the over-production of packagings (also recyclable ones as energy to reuse them is needed). If you’re more interested in this theme, @lucabaldessarini, @elisa, @fabio and I talked about it in the past. I would like to add another example on how we can do something before. I’ve had the opportunity, like some of you, of getting to know Giulia Baccarin, founder of MIPU and The Energy Audit. The latter is an predictive analysis system that could predict water or energy needs in a specific area and specific time. It can identify where distribution network problems are, allowing maintenance to reduce wastefulness. Solution like this one could be the key to solve big problems such as the lack of water in the South of Italy and Rome itself.

    Greenrail could be a step further in the railways system and thank you @daniel-romano for having talked about it. Regarding to the increasing demand of energy for the cities of the future, have you ever heard of nuclear fusion? It is the opposite of nuclear fission and doesn’t produce harmful radioactive nuclear waste nor nuclear proliferation (which is essential in order to give poor countries the chance of producing energy without leaving them the possibility of fabricating nuclear weapons). Physicists and engineers are working on it by building a fusion reactor called ITER and funded also by the Europe government. The process is sustainable and basically require only water and lithium, and the latter is very common on Earth. One research centre that collaborates with ITER is CNR – Istituto Fisica dei Plasmi, just behind U9 at the Bicocca University. I’ve chosen to attend my third year laboratory there and, although we’re not studying nuclear fusion, it’s a pleasure to work alongside researchers in that field and with the renewable energy goal.

    I hope innovation hubs, such as the ones @oscar wrote about, will go in the direction of a sustainable economy, both for the environment and for the humans, with an eye of effective solutions to real problems instead of necessarily applying cutting edge technologies that might be not mature enough for a specific purpose.

    Thank you @oscar for e4job. This is a new project of UNIMIB and it tries to fix the lack about innovation in these sectors by giving students at least some basis. When I’ve signed up for that, the course wasn’t finished, but now everything is working fine and it’s a great opportunity for us.

    I totally agree to meet up with who wants, maybe for a drink after that everyone has finished lessons, so let’s arrange it (and people from other Universities are of course more than welcome)!
    Thank you for the discussion so far!

    Lorenzo Stevenazzi

    Daniel Romano

    Hi @1.stevenazzi ! Yes, I have heard about nuclear fusion, a close friend of mine is a physicist and he works in the plasma physics lab in University of Studies of Milan, he has been to CERN and to Bicocca lab as well, doing research about this stuff! He tells me that that’s really interesting stuff, but scientists are far from make it work now, it’s a really difficult process to generate and to controll – still it’s like creating a little sun on the earth, litterally. But you are surely more expert, so you can correct me if I wrote something wrong, I would appreciate 😉 I am also curious to know what level reached Glass to Power research now, having seen the presentation some months ago by now! Plus, how do you imagine world in 2050?? 🙂

    It would be nice to meet everyone! But how can we keep in touch?? Any idea? Some of us may find there’s alchemy between them, because I can feel we all have a nice attitude and some common interests, and there is the possibility for some good collaborations to grow! That’s a chance that musn’t go to waste, I believe 🙂

    Having said that, long life to innovation! #madaboutgoodstuff 🙂

    Giulia Solis

    Hi guys! I have just finished reading your lasts topics and I want say something to each of you! The time to be part of this tour is over but I want to thank you for these weeks: it was first of all a big opportunity and thank you for all ideas, articles, stimuli! These days were for me an important opportunity and comparison chance with all of you and I have managed to increase my knowledge about many topics. You are very smart and I loved to talk with you about one of my favourite topic: innovation!

    I hope we will meet you and we will have the opportunity to talk eyes to eyes! Maybe in San Francisco! 😛

    Have a good weekend and Happy Easter everybody!

    with love,



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