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  • JiaLiang

    Hi guys, hope you’re doing great!

    Firstly I want to thank @lucabaldessarini for citing me, it’s such an honor!
    Thank you also for the video, it summarizes very well some topics we’ve discussed here. With the 4th Industrial Revolution we are finally going to take into consideration for the first time our planet health along with the new economical benefits.

    To answer your question, @giuliasolis, I do believe that “Le Cicogne” is an innovative business, and I had the opportunity to listen to one of the founders at iBicocca last year.
    I really liked that event because the founder conveyed humbleness and humanity, telling us what were her company main problems and how they were actually testing several solutions.
    The event turned out to be a friendly chat with a “dear friend”, lowering her position to ours, making us feel part of it. This also happened with other iBicocca events.
    That is the type of experience that makes me feel capable of doing what other entrepreneurship gurus do, inspiring me to emulate them.

    I also totally agree with @oscar when he says that “I really appreciate when startup use the existing resources in a better way valorizing them”, referring to “Le Cicogne”.
    We often try to think up things we don’t need, but it really makes the difference to valorize what we already have.
    One example is Instagram, and as we all know it simply took away everything extra from other social networks, focusing only on photos and making possible to share pictures with the world instantly.

    Talking about the new articles shared by @stefaniatibiletti, I perfectly agree with @lucabaldessarini that “only large partnerships between companies and between governments can make a positive impact on the future of our planet before it’s too late”.
    This reminds me of an article I read about how Tesla was getting financed by its rival automakers thanks a California regulation which requires that “automakers sell electric and other non-polluting vehicles in proportion to their market share. If the manufacturers don’t sell enough of them, they have to purchase credits from competitors like Tesla to make up the difference”.
    In this way Tesla generated nearly $1 billion in revenue the last five years, and other countries like China are considering to introduce such a system.
    So instead of getting forced to buy credits companies could actually invest those money at developing their own environment-friendly products, spreading more awareness worldwide.
    It’s not really that type of partnership we imagine, but it could be ironically one of the missing inputs to a global acceleration for reaching the Fourth Wave of environmental innovation.

    Regarding Dubai’s Wastenizer project I think it’s a really positive example to learn from, especially with the ambition to steer 100% of the city’s waste away from landfills by 2030.

    Thank you again @oscar for sharing Federico Pistono’s talk at TEDx. I found it really interesting and I also watched another talk suggested by Youtube that caught my attention.
    It’s still about the robots and AI topic, and how automation will steal our jobs.
    The speaker, Tim O’Reilly, pointed out that “Technology is the solution to human problems. We won’t run out of work till we run out of problems”.
    Climate change for example brings us big challenges, which require brilliant minds to get solved. And there so many other problems out there, like everything we’ve discussed so far.

    Finally, I also think that, like @daniel-romano said, we should find some time and meet together because we all have the same mindset in this group. Everyone of us has different skills and even startup ideas, so that could be the opportunity to work on something really innovative😊

    Wish you all an Happy Easter!

    Zhou Jia Liang


    Lorenzo Stevenazzi

    Hi everyone!

    is right. We’re far from nuclear fusion because the energy obtained from the process was smaller than the one that was actually needed to start it. But innovation is made one step at a time and I hope nuclear fusion will be possible in future as it would solve the energy problem. Moreover, ITER would be one the largest scientific projects of the world and, hopefully, in 2025 it will start to work.

    Switching to how I imagine the world in 2050, I dream of having faster and more efficient means of transport, even public ones and self driving ones, because I can’t stand wasting a huge amount of time because of traffic or train delays. Personally, I don’t fear new kinds of jobs as I like learning new things and facing challenging situations but I fear innovation that doesn’t look at the human component, turning upside-down the two players (men and products/services) and making products the drive of it instead of human needs.


    I think the best way to arrange something is a poll (no signing up required) where we can choose all the days we’re available to meet and the day with most preferences would be selected. So here’s the link:


    The place can be changed if you have better alternatives (I’ve chosen a pub I’ve been to some times with my coursemates that is close to Bicocca so everyone is likely already there). I’d say that next Tuesday I’ll look the results and communicate you the day with an email.

    Thank you all for the interesting discussion and can’t wait to meet you eyes to eyes! Happy Easter,

    Lorenzo Stevenazzi

    Elena Riganti

    Hey guys,

    First of all thanks @oscar for sharing these suggestions! I saw your interview to Massimo Temporelli, I found it very interesting! I totally agree with him, we have to plan, reason imagine and then connect the different fields. That’s in order to be better than a machine who applies an algorithm. Thank you also for talking about the event with Marco Camisari Calzolari, I’ll try to be there.

    I haven’t heard about nuclear fusion, so thank you @l-stevenazzi for citing it. I’m doing a little research to learn more, even if I don’t have competences and knowledge in this area, so it could be difficult to understand this process. I think even if we are far from it, some progress has been made. That’s the main thing.
    Anyway, I’ve read that ITER is an international project in which many nations are working on. International cooperation is the best thing to promote a project like this one. That’s because they can combine different skills, competences, ideas and above all resources to develop it. As @lucabaldessarini and @jialiangzhou said too, sometimes only big companies and governments can have a positive impact on our planet. So, we should take a positive view of this type of partnership.

    I would like to thank you for the discussion so far. It’s been great! I believe that when someone shows you his point of view, he gives you the opportunity to think bigger. Furthermore, I’ve known a lot of things I didn’t know thanks to you all. I hope we will meet each other soon.

    I wish you an Happy Easter,

    Elena Riganti


    Hi guys,

    First of all, I want to thank @daniel-romano for quoting Greenrail, I’ve actually heard about it the first time this year at the StartupItalia Open Summit 2017, absolutely awesome event, also @oscar was there. It has been awarded as the best Italian startup of the year and it truly is one of the companies which are out there proving how Italians do it better. Jokes aside, they raised 2.3 mln € in 2016 from the European Innovation Council, part of the very same Horizon 2020 program mentioned by @oscar.

    I also totally agree with @oscar that the communication freedom of talking with your customer, given by the spread of social networks, can be seen as both positive and negative thing. Positive because now like never before companies are able to share their mission openly, receive customers feedbacks and build up their brand awareness. But unfortunately, these very same positive aspects can be considered as bad ones, due to the enormous fragility of this whole ecosystem. This is another great topic we discussed with @l-stevanazzi, @elisa and few messages ago. More specifically, we discussed why for example Apple is almost absent from social media, and why even though we all agree that these communities are not always such healthy environments, this type of strategy is still a privilege of few who can choose to not care about the “social sphere” and instead hardly try to anticipate the future.
    Regarding your thesis ideas @oscar, I think it will be really good and I believe also mine will go that way. If I may suggest, I think you should also insert some sort discussion about the interaction between the labor market and technology and how it’ll affect humans, who historically fulfill themselves in their work.
    Thank you also for the hint about Bicocca’s E4job certification, very good initiative, and I’m with @l-stevanazzi about the lack of widespread knowledge in these themes, In fact I believe that we need more and more of these MOOC-like things such as this one in order to have a fully educated populace about the future.

    Moving on, I couldn’t agree more with @elenariganti that governments are too busy with their affairs for caring about technology and innovation, that is so sad. But if they don’t embrace a radical course correction, I think lots of problems will emerge soon for the states led by them. Unfortunately, being left behind is exactly what happened for example to our country, where just one politician stepped in Silicon Valley to have a look at what our brain-drain are doing in the cradle of innovation. I think one of the most innovative European countries to take the most inspiration from is France, especially since the last election, with Emmanuel Macron taking the lead. Thinking about amazing projects like Station F, the world’s largest startup incubator (34.000 square meters) in Paris, or the huge amount of money putted at disposal of innovation by public funds (10 bln € for startups from Bpifrance, the Frech Public Investment Bank) I sincerely believe that our government should take a leaf from this type of innovation strategy. Moreover, yesterday France has started to move some important steps in order to become an Artificial Intelligence hub, attracting talents, fostering public research and AI startups with the AI for Humanity plan. And with the help of amazing people like the extravagant Cedric Villani (go check this guy, it’s crazy), the genius dandy mathematician in charge of France’s AI development strategy, for sure it will make it. “Artificial intelligence is a technological, economic, social and obviously ethical revolution, this revolution won’t happen in 50 or 60 years, it’s happening right now. There are new opportunities and we can choose to follow some innovations or not.” – Emmanuel Macron, 29th March 2018.

    Coming back a little bit to the Dubai Municipality’s innovative mindset towards the future, yesterday right after our discussion, I’ve had the pleasure to read that the fleet of Tesla Model X taxis owned by the Dubai Taxi Company just completed 64,000 trips in 6 months, saving this way over 220.000 liters of fuel! Here’s another plan to take inspiration from, being able to be completely ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) free in cities starting from the public transportation it’s a really ambitious but required goal to pursue. In the future, with so many tech companies which are already building up their autonomous fleet, like Uber with Volvo or Waymo with Jaguar thanks to their recent agreement, and others, we could also apply more and more over the amazing technology of self-driving vehicles at the extremely boring taxi ecosystem, creating a completely new AI and environment-friendly concept of public mobility; obviously, with more than a few outplacement issues.

    In conclusion, I want to declare that like @oscar, I’m also really hopeful about the future no matter what. I’m inspired by it every day, and I do agree that we are in the best era ever. Like you @oscar said, the social elevator has never been so affordable to climb. People can build up empires from the ground up, the money is there if you need it. We have the power to enhance our world and truly change things if we want to. I do believe, like @l-stevanazzi, that we don’t have to fear tech, but we need to be aware of the human component in it.

    Finally, about the meet-up. Great idea @l-stevanazzi, I’ve just filled out the pool. Another idea to keep us in touch on this amazing conversation could be to create a FB group, maybe we can talk better about it when we meet!

    I can’t thank you more for this amazing experience, it has been a true privilege to discuss so many engaging themes with such talented and inspired people. Unfortunately, these constructive arguments don’t happen so often because not so many people are this open-minded and hopeful about the future. We need to spread the word of innovation and technology because I think it’s not something that you can like or not, it’s everywhere, it’s powerful and it affects our lives more than so many people can think.
    We are the next generation of leaders of our world, and we have the social responsibility to protect it and to push it into the wonderful future waiting for us.

    I just want to leave you with the final quote from one of my favorite books, The Great Gatsby, which truly represents how everyone one of us should believe in something and just work as hard as he can to reach it, with modesty and a neverending determination.

    Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one ne morning… So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”

    I wish you an awesome Easter, and thank you all again!

    Bye for now,
    Luca Baldessarini

    Daniel Romano

    Hi lads!

    @1.stevenazzi It’s a nice thing that you think about the relationship between humans and advanced technology. Having studied anthropology in the past I found a theological example of this topic in Bible, which is actually more a reasoning about men rathen then God if you can deeply read it (as a matter of fact I profess to be agnostic): the legend of the construction of Tower of Babel.

    In this story all Men on Earth spoke one same language and got really along; thanks to this they could start the construction of a marvellous City and a majestic Tower, and they were perfectly coordinated, and worked so well together. But soon the main reason why they spent all their time together was just to keep labouring, they did that all day and the work for the Tower took over and cancelled relationships between humans. Technology became the only thing that mattered. So God went down from heaven and divided nations and languages, to interrupt the hard work for the Tower (that represents technology of course) which became the only reason to live for, because He considered it insane.

    Nice “novel” 🙂 surely it gives something to really think about. Should we expect for a moment when technology will be so invasive that some kind of god will have to stop it!? To me it’s really easier to imagine the invention of philosopher’s stone rather than that, but the topic itself is hell important!

    @1.stevenazzi I responded to your link to find the best time to meet! Keep us posted about that 🙂 See you lads 😉


    Wow guys!

    Many interesting topics came out and i’m so happy cause normally it’s difficult to meet students at our age that are proactive and interested about those topics.

    Usually most of students just compain without doing anything -.-

    Anyway, @giuliasolis yes, would be sooo good to talk personally in San Francisco surrounded by skyscrapers, startups and lot of proactivity. Maybe some good collaboration will come among all of us 🙂

    thank you for your suggestion! the interaction between labor market and technology is really important because it affects a lot our society and the future of today’s students like us.

    I found our this report by McKinsey: https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Global%20Themes/Digital%20Disruption/Harnessing%20automation%20for%20a%20future%20that%20works/MGI-A-future-that-works-Executive-summary.ashx

    It’s about the scenarios of automation. Nowadays we have enought technology to automate a good percentage of work activities. The point is: if we automate everything that nowadays is possible, probably the society will collapse cause it’s a big change that we cannot absorb in so small time.

    For this reason many governments are doing a “plan” to introduce this changes in the economy step by step. However, even if it’s a step by step process, is still very fast for people! So, think that we should introduce at school and everywere many courses: society has to change his mindset!

    For example here in Italy we have this by ministero dello sviluppo economico: http://www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/index.php/it/industria40


    i agree with you that we could find a way to speak, we could create a whatsapp group and plan to meet!


    Happy easter to everyone!

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi Guys!

    Here we are!

    The eligibility for the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018

    For what concern the sponsorship from IBicocca, we have to wait until the end of the holidays!  We’ll let you know who won it asap!

    Have a nice Easter!


    Paolo Marenco

    Hi people , happy of this great success of Bicocca challenge this year!

    Hoping to have soon the sponsorship result from the University- Elena is following the topic- i invite you all to meet with me on April 18 at the end of  IBicocca  A3 cube event.

    I will arrive at 4,30 / 5  pm , just at the end, due to a contemporary meeting to the event, but I can stay with you up to 6 pm to answer to yr question and start yr trip organization matters. We meet in the event room than we move,  if not available…in case look for another place pls!

    see you on 18 !

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi guys!!

    I’m happy to announce that the 8 of you from Bicocca University – a part Baldessarini – will have a support up to 50% of the Svst inscription of 1500 euro fee, by IBicocca University project.

    The remaining cost has to be covered by you or sponsors that you find.
    Pls confirm here or via email that you WILL ATTEND the Svst, within May 1st, IBicocca must know how many of you will participate.

    Thank you 🙂

    Daniel Romano

    Hi Stefania and Paolo

    I confirm I will attend the SVST 2018. Thank you all 🙂

    Lorenzo Stevenazzi

    Hi everyone!

    I confirm I will attend the SVST 2018.

    Thank you for this awesome experience!


    Hi there,

    I confirm I will attend the SVST 2018.

    Thank you all so much for the amazing discussions we had here together!

    Luca Baldessarini


    Hi everyone,

    I confirm I will attend the SVST 2018.

    Sorry for my absence yesterday but I had a very important lesson.

    Fabio Vantaggiato

    Elena Riganti

    Hi everyone!

    Me too, I confirm I will attend the SVST 2018.

    Elena Riganti


    Hi guys!

    I confirm I will attend the Svst 2018.

    Thank you!


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