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  • Domenico Talento

    @andreaannalisa You have all my complete support about doing new classes, especially at the high school, who can learn how to handle a so powerful tool like internet. I also think that you have to be lucky to find teachers that can help you doing that. A lot of teachers hate technology and they prefer teaching you in the standard way used in 50′ of 20th century. I was lucky because I had a great english teacher who use american methods to explain us the subject. It was really stimulating use device like iPad and conference to learn! Through this ways, I opened my mind to technology and new ways to learn. I hope that the Italian state can support this way of learning because it’s completely awesome!

    Domenico Talento

    @carlozanotti The world of internet is growing faster than ever! If you just check it out the number of the new startup created every year is just awesome! There are about 300 millions of start up who rise up every year! It’s just something amazing! Everybody in the world can potentially make it better with a new idea, it could help you creating new services, saving money and just make your life easier and better, like the startup mentioned by @andreaannalisa that now are giants in the market place!

    Simone Pacitti

    Hi guys, I’m Simone Pacitti.

    I’m very glad to know all your ideas about Donald Trump’s election;

    I think that social network are important to win one election, if you are able to use these tools in a good way you increase a lot the possibility to win;

    But in a country like America I think that it’s not the point; Because the are some states in the Usa not developed like the the coast’s states; i’m talking about for example Texas, Minnesota, Montana and other states; in this States i’m not sure that  the most of people use very often social media…

    Trump won in the less developed states; in fact if you see the result the most developed countries (i’m talking about the coast’s states) with a good education gave their votes to Hilary;

    And in my opinion the behaviour of the Hollywood stars, had a negative influence on the American People; if you are a poor farmer, and in America there are a lot of people that live in this way and see the Hollywood Stars who earn billions of dollars who say “vote for Clinton”, in reaction  you logically vote for Trump; So when these people switch on their tv and see Donald Trump to say “we will give the power from Washington to people” and ” we will make America great Again”, and the “speeches against immigrant who steal American Job” logically their votes will go to Donald;

    In my opinion the key of this election was the “American patriotism”

    But i’m very curious to hear what do you think about in100;

    what do you think about this start up?

    Alberto Conte

    Hey guys, nice discussion.

    I’d like to tell my opinion about what you said.

    First of all, I also believe that we live in a world full of opportunities and constantly evolving and I would like to be part of it. Today’s world of entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups is what will be the world of work in the future. However, it has been shown that we, part of Y Generation, have greater difficulties to create the next “unicorn”, which seems to be back to being an fantastic animal. As you mentioned, from Facebook to Uber, these are all former start-ups that are no longer young than 2009: in fact, the unicorns boom was between the dot com bubble of the early 2000 up to about 2010. Now, exceptions aside as Slack (however created by the same creator of Flickr, so not a beginner) or Snapchat (created by people born in 90s as us), it is hard that there will be a lot of one billion companies as in the past, unless someone/something will revolutionize social/economic paradigms (faster than actual Big companies can try to replicate), so that there could be new opportunities. The problem in this regard is that companies such as Facebook, unlike older companies, have a speed of adaptation, observation/ imitation and evolution about what is happening around (especially in the start-ups universe), so that a start-up or a NTBF is often bought or imitated (in any case, the acquisition as exit is one of the best hypothesis that an investor – BAs/VCs or others – would like to see as an “ending” of a start-up lifecycle). What do you think? Will there be many other unicorns in the future? Or, as they say now, it’s the time of “rabbits” (i.e., a small company that, without much clamour, is creating “real” business, building interesting technology and working hard)?

    Second, regarding education, I completely agree with the ones who say that we need an education about this argument (Web and social networks). Absolutely. I believe that, seeing the increasingly early age in the use of internet, social networks and devices, an education about the right use of internet and social networks should be done well before high school, I dare to say even in primary school, as well as I believe that there are other arguments that should be introduced to kids (in order to have more aware and open-minded future citizens, with an open look towards innovation and future). For instance, it’s interesting that many people would like to introduce to very young kids the use of coding (https://www.ted.com/talks/mitch_resnick_let_s_teach_kids_to_code). I also think that such education on the use of internet and social media should be also made for our generation or our parents one, because its use tends to be often not completely healthy or it’s directed to the “wrong” way.

    Third, just a month ago I saw just a month ago the video with Simon Sinek and I found it absolutely beautiful. In fact, I commented “hit and sunk” because he described very effectively our generation (the Millenials) with its strengths and weaknesses, with our own faults and the faults derived from previous generations. For that reason, I’m reading some of his books ( “Start with why” and “Together is better”) that I highly recommend, whether you also want to enter in the business world or it’s a topic that you like. Moreover, if you want to see other interesting speeches, watch video of “Inside Quest” (from which it was taken the video with Simon Sinek) and the most famous “TEDx” videos, or with a regard to articles about Italian and international startups scene there is the famous StartupItalia website.

    Finally, taking up the main topic about Big Data, I think that the question of Trump is just the tip of the iceberg (who had been successful not only thanks to social media and the use of big data, but also to a mix of populism and way of speaking which is, as you well said, simple, strong and understandable by anyone). Aside from questions about the use of Big Data in order to influence the opinions of the masses, as I said previously, Big Data (with AI) can be used in many other fields, such as the industry one, giving us the foundation for a new revolution (that is still happening). What do you think? In what areas can Big Data and AI be applied? In my opinion, virtually anywhere and everywhere. And – as it always happened – many present professions will be only distant memories in the future. This is one more reason to re-invent ourselves, to create a job from scratch that is difficultly reproducible by AI.

    Ivan Lombardo

    Hi guys,
    I am Ivan Lombardo , I study economics at Upo.
    I’m happy to join the conversation, even if a bit late.
    My opinion about the use of social networks by the Trump staff is that were a crucial element to the victory.
    However I think that there a lot more element that lead Trump the final Victory.
    We can’t forgot that he wasn’t face a strong democratic leader as was Obama in 2008he was facing Hilary Clinton. Hilary Clinton was, in my opinion, one of the element that helped Trump during the final rush. Ms Clinton had a very bad reputation among Republicans, to name just something Benghazi.
    Analysts have discovered that Ms Clinton was strong inside the Democratic party but not so strong inside the large group of last-minute voters.

    Changing topic I really like the in100 idea. I already knew the site thanks to a youtuber. To be honest I was quite skeptical about the concept but since I had the opportunity to heard about it from the founder I became more confident and I ran to register to the website

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    Ivan Lombardo

    I’d like to add that in 2017 it’s impossible to keep our data safe, we’re in big brother were everything is tracked and checked not only by government but also by multinational company. We’re no longer offline and probably we will never be again

    Matteo Cagia

    Good morning Simone,

    I’m very interested in this start up. I’m always satisfied when the genius of Italian people ( especially young Italians) can finally emerge in our country, bringing an important contribution to our growth, also in terms of innovation… often, Italian students are forced to go elsewhere to realize their own ideas. But I’m optimistic, and this is an example of success.

    I think that the basic idea of in100 is interesting, combining the potential of the web with the basics of economy. Making purchases of large volumes allows a saving to the consumer and the seller, building a closer relationship between demand and supply. A perfect example of innovation.

    Now, I have a question too: Italians often are a valuable resource abroad, in all the world…why did it happen? Is it thanks to our school culture, to our elasticity or to something else?

    Simone Pacitti

    Good Morning Ivan, and welcome to this forum;

    I’m agree with you;

    At the end of the first conference I spoke with the in100’s founder , that tell me how much it was hard to find the loans to start his activity; And he tell me that this is one of the difference between Italy and Silicon Valley; In SV there are people ready to bet on you, here unfortunately is not like in USA…

    I think like you that is a good website but in this world is very difficult fight against big web sites like Amazon, E-bay even if they are very different, because in100 is a social web;

    In my opinion they should improve their web-site because is a bit complicated at the first time, maybe not for our generation but for people older (they can have some problems to use this website);

    However with a good marketing policy they can became quite big to have success; maybe at the beginning at local areas and then at national level;


    Domenico Talento

    Good morning everybody! Hope you enjoyed your friday night! Talking about the startup in100.it , I was a little bit sceptic about the transaction methods and the way to earn money by yourself. Then I did many research who make me reassured, I think that the philosophy behind the platform is absolutely ingenious, unity is strength, more you are, more you save and in a world where most of people watch the penny I believe that in100 will explode soon on the marketplace . I’ve already registered on the website and also I created a new group for the new AirPods, in case somebody on the group is interested.

    Ivan Lombardo

    Hi Matteo, thanks for this great food for thought. As Italian we have in our DNA the creativity and the mind set for realize our vision, despite the society. Until university the school system doesn’t teach and stimulate you to be an entrepreneur. I bring my personal experience, I studied as dental technician and for all the 5 year of school I had in the ears the word of my teacher: don’t do this job, there’s no job, this job is no longer profitable. For 5 year I was stimulated to not be and entrepreneur, to non create a business activity. My conclusion is that the people who are strong enough to go against this system and stand for their vision are the ones that will succeed in business. It’s not a coincidence that the value of our ideas is recognised abroad

    Simone Pacitti

    Good Morning Matteo,

    I’d like to answer to you question; i think that we (Italian People) have an important attribute: “problem solving”; It’s not a mystery that the most important germany firms come to Italy to find the best engineers, not because the german universities are bad but because, we have this attribute in the blood;

    Of course, also the education is important, but in my opinion our universities are good enough to compete with all the Universities of the world;

    Unfortunately a large number of brilliant brains of our country have to go abroad to find good opportunities of job… and that’s a shame!

    Domenico Talento

    @simone Maybe you are right, in100 can’t compare with a giant like Amazon.com but do not forget that Amazon was a little startup too. If you check the net profit of the company you can see that from creation in 1994 they have to wait 8 years to get the first net profit. So finger crossed for in100.it , never is impossible if you believe in it!

    Martina Valentini

    <span class=”handle-sign”>Hi @</span>albertoconte I’ve red your opinion about what we can call the “Trump Question” and I think that you’re absolutely right about the fact the this situation is just just the tip of a giant iceberg, that we aren’t able to see yet.

    In particular, I would like to draw your attention on a practice that is not only extremely dangerous and kind of a sniky one, but which is also evolving extremely fast nowadays: “The Spin Doctors  phenomenon”.

    Thanks to some researches that I’e performed few years ago in fact, I’ve discovered that an incredible amount of recent presidential elections where orchestrated by a group of advertising experts, that used captivating claims and slogans such as ” make America great again” or “Yes we can”, known with the name of: “spin doctors”.

    Those people are not just simple advertisers, they are also powerful communicators and social medias experts.

    The majority of the Obama’s election campaign was conducted by those guys, that hide in the shadows and manipulate our perception of the reality, what do you think about them? I believe that they could really turn the tide of nowadays societies if they want!

    Simone Pacitti

    Good Morning Domenico,

    you have right;

    in fact at the end of my comment i wrote that it can develop, and i am agree with you if you believe in your dreams you can reach your goals!

    Carlo Zanotti

    Good morning everybody!

    The seriousness of information is a problematic topic. Facebook had an algorithm that put your post on the top (whetever in the information: real or unreal).

    Simon Sinek. He is one of the most famous anthropologist of U.S.A., and the video that @andreannalisa share is about the “Golden Circle”. The way for companies like Apple for have success  is WHY, and is the different between companies. If you believe in your idea and you can inspire with passion other people they will follow you and you can make the different. An example by Simon Sinek: 70% of microsoft presentation is how to beat Apple, while 100% of Apple presentation is how to learn student and built school.

    Video in the link below point n°5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJxQ2kUGJkA&t=333s


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