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  • Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi Guys!

    I cannot wait to read your feelings about the meeting with Manuel!! I am really curious!!

    Unfortunately this was the last meeting!

    So if you want to finalize your application in order to have the chance to be part of the SVST 2018, you have to send me your CV within Sunday 2 Dec at 12.00!

    This is my email: stefania.tibiletti@studenti.unitn.it  moreover you have to put in cc Paolo Marenco: marencopaolo@gmail.com

    I will consider as part of your evaluation all the comments until sunday, after that you are free to use the forum to continue to share what you want!

    In addition if you have questions about San Francisco, the tour or do you need any kind of information, I am here and do not hesitate to contact me! 🙂

    Your CV must be in 1 page format, here you can find a template that may help you

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Sorry Guys, I have made a mistake Sunday 3 December at 12!

    Claudio De Santis

    Good evening, Guys!!

    @stefaniatibiletti Amazing, it was really incredible the meeting today, listening to Manuel was really very much formative and exciting. His way of speaking, always smiling and helpful for all questions; his desire to share his experience and his life, I was very impressed from everything. Manuel told us how he arrived to work in LinkedIn, his journey started in Sardinia and then went to the Institute Adriano Olivetti and later in Scotland, Amsterdam, working with Cisco and after finally in Silicon Valley, which he also told us he did not expect to get to work there.

    What he has left us is definitely a motivation, the desire to be “hungry” every day and the will to go outside and take what we think to deserve, set goals and reach them and that we must have the continous will to living, learning and exploring. We are the emotion that transfer to other people, we must promote our brand, we have to give a great perception of us to others, socialize (social intelligence) to be good at working together, as Manuel said that he learned to work in a group, in University he had study always alone, but now in his job, he can’t do less to relate to others. They get breakfast together, eat together, play billiards together (during our meeting he showed us the LinkedIn’s recreational places), because all this relationship creates “Connection Opportunities” and the connections create ideas and the ideas can become useful to first improve themselves as a person and, after, to achieve business goals, that’s why companies like LinkedIn have begun to promote welfare within work areas, to exploit the sharing of ideas, and as we talked about Last night, a motivated and happy worker will have confidence in the company and will help her with his ideas.

    One of the parts that impressed me was when he spoke of “giving without obligation to receive”, give in to share, because if you share your knowledge, your motivation, your information, something positive will sooner or later come back to you, “who sows collects”, “without the others we not going forward, you can not remain closed within your limits, you have to open your mind, have FLEXIBLE THOUGHTS” Manuel said. He has also talked about one of the topic that we have discussed many times on this forum, that of “The Importance of Failure” in the Silicon Valley’s mentality, failure means to have the desire to create something new, to fail because he dare to try, he “Risks Intelligently “, through what he has studied or lived, to try to follow a new path that no one had gone through. All this has made us understand that it is seen, by companies, as something positive, that means you have the urge and motivation to innovate and that if you are wrong, you will understand your mistake and grow up as a person.

    I have to tell the truth, I was very excited after this event, I motivated me to give the best possible in every field, to stand up in the morning with the motivation to always keep goals that I impose me, gave me the urge to learn, to know and to improve my self.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

    I hope to hear your sensations Guys. Good evening!!

    Claudio De Santis

    Maddalena Baraggia

    Hi everybody!

    Yesterday it was another great chance to get involved in Silicon Valley, in fact we had a videoconference directly from LinkedIn offices.

    Manuel Cherchi fascinated us with his enthusiasm and told us a tipical day in Silicon Valley.

    He told us a way of working completely different from Italian style: in fact here we stay at work just for 8 hours a day, instead in Silicon Valley great part of workers wakes up at 5 am and goes to the gym together, then have breakfast together and finally they goes to the offices.

    In great enterprise there’s everything: from the gym to biliard, so you can do everything with your colleagues, in this way you can meet new people everyday and create friendship or productive links for working in different fields.

    I also like Manuel when says that he reads a book a week, I also love reading, even English books, and I totally agree with him when says that he’s curious and wants to learn something new everyday.

    I really appreciate his vision.

    And you guys? What do you think upon him?

    Sara Biscuola

    Hi Guys!!

    You were right, @stefaniatibiletti: Manuel Cherchi is just a force of nature, he has a fantastic and inexhaustible energy and he has a contagious smile. Meeting him gave me a lot of vitality and happiness! It was really interesting to hear his experiences and to understand how he moved from Sardinia to Silicon Valley!

    Yesterday, we talked about different topics: how to take care of your own reputation and how to manage your Linkedin profile, keeping it up to date with experiences, passions and principles, creating something unique and appealing that expresses the best we are.

    He talked about references, expressing the concept in a very different way from the one we have here in Italy: in fact, in the USA, a person can easily suggest your name and say to others that you are very good, but then it is important to get acquainted and even more to have your tested skills confirmed. In addition, from the recommendation is also strongly related to the image of the one who made it, as the description of skills and competences must match the truth. Additionally, the reference serves as a first filter, even if you have to show a little backbone. According to Manuel, it is of crucial importance also to understand what needs are within an enterprise and what people want from us: before receiving, it is necessary to give. He also gave us some valuable advices about how to deal with job interviews, regardless of who we are talking with: during those talks, HR makes so many personality-related questions as American companies want to understand the most overwhelming aspects of our character and certainly do not want people who take it personally. This thing is widespread.

    Another topic that fascinated me a lot was the topic of connection. It is important the role of work networking for a professional career, and in fact we have to cure relationships. For example, breakfast – explained Manuel – is a time when it is possible to create excellent connections. He does not waste time just thinking about what he needs to prepare for eating, but he also thinks about creating connections with people from different departments.

    Talking about Linkedin, having confirmed about what I read on the StudentsSentiment’s blog, I was surprised by the treatment for employees: besides basic benefits such as private healthcare and retirement paid by the company, there is not a canteen but there are restaurants with high quality dishes, it is possible to receive massages, there is a gym, there are bikes, you can order a hairdresser directly in the workplace, and so on. Moreover, there are so many initiatives and parties and they create events in order to connect people working in different departments.

    We have talked, as we have talked about some time ago on the forum, about failure. There is a culture based on the promotion of error: you do not have to be afraid of mistakes. If you are not doing wrong, it means you are not going beyond the limits. If you fail, you are not fired, indeed the non-error is seen badly. Different is the mistake that is made because of the little care and importance to the work that you are doing. The real failure, he told us, is when you’ve decided to stop; different is when you try and you fail, as this is considered an opportunity.

    Finally, during the end of the meeting, he recommended us the following books to read that I share with all of you: Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Growth Rich”, Stephen Covey “Seven Effective Habits”, Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People”.

    It was a beautiful meeting and Manuel is surely an example to follow. Personally, I realized that it doesn’t matter to be wrong but it is mostly important the energy you are putting into what you are doing, the passion and the will make a difference. Sooner or later, something good will happen or someone will notice what you are doing. Limits are just mental, instead the will can make a true difference in life.




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    Andrea Re

    Hi guys!


    Yesterday’s meeting was very motivational. Manuel has a powerful positive energy that he continually communicated to us during the video call. He shared with us his business journey that brought him around different cities around Europe and finally to Silicon Valley.

    I was particularly impressed about two aspects of his journey. The first one is that thanks to a single friend he had the opportunity to work abroad and then again thanks to other friends that recommended him (not in the Italian way) he had the opportunity to move and change job more times. This led me think about the importance (in working and personal life) of connect to others to create a network and at the same time developing a personal brand. The second one is that he has never stopped to learn and he has been continually looking for something new to learn every day, spending his “free time” reading and exploring new fields to enhance his knowledge.

    Although he gave us a wise advice that is that knowledge means nothing if it is not transformed in expertise. That means that study has a key role, but the end of the journey should be applying the knowledge that you have acquired.

    Yesterday’s meeting left me the motivation to continue fighting to achieve my goals and to never stop learning. Manuel has the ability to positively change the way of thinking of the people he met, he should spread more his journey to motivate people, maybe giving a TED talk 😉

    Thanks again guys for the opportunity to share with you another meeting and have a nice day!

    Roberto Rota

    Hi guys !!
    As @stefania says, unfortunately this is the last meeting…. I say unfortunately because I loved this meeting.
    Manuel Cherchi is a very interesting man, a man full of positive energy. He was able to build his reputation through hard work in various working fields. Yesterday he shared with us his work experiences, which brought him from Sardinia to Silicon Valley, he also told us he didn’t expect to get to work in the USA.
    This teaches us that getting into the game is very important, just getting in the game can reach extraordinary goals.
    Manuel repeated this phrase several times : “clarity is power”, only the clarity of our goals can allow us to do great things…. We must never follow the mass, sacrifices always pay back, sooner or later!! He stressed the importance of selecting people, people who motivate us, not negative people without any project.
    As @sara says, we have talked about failure. We don’t have to be afraid of mistakes, we must try and try again as long as we are able to achieve that goal! We need to apply our knowledge to the job, because if you never apply it, you lose it.
    We have to use our free time to improve ourselves, investing on ourselves, forming ourselves.
    Is very important, as Manuel said, to “finish what you start” we must never leave unfinished projects, we must always be determined in what we do.
    Nowadays, the key is to develop adaptation skills, always explore something different. In fact, when Manuel was hired in LinkedIn, he must work in the sales field, with no previous experience in this specific field, but his ability to work in teams allowed him to be able to do that job.
    I really admire his courage, the courage of his radical life’s choices.
    I agree with @andrea when I say that Manuel has the ability to positively change the way of thinking of the people he met.
    In my life I want to be inspired by people like Manuel, or as Giorgio in the last meeting, people with a constant desire to make and to gain success. These people are an example for all of students.
    So I will surely read all these motivational books recommended by Manuel, thanks @sara for the titles!
    We have to point to the top, because we, young people, have the chances to chase our dreams.
    I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the forum, and regardless how it will end, it was a super experience!
    Thanks again guys, have a nice day !! 😉

    Marco Morello


    Yesterday we had a videoconference with Manuel Cerchi.

    What surprise me more was the volubility and the enthusiastic personality. He explained the importance to create more relationship that you can do. Every single contact can make the difference. In fact the right mood is being attractive, unique and opened to others. Affascinate people he said. Let people know your ideals, passions, hobbies and everything that concerned on your personality. As a big company do, creating an own image that others can identify oneself and then they will trust you.

    As Sara already explained big firms tend to offer benefits to their employers. Moreover these places are built inside the establishment and they have an open space structure, so colleagues can share different moments together as the result to get new ideas.

    Good point Andrea! Learning is everything. The last thing we have recently learnt is essential to our job. That oblige us to refreshing everyday.

    Good evening everyone!

    Dalila Sina

    Good evening guys!!

    I was really impressed by the meeting with Manuel. As some guys, that went in SV last year, had anticipated to us in previous meetings is really a special person. He transmits positivity, his desire to live and his smile is very contagious.

    During the meeting he told us about his work experience, he was really surprising. He made us understand how a boy at first experiences can create a glittering career. Certainly there have been many sacrifices, but he has done it.

    The things that hit me most were the concept of networking and the concept of recommendation.

    Networking is understood as a network of knowledge, the more people you know, the more you have the chance to “take advantage” of this knowledge tomorrow for a job. Knowledge does not necessarily need deep knowledge, it may also be superficial, just have a person have a good opinion of you and is willing to make a recommendation for you. The recommendation is heard as a reference, so in the positive sense of the term. It will be a positive reference, a promotion of your abilities by the person. So the concept of network and references are closely linked.

    Manuel, furthermore, confirmed what we had already analyzed the vision of failure in America. True failure is to predetermine always reachable goals, because it means you do not try to overcome your limits.

    As regard to the theme of welfare we have faced in the last few days, LinkedIn is absolutely innovative. It provides healthcare to its employees, provides pension funds, a workplace gym, and great restaurants to ensure a healthy, indispensable lifestyle for its employees.

    Finally, I agree with @andrea-re, Manuel should attend a TED event!!!!!!!



    Federica Nastri

    Hi guys!

    Yesterday the meeting was incredible because we had the opportunity to listen and confront us with Manuel Cherchi that works for LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is a social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps; Manuel Cherchi said that this service is fundamental to create our image,tell who you are,what are you doing and it serves to give us a place to meet people who might be interested in all this.

    Manuel Cherchi is a person who transmits positive energy and he is the demonstration how tenacity,hard work and to have clear goals are the key to success.In Silicon Valley is essential a good teamwork and that’s why Manuel repeat the phrase “it is important to give”;this has impressed  me so much,because it means that there is no rivalry between colleagues,but only a healthy competition to get to occupy ever higher levels,without forgetting the aid received.

    Another important point in the meeting was the importance of not to be afraid to go wrong,so daring is a chance to show our quality and to improve our skills.In this encounter I understand the importance of to ability to explore,be curious and not give up in the face of difficulties;finally we must give meaning to our lives to “think and grow rich”.

    Tommaso Moraca

    Hi guys!!

    How are you?

    I think yesterday meeting was amazing, Manuel is a fantastic and exiting person, even if he was far away from us, I could feel his energy. He motivated me a lot and his words struck me . His lifetime experience is a mixture of courage, determination, positivity, right attitude and continuous learning. The first thing that touched me, was the experience he had had in Scotland without any English skills and how he faced this situation, with the ‘hungry’ he spoke about. The second aspect that got my attention was the importance of connection and creation of our ‘brand ‘(reputation), every step he made, was possible cause of person who he knew at work, that appreciate and stimate him as valuable person deserving a referral. The third topic I would like to mention is the idea of ‘be a giver, give without expecting nothing’, that’s probably (what) had made the difference for Manuel, his energy and his mentality helped him to enjoy his life. The fourth aspects instead regarded LinkedIn: its business policy is incredible, how it involved employees with a transparent management but also with the creations of events which help the connection of people, even the welfare is thought to stimulate and communication (the example of how are important breakfast and lunch is incredibile), in necessary to every workers to perform at its best only knowing his colleagues history, objectives. It’s intresting hearing the ‘risk’s culture’ in LinkedIn, it’s amazing how it push their employees to their limits, punishing them if the don’t, the failure, if depends to circumstances, is not a problems but it’s a sign that you are pushing yourself and you have ‘balls’ 😬

    The lesson I’ve brought at home are the importance of continuous learning and self improvement, the idea of working on my brand and reputations but also this sentences ‘don’t be shy, if you want to change, change you first’.

    I completely agree with all of you when you say that he could attend a TedTalk!! I think I could be a great mentor or a life coach!!

    Good Evening Guys!

    Claudio De Santis

    Good Morning!!

    From what you have written I realized that Manuel sent everyone the same feeling, Manuel has really stimulated us and motivated us to believe in our abilities and set goals and do everything we can to reach them. He has given us the umpteenth proof that we must have the desire to continue discovering and learning every day, to always find out how to improve one’s life and if we get bored (like Manuel in Scotland) need to change, find new stimuli but always must stay in the lead the final goal that each of us has set ourselves.

    And then smile 🙂 , live life with positivity, because the life is one and only, we have to enjoy it at best, experiencing new experiences, discovering places or listening to new ideas, not being closed in our limits but having the constant desire to learn. I follow the idea of @andrea-re, @dalilasina and @tommaso-moraca, Manuel should do a TED talk about work or motivation, many need to learn from his strength and how to communicate it. I also joined him with LinkedIn and I will follow his advice to have a good conviction of myself and spread it to others as well.

    What do you think about it?
    How much important the conviction of ourself in a teamwork?
    How much important to be ready to defend own ideas and to do understand to others that our idea is the right idea?

    Good Day, Guys!!

    Claudio De Santis

    andrea turcato

    Good afternoon everybody

    Sorry for my absence, but i was working about some projects….

    The last meeting was useful and interesting! we could to interact with manuel, a young boy, that one year ago he transfered in silicon valley, precisely in linkedin.

    He talked about his long story that bring him there! He started in Scotland like a call center member in IBM. After that he trasfered to Lisbona in Cisco because he was bored about scotland’s weather! He was helped by an associate member that he never met! Manuel didn’t stop it, so with another guy, he could to go to Linkedin!

    His secret was just to be a hard worker and connected to a lot of people to reach his succesful! He told us that is very important to have a good reputation, brand…. the society must have a good imagine of you!

    He showed us all benefits about his new job; in fact he has a free 24hour gym, meals, 2000 dollars for personal fitness, a free linkedin bike to move, a free private health care, a double pension and so on….

    He wokrs there like Ceo operations… he is occupied for sales projects to rise the productivity of workers altough he never worked in this area!

    i forget to say that he doesn’ t speak a fluent english… but he works in Linkedin

    What do u think about him?  He was just lucky or he s a genius?


    Roberto Rota

    Hi guys!
    I have an important question for you !!!
    Will someone come to the “aperinnovativo”, in ‘Fondazione Novara Sviluppo’ on this Monday ?
    It will be a great opportunity to speak directly with entrepreneurs like Giorgio Barbaglia, and also an occasion to meet new interesting people.
    I wanna go. If someone else is interested would be great!
    More we are, better it is 😊
    Roberto Rota.

    Rodolfo Rango

    Hi @stefaniatibiletti !
    Manuel is incredible, an enthusiastic and passionate person! He really managed to convey his passion and enthusiasm during the meeting, telling his story and making very useful recommendations.

    I was impressed by the path that led him to Silicon Valley! After graduating in Sardinia he travelled all over the world, working in many countries and accepting many different jobs, until landing at LinkedIn. I learned from this that it’s very important to go over our “comfort zone”, accepting new challenges and having international experiences that allow you to learn a language and establish a connection with people of a different culture.

    And also Connection is something very important, since it enabled Manuel to switch from one job to another. The network a person builds remains a constant point of reference during their life, with the result that they often have people to rely on when changing job or country. I was also impressed by the way LinkedIn is trying to connect professionals. Thanks to LinkedIn, explained Manuel, a person can contact another person that covers a higher position or lives in another country to ask for information! I really like the idea of LinkedIn to connect people and its efforts to implement this project trying to connect every single person in the world.

    Finally I want to talk about the approach to failure in Silicon Valley. Manuel has confirmed that if you never make any mistake you’re not considered positively because it means that you have not dared enough, you have not tried to go over your limits. This is the spirit of the Silicon Valley, what really made this land great and famous all over the world. As Manuel said, nobody cares if you’re Italian, if you graduated in a specific subject or another, what really is important is the person you are and your commitment and passion in doing the job. I think in Italy we should learn from this way of thinking if we want to grow.

    Rodolfo Rango

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