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  • Stefania Tibiletti

    Nice debate guys!

    Thank you Dalila for your article, it’s really interesting because tells you something.

    “I can be tricked by anyone who looks like Mark Zuckerberg,” Paul Graham, co-founder of the seed investor Y Combinator.

    What does it mean? It means that if you have an idea and you look like something that is powerful.. well you will recieve money if your idea is not so good,

    have a look at Juicero case, they recieved 120$m from investors, but can you suggest us what was wrong with their product?


    On the other hand I would like to share to you this article about venture capitalist:


    What do you think about the desire to change the mindset of the Silicon Valley ? Moreover do you know who are the venture capitalists and why they are so important in the Silicon Valley?

    Dalila Sina

    Hi @andrea-re.

    I would like to tell you my opinion about Adriano Olivetti. Olivetti was certainly a pioneer in his sector, since he invented an innovative strategy and products and, thanks to this, he revolutionized the concept of writing.

    An important point of his vision was the assistance provided to employees. Maternity and child care, health care, social assistance, cultural services were the focus of his company’s policy. His enterprise strategy was very easy to apply and understand, it was based on two fundamental factor: attracting educated and prepared people before, designing and implementing an appropriate cultural training for the human capital of the company after. This way of thinking was extremely innovative for that age.

    As we could infer, his policy was very similar to the actual SV policy, and it is an extraordinary results for that time. In my opinion, many other new firm should apply this type of assistance and strategy, in this way I think that they will have a successful activity.

    Later, I will read also @stefaniatibiletti ’s article and let you know my point of view about that.

    This is my opinion, waiting for hearing from you soon.


    Karim Biz

    Hi everybody!

    My name’s Karim, i’m 21, i’m italian and I study Business Economy in Novara.

    Previously I studied computer engineering in Torino but I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology which led me to the passion for marketing. While i’m not studying I work as the co-chair of a company which has really improved my social skills and keeps me looking forward to other growth opportunities.

    Talking about Stefania’s reply:

    1) I think that in Italy we do have all those options but we use some of them in the wrong way, for example the italian state’s plan of investment capital, as a consequence of the crysis, is more concerned in saving money for the maintenance of the current pillar companies rather than investing in newer ones, this is one of the main reasons why young italians prefer to look abroad.

    2) Adriano Olivetti had a great idea about the organisation of different working classes, he tried to make a “unique big working class” removing the social inequalities, but the ambition, desire and aim of the heads of companies is to maximize the profit which can’t coexist with the idea of equity, because equity implies sharing, sharing implies using resources and the resources have to be paid.


    In conclusion I think I understood the meaning of your third question, Stefania, and I also think that the reason of this social tendency can simply be deduced by watching our families: every parent tries to motivate their children to become a doctor, a business man, an engineer, an actor or any other type of well-paid worker, this causes the slow disappearance of the so called “minor jobs” and the overcrowding of the rest, in fact in Italy we’re currently suffering the lack of farmers and especially the lack of agricultural lands which are getting destroyed to spot more industrial buildings.

    So in my opinion the diversity that you’re talking about really matters and I think it will become one of the most relevant problems in the coming decades.

    Federica Nastri

    Hello everybody, my name is Federica Nastri and i’m attending the second year of “promotion and managment of tourism” at UNIUPO university.

    I’m a girl who in appearance is shy, but in reality i’m determined, ambitious and I like daydreaming.

    I want to start by saying that the presentation of the guys has struck me so much, in particular this sentence “be brave”. What it means to be brave nowadays? I think that this experience in Silicon Valley can help me to understand it and to finally prove what is worth.
    A few years ago I hesitated to leave Italy to go abroad, but now I am ready for new perspectives; perspectives that I hope will help me for personal growth.

    About the first article I consider that the slogan “embracing diversity” it must not only be used for job but it must become an integral part of our everyday life. For example an entrepreneur who can embrace the idea of diversity would mean having a team of employees with different experiences. Everybody can be get in touch with other realities and the way to do this it is the use of social network as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

    I also read the other articles and I think that in Italy we have a way of “making culture” that is not innovative and it is why many students prefer to undertake a career abroad.

    It should be that Italy opens its horizons because, despite the means like valid universities, does not give confidence to young people.
    Despite this in Italy we have had bright brilliant minds as mentioned Olivetti, but i would like to share with you other examples of italian companies that were not afraid to dare. Some examples of success are: Luxottica that has innovated materials and design for glasses; with Eataly Oscar Farinetti has innovated the distribution in the food industry and also Alessi has renewed the design of kitchen utensils.

    So we can continue to admire the Californian model and i’m in favor to change the mindset of Silicon Valley because today to work means to adapt to change.

    In conclusion I want to say that the venture capitalist is so important in the Silicon Valley because there is the need for courage to invest in innovation in order to improve the world and to have certainty for a prosperous future.

    Federica Nastri.

    Sara Biscuola

    Good evening guys!!

    thank you very much and welcome to the blog!!

    I would like to tell you my opinion about Juicero. I think that the Juicero’s machine doesn’t serve to anything. The fruit bags sold by the company could be in fact be squeezed even using only the hands and the product is very expensive!!

    Juicero’s strong point was the fruit bags, after the sale the customers were bound to continue purchasing other products. For this reason, Juicero had received $ 120 million of funding. But after the release of Bloomberg’s video showing the ineffectiveness of squeezing, things started to go very badly, Juicero is shutting down!

    Moreover they have received $120 of funding, I would call it however successful!!

    This is my opinion. What do you think about that?


    Federica Nastri

    Good evening everybody,

    i’m agree with you on the fact that Juicero’s machine doesn’t serve to anything and I also read various articles that criticized this innovation,in particular because it is too expensive.

    Unfortunately nowadays it is not easy to create a successful startup and that’s why many innovations fail in a short time,but it is not impossible.An old proverbs says “you learn from your mistakes”,so my advice is to never give up and even though the road of innovation is complicated we must to carry on our projects.

    Is there anyone who has ideas for new startup that could work both in Italy and abroad?

    I’m waiting for your ideas,Federica.




    Dalila Sina

    Hi everybody,

    Thank you Stefania to read my article.

    About your first question, I think there’s a different concept to finance a project in America. Americans have the culture of failure. It means that, if you have a powerful idea you certain found someone who will give you some money to achieve it. It is not important whether you will fail or not, the important thing is that you tray.

    But now talk we about your second question. My opinion on this subject is that it is very important that SV change its mindset because it is capitalist mindset and it based on earnings without thinking of any negative consequences this could bring. I am sure that SV should invest more in projects that have social utility such as environmental protection. In my opinion, capitalist ventures should fund these socially useful projects at the expense of those only based on technology and profits.

    This is my opinion, waiting for hearing from you soon.


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    Roberto Rota

    Hi guys!!
    Yesterday I introduced myself and today I want to speak about an important theme……The diversity.
    In my opinion it plays a key role in our lives. Sometimes we need the be different, other times we are scared by different things.
    Diversity is precious, diversity is opportunity, diversity is the essence of life. For this reason we need to get in touch with different cultures.
    Anyone criticizes a person for her diversity is a stupid man, because diversity could be a possibility of knowledge. Social integration and people’s diversification increase the growth of a society.
    We must open our mind. We have to learn from different people, because modern society is ever in motion, is a sort of “ Panta Rei” .
    Education help to be different.
    Lastly I would recommend you to watch a fantastic movie based on diversity, “AMERICAN HISTORY X”.
    After this film I completely open my mind about this important topic…you have to see this!!
    I hope to hear from you soon, and if you love it too reply to my post !!


    Dalila Sina

    Good evening Roberto,

    I think diversity is a very current subject. There are different types of diversity: gender, ethnicity, idiology, etc. I think that the film you have proposed is a very beautiful film and regard in particular the theme of racism, which is a particular kind of diversity. The thing that is fundamental for me on this topic is the acceptance and respect of diversity.

    I want to share with you my experience, I volunteered in an association of disabled children and what they most wanted was the acceptance of their condition without fear.

    I propose another movie on the theme of diversity, “Quasi amici”. I think it is an amazing film.


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    Sara Biscuola

    Hi everybody!

    I agree with you @dalilasina!!!

    On the issue of changing the mindset of the Silicon Valley, I think that the companies must work in balance with respect to the following three dimensions: economic, social, and environmental and be aware of their existing connections, a decision on one of these areas necessarily impacts on the other two.

    I agree with this change, but not just in Silicon Valley, all over the world!

    Sustainability implies for societies the adoption of an approach that combines economic efficiency, environmental protection and consideration of the social relations of their business.

    In my opinion environmental sustainability today, can be used as a competitive advantage for the companies, and are related to business performace.

    Various aspects are leading to growing interest in this topic, linked to the need to increase product quality and reduce the costs of producing, improving image and reputation in the eyes of consumers, increasingly sensitive to environment and, finally, new market opportunities.

    I would recommend you watching this documentary: THE TRUE COST. It’s a documentary that shows the impact of fashion industries on the world.

    What do you think?

    I hope to hear from you soon!



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    Sara Biscuola

    @robertorota i think that the problem of racism in the world today is closely linked to the increase in discrimination due to migratory flows and intolerance towards religious and sexual minorities. European societies are also crossed by serious racist and xenophobic tendencies towards migrants, gipsy people and homosexuals.

    Racists are xenophobic people, who etymologically mean “those who are afraid of the others.” Racists are frightened people, unable to adapt to a changing reality, and fearful of seeing their cultural identity disappear, fear changes in anger and rage leads to violence. Racists are people of strong mental stiffness, unable to live together with those who have different traditions or lifestyles than their own, they are people who prefer dogma and clash instead of reasoning and dialogue.

    Darwin teaches, impurity, contamination, blending are the only source of life and survival of the species. Similarly, each culture is the fruit of the immense crossroads and fusion between different cultures.

    In my opinion it’s not possible have a closed mindset!

    Very interesting topic that instead of disability @dalilasina!

    I think that the film you have proposed is wonderful, with a high sensitivity, offers more reading keys!!



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    Andrea Re

    @sara great consideration about the moral topic!

    Companies are learning that to survive in the market in the future they need to increase their CSR. Customers care more and more about sustainability and social issues; so companies adapt themselves to this trend as you said “to improving image and reputation in the eyes of consumers”. But these choices “imposed” by the market are based only on profit. Companies makes decisions based on what the customer wants rather than what the company wants.

    A great example is what happened with the palm oil in the Italian market. Medias and customers put pressure on companies to stop using this type of oil and at the end they stopped using it only because they had to. Unfortunately, no one of them, especially big companies, stopped using it because they care about environmental issues but because the customers asked for that.

    What I want to say is that at the end almost every company makes decisions based on how much they could gain in the future rather than how they can help the world to be a better place in the future.

    Do you know guys any companies that have a purpose of making a positive impact on the world rather than looking for the profit?

    The best example that I have is Tesla Motors and especially the man who run it: Elon Musk. I think he’s impacting in a positive way not only the transport sector but different sectors of the market with his others companies.

    Dalila Sina

    Good morning guys!!!

    Great consideration about echo-sustainability @Andrea-re !!!

    I have another grate example of sustainable eco-company. When you have said echo-sustainable, I have immediately thought about Ikea. Ikea is famous because its products are made for big part with recycled material. Also its packings are totally recyclable and they allow to make a good diversified harvest.

    Unfortunately not a lot of enterprises are prepared to invest in this theme because be echo represents a cost and sometimes you could delay your profits.

    Hearing from you soon!!!!!


    Sara Biscuola

    Hi guys! Good Morning! How are you? Now I’m in university, as most of you!

    Undoubtedly, sustainability is a topic that never ends up providing important reflections in the commercial, industrial and other fields.

    In recent years, in fact, there is a real need for the consumer to contribute to respect for the environment in almost every area of everyday life. From food to transport, the desire to live more sustainably.

    According to Corporate Knights one of the world’s leading sustainability and sustainable business magazines, draw up a ranking of the most eco-sustainable businesses, such as Siemens, Storebrand, Cisco Systems Inc, Danske Bank e Ing Group.

    I agree with you @andrea-re. Companies are obliged to innovate or increase the quality of their products because consumers bear down on.

    In my opinion moral motivation to be eco-sustainability should start from the companies.

    Do you have heard about a circular economy? This topic is particularly interesting to me.

    What do you think?

    I hope to hear from you soon!!


    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hey Guys!  Nice to see that you work also during the night and amazing debate!

    I really appreciate how you move from one topic to another making connections, good job!

    I would like to conclude the topic of diversity with this article that is also connected with my provocation.. how diversity also have an impact on the city environment



    And now I would like to change topic to one more close to the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley

    have a look at this article https://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21721656-data-economy-demands-new-approach-antitrust-rules-worlds-most-valuable-resource

    What do you know about Big Data? What Big Data really means? And why nowadays data are so crucial for firms?

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