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  • Claudio De Santis

    Good morning guys!!

    completely agree with you. Unfortunately it is a mental step that our country will have to do and we young people should be good and help our country to do it!!

    I also join the thanks for this forum and for this wonderful opportunity, who will have the possibility to continue to deepen what we discussed and talked about on this forum.

    I thank @stefaniatibiletti who guided us on this forum, Prof. Candiotto and Fabrizio Esposito who presented us with this wonderful opportunity and and everyone guided us to discover a new way of thinking and seeing the world. A huge thank you to all the speakers of the meetings we have done, because they told us their experiences and their life, leaving us a strong message, that we not to be afraid, but motivation and confidence in our strengths and our ideas, for change and improve like person.

    And finally, I am very happy to have met people like You, as Dalila said, many times we have been on this forum discussing and doing some brainstorming on our ideas for the future and this was very educational and electrifying.

    Thank you very much!!!

    P.S. Stefania said that in any case this forum could be used even after today, we could keep on hearing each other to exchange ideas and opinions, as we have always done. 🙂

    Claudio De Santis

    Sara Biscuola

    Good morning Guys!!!

    These two months have been really intense and interesting! I understood that if you want something so much, you ca do it, pursuing your goals without never giving up!

    I receive an other Manuel’s advice I want to share with you: “I hope I motivated you to believe in yourself even if around you nobody believes in you, to stay curious even when others are telling you are wasting your time and especially to do difficult things in life in order to achieve what others believed impossible to do until they met you”.

    I thank Paolo Marenco, Roberto Candiotto, @stefaniatibiletti and Fabrizio Esposito for this wonderful opportunity, and you guys for having spent these months sharing ideas, thoughts, articles with so much energy and enthusiasm!!

    I hope we could continue doing it!

    Happy to have met you all!


    Claudio De Santis

    I was sure I wrote it but then I realized I didn’t do it, a big thank you also to who offer all of us this fantastic opportunity and, for sure, He had follow the evolution of our discuss on the forum.

    THANKS A LOT @paolomarenco!!

    Claudio De Santis

    Roberto Rota

    Hi guys !
    I want to thank all of you, you’re all interesting people. A special thanks to the people who made this project possible, regardless of how it will end, Paolo Marenco, Roberto Candiotto, Fabrizio Esposito and all the speakers of the meeting. A special thanks also to @stefaniatibiletti , always ready to clarify any doubt at any hour of the day 😊
    I agree with @claudiodesantis , we can also use the forum to talk about all our projects, to compare each other, it’s very useful to have a platform dedicated only for us and our ideas, we must take advantage of this!!
    These two months of meetings were really precious for me, they gave me a great motivational force that I will try to use in the practical field, during my future project.
    See you tomorrow guys, at super aperinnovativo !!
    Roberto Rota

    Andrea Re

    I am so happy guys that you like our idea. I will explain more to you tomorrow at the aperitivo.


    That seems the end of our adventure here in the forum so I want to tell you that has been a pleasure to meet you all and share with you those months exchanging great opinions and ideas.

    This period has been very exciting and all the meetings have brought useful information and shared fantastic experiences that will be of great value for our future career.

    A special thanks to those who made this project possible and believed in the potential of university students.

    See you tomorrow!

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Good Morning Guys!!

    Yesterday I sent to Prof. Candiotto the evaluation of the forum.

    He will use it combined with other parameters, and will come out with “graduatoria finale”.

    Form me was a pleasure to guide you through this forum, I really appreciate your efforts, your abilities to make connections among topics and moreover your willingness to share feeling, emotions, points of view with people that you have never met before.

    If you need any information about the tour, San Francisco or anything else feel free to contact me

    via email ( stefania.tibiletti@studenti.unitn.it ), Facebook or Linkedin.

    I wish to all of you good luck, for this amazing opportunity and for your university life.


    And if everything will go as planned….  see u in August 😉 😉



    Hi guys,

    sorry for the absence but here in Padua has been a very busy month.

    I would like to say a big “thank you” to all of you for have been shared with me and the forum your point of views, your backgrounds and your opinions.

    It has been a short but really intense walk through innovation and good practices to replicate in our city and on our way to become entrepreneurs or what we will would to be in our future.

    I hope we’ll be able to keep in touch and, of course, to meet us all in person in August 😉

    Good luck!





    andrea turcato

    Sorry for my absensce ….but I was busy to prepare some exams

    Unfortunatly, the first part of our tour is going to finish 🙁

    I want to thank all the participants! It was very useful and constructive to compare us about many arguments. I think that the competition between us make us grow and learn a lot of things! I want also say thank to  Fabrizio Esposito, who has organized all meetings and prof Candiotto that has believed in this project and he is going to continue to believe it in the next years.

    Just 5 members of us will take part to this project and so I want tell you it was a fantastic tour and I was happy to meet new perople and make new friends.

    Good luck to everyone!!



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