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  • Dalila Sina

    @sara great connection between echo-sustainability and circular economy!!!!!!!!!

    Today’s economy is based on the approach whose key words are “take, produce, use, and throw”. New products are realized for answering to a single need and diversification seems to prevail on the answer to the same need. Goods are bought, used and thrown instead of being reused or repaired.

    Today’s economy is based on a consumerist optic.

    The European Union is very sensitive to the subject, for example a Greek firm has had a brilliant idea to be eco-friendly.

    Klimis, a small company in the Greek city of Kalamata, offers a model for using waste to create a new product and at the same time protecting the environment: the briquettes for barbecue produced by the scraps of olives. It is an innovative and ecofriendly product.

    A successful example of the circular economy put in practice, all the enterprises should think about similar solutions.


    Sara Biscuola

    @dalilasina great consideration about this topic! I find interesting the idea the the briquettes for barbecue!!

    Circular economy is good for businesses as well as for the environment!! We should consume less raw materials and produce less waste, which is a cost and could instead turn into resources.

    Let’s take examples to better understand. Does our washing machine break? We buy a new one. In this way we generate toxic and dangerous waste. It’s a system that can’t operate in the long term.

    Finally, the circular economy is a continuous flow that involves the production, use and then reuse or recycle. A system that would fit the environment, society and even the economy.

    A study by Ellen McArthur Foundation (Center for Research on Circular Economy) conducted by McKinsey Consulting Company, reveals that the Circular Economy in Europe can generate an economic performance of 1,800 billion euros by 2030. CE can create new jobs and increase 3% per year of resource productivity.

    We take on this new challenge!


    Andrea Re

    @stefaniatibiletti big data as written in the article have an enormous power in the economy.

    Companies are storing more and more data for different purposes. Someone with the aim of sell these data to other companies but someone like facebook, google and company are keeping this data as a personal treasure. This is because who keep it has an enormous advantage on the competitors. And this is the reason why they don’t want to share it with anyone else.

    And not only companies use big data but also institutions and governments like Singapore that is considered the first “tech government”. It has a system that allow the government to take decisions based on the data that they have collected. That means a great capacity to improve the quality of life.

    I want to conclude with a question that I have for you all: how will the use of big data impact our future society?

    Marco Morello

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Marco. I study Economy and Management at University of Easter Piedmont.
    My passion is technology and traveling that is the reason why I study foreign languages.
    I am very interested in this project, indeed I think that Silicon Valley Study Tour gives the opportunity to find out new ideas and goals to my future. I am amazed for the possibility to listen and to learn the most innovative minds of this century.

    Personally I think that Italy is missing most of these six elements. Italy is one of the most weakest economy in Europe. Government freezes companies and investors by over-regulation and bad politics. On the other hand Italy has the best handicraft in the world, but the productivity is still weak.
    Without any involvement by the government, the current situation will not change until a radical switch. Each investment of the six elements will be made gradually after an economical rising. Also the six elements are strongly connected each other.

    About the second argument I am totally agree with Sara, taxes are too high. Local individuals and big companies prefer moving abroad their capitals. Nowadays pillar companies practice Adriano Olivetti’s way to thinking whitch well paid workers and free facility improve productivity. A lot of products (culturally made by Italy) are stole by other country because we did not develop them. What happened to Olivetti was a mistake of Italian to not overseeing such opportunity.

    In the last picture I got that everyone say the same thing, but none of this is useful to save the man. Diversity helps to have a wide range of knowledge and prevent an unexpected (economical ) accident such as a change of job request.

    hope to hear from you soon!

    Marco Morello

    Claudio De Santis

    Hi guys,

    My name is Claudio and I come from a small city situated in Puglia. Five years ago I left my small city, my family and my friend, to move to Turin, to study and to open my mind and understand how to live alone in a new city, with new people and new relations. I’m attending the third year of CLEA at the Università del Piemonte Orientale in Novara, and I was very impressed from the presentation of Silicon Valley Study Tour. I love travel, I went to France, Germany, Belgium, England, Mexico to know new tradition, new people, new culture or just to see new landscapes that I can’t see in Italy. In every travel I try to bring with me new idea, thing, emotions, and I think that SVST18 that could be an another important step in my life to be able to use my idea, my mind and my experience for important aims. When I arrived in Turin I had the will to increase my experiences and my knowledge to change my life and the world around me…and this will has grown day by day.

    I have one important quotes of Albert Einstein that lead me since when I was young…”I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. I’m impatient to share more ideas and opinions with you. I hope to take part to Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018.

    Thanks to Everybody and nice to meet you.

    I want immediately answer to <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>stefaniatibiletti and @andrea-re, Big Data are the future and the future is now, the Big Data are one of the mode that the companies like Facebook, Amazon and ect. have to improve their offer on the market, cut the cost and reduce the time, but i think that what really matter it isn’t the amount of Big Data in the hand of this companies but how this Big Data are analized and used by them. Obviously Big Data will get better and simplify the life in the future, but are we ready to sacriface  our privacy for this purpose?

    Marco Morello

    Hi claudio! How are you?

    I agree with you. As the technology improves, safety should be guaranteed too. For example when a new car is built, engine is not only the part you developed, but also brakes.
    It is not so easy. In fact I find that is similar to one of the Maslow’s hierarchy needs. If we are unprotect or we think that, Human will lose the self dependence.
    Another big “wall” is think who should manage this information and how?

    Dalila Sina

    Hi @stefaniatibiletti,
    I think that Big data issue is quite delicate.
    The amount of stored data is growing everyday. This means that collecting key information from your business data is becoming more and more important.
    The importance of big data depends on their use. Companies and corporations can collect data and analyze them in order to find answers that allows…. (metti quello che hai scritto così com’è, tranne il punto 4 che è “more aware decisions”).
    All the researches we do, all the “likes” on the socials we put, everithing is registered in a common database and used in every field.
    Big Companies like Google, Facebook and instagram give allow You to use the stored information by paying for This Service.
    I think that socials have a crucial role in this data collection.
    This is why anyone Who uses them to share passions, everyday routine, tastes and hobbies too.

    I have a question for you, what do you think about social network like a souce of big data?


    Sara Biscuola

    Good evening guys!!!

    @stefaniatibiletti Big Data differs from other data for the particular extension of the amount of data collected, the continuous evolution of data and the rapidity of real-time analysis by using complex algorithms.
    Today, they are as important as other inputs, such as the tangible and intangible resources that characterize the economic activity of each company.

    They represent a wealth of information assets and the use of this information involves specific risks for the protection of the privacy of people. In fact, they allow you to trace the data of every single individual, risking privacy!

    Regardless of the sector: government, health, science, telecommunications. The companies that shall use the data create new operational efficiencies and more revenue, achieving a competitive advantage and a new business model. With Big Data you can combine different information and find the right synthesis.

    The gathering of information and their management with the logic of Big Data play a strategic role for businesses.

    Looking to the future Big Data can change the world of medicine and healthcare, for example! The companies are investing in improving healthcare, IBM has aquired Merge Healtcare. It will be possible analyze models of disease spreading, to increase the rapid development of vaccines, you can also have effects on patients’ data that experience new medicines.

    All this is great!!!!!!!!!


    Dalila Sina


    Sorry guys, in my last article there were personal notes and mistakes, so I republish it, the arguments are the same.

    Hi @stefaniatibiletti, I think that Big data issue is quite delicate. The amount of stored data is growing everyday. This means that collecting key information from your business data is becoming more and more important.

    The importance of big data depends on their use. Companies and corporations can collect data and analyze them in order to find answers that allows: 1) cut costs, 2) reduce time, 3) develop new products and optimize the offer and 4) more aware decision.

    All the researches we do, all the “likes” on the socials we put, everithing is registered in a common database and used in every field. Big Companies like Google, Facebook and Instagram give allow you to use the stored information by paying for this service.

    I think that socials have a crucial role in this data collection. This is why anyone Who uses them to share passions, everyday routine, tastes and hobbies too.

    I have a question for you, what do you think about social network like a souce of big data?


    Andrea Re

    Welcome to the forum guys! @claudiodesantis privacy will be an important issue to be solved in the future.  Regulations must change to adapt at the new trend of big data to allow a right privacy protection.

    And @dalilasina with social network every day we put data on internet that will be used by companies for commercial purpose. The only solution to stop this flow of data that I have in mind to “solve” the privacy problem for now it is to stop using social network but of course this is not a feasible solution in the modern world. So the only way that I see it is to act with new regulations about the use of the data gave on internet.

    Francesca Cazzaniga

    Hi guys! Sorry if I am late!

    I am Francesca a student of University of Easter Piedmont. I am interested about Silicon Valley Study Tour. My passion is psychology and communication.

    I would like talk about big data. Today Big data has change interlay interactions with other. Everything has a fast response, companies have an immediate feedback. Then big firms use these informations to change business policy. Another fact that big data improves our life is the cloud. Cloud can store our information immediately. If we have a precious pictures but the phone felt in the water, we can save them easily.

    Dalila I agree with you! Some firms could not exist without big data or growing up so fast. For example uber, that change completely the market of transport. Uber analyses data on its drivers such as their vehicle and their location. Uber also monitors their speed and acceleration to be safer.

    I read from Marco about Abraham Maslow that studied in high school. He classificated the people’s needs, while nowadays our needs are completely change. Internet become a main necessity. Safety become online store. That was very interesting.

    Sara Biscuola

    Hi guys!!! Good Morning!

    I agree with you @andrea-re! User data, even ours, are analyzed and used. Businesses offer us free services, such as Facebook, in return for the final granting of their personal data.

    So in my opinion, we have to protect ourselves and choose what we want to share.

    There are guidelines and rules already in place to protect privacy. But people find it difficult to express their opinion about the future of privacy, because already since the time of data collection, the implications that result from it are unknown to them.

    The main problem is that the interests of a few, such as companies and governments, are again pursued. It’s frightening to think that it is possible to rebuild true profiles, thanks to the ability to integrate multiple data from multiple sources.

    We have to ask ourselves, with the Big Data is the end or a new beginning for privacy?

    Finding the right balance between privacy risks and benefits the use of Big Data will be one of the major challenges for legislators of our time.

    Lastly, I would like to share with you all a very interesting article about privacy. Check it out: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/big-data-privacy-is-a-bigger-issue-than-you-think/


    Federica Nastri

    Hello guys,
    I think that social networks constitute a huge amount of consumer “big data”.
    People spend two and half hours daily on social media and their activity show the personality of a person without knowing it.
    Now social network are a great investiments for the future and so they are indispensable for our life,we can’t do without them!
    All relationships,interests,and spending habits social networks will be able to provide their users to personalized content and advertisers wil be able to hyper-target users.
    In conclusion I want to say that Facebook is one of the greatest innovation that has revolutionized the world of personal relationship in recent year.In fact Facebook collects 63 pieces of data for its API(application programming interface),more than any other social network.

    Andrea Re

    @sara great job! The article that you posted reassume perfectly the theme about privacy.

    As written in the article, our privacy is in danger not only because how data are used by companies but also because the risk that someone could steal this data from the servers where are kept.

    When you spoke about the balance about privacy risks and benefits from the use of big data, I want to ask: benefits for who? Because almost all the time these benefits are for companies and almost never for the community. So, another question that I have in mind is: how should be used big data to get a benefit for the entire society and not only for companies?

    Dalila Sina

    Hi @sara,

    privacy is a crucial theme in our life. We live in a society where privacy doesn’t exist unless the isolation of you from technology. It is obvious that this is not possible, just think how technology is embedded at work of each of us. Companies that work with big data protecting them “making us sign a privacy release” and this allow them to have full access to everything about us. I think it’s a dramatic situation and if legislators don’t take action, our privacy will be more and more at risk.

    Hi @andrea-re,

    obviously the major benefits produced by the big data are for businesses. Companies use big data to become rich. Also consumers have some advantages, because they found exactly what they want or need on the market. This is not a justification but a different point of view.


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