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    I am happy that you have read my post, I understand your difficulty of comprehending the article. It basically says about how psm works. It is a kind of material which can change the phase of the material (for example from solid to liquid) by releasing or absorbing heat from environment.

    Also coincidentally I read another article about 3D printing in the news today. 



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    <div dir=”auto”>This certainly is a very interesting concept, I went through an interesting invention news recently.</div>
    <div dir=”auto”>https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180508081450.htm</div&gt;
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    <div dir=”auto”>This cam pose a threat too. Everytime a new breakaway is happening there is always someone who takes advantage of that!</div>



    Well, this is always an issue for mankind, Right power at the wrong hands is always a threat! The same principle for a nuclear reactor is used for a nuclear bomb too. Maybe some policies can be implemented deciding so that the type of people who get the latest technology in hand can be limited, but there is always a limit in what we can do as long as defining people’s morale is considered.



    This article is a very funny piece which I would like to recommend everyone. Since 3D printing now is not a common and easy method most of the points in the article is very relevant. I particularly liked the end statements.

    “I’m reminded when a teacher told me chain wallets were banned in class for security purposes. I responded, “We have stainless-steel, 0.5-mm mechanical pencils, and heavy belt buckles that could easily be used to stab or hurt someone, but you’re worried about a chain that weighs maybe a few ounces!” I was suspended.”

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi Guys!!

    Here the eligibility for the SVST 2018:





    Moreover, here you can find the link to join a facebook group with the other participants:



    Have a nice day !

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