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    Hi all!

    Here we are, 15 years after the 1st Silicon Valley Study Tour that brought in Silicon Valley 6 smart students of Aeronautic Engineering of PoliTo with a sabbatic manager, Franco Cornagliotto.

    In the picture above,  the Tour first day hosted by Federico Faggin inventor of the microprocessor when in Intel.

    Franco Cornagliotto right in the picture, when back in Torino, founded Aizoon Group, a technology consulting company with about 500 employees in 2020, in Europe, USA and Australia.

    Attending the three video conferences organized with  PoliTo – April 7 April 21, May 13 –  and this discussion Forum, the PoliTo students and researchers could have the chance to become eligible to attend the 2020 Tour. The selection will be made according to the discussion here and your Linkedin page within May 31.

    7 April 2020  – 5.30 – 7 pm CET – Stefano Pistillo, Alumno SVST 2009, project coordinator Clickmail

    21 April 2020 – 5.30 – 7 pm CET Andrea Scianò, Alumno SVST 2014, frontend engineer Sysdig

    13 May 2020 – 5.30 -7 pm CET Andrea Baldini, VC investor, non-executive director Breed Reply

    Hangouts Meet   meet.google.com/uhz-vquj-wub

    Many SVST Alumni work today in Piemonte Companies: Francesco Volpi and Federico Cornagliotto  in Aizoon, Guido Maria Nebiolo  in Storm Reply, Alessandro Gallotta and Andrea Scianò in Sysdig (Silicon Valley, Andrea remote working from Torino). Sysdig now a fast growing company, has been founded in 2012 by a great PoliTo engineer and PhD Loris Degioanni.  In Breed Reply is  Director another PoliTO grad and PhD, Andrea Baldini, after years spent in Silicon Valley at Cisco. We’ll talk about all of them during the conferences.

    The next Tour will be for students, managers, entrepreneurs professors and researchers.

    That mix of age and experience of attendees is a great value for everyone.

    A book “Tra Italia e Silicon Valley. I migranti tech dal 2000 al 2020″ written by 60 Italians working in the Silicon Valley to tell their story will be given before the Tour to the attendees of SVST 2020, as a unique information base.

    Are you a PoliTo student or researcher interested to attend the SVST 2020?

    Introduce yourself here, tell who you are and why you are interested in the project!

    We are happy to launch this discussion Forum with the report written by Pavia University student Lara Princivalle, a great attendee of SVST 2015, now working at Google in Ireland.

    For the security of the web site, to partecipate to the discussion forum you must be registered at the www.siliconvalleystudytour.com
    Your registration must be approved by the Administrator. 
    After you receive an email with subject “Membership Approved” you can login and start interacting with the rest of the community.
    Stefano Pistillo

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Stefano Pistillo and I work as a Solutions Engineer for an American marketing company.

    I work for them remotely from Torino, but I have lived in San Francisco for a few years..

    Interesting fact: that company, ClickMail, was introduced to me thanks to the Silicon Valley Study Tour in 2009!

    That year I had the privilege of being selected to participate to the Tour among other PoliTo students and that trip changed my life: I found out how the tech center of the world is and after that I started working for one of those companies – and still am!

    I’ll be happy to share more during one of the events but I’ll also follow the discussion here and I’ll read everything, but I apologize in advance if I won’t write daily as, in addition to working for ClickMail, I also founded a Startup (Viz and Chips) – and have two young daughters, which made me realize startups are just easy in comparison 🙂

    Thanks and Happy Conversation!

    Stefano Pistillo



    Paolo Gioele

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Paolo Gioele Brucia and I attend the master course of Management and Engineering at POLITO.

    I got my bachelor degree in Palermo but  I spent the last semester in Frankfurt, Germany, as Erasmus student and since the first day in Germany, I undersood what i would like to have from my life and i would like to overcome any limits and make my borders wider.

    As soon as i found out about the Silicon Valley Tour, I immediately got interested with this opportunity of attending these conference talking with people who have had the great chance to visit the heart of technological and innovative world, and moreover try to take part of this amazing experience.

    The tour would take place in August, just in time for coming  back in Italy before going to Barcelona for my second year of master’s studies, as I won the scholarship for obtaining a double degree with PoliTo and the Polytechnic of Cataunia. The Silicon Valley Tour may represent the perfect experience to undertake before jumping into my last year of university before the world of work.

    I really look forward to start with these meeting!

    Paolo Gioele Brucia


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    Paolo Marenco

    Hi @PaoloGiole happy to see you here. You look like to have the right mood for this experience..I hope to see you soon in PoliTO

    What is your main interest visiting the Silicon Valley and why?

    Paolo Gioele

    Hi @Paolo and thank you for your welcome.

    We could right hundreds and hundreds lines talking about why a engineering student would like to visit the core of the worldwide innovation. Silicon Valley is the beating heart of technology and innovation that nowadays represent the engine of daily life. Any items used daily is strongly linked with companies based and born there, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Netflix, HP and so on. I think Europe has still much to learn from American setting of making business and innavation I would like to visit the Silicon Valley for catching as more as possible information, ideas and “style fo business” and coming back here in Europe bringhing with me everythink from this experience I will be able to use tomorrow in my career. Moreover, the USA is the country of opportunities and every enterprise based in the Silicon Valley is the witness of this concept, and we should see that scenario as a pattern to try to replicate for example even here in Italy.


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Christian Paesante and I’m attending the first year of the Master in Data Science and Engineering at PoliTo, after having graduated in Computer Engineering at the same university.

    From the first year at PoliTo I started integrating my studies with personal projects and internships. Learning on my own programming languages first and large scale architecture patterns later, I really got passionate in Software Engineering.

    Two years ago in fact I started a project based on microservices, but the hardest thing I found was to find people with which exchange ideas on that topic and to find companies in Italy that deals with that technology. I’m really obsessed with the infrastructural quality of the products big tech companies offers, the scale at which they can operate and the engineering culture inside of them. I really wanted to see from the inside the state-of-the-art technology of some products we use everyday, as well as the complexity, difficulties and the organization that there’s around them.

    With this in mind I landed an interview at Amazon at November, but it didn’t end successfully and the time there was too short to ask very technical questions to the recruiters. When I read about the Silicon Valley Tour, I thought this could be good chance to meet really interesting people which are from/worked in that area, ask a lot of questions, learn a lot from them and try to take part the tour and visit the “Dreamland” of every Software Engineer.

    Can’t wait to see you in these meeting!

    Christian Paesante

    Paolo Marenco

    Hi Christian! Happy to have you here, microservices are really a big trend in the Valley . More over the big tech , small smart companies like Kong.com ( founded by 2 super italian guys, Augusto Marietti and Marco Palladino) are active on that. You can find a lot during the tour. See you soon !

    Simone Dalledonne

    Hi guys,

    My name is Simone Dalledonne, I’m studying master degree of management engineering, innovation course, in Politecnico di Torino and I will be one of the two PoliTo SVST forum moderator.

    Last year I was selected from a group of student of my home town Verbano Cusio Ossola, in the north of Piedmont, to participate at Silicon Valley Study Tour 2019. This experience was amazing and like Stefano wrote before, this tour changes your life, your mind and your motivation.

    We’ll see you the 11 March 2020 at the first conference in PoliTo, coronavirus permetting, to talk about the SVST 2019 and the best takeaways of the tour!

    Simone Dalledonne


    Hi everybody,

    I’m Alessandro Caruso and I’m studying Design and Visual Communication at PoliTO. I’m attending the third year of my bachelor and at the moment I’m in Barcelona spending my Erasmus at ELISAVA.

    Since I’m studying Product Design in Italy but I’d like to try other fields, I’m doing some different courses now such as Graphic and Interaction Design, here in BCN.

    If there’s something that I’m figuring out in this period of my life is that I’d like to experiment, to seize all the opportunities that I find and I’m realizing how I’m strengthening my will to travel around the world.

    I’ve ever been interested in communication and I’d like to learn more about Data Visualization, a world really more developed in America then in Italy. That’s why as soon as I read about the Silicon Valley Study Tour I decided to participate at the discussion. I’d like to know more about how all big companies in Cupertino treat the “design world”, form products to abstract forms such as ads, DataViz and so on. I’m pretty curious about what will come out from this discussion also because I love to match other people with different backgrounds, fields of study and surely, it’ll be really useful and interesting knowing who have had the possibility to participate to this great project.

    Unfortunately, I’ll still be here in Barcelona for the first meeting but I want to be part of this discussion anyway because I think it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted!

    Can’t wait to see you people,

    Alessandro Caruso


    Hello everybody!

    My name is Carlo Brugo, I’m currently attending the first year of the Master Degree in Computer Engineering, Data Analytics specialization, at PoliTo and I will be the second PoliTo SVST forum moderator.

    Last year I took part in the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2019, which I discovered thanks to LeadTheFuture, an incredible mentorship program that selected me for the Tour. It gave me the opportunity to see with my own eyes a complete different tech-culture and meet many italians based in the top Silicon Valley companies and universities.

    Since the PoliTo was one of the two first universities to participate in 2005, I thought it would be awesome to start over a partnership, and I’m glad that my efforts have paid off!

    Hope to see you all in March at the first conference in PoliTo, where Simone and I will talk about our adventure.

    I’m sure that this opportunity could bring new enthusiasm even to you!

    See you soon,

    Carlo Brugo


    Hi guys!

    As you can well imagine, the current emergency state brought by the spread of the Coronavirus has caused the temporary closure of PoliTo and the rescheduling of all events, including the first conference of the PoliTo Silicon Valley 2020 cycle.

    While waiting for brighter days, we surely cannot stop!

    We’ll soon start the discussions on the forum.

    Stay tuned (and stay at home)!


    Paolo Marenco

    Hello everybody ! Here we are to restart our project from April 7th second appointment that will become the first one. The main speaker will be @Stefano Pistillo, Alumno Svst 2009, today working from Torino TAG , for a Silicon Valley Company. It will be a Webinar for 100 attendees. More info  and the link here, at the soonest.


    Hello everybody !

    My name is Giuseppe Missale, I’m from Catania but I’m currently attending the third year of Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at PoliTO.

    I always look for challenges to learn more and opportunities to know as many realities as possible. Infact I think that everywhere, even in our field (engineering), it’s important to cultivate interpersonal relationship, in addition to techincal skills. So, for me, the opportunity to live, even if for a short time, the world pole of innovation and technology is one of the most intersting opportunities that have ever happened to me.

    Academic life does not satisfy me very much and this is one of the reasons that led me to found a student team at Politecnico, ExMAH. It’s an acronym for “Ex Machina Ad Hominem”, from machine to human: our first project, currently in progress, is the development of a fully 3D printed forearm prosthesis with electriomyographic control (via a neural interface).

    I can’t wait to start this experience and meet you, aiming for Silicon Valley !

    Giuseppe Missale

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    Hello everybody!

    My name is Elena Becchis and i’m attending the Master in Engineering and Management at Polito.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

    I have the desire that these last years of university are an opportunity to discover fascinating experiences and people, to prepare myself for the world of work by having a broad look. I would like to do something great in life, I don’t know how this will materialize, but the conferences and the Silicon Valley tour seem to me the perfect opportunity to meet passionate people with this same desire.

    In these years of university I realized that meeting people, who put the models we study in class into practice, is an opportunity to rediscover the passion for what I study. For this reason, together with some friends of the students association “Lavori in Corso”, in November 2019 I organized “Polimpresa”, an initiative brought 400 students of Polito visiting 16 local companies such as Amazon, General Motors, Pininfarina, Michelin. More than 2000 students had enrolled, but for the first “edition” there were only those places, this is to say that visiting companies “at home” is a great added value.

    In recent years I have studied many case studies on Silicon Valley companies and it would be nice to see live how they are structured and how they work, in the place where they grew up!

    Thanking you for the opportunity, I hope to meet you soon, even if only virtually!

    Elena Becchis


    Hi everybody!

    I’m Edoardo Ughetto and I would love to join the 2020 Poli To Silicon Valley trip. I am currently enrolled in the third year of the Electronic and Communication Engineering BSc at Politecnico di Torino and part of “Giovani Talenti” project.

    Since I’ve always been eager of challenging experiences, this actually seems to be the perfect way to conclude my Bachelor; with the possibility to have an insight into the cradle of innovation and high-tech. Recently, thanks to the PoliTO SEC project, I spent the first semester of this Academic Year at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville and, realizing the huge amount of opportunities that are offered, I figured out how badly I want to live the American dream. At the moment I am finalizing my 300h curricular internship at Balance Systems S.r.l. in Bra (CN), where I have been designing, prototyping and testing a serial-to-bluetooth converter for IoT capable sensors.

    Side by side with the academic carrier, I kept alive my never-ending passion for playing tennis and since 3 years ago I have also been working as an instructor in a bunch of clubs in Piedmont.

    This is me in a nutshell and I am looking forward to meet you all on our way to Silicon Valley!

    Edoardo Ughetto

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