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  • Davide

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Davide Massimino and I am attending the first year of the master’s degree in Data Science and Engineering at PoliTo, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering last year.

    During my academic career, I have always been interested in seeing how knowledge acquired in the classroom could be applied to solve problems in the workplace. For this reason, the conferences that many companies held at university and the practical activities carried out during the courses have been crucial for me to understand in which direction to turn my interests for the years to come.

    Aside from some summer jobs, I didn’t have real work experiences until last year, when I did a curricular internship which was later extended for 3 months. I was subsequently hired by a start-up I still work for now. Carrying out these activities has been very interesting and has enriched my practical knowledge, but it also made me realize how new I am to the world of work and how far I still have to go in order to acquire the competence I want.

    Deep learning and artificial intelligence have always fascinated me but since they are relatively new subjects, it is difficult to find companies in the area with whom to discuss these new technologies. While I was looking for a way to improve my knowledge, I came across Silicon Valley Tour. I immediately thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to industry experts and learn as many ideas and strategies as possible, and also to see in person how these pioneering companies work.

    I am really excited and cannot wait to get started!

    Davide Massimino

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all!

    Finally we are READY

    We’ll meet on line with  @pistillostefano a brilliant story started from the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 ( pic coming soon !) , one of the best ever!

    Join      meet.google.com/uhz-vquj-wub      On April 7 , 5,30 pm to 7 pm.

    Allowed  student participants : 96 (with us,  4 speakers, we are 100)  FIRST IN FIRST OUT


    Hi everybody,

    my name is Giulia Carrer and I attend the first year of master’s degree in Management Engineering (innovation path) at the Politecnico of Turin. During the previous three years I partecipated in several Hackaton (challenges proposed by the Politecnico) that led me to confront people from different fields and countries.

    These experiences have made me grow from being a team moderator and then a team leader. In addition, thanks to the hakaton with FCA, I had the opportunity to interact and dialogue with experts from different fields like marketing, production, research and product developments. I also had the chance to talk with mechanical and physical engineers to analyze the structure of an electric motor and its disposal. That experience explained me how, sometimes, a small intuition can be better than many more complexones.

    In particolar it has led me to under stand how much knowledge I have gained over the years, and how many more I need to improve to extend my professional and cultural background. More importantly, it has made me understand what I want to do in the my future and the goals that I have to set in order to be able to do something unique and innovative.

    Since I was young my greatest strenght was my curiosity. This has allowed me to always push my self beyond my limits, so much so that every project was a challenge with myself.

    Thanks to this background, my desire to go further was born, and as soon as I discovered the opportunity to participate in the Silicon Valley Tour, I realized that would be finally possible!

    I was immediately interested in the opportunity to participate. First of all for the conferences because I’m sure that will give me the opportunity to talk with experts, to learn, to ask numerous questions and to acquire more information about the technological World. But above all, I hope to take part in this unique experience, to acquire the mentioned skills before entering into the world of work.

    I can’t wait to start!

    Giulia Carrer


    Hi everybody! My name is Davide Costa and I am a Master Degree student in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University Federico II in Naples and moved to Turin because I was fascinated by the huge amount of opportunities offered by the Politecnico and I wanted to try myself in a more stimulating environment.

    As soon as I recieved the email about the opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley, I immediately signed up, but I couldn’t quickly respond in this forum due to the sudden explosion of the sanitary emergency that kept me busy trying to resolve the various issues it raised. I hope it is not too late to reply, since going to the Silicon Vally is one of my biggest dreams: it has been since I first heard about it and I am glad that we were offered this chance to go there and see it with our own eyes!

    I love the idea of challenging myself with other people with different ideas and backgrounds, so I can’t wait to discuss with all of you on this forum!

    Davide Costa


    Simone Dalledonne

    Hi everyone!
    We are very happy that the number of subscribers has increased over the past week.
    To begin with, we would like to talk to you about the opportunity to improve yourself and to widen your interests during this long period of quarantine. In foundr’s picture below, there is a list of tips that you can do. Which activities do you think it’s better to do during your daily quarantine’s routine? Why?
    Moreover, what are the differences between smart working and remote working?

    Tell us what you are doing, which podcast you are listening to, which book you are reading, what videos you are watching!
    For example, yesterday a friend of mine advised me to watch a documentary about Alpha go and I think it’s amazing!
    If you want to see it, this is the link:


    Hi Simone !

    I have always needed to improve my skills and learn new ones, partly out of curiosity and, maybe, partly also out of egocentrism. This led me, for example, to learn to program at the first high school year, to enroll in a technical institute or even to practice different sports during my life. So, in this period where I can only study or waste time,I try in every way “to grow” (I also tried to learn to play the piano that I have at home, without success.. ).

    I’m organizing my days to study a few hours, to continue to workout at home, to realx playing Fifa20 and, above all, to complete courses that I bought on Udemy. The latter is a platform that I really like and where I like to use my money; I’m currently completing a course about game development in C++ and Unreal engine.

    In the meantime, I am also helping my business partner in managing the work situation (in Catania we have a company that deals with animation and entertainment, so this moment is quite critical for us)

    So, the first one of the Foundr’s picture I think is the most important, but also “Relax and meditate” in order to not mentally collpase and savor details and little things of our life once this emergency has passed. Finally I think that, in this historical moment where social media are fundamental for a business, it’s also right to take care of own accounts. And, usually, aspiring engineers are not very good at this.

    I’d like to start to listen a podcast.


    I forgot to answer the question about the difference between smart working and remote working: I think the second is only related to technology, wich allows you to work from your home. Instead, “working in a smart way”, is not just working from where you want but also knowing how to organize own work and that of your employes, knowing how to set goals and how to verify that the measures taken will benefit your work, your performance, yuor business.


    Hey everybody,

    First of all I’d thank Simone for the spark. I think this period of quarantine could be caught to do a lot of things.
    Somewhere I read we are able to learn or improve significantly our own skills of anything practising 30 minutes per day and some years ago I started to play guitar watching tutorials online and reading books. I did for 6 months, kind of every day and at the end I achieved the level which I aspired. So I decided to do the same with the fingerstyle, to improve my knowledge with this instrument.

    I’m updating my resume and portfolio, that’s maybe one of the most important document for designers, also a great start point to find a good company for my internship, which I’ll start in smart working of course.
    I’m also studying, so watching virtual lessons and working on the project of this semester with my team work: this means lots of Skype calls, online meetings, ecc… I’m also working on my thesis project, which is about how to improve the communication about what the Politecnico of Turin is doing in terms of sustainable mobility.
    I recently participated in a project about this period of quarantine sending some fun videos in which I describe my ordinary lifestyle ironically, reporting what working from home with my family means or taking on standard problems such as internet issues, virtual classrooms that fight against servers and all the stuff that all of us are discovering day by day.
    I’ve no idea if this videos are for RAI or what, cause it’s a project of a photographer who worked with me, so I don’t know exactly what’s the final point but if you want to send something describing what the quarantine means for you, how’s smart working going on and how the things in our country will change after this period, this is his mail: <span id=”m_3354557316636356473yui_3_13_0_ym1_6_1389805214972_35″><span id=”m_3354557316636356473yui_3_13_0_ym1_6_1389805214972_32″ style=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>info@piersavinomontesano.com  (in italian)</span></span>

    Anyway, I believe smart working will be more present in our future, especially after this period in which everyone, from universities to companies, is reacting or trying to react quickly and efficiently to response to this situation.
    In my opinion smart working is related to a deep structure of tool, platforms but also a forma mentis that allows you not just to work from home but also doing it intelligently, taking advantage of all the possibility you could have if you were in your office place, class or wherever. In Italy this way to work is been ignored for too many years and even if this is a sad situation for sure it’ll bring lot of changes and it’ll allow us to rise more then before.

    I saw the movie about Alpha Go: it’s really interesting how the focus human-machine is developed. You can see the two sides of the coin, the first in which the human entrusts everything to the machine and the latter in which human can’t still believe that machine can overtake and beat human mind. It’s basically what still happen in the world, suffice is to think about the speech between Elon Musk and Jack Ma. If you didn’t watch it (improbable) take a look.

    I’m not a podcast user either, but just because I’ve never used to listen to them. We could make a list of interesting podcasts here, I’d like to check it out.

    PS: I don’t know if it’s just my problem but the meeting link doesn’t work


    Paolo Gioele

    Hello everybody!

    Thank you Simone for proponing this venture because I think it ca be very useful and ineresting for everyone inside this forum for catching some spark in this quarantine. I have already read what Alessandro and Giuseppe wrote down and they gave me even some ideas!

    I have been struggle a lot since the beginning of the quarantine for starting to do something that i have always postoned in my life and for improving what i already know and i used to do. First of all, I register for an online Excel advanced course on Udemy, because I have always been unsatisfied of what I learnt about this programme along my study and it is supposed to be used very well by anyone studing engineering. This was immediately the first goal that come to my mind when i realized how much time we would have spent at home. Actually i am really glad of my work so far!

    Going on, thanks to a suggestion given by a friend of mine, I have also been trying the free-month of LinkedIn learning . I was little skeptical about the utility of such a platform of learning but I have to reveal it was a revelation. It “changed my quarantine” under several aspect. First of all, watching a 30 minutes long video lession become a fixed appointment after lunch. It requires few time but with an high value. Maybe you are asking why i said “it changed my quarantine, and here we are: the first course I start to attend concerns “time management” with 3-4 chapters about working from home and how to arrange and idea workspace at home and managing your time during anomalus situations (as this quarantine). Following these tips, I experienced an increase in my study yield and concentration!  I have been living away from home for 6 years and coming back in my birth city and living with my family and fixing all of our necessities, is probably the most difficult challenge of my life! It helps me even in makign schedules for my studies and how to respect rigorously them. However, I can suggest to all of you to spend your time in such a online course…really useful! I am supposed to watch as more as possible and use thie free period without regrets!

    But probably, what is making me busier, and that probably can be crazy, is try to make a model about Coronavirus spead! I love analaysing data and I spend hours and hours comparing data coming out from any website. It is  a way for looking at this epidemy with another eye, trying to “keep away” the reality…

    Thanks for the docuentary you shared with us! I am not a TV  series lover and some evening, after a very full day of Videoclass, following courses on internet is hard. There, docmuentaries like this can help!

    Last but not least, I take back all time I missed with my little brother! I am realizing i miss too many steps of his growth and it makes me sad.. But that is the destiny of we student from the south of Italy ( i came form Sicily) who emigrate upward in Italy.

    By the way, workout befoure dinner must never be missing!


    Hi Paolo !

    Reading your post I have seen my self with my little brother (Little.. he’s 18 y.o !), I miss him so much. Like all my family;  this quarantine period is really difficult for transfer students.

    About your interest on coronavirus and emergency: there is a nice online hackathon, I ask to moderators, is possibile share the link here ? Maybe we should partecipate as a team to this event.


    Hello everybody!

    My name is Thomas Gazzera and I have recently obtained a bachelor degree in Management Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin. This degree has developed my interest in the disciplinary contents of my course of study and has made me realize that I have made the right choice for my ambitions and goals. For this reason, I have decided to continue my studies by enrolling in a Master’s degree in Management, with a specialisation in logistics.

    One of the many reasons that have led me to choose to continue my studies was the desire to acquire more skills and knowledge that, I am sure, will have long term benefits, preparing me for the world of work as well as for a more fulfilling personal life.

    During my three years at the Polytechnic University of Turin, I did not have the chance to undergo an internship experience and this leaves me with a bit of bitterness. For this reason, among many others, as soon as I discovered the opportunity of the Silicon Valley Tour about a year ago, I never stopped dreaming of being able to live it in the future. I think there is no better opportunity than to be able to experience face-to-face the excellent environment of companies that are leaders worldwide.

    I am excited that I will be able to experience people of different ages, experiences and courses of study, that will help improve myself further. I believe it is important to learn from successful and motivated people, with great ambitions and with different experiences to share and tell.

    In these difficult times, I see how technology can be a vital element in resolving many issues. And I cannot think of a better place to improve this technology other than the Silicon Valley.

    I hope there will be an opportunity to meet you soon!

    Thomas Gazzera

    Paolo Gioele

    By the way. I forgot to talk about the difference between remote work and smart working. With a course of my Master, Strategy and Organisation, we discussed about what is the border between these two concepts. In my opinion, what we are esperiencing right now is closer to to remote than smart working. Smart working, as i read in an article, concercns more on a radical change of whole organisation of a company, where single person is located in the middle of the whole processes. Hence, doing smart working includes even a reassessment of the contract between employer and employees, since smart means also flexibility and feedome in decising where and when to work. However, smart working needs necessary a high rate of coordinament and co-working because the partial lack of boundaries and rules can weaken the value chain, creating bottle-necks throughout all processes.

    Instead, doing a job from home as well as people are used to to in their own workplace, with same work hours and interactions with collegues and so on, as it happens since coronavirus outbreak, is remote working: doing the same think in remote, from an other place.

    One more thing. I’m quite interested in what Giuseppe talked about, the hackathon about coronavirus. If moderators allow that, you can share it here. Can be cool!


    Hello everybody,

    my name is Diletta Romano and I’m currently studying computer engineering, third year of the bachelor’s degree in PoliTO.

    My story is a little peculiar, I must say. I’m from a little city in the Marche region, Macerata and before enrolling the Politecnico I was studying humanistic subjects. My passion for ancient greek, philosophy, litterature were and still are one of my life pillars. But my dream was not to chase the past, but to create the future. I arrived at the University with almost zero knowledge about math and science, just with a lot of motivation and curiosity towards all the things that I didn’t know. And from the moment I followed the first lesson since now, it has been an adventure. A challenge, too.

    I’ve discovered how fascinating is coding, how satisfying is to actually understand how most of technological things, that are now  dominant in our everyday life, actually works. I think that is our responsibility, as students, to use all the knowledge that we can get for making a better future, making an impact in the society of tomorrow. IT is our tomorrow. I do not have any working experience inside the field,I’m still learning a lot, but I do think that this would be an amazing opportunity for experience the real essence of high tech and , of course, an amazing inspiration. My interests are very focused on the use of ICT  for shaping a new type of living, not for the sake of tech itself, but for actually solving problems in our world in a smart way.

    For me computing is not just coding, as much as i love it, but is also politics, ethic, is the tool that I have to actually make a difference.

    Diletta Romano


    Hello everybody!

    First of all, I’d like to thank Simone for starting this interesting discussion with us all! It’s very important to talk and help each other during this quarantine, and I believe that even discussing about it on this forum may help easing it.

    Out of all the options mentioned in your post, I think that this situation is a very good opportunity to read more than we usually do. I was a keen reader back when I was in high school (I used to read at least one or two books every month), but I lost this habit due to the start of my university carreer as I had less and less time to do that. Reading was the first thing that came to my mind as this whole quarantine started, and I know that many friends of mine thought the same. By the way, I am also catching up a lot of cult films I wanted to see but never found time to: I suggest to do this too!

    Nevertheless, another great thing that I discovered during this period are podcasts. I myslef was invited to take part in a Twitch podcast as a guest, and I really enjoyed that! I believe that podcasts are a very good way to spend one’s time while doing other things, as they don’t require active partecipation.

    Finally, I’ll focus on the difference between smart working and remote working. There is a lot of confusion and inaccuracy when it comes to talk about this matters, especially in Italy: working from your own home is NOT smart working, it is remote working indeed! Smart working is a term used to address a flexible way to work, concieved to increase productivity: in other words, smart working is focused on reaching objectibves, more than respecting precise working hours.

    Let me know what you think about it!

    Davide Costa

    Simone Dalledonne

    Hi guys!

    I see that my question has caused the interest of many, now I will try to answer everyone!

    hackathon proposal is a great idea! This forum is a channel where you can propose some projects, activities, whatever, to do with the other participants if they want! You must always be driven by resourcefulness and try new experiences.

    thanks to link the video of the speech between Jack Ma and Elon Musk, because they are two of the best entrepreneurs of the world! I think that I’ll watch it in this day! About Elon Musk, in SVST 2019 we met the director technical operations of Tesla and he talked us about what it’s like to work every day with Elon Musk!

    I really like your opinion about the smart working, if you find the article that explain the concept of smart working, you can link it in the forum, so who are not aware of it, can get better information!

    I’m agree with you with the remote working, in Italy there is a lot of confusion about this two definition and I think terminology is important to avoid misunderstandings. During this quarantine I started to read the harari’s trilogy, from the book “21 rules for the 21th century” and now I’m reading “from animals to gods”. I suggest you this book, they are very interesting and they talk about how we have to change our behaviour, to face the evolution of technology. Do you have some books to recommend us?

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