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  • Alessio

    Hello to everyone!

    I’m Alessio and i’m attending the 1st year of master degree in Aerospace engineering.

    When I became aware of this project I immediately realized I had to join it.

    I’m very interested in the world of technology and in the way a simple idea, a dream if developed could become something incredible .

    Since I was a child I was fascinated by space and from everything that flies or moves through the wind .

    This was the reason why I’ve chosen this field of engineering.

    I‘ve always liked to do lot of things and to expand my knowledge and my skills in different fields.

    At first year of Bachelor degree at PoliTo I wanted to get involved in something more than normal lessons so  I joined “Polito Sailing Team”, a student team that project , build and test sailing boats, first as a sailor and now as member of Fluid Dynamics area.

    The experience inside this team gave me the possibility to practice what the job of an Engineer looks like, to develop soft skills such as teamworking, problem-solving, leadership and to share my ideas with other people. It also let me continue my passion of going sailing.

    Silicon valley is the place where SpaceX and other space or aeronautic factories were founded and I’m very excited to the possibility to go there.

    I look forward to start this venture!

    Alessio Giudice

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    Hi everyone!

    I am Fiorella Di Santo and I attend the last year of bachelor degree in Electronic engineering at Polito.

    When I got the email of this project I have immediately realized it was perfect for me!

    From the first year at university I tried to challenge myself in different trials and projects, such as the construction of a small aid for a quadriplegic boy to help him in everyday life (taking buses, elevators and so on..): a robotic polymeric arm connected to his wheelchair with a finger printed in 3D.

    In recent years I have developed a strong interest in human robots and nanotechnologies, in which I will specialize attending the master in nanotechnologies for ICT.

    I would really love to join this project, it would give me the opportunity to interface with people from other areas than my own. Beyond that I would have the great chance to visit some of the biggest companies in the world that could have only been in my dreams! And then I’ll be an electronic engineer soon, which one wouldn’t want to visit the Silicon Valley? (Silicon is almost the only element of the periodic table that we know :))

    Can’t wait to discuss on this form!

    Fiorella Di Santo


    Hello everybody,

    My name is Laouibi Othman, I’m currently attending the third year of Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering at PoliTO.

    I’m always looking for challenges to learn more and having the possibility to visit the world pole of innovation and technology is a great opportunity to met people with both experience and young spirit from where I can learn a lot of things, on how they succeed to create incredible realities in very short time.

    I can’t wait to start this experience and meet you guys !


    Laouibi Othman



    Hey everyone! Hope you’re all fine and safe!

    For me quarantine is just an additional opportunity for me to improve myself and widen my interests. As I mentioned in my introduction, since the first year of my Bachelor at PoliTo, I decided to attempt to pass all my exams on the very first call. Expecially in the winter season. This gave me approximately around 3 weeks of complete free time where I could learn everything I wanted, before lessons started again dramatically reducing my free time. That’s where I learned most of the stuff I know about computer science in the last 4 years.

    This year on the 2nd of February I passed all the exams and I started immediately to work on my side-project based on microservices. I accomplished a good amount of work and when I heard about the lessons start be postponed by 1 week, I simply saw it as an extra week of full-speed work! With quarantine things chaged a little bit. Lessons started but being home without the need to spend around 1h30 per trip for Turin gave me still a lot of time.

    Over the first week of quarantine I decided to subscribe to reddit and get in touch with some CS-related communities in order to get information, to learn more about opportunities and possibly to get some feedbacks for my resume (by the way I highly recommend you to join r/cscareerquestions, r/resumes and r/startups subreddits). I eventually got contacted by a guy working for Amazon in NYC which was starting a YouTube channel and wanted to make a resume review video for internship positions. He wanted to review my resume and, I have to say, he gave me such really useful advices!

    Two weeks ago, I also found employment! Despite of being counter-intuitive in this moment, a startup based in Turin in which I interviewed before contacted me again. They are launching a new product designed for schools in order to allow teachers to make live lessons.
    Knowing their size and knowing they were working with microservices, I thought I had enough space to be impactful and I joined. Since part-time employment was ok for them, I’m able to keep up with the lessons. Obviously I had to put aside my microservice project, but I can work on it during weekends.

    I think that what I’m doing here with is something closer to smart-working. I have the flexibility to work whenever I want, event at night, managing the tasks in the order I want to and also make some decision on the project I’m working on. As some of you pointed out, this requires good coordination and communication. Indeed despite of the great flexibility in terms of working hours, I have to make sure I’m somehow available for calls or information.

    I also was able to see with my eyes one of the requirements to being able to support at least remote-working as a company.
    Last year for my internship with PoliTo I worked in an IT company where almost every tool that was used, was on-premise. For security concerns, they needed also to restrict the access to these tools to the internal network of the company. As you may already see, when the quarantine was established, that company was probably completely blocked. I’m sure they found their way, but I’m pretty sure it initially had an heavy impact on them. On the other hand the startup I recently joined is using Saas tools, so they were able to be productive from day-1 from their home.

    So, I think smart/remote-working is much more that a simple organization decision or cultural. It’s something that should be considered as a resource that must be ready to be used in such difficult moments like this. So, I think is one of the core components which makes a company resilient.

    Let me know what you think about!

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    <div class=”bbp-reply-author”><span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>paologioelebrucia unfortunately registration has already closed, I didn’t make it in time either.
    Too bad, it was organized by some reasearchers and engineers from Campus biotech of Geneva and EPFL; I know them (I’ve already attended their hackathon in Geneva) and they will keep me updated on upcoming events.</span></div>
    <div>@simone-dalledonne Now I’m no longer taking the time to reading books besides the university ones, but usually I prefer to completely change field and go to the humanistic one.</div>

    Paolo Gioele

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>simone-dalledonne I really sorry but i don’f find the article enymore. It was shared by an enterpreneur on Linkedin. It intrigued me a lot beside supporting a consistent ideal, since that time; i totally share.

    I use this occasion for sharing with you guys a personal opinion i have been maturing more and more duirng this quarantine. Even the unconfortable situation of studing and attending lectures from home is an opportunity to learn to work from home. We live in a wordlwide environment and, more and less, we are supposed to work in a company linked with other countries, with subsidiaries around the wordl and It would mean having online meeting and interacting with collegues through our laptop. I have already met some collegues for group project and i noticed how over time our meetings are getting better and better. Without our consciusness, we are dealing with a new skill… we are forced to learn it!


    Hello everybody!!

    My name is Luca Morelli and I come from Civitavecchia; I’m attending the third year of BSc in Mechanical Engineering at PoliTo.

    I’m really happy to having joined this group: to stay on the topic of the Silicon Valley and innovation, I see this forum like an “incubator” of ideas, where concepts can be thoroughly developed thanks to the variety of background of the participants, and their sense of initiative.

    For what concerns to the technical aspects, I see this opportunity as a chance to discover the pontentiality of ICT, and to integrate related skills with my ordinary field of study, seeking that transvertial approach which has given rise to modern horizons of technology, such as mechatronics and industry 4.0.

    More in general, I hope to meet people that share my desire and joy of learning. I also believe that team working, which will be fundamental in our professional growth, is most of all matter of human qualities. Of course it would have been better if we had met all together at the campus, but I’m sure that distance won’t be an obstacle to get to know to each other.

    Thank you for this invitation!


    Daniel Felipe

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Daniel Orozco, I’m from Colombia but I’m currently attending my first year of the master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, after having applied to the double degree program during my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

    Since I started my engineering career, my taste for new technologies have led me to look for different places that would allow me to learn, strengthen and apply new knowledge obtained by carrying out activities that I feel passionate about, a good example of this is being an active part of the Robotics Research Seedbed Javex Robotics of the Department of Electronic Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana since its creation, having the opportunity to participate in five Robotics National Tournaments obtaining first place in all of these and in four International Competitions (VEX Robotics World Championship) held in the United States, achieving best fourth place in the world and winning awards such as the Creation and Teamwork. Those recognitions allowed us to take the name of our university to the highest level.

    When I arrived at PoliTo I began my search for a new group where I could continue to grow not only as an engineer, but also as a person, which is why I became part of the Icarus FlyTeam of PoliTo in the electronic circuits section, this team has been working since 2015 on three different projects, from the design and construction of competitive UAVs (ACC project), passing through innovative UAVs (RA project) and rocket models (DART project).

    My aim in life is to apply my knowledge of engineering to bring solutions for daily life problems that society is passing through. Silicon Valley itself is a way to embrace diversity, as it gives us the opportunity to open our minds to new knowledge, to get to know our capacities and I believe it is the perfect opportunity to keep learning and satisfying my curiosity by researching and getting to know new technologies, as it has always been my motivation. It would also allow me to grow personally and to share knowledge and experiences with others respecting people from different backgrounds while working on a common goal.

    Looking forward to meeting you all very soon. Can´t wait to get started.

    Daniel Orozco.

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    Silvia Giammarinaro

    Hi everyone! I’m Silvia Giammarinaro, a student currently attending the first year of the Master’s Degree in “Data science and engineering” and a Ruby on Rails web developer. I started working last September and I have a part-time job, so I can have some time to study and attend lessons.

    I moved to Turin 4 years ago to start attending Computer engineering at Politecnico. My family is staying in my home town, Gattinara, a small city in Piedmont exactly between Turin and Milan. I graduated last July and it is still one of the best memories of my life.

    First of all, hope you’re all safe at home staying with your loved ones. It’s been a tough month, I changed my entire routine and I’m currently working from home. Here’s a list of few things I put in my daily basis to stay healthy:

    – prepare myself a complete and balanced breakfast: my go-to is high-protein pancakes, green tea, and some fresh orange juice;

    – workout every day: I used to go to the gym before the lockdown and I can’t stop doing it. As equipment, I’m currently using bands and a mat. A thing I added in my schedule is flexibility session 3 to 4 times a week to prevent injuries, this is more than just a standard rest day and your muscles will thank you; – read more: every day I look for articles, research papers to study even better the content of the online lessons.

    Hope we can get to know each other even if we are in front of a computer,



    Hi everybody!
    My name is Riccardo Mereu and I am a Master Degree student in Data Science and Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, where I also obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. As soon as I received the email about Silicon Valley Study Tour, I was immediately fascinated by this opportunity. During my Bachelor I’ve had some experience in a startup called Nova at I3P and I participated in several hackatons that led me to challenge myself and meet new people who shared the same passions as mine.
    I couldn’t quickly respond in this forum due to the sudden explosion of the sanitary emergency.
    The idea behind Silicon Valley Tour is very exciting and I think that it could be priceless opportunity to gain new knowledge and feed my curiosity. I’m really fascinated about the research world, in fact I think to pursue a PhD, but I think that broaden my horizon with this project could only enrich my knowledge. I always dreamed about the opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley and have the real feeling about how a place like this works, where a lot of new ideas come out every day and become part of our life.
    I love the idea of challenging myself with other people with different ideas and backgrounds, it would be a unique stimulating experience. It would enable me to acquire different approaches to problem-solving issues that I could use in my future activities and of course that could only bring new original ideas.


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Andrea Cavallo and I am currently attending the third year of the Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering at PoliTO. I am also part of the Giovani Talenti program, which I like because it has given me the possibility to face new challenges and meet people with my same interests and passions.

    I have always been fascinated by the incredible pace at which technology evolves and I have always been curious about the principles that lay behind devices we use everyday. These two reasons led me to choose Electronic Engineer as my major, and I have to admit that I am very happy with my choice because I could see and understand technology from many different points of view, from the physical laws that govern a transistor to computer architectures and high level programming. Moreover, I’ve recently discovered the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and I am really impressed with the innovations that it is bringing to so many different fields, from scientific research to business, and I’d love to know more about that, probably during my Master Degree.

    I have always been looking for opportunities to face new challenges, to see topics we study at university from a different point of view and, also, to travel the world and see different realities. Thanks to a project offered by PoliTO, I spent the first semester of this year in the US, at University of Georgia, and I lived the magic experience of being in a huge campus and being constantly in contact with people from all over the world. I also learnt to appreciate the US and everything they have to teach in terms of technology development. When I came back, I started an internship as Data Analyst in a startup, which gave me the possibility to get in contact with the world of Data Science.

    I would love to visit Silicon Valley to learn more about new technologies, to see how some the most brilliant minds in the world work together and, in general, to gain experience and meet people. I believe that studying is really important to understand how things work, but it’s not enough, and I think this is a great opportunity to see how things I studied are applied in the environment of real and successful companies.

    I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you!



    Hi everyone,

    I’m Paolo, born in Milan but raised in Turin, where I attended the Liceo Classico Cavour and the Politecnico. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, and this is my second semester of the Master’s Degree in the same field.

    I’ve always been attracted by challenges, and everything that could broaden my mind and improve my knowledge and skills. I find stimulating to be under pressure, and in a competitive environment, and that’s why I chose what at time was probably the best High School in Turin and almost certainly the most difficult one: I couldn’t have made a better decision, since it made me love Greek lyric, discover Physics but most of all understand and learn, no matter the topic. After that, following the same process had made me decide to go to Liceo Cavour, I chose Politecnico, and especially what it was told me that was the most difficult field, Mechanical Engineering, and after the past three years and a half I can say for sure I made the right decision again. Looking for new challenges, in 2018 I spent a semester in the USA, thanks to the SEC-U project promoted by Politecnico, and there I found the same ambition and the love for competition as I have, and really motivated teachers.

    This initiative seems to me to be the perfect way to interact with other smart and determined people, and at the same time a great opportunity to go where all the things that I love (passion, hardworking, innovation) actually live.

    Really looking forward to attending the first meeting!

    Paolo Vigo


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Alessandro Loconsolo and I am currently attending the third year of Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communication engineering at PoliTO.

    Since I was a child I have been keen on computer science and electronics in general, and the Silicon Valley has always fascinated me. It is just amazing that most electronic devices which we use every day have been designed there. I am curious to discover Silicon Valley’s world because it represents the heart of technology and the centerpiece of very important companies. So, when I received the e-mail about this project, I thought that it could be a tangible opportunity to throw my hat into the ring.

    At the moment I am part of the project ‘Circuits and Algorithms for music processing’ at university, which consists in processing a musical audio signal through a designed circuit, namely a guitar effect, and then in digitally simulating its outcomes, through MATLAB. I think that is excellent because I am applying the things I have been studying for three years on music and, what’s more, thanks to this project, I was able to link different subjects and connect them even if they deal with several topics.

    For the Master Degree my plan is to enroll in Cyber Security Engineering, because I think that the future will rely even more on networks, and I swear that cyber security will assume a crucial role on the protection of the users and sensitive data.

    I am looking forward to knowing you all and to learning new things, I am very sad due to the fact that we cannot see each other’s face-to-face, but it would be a great chance to improve my ability to communicate by means of video conferencing.


    I want to thank you all for this great occasion.



    Alessandro Loconsolo


    Hi guys,

    I’m happy to see how this forum is developing!

    As a member of the LeadTheFuture Community I’ve soon learned that it is crucial to share with others every opportunity of growth. Each one is indispensable to us for our development.

    thank you for sharing with us some subreddits. Reddit is a really big world where we can find several opportunities and tools, and I was interested to start exploring it.

    and @paologioelebrucia I’ve seen you’ve spent some time on Udemy. Another great online learning platform I may suggest to everyone is Coursera, founded by an adjunct professor of Stanford. The main difference is that Coursera hosts only courses from the top world universities (like Stanford, Yale, EPFL) and companies (there are some courses organized by Google and IBM). You can enrol more or less free to any course; you will need to pay only the certificate provided at the end of the course if you want it. Make sure to post it on your LinkedIn profile should you get it! On Coursera it’s also possible to obtain specializations or even entire degrees!

    I hope this discussion has warmed you up, because tomorrow we will start with the first conference.

    Make sure to join the meeting on time, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

    Hope to see everyone tomorrow!


    Hi @cbrugo !

    I thought that Coursera was only for a fee, infact I preferred udemy which has very low prices.

    Thank you for the info !

    I never put the certificates of completed courses (Udemy) on my linkedin account because I know that for many people they have low rilevance (unfortunately others, instead, think of becoming an engineer with a course of that), in your opinion, should I ?

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