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    Thanks Paolo, I will check the Facebook direct tomorrow.

    I understand that human relationships are very different from artificial relationships, but I think that these one will be easier and quicker in the future.

    Sincerely, I don’t know what will happen. Why can’t I find available jobs for psichologists or pedagogists for Google company? I guess it’s because these positions aren’t essential. In this sector, indeed, It is more productive a programmer than a psychologist, that’s the reason. However, we have to change this job selection, in particular in the big companies like Facebook, Microsoft or Google.


    This article can explain you the subject I was talking before, about the future of jobs.

    The idea of an universal income has gained traction in recent years amid growing concerns about the effect that robots will have on employment.

    Musk said this presented an opportunity rather than a threat, however. “People will have time to do other things, more complex things, more interesting things. Certainly more leisure time,” he said.


    Cristoforo Marco Grasso

    Hi guys,

    huge debate this one!! I strongly believe that jobs where human relationships can add a lot of value are less likely to dissapear!

    I partially agree with Francesca. The governement should not hinder innovation, but It cannot ignore people who have to be requalified. As you already said, I think that regulation is the key point. The Equilibrium between competition, innovation and job security is a big challenge and unlickily are not as fast as Technologies.

    For example – changing a bit the focus – what are your feelings with regard to AIRBNB, Uber, Flixbus ecc..?


    Paolo Marenco
     Hey all cool debate!
    here is the eligibility list for SVST 2017
     Cristoforo Grasso

     Francesca Musolino

     Francesca Masino

     Adriano Fontanari

     Stefania Tibiletti

     Giovanni Toso

    Giovanni Ferrante

    This means that you can start search for funding ( CF, tech scout, University, locat Authorities…, family and friends).

    A few tips:
    1-  passport to be done at soonest ( far from summertime…) http://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/1090
    2 -the flight cost is less if you buy far before the Tour. The cheapest last year was American Airlines from Venezia ( 8 Euro Flix Bus from Torino)…around 600 Euro AR
    3- The inscription fee to La Storia nel Futuro – invoice 1500 Euro (plus IVA if to a IVA subject) – is due within July 31, 2017
    any other question Welcome!
    We’ll organize a full group meeting in Milan  End of May- June to make group and know one each other. Maybe on Saturday!
    Stay tuned
    Here start the …cool story! 🙂
    Florian Hofer

    Hey again, sorry for the late reply to all of you.. I just to pick up the AI topic again for a moment and then step forward to the new businesses mentioned.

    AI will for sure take a lot of simple jobs. Robots are already used for simple tasks and use of a rather complex AI could extend this to more complicated ones. It will indeed replace a lot of jobs in 30-40 years or so, but yes, that’s the point. Anyone in their 40s will not be working any more then, which makes it not a problem any more. In the age of my parents generation, for example, it was quite normal having only middle school and some professional qualification. All born from the 80s on grew up in a time where high school was the standard, ideal to easily get a good job. Now the standard is a 3 years degree. High school degree workers are getting less. This to say that the trend is already going direction highly skilled professionals and therefore an AI which takes up the tasks bottom-up is not that big problem as it seems now. Even more, it will be possible to increase workforce by robots in poor countries as they get more affordable pulling the living standards up.
    As for the rest, just think about SCI-FI. Don’t know how much of you are a little into Star-Trek, but it was a topic comping up very often. In the TNG series Data is an android Lt-Commander continuously facing problems in decision making logic can not explain. In fact, many aspects of human behaviour can not be programmed (yet), bias left aside. I tell this to show it is surely a long way, if ever possible, for AI taking over all positions in a company hierarchy.

    About Uber: great idea taxi drivers are not so happy about. Maybe it is because they just did not evolve when the technology was there. If taxi companies started using a similar system before, I think, uber wouldn’t be here now. I also heard that in Germany taxi drivers are also registering to this kind of services to at least have a full schedule.

    About Flixbus: nice way to extend public transport coverage, but I myself still prefer train :). I took it a few times and sitting in the same spot for 15 hours is not the best experience you can imagine. But for bus companies it is a way to survive. I don’t know how much they gain with this business model, but I can imagine it being not very much.

    About AIRBNB: It revolutionizes Tourism, yes, but also the places. Barcelona is one example. A once poor burrow has completely transformed over the years. It once was a characteristic part of the city until landlords found out that via aribnb they can earn a lot more of money. Being a interesting area of the city the increasing demand for apartments raised their price. Once bought they where just set-up to be rented again. Local people could no more afford the once poor people’s apartments. The local municipality is now trying to give it a turn by new laws and regulations, giving fines up to 600.000£ for trespassers (articie) Let’s see where it goes.

    Marta Pancaldi

    Hello, people from Trento 🙂
    My name is Marta and I study Computer Science at University of Bolzano, and like Florian I’m here to discuss with you, since it feels a bit lonely in Bolzano’s group…

    @giovannitoso I understand your point, that is new laws are needed to regulate new technologies. For example, when I think that collection and analysis of big data may have had such a large impact on the recent US elections – to cite the article about Cambridge Analytica – I cannot help but feel scared too.
    My largest concern, however, is not that computers become masters of our lives or human relationship are soon to be replaced by artificial ones. As @adrianofontanari wrote, some algorithms may do a job faster and in a more efficient and dependable way than a human, but still there are jobs that will not be replaced so soon by AI: artistic activities and research for example, and of course engineers who are developing and improving AI systems.
    The general problem, although it is surely more complicated than this, will probably concern the ratio between the new jobs and the old ones: technology will replace jobs involving labour and assembly line and will open more positions as software engineers whose task is to improve AI itself. But of course, training all those workers, who lost their job because of AI, to fill higher level roles created by new technologies is not easy.

    I would like to suggest an article (and check out the whole website in case you don’t know it… In a few words, Quora is a container of all answers to any questions you could possibly think of) that features different points of view about the impact of AI on the labour market: https://www.quora.com/Will-AI-kill-jobs

    Marta Pancaldi

    Also, congratulations to all who have been selected! If you already have the passport, just a quick reminder that you also need to apply for the ESTA authorization: all the info are in the link that Paolo wrote a few posts above.

    I was wondering if we could create a Facebook group including the participants from all universities: I think it would be easier to organize the travel, share techniques for sponsoring/crowdfunding and get to know each other before the tour. What do you think?:)

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, happy to announce our retreat in Milano , Bicocca University  U6 Building , Room 01B,  Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1 ( Bus 87 from the right side of Stazione Centrale)

    May , Friday 19.   Agenda:

    2,30 pm Welcome by Bicocca people

    2,40-4,30 Roberto Bonzio http://www.italianidifrontiera.com  Inspiring talk . Roberto, out of the box journalist,  is the guide of Italiani di Frontiera Silicon Valley Tours held since 2011 for 200 managers and entrepreneurs

    4,30- 7 Paolo Marenco introduction to all the City teams : Torino, Novara, Castellanza, Milano, Trento,  Bolzano, Padova, Genova. Every team will introduce the attendees one by one, the actual status of their participation ( Crowdfunding, Tech Scouting, other ) . Sinergies among teams, Q&A.

    Tour Program Presentation, useful things to know going to Silicon Valley and California ( for those who add to the SVST vacation time)

    It’s only the second time we do such retreat, thanks to Bicocca!, I think will be great for mutual knowledge and sharing programs and ideas!

    (language will be Italian  😉

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all,

    the  hotel address necessary to obtain  ESTA VISA is:

    Comfort Inn

    El Camino Real 1818 ,

    Redwood City,  CA 94063

    Marta Pancaldi

    Thank you very much, Paolo!
    I have a question about the ESTA: if I plan to stay in a hotel in San Francisco during the week before the Tour and, say, go back to S.F. during the following week (I booked the flights for the 16th August and 5th September), which address should I insert?
    I know that this travel information is not mandatory for the ESTA, but since it is officially a holiday period I would go for the first location I will stay (which should be also the longest stay). What do you think?

    Paolo Marenco

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1686889098273359/  here we are , we go on with our meeting from 4,30 to 7 pm

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all. About May 19 in Bicocca Milan.

    Adriano Fontanari has already signed for presence. For us is very important to know if the absence in Milan is “Not Participation to the Tour”, or just busy day.

    Please confirm presence on Facebook  iBicocca page.

    Our reunion for SVST 2017  will start at 4,30pm  after Roberto Bonzio inspirational  talk, so you can also arrive at that time, in case of need. Conclusion will be 7 pm.

    We’ll discuss the work in progress for funding the tour of every city group, share experiences, give advices and links. Open discussion.

    see u there!

    Marta Pancaldi

    Hello everybody!
    With the permission of Paolo, I thought it would be a good idea to create a group on Facebook to discuss our amazing SV Tour.
    During our meeting in Milan, I saw that many of you have already purchased a flight ticket and, for those who are still searching for flight options, this could be a good opportunity to find a “travel companion” 🙂
    Also, since many of us are coming to San Francisco a few days earlier, this group may help us find a common accommodation, so that we can stay and explore the city together 🙂

    The group is (obviously) called “Silicon Valley Study Tour 2017” and you’ll find it at this address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416433395090723/
    Feel free to join it and somebody will grant you the access.

    Meanwhile, good luck to everybody for the upcoming exam session! 😀

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