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  • Tommaso

    Hi guys!.

    To answer @andreastoppa question about the after-covid19, the forecasts indicate a GDP decrease of about 8/10% and an increase in 150-160% GDP/Public Debt ratio. I fear that even good companies wouldn’t make it, causing a loss in productive capacity. On the other hand, the government programmed a big push to sustain companies and I hope this will mitigate the impact of the covid-crisis.

    With regards to @giorgiaamatemaggio questions, I agree with all of you and it would be superfluous adding others considerations. Thanks @marcocanciani for sharing that interesting article!

    About today’s conference, It was great! She was extremely clear and gave us many insights into the functioning of VC market. It’s thanks to the commitment and the energy of persons such as Arianna and Mr Lotito that I still believe Italy can move forward.

    Finally, I’d love to thank you guys for your enriching comments and for the very challenging environment you participate to create. It was a great way to share views and ideas about innovation policies. The future of Italy wealth is strictly linked with innovation and human talent and occasions such as Pavia Silicon Valley Programme are such an extraordinary way to reason about it and get in the game! A proper thank also to @ismalepaolo for the suggestions and to @robertarabellotti and @paolomarenco for this great opportunity!

    Join me on LinkedIn to keep in touch!


    Have a great day guys!

    P.S: It doesn’t surprise me the @gabriellalocati really interesting quote “Ms. Bonomo said something along the lines of “investors will not put money or time into green energy innovation as far as it will not be convenient“. However, the decrease of Levelized Cost of Energy, (a single metric for evaluating competitiveness of energy resources) and higher capacity factors have been contributing to make green innovation energy much more competitive in the last decade. Check here! Moreover, I can send you the pdf of World Energy Outlook 2019 edited by International Energy Agency. Let me know if you are interested!


    Hi everyone!

    I’m glad many of you found very enlightening Yuval Noah Harari’s article which I attached here yesterday . 🙂

    I would like to answer to @giorgiaamatemaggio and @serenagabbetta’s questions.

    Unfortunately, I am not so optimistic as many of you and I don’t believe in the institutional trust which many italians developed in this period. I think this argument should be analysed in a political and economic level.

    During the last few years Europe was characterized by an unprecedented populism. Italy is one of the first countries to have succumbed to this populism thanks to the succession of unstable governments. Politicians we watch on tv are always the same, they simply take turns in government, so whichever party Italy is led by, the Italians find it hard to believe anyone of them. Many of you think that this virus could restore the lost trust of the Italians (maybe thinking that Italians would remember in the future which politician was actually helping Italy and who was not). Ideally, it should go in this way.

    However, this health emergency is going to become a global financial crisis. For this reason Italy (and many other European countries) needs help. After Coronavirus, our economy   has to be rebuilt as if we were in a post-war, but this time there will be no a “Marshall plan” from Usa in order to help us, simply because America abdicated from its global governance role since a while (even before Trump presidency). The problem is we cannot trust China because of its “not really democratic policies”.

    In a scenario without solutions, Europe is alone and moreover Italy. Next year there will be chaos in our Parliament, any proposal for an economic maneuver will be questioned by the opposition, no motion will be approved because of majority and the government will fall again. It is a story we all know well. So, how can Italians rebuild their trust in institutions if we continuously change our representatives?

    Italian politics is characterized by a succession of baby-governments which never become old and we need to be aware of this. I would love to dream a better place to live in, but I prefer to be realistic in order to be conscious of the problems of our society and thinking of a way to get out of this loop!

    I would like to know your opinion on what I’ve said, but only if it is not redundant.

    I would like to thank you all for this experience, I think sharing our opinion in this forum was very constructive! The different meeting I attended were very interesting and suggestive. In particular, Mr. Lotito gave us the right motivation to continue believing in our projects, even when no one else does. The enthusiasm of Arianna today was the “right push” to continue to deepen this field of study also in the future.

    Finally, I would like to thank @robertarabellotti and @paolomarenco for giving us the possibility to know more about start-ups and to let us live a bit of the great experience which SVST could be!

    Noemi Scifo



    Here we are at the conclusion. Well, what to say? It was an instructive, interesting and above all inspiring experience. As a communication student, unfortunately, I don’t have courses that deal with these topics, so I really appreciated the possibility of being able to participate in this initiative and being able to meet, even digitally, such important guests.

    The forum experience was a lot of fun and it was an excellent place for discussion, exchange of ideas and source of readings; moreover, during this period of quarantine it really kept me very company.

    Finally, I can thank @paolomarenco for extending the invitation for the “Virtual Silicon Valley” to be held in June to all of us. I can’t wait to attend these conferences!

    I’d like also to thank @ismalepaolo for the readings and   @robertarabellotti for recording and moderating the meetings. Thank you all for your time and this opportuinity. Thank you!

    (All previous conferences have been recorded, if possible I would like to ask for the possibility of recording those of June as we will be in the exam period and therefore difficult to foresee if we will we able to follow the live broadcast).

    See ya!!


    Good evening, everyone!

    I would like to thank you all for your comments and suggestions for articles: I tried to read them all and to reply.

    I would like to thank today especially Arianna Maschietto for her speech and for making me reflect on very important issues such as the importance of innovation and investment in it. I already knew Plug and Play, but after today I can say to know more this reality, such as its “triple soul” and the difference between accelerators and Startup incubators. The key concept of the seminar was disruption, in the sense of radical change that impacts people’s lives in a significant way. It was nice to retrace the history of innovation from the first industrial revolution, passing through the success of the great technological giants in the 70s, up to today to some “4.0” Startups that started from nothing but that in a very short time have revolutionized people’s lives.

    In this difficult historical moment, it is necessary to make a reflection: the economic crisis that is now beginning  will hurt the companies? Will startups decrease? As Arianna said, many of the most famous Startups in the world, including Tesla, were born in times of economic crisis, so from this historical moment we could get something good and highly impacting on everyday life. At this point, I would like to submit to you my personal reflection on the correlation crisis-innovation, and on changes of scientific and technological paradigms. I quote Thomas Kuhn, a very important american physicist and philosopher. Paraphrasing his thought, Kuhn says two very important things:

    1) Changes (technological and scientific) do not occur linearly and they are not distributed equally over time, but they occur “in leaps” and they are triggered by major events of particular significance, such as a war, an economic crisis or a terrorist attack.

    2) The scientific process is divided into 6 phases: pre-paradigmatic period, paradigm acceptance, normal science, birth of anomalies, paradigm crisis and scientific revolution. Following a highly impacting event, the phase 5 occurs, because the science has not been able to face the changes taking place. At this moment, the last phase opens with
    the discussion within the scientific community on the new paradigms to accept and what innovations to bring to society. The choice of paradigm is made on socio-psychological or pragmatic bases (young science or technology replace older ones). Once the crisis has been tackled, we will return to phase 1.

    To learn more details about his thoughts, I leave you to a site:

    It was a pleasure for me to participate in the conferences and debates on this forum, good luck to everyone!



    Hi everyone!

    The past weeks have been truly motivational, fascinating and inspiring! I have personally learned so much from our debates; not only from the conferences we participated in but also from all the articles, videos and different insights shared among us that have been precious and stimulating. I started this rather small journey without really knowing what I was going to get myself into; we were able to create our own ecosystem, we found a balance between ourselves and the results, as also @paolomarenco pointed out today, were outstanding.

    I really enjoyed today’s conference and I found the work carried out Plug and Play extremely interesting; furthermore, being able to witness such a young successful woman, such as Arianna Maschietto, talking about her achievements and sharing essential knowledge on her work with us was truly inspirational. Every single speaker from the conferences has uniquely contributed, sharing their precious points of view, opinions, and experiences, to this valuable opportunity I am really thankful for.

    I want to personally thank @paolomarenco, @robertarabellotti, and @ismaelepaolo for offering us this amazing opportunity, but most of all thanks to anyone that has participated to this forum, without you this could have never been possible! As Mr. Lotito said: “happiness for the success of others is the base of any ecosystem” and I hope this is not less true than for ours!



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    I was very pleased to listen to the lecture by Mrs Arianna Maschietto. Her competence and enthusiasm in trying to convey the message has strongly involved me. Her thesis that Italian talents must be valued both at home and abroad struck me also because I am very oriented towards these ideologies.

    In her words, the pride of being Italian emerged. She stressed that the discoveries and innovations, in most sectors, has Italian fatherhood. Here was born her desire to continue this successful tradition which in recent decades has somewhat regressed for several reasons, one of all the bureaucracy that oppresses and discourages any initiative.

    The idea of importing Plug and Play into our country in order to create a more effective system of collaboration between the member companies and improve its growth excites me.

    Italy, however, must accelerate the mechanisms that help growth, the government must invest more in opportunities. It’s all about believing it or not.
    We need to give positive impetus to this kind of projects. The initiative to which Mrs Maschietto belongs, which proposes to invest in start-ups including Italian ones, is an incentive.

    I hope that my generation, who like us, loves his country, understands the importance of being forward-looking and therefore of investing in their own country to leave development and wealth here because otherwise if we lose sight of this goal, we will become poorer more and more of our beautiful country will remain only the memory of the past.

    I thank all those @robertarabellotti, @paolomarenco and @ismalepaolo who have allowed me to participate in this new experience that has helped me to get to know a world of which so far I had only heard of but which I had never had the opportunity to experience personally.

    Greetings and goodbye, see you soon.

    Chiara Sperto


    Thanks a lot everybody for your participation in this forum! As I said, you can continue the discussion here using this forum to spread your ideas and compare viewpoints.

    I have already received some CV, and for those who have not sent it yet, you can send it at the address ismaelepaoli@gmail.com until tomorrow at 13 pm 😉

    We will update you within Friday, April 17th! 🙂

    Paolo Marenco

    Here you find the recording of yesterday 1 st meeting of PoliTO Silicon Valley 2020: it will be a 3 conference cycle- April 7 and 21, May 13,  5,30 pm- with 3 speakers strictly connected with our SVST ( @StefanoPistillo  @CarloBrugo @SimoneDalledonne @AndreaScianò  are all SVST Alumni, the last speaker Andrea Baldini  is a former host in CISCO Silicon Valley, now working in Italy in Reply.
    In this conference you will see the type of content and the style we’ll have in the Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020 cycle, starting on June.
    Confirm in the relevant Forum your presence.
    Congrats for the quality of this Forum 😉

    oymOunyGKJ5ygnRi98da-<wbr />d4eLP/view?usp=sharing

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    Paolo Marenco

    Dear all, we decided that you all in this forum are eligible to attend the”Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020” and the SVST August 2021.

    To partecipate to Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020, please fulfill this form within May 10 2020. To know the other attendees you can now join the relevant Forum . Here the preliminary program.

    The following list is necessary to state who are the four prized by the University Department to attend, without paying the inscription fee, the SVST August 2021 (the only cost for the participant are: the flight, the medical insurance, lunches and dinners in Silicon Valley).

    The students from the position five to eleven have to be considered as reserve in case of any of the first four could not attend the SVST August 2021.

    1 Giorgia Amatemaggio

    2 Gabriella Locati

    3 Marco Canciani

    4 Niccolò Puppo

    5 Andrea Stroppa

    6 Chiara Sperto

    7 Serena Gabbetta

    8 Noemi Scifo

    9 Fabiana D’Urso

    10 Tommaso Alabardi

    11 Jacopo Tirintilli


    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, I see some of you already  joining Go To Silicon Valley Virtually 2020 ( Forum and Form) Great!

    I advise you to follow the last 2 webinar organized for Politecnico di Torino students, April 21st  and May 13th 5,30-7 pm , with 2 speakers in the frame of the June project.

    On April 21th Andrea Sciano IT doctor, Alumnus SVST 2014 will tell his story, after the SVST. He is, thanks to SVST,   frontend SW developer,  remote working  from Torino since 5 years, for Sysdig, fast growing San Francisco Company

    On May 13th Andrea Baldini, Electronic Engineer, VC Investor and Non-executive Director of Breed Reply Italian Multinational IT Company. Baldini has been a very appreciated host of  SVST  when  working in Cisco, Silicon Valley, between 2006 and 2011, before chosing to come back to Italy.

    Save the dates, soon  we’ll post the link to join the 2 web conferences!

    Paolo Marenco

    meet.google.com/uhz-vquj-wub  here the link for tomorrow and May 13 conferences!

    See you!!!

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    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all,

    great webinar yesterday for 78  students from Torino, Milano, Genova, Verbania …..and Pavia University !!

    Here you can listen the recording…the young experience of Andrea Scianò between Torino and the Silicon Valley, after attending SVST 2014

    21 April 2020 – 5.30 – 7 pm CET Andrea Scianò, Alumno SVST 2014, frontend engineer Sysdig –  videoconferece recording

    And this is the next one, the last  before the 12 of Go TO Silicon Valley Virtually 2020!

    13 May 2020 – 5.30 -7 pm CET Andrea BaldiniVC investor, non-executive director Breed Reply

    join us!

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all,

    Here you can find the video conference program “Go to Silicon Valley Virtually 2020” and the Zoom link to follow it.

    Valerio Marco

    Hey guys, nice to meet you all!

    I’m Valerio Marco Ciampi, almost 28. I graduated in 2018 in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia and I’m currently studying Digital Communication at the University of Pavia. Actually I’m a non-attending student because, after a six month internship, I have been hired as Digital Marketing Assistant in Speexx, a language service provider company: I feel so lucky given the COVID-19 situation.

    I’m excited and I hope for all of us that this dream can come true. Why? Well, I think that this opportunity comes once in a lifetime: have the chance to visit California, have the chance to visit the Silicon Valley having a look so closely at all the companies that, basically, are running the digital world and not only. Moreover, the opportunity to learn a lot from them it’s the right boost we all need to our careers.

    And last, but not least: since I was a kid I’ve had this dream call United States. I’ll probably cry…

    Anyway, you guys can add me on Linkedin and have a lovely talk about our passions. It would be so great and I’ll be please of that!!!

    I hope to see and meet you all soon, have a good day! 😀

    Valerio Marco Ciampi

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