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  • Marco

    Hello everyone! My name is Marco and I am 21 years old. I am about to graduate in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia (CIM) from the University of Pavia. Ever since I chose this course of study, I have always been fascinated by technological innovation and the benefits that this is bringing us in our daily lives. Thanks to my dad, who taught me to program from an early age. I still remember my first “computer program”, the basic Hello World. I think that getting in touch with important realities of innovation processes can be fundamental for my professional growth. I am very excited for this new challenge and I am motivated to give my best.

    What do I do in my spare time? I read a good book, play an instrument or dedicate myself to videomaking, another great passion.
    It’s all guys!


    Hi everyone. My name is Daniele, I’m 21 and I live in Piedmont. I graduated last december in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia (CIM) at University of Pavia. Then, since october I’m a student of the brand new course of Digital Communication (CoD). The course is active from this year and it’s very interesting and challenging by some points of view.
    I’ve always dreamed to become a musical journalist because I’m fascinated by every musical genre and also because music is my biggest passion. In fact, I usually listen to music at least for a couple of hours a day. I play acoustic guitar and I’m looking forward to start my lessons to learn how to play piano. I’m a huge fan of Linkin Park and rock music in general, even from the ’70s and ’80s. I spend a lot of money on tickets to go to all the concerts I can afford.

    Of course I’m into technology,  as smartphones and computers, and I’d like to learn how to control a drone. Anyone could tell that these things I just mentioned are going to be some of the main actors of our lives in the next future,so I’d like to study them from a different angle by taking a look at the technological world they’re sourranded by. Some of the biggest companies are starting to experiment new techologies and I’d like to take a closer look to them, to understand how they work in a proper way.

    Last but not least, I’ve always loved USA. One of my biggest dream is to live in a big american city such as Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. I love the culture and the way Americans live cheerfully together, but also their passion for every sport and their way live the everyday life, always focused on what they want to be and making their best to achieve their dreams. I love California, its sun, the blue sky and the palms. I’d like to take a walk near the Ocean. I’d love to visit Silicon Valley and meet in person some of the brightest minds in the world.

    And now, as Porky Pig would say at the end of the episode: “That’s all folks!”. Thank you very much for your attention, talk to you soon!



    I am Federica Marino, I am 22 years old and a student of ‘Economic Development and International Relations’. At this moment in history, I strongly believe in the words ‘simplicity and honesty’. So I proceed along this path.I can describe my life with: curiosity, authenticity, determination , conscious sustainability, action, courage, gratitude, creating something that does good, challenges , break the limits and not of less importance: joy of living.

    I don’t know what this experience will bring, but I want to test myself and learn as much as possible to enrich myself professionally!Good luck to all 🙂 and good life!

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    Hi guys,

    my name is Stefano Cassani and I’m 25 years old. I graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations. Now I’m a student of govern and public policies.

    I’m a guy who never stops! In my life I made a lot of different experiences. While in high school I was a professional dancer with my own dance school. During a period of work I attended a ground steward course with an English commerce certification and after that I continued with my studies. Unfortunately in 2016 I got sick with multiple sclerosis but this fact never stopped me. In that moment I started to travel and study even more. I think this experience can enrich in a remarkable way my personal luggage. Considering my interest in this area it can be an excellent starting point to work on my skills. Today we live in a globalized world, in an interconnected society and this tempts me to gain experience in this field. This are experiences that increase considerably my knowledge in comparative study in different areas like the politics, economics and judiciary fields.


    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!

    My name is Sara Boccaletti and I’m 22 years old. I’m a freshman at the master’s degree in Digital Communication here at UniPV, after graduating always here in CIM.

    Like some of you, in my leisure time, I enjoy doing video and images editing, and I love photography as well. I’m not a professional, but I like everything that consist in create something using or not technological devises. My passion, my inspiration and my unfailing stubbornness, are what motivate me to do (more or less) everything I want.

    I consider myself very lucky, because I’ve already had the opportunity to visit America, and as Margherita and Valerio have said in the conference, it is a world completely different from ours. However, one thing is to go there as a young girl who goes on study-vacation, another is to go there as a university student.  A student who is both scared and curious by the unknow, and who is willing to make new experiences and talk with people, who have finally realized their big dreams and hopefully get inspired by them and absorb as much as possible from an opportunity, that I believe, only Silicon Valley Tour can give me.

    I also want to thank @giorgiaamatemaggio for her concern, hope you guys the same!

    Have a nice evening!


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    Hi guys!

    I’m Fabrizio, from Lecce and I’m 26 years old. I have a degree in information, media and advertising at University of Urbino and now i’m enrolled at master’s degree in Digital Communication here in Pavia.

    I didn’t understand immediately what I wanted to do after high school; so I decided to take a sabbatical year that I spent in England. Back in Italy with greater awareness of the importance of studying, I started my university career. However, I was still not sure what I wanted to study and initially I choose food technologies at the University of Bologna. Well, it wasn’t for me so in the second year I left the course and then finally enrolled in Urbino. I am happy with the path I have taken, cause making mistakes i found the right way. I’m actually quite optimistic, I always try to see the positive side of things and grasp the opportunities, so here I am. This represents a great opportunity to grow as a person and to open up new job prospects. We’ll see what will happen! Till then, stay strong in this critical moment and buena vida

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    Hi everyone! My name is Giovanna and I’m 23 years old. I’m a student of Digital Communication (CoD) here in Pavia.

    Last year I graduated in Foreign Languages for Business at the University of Urbino and then I decided to study Economy at UniMore, but I realized that it  was a big mistake, it was not what I really want for my future. I spent months thinking about what to do and I discovered how advertising, communication and marketing fascinate me. When in June I found this master’s degree I immediately understood it was the piece of the puzzle I missed. After the first semester, I know it has been the right choice, but I don’t regret any choice I did before, because each of them helped me to know what I really want and which are my interests and skills.

    Actually, I’ve never been  in America but I’ve always dreamt about it, so why wasting this great opportunity? Furthermore, I really want to meet new people and share with them my ideas and have interesting conversations. I’m curious about this set of conferences and I was really motivated by what the old participants said. I really want to take part of this project, and I hope to enjoy this experience so that I can do something new that surely enrich my professional background.

    I hope to meet you soon guys !



    Hi everybody,

    I’m Guglielmo and I’m caurrently attending the second year of ‘Political Sciences and International Relations’ bachelor at University of Pavia. I decided to enroll in this course because I think that it can provide an eclectic education, ranging from economics to history, through philosophy and that’s very important in a world requiring multifaceted expertises. As far as my personality is concerned, I’m a very curious and open-minded kind of person who has always had two passions: drama and trips. Since I was a child, these two passions have taught me how much imporatant is to put ourselves at test by making new experiences, because it’s the best way to enlarge our horizons of knowledge and skills.

    I’m very excited about this initiative in the Silicon Valley, even if, to be honest, it’s a world which I’m not so cultered of; but this, instead of being an hindrance, is a motivation. It’s a motivation because I’m not afraid of dealing with anything of new and  it’s a way to meet new people whom I can learn a lot from. Moreover, it’s not the first time that I test myself in something of completely new: when I was at the high school, I took part in the MUN (modul united nations) project; at the beginning, I didn’t know anything about that and I didn’t even have a good level of english, but then, I became so interested that  I couldn’t imagine that this would have influenced the choices for my education path in future. That’s why I’ve chosen international relations. Why couldn’t this experience significantly forge a part of my future, given that Stefania, in the presentation conference, has told that many ways were paved for her?

    Guglielmo Calvi


    A big welcome to everybody! Thanks for introducing you, I believe we will have many stimulating discussions in this forum 😉 so let’s start!

    I would like to begin from your point of view about technology. Specifically, I am asking you to share a past experience of yours in which you have been fascinated about the application of technology.

    I tell you mine 🙂 I remember my first experience in the Amazon Go shop in San Francisco: I had heard rumors about it, but it was my first time in a real store like that. I was surprised to see a lot of cameras and sensors able not only to monitor the correct behavior of customers, but also (very likely) to track useful information about what customers like and dislike in order to enhance the customer experience.

    Now guys tell me your experience…who’s next?


    Hi Ismaele.

    I’d like to share one of my memories: I was 18 and I was on a trip with my classmates in Monaco (Germany). We visited the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest museum of science and technology. During the tour with our professor, who is a very good computer scientist, we saw the Turing machine which is a machine projected by Alan Turing. It was able to decode the encrypted language of the Enigma, a machine used by the Nazis to communicate during World War II.

    I was completly fascineted by how it used to work becuase it was the first step towards artificial intelligence. It amazed me and since then I started feeling more interested in technology: I learned how to create a web page and how to write its code and then I started designing some small computer programs just for fun.

    And that’s it. Here’s the story of how I started my long-term relationship with technology. Hope you liked it.
    Talk to you later, bye!


    Good morning everybody,

    I am so glad I have the chance to know you all, even if just virtually.

    Thank you @danieleborin for sharing your story with us. Nowadays it exist many copies of the Enigma machine from Turing, I’ve personally seen one in the IIWW “Memorial de Caen” in Normandy. It is a fascinating technology and the film that has been produced about this innovation is interesting and well done, for the ones that are interested in it.

    In my personal experience technology has not been part of my whole life. When I was a child, I was not really interested in it. However, by the time I grew up I understood the impact that it has on our every day’s life.

    Some of the most fascinating uses of it, in my opinion, are the great options for person with disabilities.

    Exoskeleton are just one of the proves of how technology could help those in need. They are commonly used to help people who had severe spinal cord injury and are not able anymore to walk or do simple gestures. I once heard the story of a young girl, whom had an accident that left her with a sever spinal cord injury and left her paralysed. Thanks to an exoskeleton, that she could use at home, she was able again to make simple actions by herself: such as stand up from her bed, walk around the house, or reach objects in the higher shelves. She was able to do small actions that we take for granted in every day’s life, actions that are small for us, but could be a great message for hope for those who have disabilities.

    The downside of these kind of assistance technologies are the costs, which are currently still too expensive for common people. Moreover, it takes a lot of effort and exercise to learn how to use properly these kinds of systems.

    I recently also read an article about a competition called Cybathlon, in which people from all around the World, who uses assistance system, will compete one against each other to raise awareness on the subject. Next competition will be held in May 2020 in Switzerland. The aim of Cybathlon is to promote the research and the development of assistive technologies. This event improves the dialogue between developers and people with disabilities whom will be able to share their stories, their knowledge and their obstacles concerning the assistive system, creating a great opportunity for improvement.

    This is just one of the uses of technologies that fascinates me. The improvements that we have reached in the latest years have changed the life of many people around the globe. Sometimes we do not understand how small improvements could change the world we are living in. Also, small adjustments, as the example Ismaele shared with us, could completely modify our way of living life.

    For those of you who are interested to know more about Cybathlon here is the link to the web page of the event https://ethz.ch/en.html If you are informed about the subject, I would be really interested in knowing what you think about assistive systems and their uses.

    Hope you guys have a nice day, take care



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    Thank you Ismaele,

    First of all, I completely agree with the comment of @giorgiaamatemaggio and, like her, I want to talk about technologies and disabilities.

    Recently, I’ve studied a subject called Digital and Multimedia Communication, which talks about Museums, in particular how museums are managed, how they communicate and the innovations adopted.

    I was impressed when I discovered the use of technology such as Google Glass to allow deaf people to be independent during the museum visit, because on their special glasses they can get all informations about the path to follow and all content about artworks simply looking at them.

    I’m glad when I hear such things, which means the use of technology to help people with disabilities. Unfortunately, I’ve also studied that there are few museums which adopted these kinds of technologies.

    Finally, I think that all museums should equip themselves to give at least an equal chance to attend to these cultural events.

    Do you know other technologies applied in this field?

    Thank you everybody


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    I am Maman and I am in my third year as a bachelor of International Relations.

    The University of Pavia has given me a lots of opportunities to challenge myself and therefore I’ve been able to work beyond my conform zone.

    Last year I’ve been to France as an exchange student and thanks to the Erasmus program, I was able to do so.
    Amazingly it was my first time faraway from home and it really opened my eyes. Of all the things I’ve learned,
    stopping to complaining about negative things in my life was the most important of all and ever since I’ve started to make decisions that make me happy.

    This year I’ve also worked as an assistant to several professors and I’ve worked as a tutor for various courses at my university, such as economics, marketing and assisting in opening programs.
    At first I was afraid to talk in front of other people, but I decided it was time to face my fears and what I’ve learned during this period of time at the university is that you don’t need to be perfect to start something, but you just have to be brave to start, even if you’re not gonna succeed.

    The reason why I’m interested in the silicon valley program is because it will help me to make a decision about the Master program I want to do.
    I think if I would be able to have this experience, I will find the inspiration I need and will also realize one of my dreams; visiting the USA.
    I really love the idea of meeting new people and learn things due to this experience.

    Have a nice day!


    Hi guys,

    I wanna spend few words talking about 3D print following the topic introduced by @giorgiaamatemaggio. Have you ever read about all the potentialities that 3D print has? I advise you to visit the laboratory of 3D printing at our university, more precisely it is close to “Nave” building. That laboratory is amazing!!! I had the opportunity to visit it last year, with my classmates, and it’s been an incredible experience. We talked to some students and professors specialized in 3D printing. Thanks to this technology you can CREATE everything that you have in your mind, starting from simple objects like a fork or spoon until mechanical prosthesis. Moreover, you can create fake organs to improve the quality of teachings, giving important tools to students and professors. Furthermore, I wanna share with you, guys, a funny story told to me during the visit. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of that student, but he and his team created a huge wall of reinforced concrete, a couple of months before our visit,  in order to understand how strong could be and that wall was still there because they couldn’t be able to destroy it. there are many sectors where 3D printing can be used, but nowadays the costs are quite high for a single printer, and this technique can be applied just by few companies. Personally, I found revolutionary 3D print technology and the revolution has just started.

    I wanna share with all this video of National Geographics. in this video are recorded reactions of children whit their new 3D printed prosthesis.

    And also this article about our university and the 3D laboratory

    what do you think about 3D print and all its uses?

    I would like to listen to the opinion of all of you.

    have a nice day.



    Good morning to all guys!

    Unfortunately, I have no great experiences to tell you about. Certainly, one of the points that has always  fascinated me is technology to bridge distances. For the last two years I have been in a relationship with a girl who lives more than 500 miles away. Never as in this situation I realized the potential of technology.

    Researchers define us long distance lovers and it is a constantly growing phenomenon in the population all over the world. Everything starts with Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype and arrives at real gadgets designed for the situation. For example, TapTap to feel the physical contact of the partner wherever he is. Another gadget is Kissinger, the gadget to send kisses. But in my opinion the most interesting one is The HugShirt, an object that was invented by the Italian Francesca Rossella. The aim is to transmit the warmth of a hug to someone far away. When the wearer applies pressure to the fabric, through a series of sensors the pressure is transmitted to the shirt of his partner, wherever he is (even if he is wearing the shirt at that time).

    If you want to know more about, I leave you the links of the three creations that I mentioned.





    Speaking of distance, I must reflect on what we are experiencing these days. In 1960 for the first time, the teacher Manzi entered the house of Italians through television teaching how to read and write. At the time it was an extraordinary thing. Today technologies like the internet, social networks, distance learning and smart working, have allowed us to bring together everything that had been removed from the emergency we are experiencing.

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