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  • Paolo Marenco
    This is a great Year for us,  for 2 reasons for VCO:

    1-the 20th of our Association La Storia nel Futuro born in Omegna  in 1999,  that invented the Silicon Valley Study Tour  in 2005 together with SVIEC

    2- Our great return in VCO where our first conference on Local culture in Tecnoparco has been made on January 30th, 1998

    To celebrate we want to do more. Thanks the opportunity offered by  Progetto per l’Imprenditorialità Giovanile del VCO, starting in October 2018  we want to promote the attendance to SVST 2019  up to 4 students residents in VCO,   attending the 5th Year High School that will follow the conferences that will  be promoted in Istituto Cobianchi and in other interested VCO High Schools. The attendance to SVST 2019 will be possible also for Students of University, whichever one, resident in VCO, that will actively discuss in this Forum.

    The interested to attend have to introduce theirselves here in english and discuss the conference topics.

    We’ll decide who will be ready to attend the Silicon Valley Tour  within May 2019, thanks to discussion results, student CV and final interview with a Commission made by the Project Partners (Fondazione Comunitaria, Unione Industriale VCO, Comune di Verbania, ARS UNI VCO, Amici del Cobianchi, La Storia nel Futuro) according with the Call to action (Bando) you can find here

    The selected students will have total expense coverage – a part  lunchs and dinners in Silicon Valley- thanks to the funding gathered by the Project Partners

    Go VCO students …let’s start the challenge!

    The Tour in Silicon Valley will be open also to VCO Managers and Entrepreneurs interested to get useful links for their companies from this unique experience.

    We are happy to launch this discussion Forum with the report written by Pavia University student Lara Princivalle from Borgosesia, great attendee of SVST 2015, now working in Trento, after the degree in Pavia.

    Finally, read  what the attendee Fabio Vantaggiato Business Grad of Milano Bicocca University, from Varallo Sesia,  kept from the experience of SVST 2018.

    Marco Pastore

    Hi everyone! I am really excited about the fact that next year Silicon Valley Study Tour would bring VCO high shool students in the global centre of innovation! It is such a huge opportunity!

    I live in Arona and I joined the tour in 2016 (two edition ago, I was 20 years old) after the first year of university. SVST completely changed my life and I am sure it will completely change the lives of the VCO students that will join the tour next year. Believe me.

    I frequented a Technical Commercial Institute (Ragioneria) as high school and then started university in the field of Business Administration. I was totally sure about my choice. During the first months of university I have join the entreprenurial program offered by my Atheneum and I heard for the first time about SVST. I decided to participate and I have been selected… I was totally unaware of the effects that this tour would have brought on my studies (and my life in general).

    To have the possibility to touch with hands what is happening in the most innovative area worldwide greatly expand your vision about the world, in particular making you conscious that innovation is strongly linked with economic development of a country. We encountered many successful italian that are doing high level research in Californian universities but also lot of people working in the biggest tech companies (Google, Facebook, HP and others). They told us about the projects they are working on and this make you aware about how much faster will run the future.

    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented/virtual reality, biotechnologies, blockchain are just some of the new technologies that are developing now and that in a relatively short period (5-20 years) will completely deploy their effects shaping a completely new economy (and new society). Lot of jobs will disappear and new ones are emerging. Being able to identify these trends in the labour market is an incredibly powerful skill that will conduct students toward their best possible career.

    After the tour I started focusing on new innovative topics and now, after two years, I am going to start my master degree in Statistics and Data science because these type of studies can bring me to work in project related to artificial intelligence. If you ask myself of two years ago “Will you ever study statistics in your life?” I would had answered “Naaa, math is useless!”. No one during the High School even hinted at the changes happening in the world of work.

    So what else to say? I am really happy that other guys from my local area will have the opportunity to join the tour. I strongly believe that this project can deploy big effects on our territory. Usually people come back and start developing projects in their areas bringing value to the entire local ecosystem.

    I will come with Paolo at Cobianchi High School and other ones to talk about this incredible tour!
    Feel free to write me if you desire further informations about Silicon Valley. My personal mail is m.pastore9@campus.unimib.it

    I hope to see a lot of VCO people discuss under this forum, see you soon!

    #loveVCO #loveSiliconValley


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    Maddalena Baraggia

    Hi everybody!!

    My name is Maddalena Baraggia, I’m 23 years old and I live in Gravellona Toce.

    After my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2017, I decided to follow my passion and my interest for the financial system and now I’m attending the second year of the Master of Science in Management and Finance, this course has experienced a very deep transformation in 2017, in fact a lot of subjects are taught in English, giving me the possibility to improve a lot in this language and one of the major innovation is the introduction of the Elective courses where managers will explain us how is the real work and linking the arguments we have learnt in theory to real firms and situations, for example in the following months I will attend some of these courses like Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Strategy, Business Process Reengineering and many others.

    During the University’s years there is an experience that had a great positive impact on myself and I wish to share it with you.
    In June 2018 I won a scholarship and I went to the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey to take a course on Bloomberg and I passed the “Bloomberg Market Concepts” Certification with the positive valuation of 98%.
    During this trip I also went in guided tours to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the NASDAQ and even in the Stevens’ Incubator of ideas where I met some guys who where working in big projects.

    I’m very curious about the world around me and this experience in the USA left me the desire to go there again and I think that there is nothing better than this tour in the Silicon Valley, where I can see the heart of the innovation and technology which are very important nowadays.
    Moreover, I have studied a lot about what is a seed, a start up, a Business Angel and I think that for me it will be a great opportunity to see all the life stages of real successfull firms in this great incubator of technology.

    See you soon to discuss about the topics!



    Hi everyone!

    My name is Federico Motta, I’m 18 years old and I live in Ornavasso.

    I’m a student of Cobianchi and I study informatics. During these years I learn a lot of things concerning both software and hardware. Regarding software I did many programming languages like HTML and CSS, JAVA, C++, XML, VBA and ACCESS. Regarding hardware I did some experience in the assembly and disassembly of PC and an internship at a technical assistance store, where I have done many activities like change hard disk and part of PC, do backup and solve software problem like eliminate virus and malware, configure unrecognized devices <span lang=”en”>or a simple cleaning and speeding up of the pc. I also did an experience of one day looking at professional technicians at work thanks to the job shadow. All this experience allowed me to improve my skill, increase my curiosity but most important see how the job’s world work.</span>

    In addition to the field of informatics, in the last period I started to get interested in economics and marketing and i decided, once school is over to go to university to better understand this world.

    I decided to partecipate ” Silicon valley study tour” because i think having the chance to talk with manager and business owners is a big opportunity in order to see the world in a different prospective. Also i always want to see the USA and go in the exact place where important people create their fortune will be very significant and impactful form me, and could change my life goals.

    See you soon for the discussion!



    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all! It was a great meeting yesterday in Cobianchi …I could’t imagine to find such a clever group!

    I’m more and more convinced that we can’t bring in Tour only the 4 selected and funded…but also the crowdfunded ones! Let’s see your interest here

    Join us and tell yr feeling

    ciao paolo

    Lorenzo Daidone

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Lorenzo Daidone, I attended the Silicon Valley Study Tour this summer. This experience changed my life and my career.
    I would like to share with you my crowdfunding story. When I was selected to partecipate in the experience I was really excited but I wasn’t able to pay it…but in the end I went to California!

    For many of you the crowdfunding way could be a good opportunity.

    How did I do? Find out more at: https://youtu.be/eY5UxCM_Ras

    Lorenzo Antoniazzi

    Hi, my name is Lorenzo Antoniazzi, I’m 18 years old and I live in Verbania. I’m in my last year of IT secondary school at the ISS L.Cobianchi.

    In my classes I study a lot of programming languages and other informatic things like OS, hardware components, telecommunication and so on. Lately I’ve been really confused about what I want to do in my future because I’m not really convinced of my studies. the last year I visited Texas and that journey opened my eyes to a new and different world with different people, different cities, and different ways to live. It made me understand that there’s not only one reality, but outside the door of our little world of traditions and banalities there are a lot of things to see. The last month I visited Germany too with 3 other friends of mine and that was the proof that this is the road I want to follow in my life, I want to travel a lot all around the globe to see new countries, meet people and understand different cultures. I know that this is maybe a utopia, but this is my secret dream that I hope one day will become true.


    When I attended the meeting last Friday I was really surprised to hear about this project, I’ve never heard about The Silicon Valley Study Tour, but after the first minutes of the speech, I loved it, I just can’t believe that someone can give us such a big opportunity to see some of the biggest technological industries and in such a simple and modern way. Only the thought that I have the possibility of visiting such a beautiful country with other people of my age makes me crazy, I want to join this trip more than I want a diploma. In conclusion, I’m going to do my best to take my place on this trip because I know that If I went to the Silicon Valley I would find again my love for the IT.


    See you in the forum!



    Andrea Gallini

    My name is Andrea, I’m 18 years old.
    I live in Arizzano, a littel country over Verbania.
    I’m a student of Cobianchi and I’m studying Ambiental Biotecnology in the course called “ Biotecnologie ambientali”.
    I’m studying Biotecnology to improve the future and maybe how we can help our planet and to open my mind.
    I like know something that in normal life I can’t imagine, like how the microorganism metabolism work.
    I would like to go to Silicon Valley because I think that talk with entrepreneurs who have success can help me to know how this type of “World” continues to develop and how I can join it.
    In my opinion this is one of the most interesting Tour that in five years my school have preposed to me.
    I hope to go to Silicon Valley.
    See you soon in the forum.

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all this is the CV Format, one page we need ( also for Bando)

    Name Surname

    Cell Phone: +39



    General information §     Nationality:

    §     Date of birth:

    §     Birthplace:

    §     Address:

    Education §     High school certificate in………..-  final vote …./100

    §     University Study: University Name – Degree in ………………. –  final vote ……….

    §     Courses attended: ……

    Average vote:

    Languages §     English: ……certificate ……



    Job experiences §



    Computer and tools knowledge §



    Hobbies and associations §



    Travels §  

    Hi everyone!!!

    My name is Kabir Hakim, I’m 20 yo and I’m studing  at Politecnico di Milano in  second year of Automation Engineering.

    I’ve always had a great interest for the technology, especially for Robotics, and its devolopment at the service of the mankind. My passion led my studies. I graduated as electronics and automation expert at IIS Cobianchi in 2017 and I start my university career with a lot of Goals like a Master in Robotics and Cybernetics.

    Came to know about the project SVST and the Challenge i said to myself:”it’s my occasion!”. The possibility to see with my own eyes the place where the most important innovation come from and return to my country with a new light in my eyes full of urge to do the difference.

    I’m so excited, motivated and hopefull to enjoying part of this Contest. I can’t wait to argue with you about TECNOLOGY and many other topics on this forum!

    Sys, HK!

    Emanuele Savino

    Hello guys,
    my name’s Emanuele Savino, I’m 18 years old and I live in Verbania.
    I’m a student at Cobianchi Istitute and I am attending the 5 of year High School.
    I’m fascinated about science and its applications so this is the reason why I chose scientific and technological courses.

    I am studying subjects such as chemistry, physics, geology, maths and biology and we deal with rules, theorems, theories and formulas that represent the wonderful movements of nature. I study computer science as well, using some programming languages like HTML, VBA, and C language.
    Despite my school career is concentrated on theory, I have had the opportunity to apply some experiments in laboratories, examining the results and the consequences of the experiences.
    I’ve heard about your project at the conference in my school on 16th November and I’ve decided to apply. I think SVST is a great opportunity to talk with people who work in many successful companies known all over the world. Listening to their stories and their ideas will be a significant contribution to my lifestyle, my passions and my creativity.
    Looking forward to talk with you.
    Have a nice day

    Paolo Marenco

    Hey all, happy to see you here…you are the front end..the pioneers! Good. Yesterday we had with Marco Pastore an amazing 3rd meeting – after the webinar on 13 and Cobianchi on 16- in Marconi Einaudi in Domo…impressed how interested you are…other one hundred! We conclude this launch in Onegna Gobetti on monday 26 , 11-12 am, interested can come!

    Last minute call!

    I am in Vogogna this week end who is interested to.meet me,  make question, happy to meet you at 4 pm in Via Nazionale 14, ring Borghi Francesco my father in law.

    If you come pls confirm here!….we have only 10 places!


    Hi everyone!
    My name is Alex Vellone, I’m 18 years old.
    I live in Verbania and I’m studying IT at IIS Cobianchi.

    I’ve always had a passion for computer science and robotics, since my first year in Cobianchi.
    In these 5 years at Cobianchi I was able to cooperate in some projects concerning the IT branch.
    I’m part, since the last year, of the Cobianchi’s Robotics students team cooperating with ERL (Elettra Robotics Lab) .
    I was able to participate in the national and european robotic soccer competitions (RobocupJunior).
    These competitions inspired and motivated me a lot.

    In the near future I’d like to study artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchains, because i think the future will be focused over these subjects.
    I like the fact that the SVST and their project partners could give to us an incredible opportunity to visit the Silicon Valley and see with our eyes some technology industries.

    See you soon in the forum.

    Michele fontana

    hello everyone!
    I’m Michele, I’m currently 19 and I live in Crevoladossola. Now I’m studying informatic and telecommunication at IIS Marconi Galletti, in Domodossola.
    My greatest passions are music, especially rap music, and all about informatic, such as software programming and the whole world of internet.
    Since when I was a child I’ve always wanted to learn how these wonderful machines work, and this also prompted me to choose my current course. In this years I’ve learned programming with C, C++, java, html, css, Javascript, php and SQL, and I worked on differnt projects such as arduino or raspberry projects or creation of android app.
    I’ve alwasy seen the Silicon Valley as the most important place where it all begins, and when I heard about the Silicon Valley Study Tour I was very excited to partecipate, and I found a fantastic community which I am pleased to contribute.
    See you soon in the forum, have a good day!

    Michele Pelgantini


    I am Michele Pelgantini, pleased to meet you, i’m 19 years old and i live in Domodossola. This year I have started my studies in Physchology at the university Cattolich of the Sacred Heart in Milan. I am a very entrepreneurial and cheerful person. I always ready to undertake new challanges head-on with a great spirit of optimism. I have had many work experiences for example volunteering in Poland and Ukraine, all the chance are an occasions to live  new experiences, meet new people and a way  to expanded  the knowledge . I feel that the week of touring in the Silicon Valley gave me a huge opportunity  for gaining a new experience, which have helped my develop my personal and working skills.
    Thanks for having given me the opportunity of partcipating in this contest.
    Kind regards,

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