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  • Alessandro

    What’s up guys,

    I watched as well the documentary about Cambridge Analytica after @silviag advice and it was really tough. I mean, I found it super interesting, actually I didn’t know so much about it even if last year I followed some videos about the court case. It’s really hard to imagine how huge is the power of data and this movie explains quite well the magnitude of this world, from how much people are manipulable to how many data They own.

    The big problem is we don’t care of reading policies or anything else while we’re on internet, and I’m the first one. We don’t even have a culture of what is dangerous online and what is okay. David Carrol, the teacher explains ironically, even if it’s the truth, that an annoying father nowadays is who reads and pays attention to this kind of things. We’re growing in a different world compared to 20-30 years ago and we should care about data because if all these companies are growing and making money thanks to data maybe it’s because they have a huge value and power, and we have to understand it.

    Even when we accept to give our data just to ads we should know that 99.9% of times it’s not just for that and maybe nobody is gonna read or manage them but probably, legally speaking, they could.

    Whatever it’s a vast argument, and also difficult to manage and to find the right way to deal it. What you guys think about managing data? What is right and what’s wrong, what is marketing and what is other kind of interests… which is the ethical limit?

    As soon as the movie finished I watched the TED talk of Carol Cadwalladr which is quite interesting as well, check it out (and I check some moment during the process of Zuckerberg, funniest ones with Ocasio – Cortez)

    I also joined the Cybermind group last week during the Enrico Risi meeting. It’s been absolutely illuminating! Another great mind who works in Google and really opened to share with guys of our age his background, his tips and creating a fluent back and forth. Thanks <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>elenabecchis</span> for writing it here in the forum!





    Hi guys,

    I didn’t expect such an high active participation like this on the forum. It’s incredible how a group of young people like us can send advice, suggestions and recommendations about everything. I’m trying to write almost all your tips down to don’t forget anything cause I found them super interesting.

    First of all I’m starting to try podcasts and I’m also asking to my friends what they use to listen to so thanks to @silviag for Lex Fridman channel, and also for the documentary about Cambridge Analytica, I’ll see it in these days.

    Replying to <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>riccardomereu</span><span class=”bbp-user-nicename”> of course that video about Elon Musk and Jack Ma could be a little deceptive. I mean I’m not a great fun of him neither since that video also because the way in which he answers to the AI matter is not properly what we expect from a great entrepreneur like him but it’s also true he’s a genius in his world. Basically they are two different but still great minds.</span>

    In this theme I’d like to say that I quite agree with what Jack Ma declares in the photo @cbrugo posted here. I think studies are fundamental, above all in this historical period but for sure it can’t be the only thing. Grades are important but I think life is something else.That’s why I started to act in theater since I was a kid. I did a lot of activities, for example I also worked for 6 years as an official blogger and journalist during the Salone del Libro in Turin and I really happy to say that it’s been a real life experience. I’ve known a lot of authors, big names of our and foreign culture (I also met <span class=”LrzXr kno-fv”>Henry Winkler), I worked with Mario Calabresi, ex director of LaStampa and above all I learnt to love books world.</span>

    In the end I’d compliment to <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>christianpaesante</span><span class=”bbp-user-nicename”> for his rendering skills. As a designer student I’m working since last year with blender for some projects and it’s really cool when you realize something realistic. If you like also animation I recommend you to watch how powerful is this program in its YT channel: It’s really insane how many things you can do with Blender.</span>

    Well, I hope to find more and more suggestions every time.

    Thanks to all and happy Easter!!


    It’s pretty fascinating how life brings you to make different choices that generate different flows of things. Like Sliding doors.

    I think all of us has different paths in our own deep. We born as a white blank page, and we have the potential to became who we want. When I was a child I used to play basketball and of course my dream was to play in NBA. And I had lots of unusual dreams such as ambulance driver, just because I could pass with the red light (I was a weird kid). I changed lots of times my dreams, I wanted to became an architect, then an inventor, I didn’t know which kind but it sounded cool. I picked up to study design even if I did a scientific high school and I was really interested in engineering and probably I’ll start to do something such as an intraschool between design and engineering next year.

    To connect to Silvia’s words: as you said through your experience all of us have a path, you just need to seek and discover yourself and if you get wrong, as Stefano said yesterday, rise up and try again, that’s a life lesson which usually nobody tells you (so thanks Stefano)

    And when you find your place the game starts: one of the most beautiful thing of life, for me, is to watch the road you did and admire it cause even if in our ages is difficult to take choices, also because everything is a little point that will build our future, our road is our growth and it shows who we were and who we are today.

    I don’t know if I found my path but I’m ready to try other ways to figure it out. 🙂


    Thanks @pistillostefano, we started off with a bang yesterday. Your adventure is incredible: at the beginning none of us knew you received so many NO before to find what began your future and your place in the world. I think this is a great point to encourage people to not give up, even if the world seems deny you your way. As you and Paolo said yesterday, maybe your future isn’t written in the first attempt.

    And also I found interesting you weren’t a perfect student but your curiosity and the will to learn, to improve and to discover brought you where you wanted.

    I played theater for many years because I loved acting and this is another way to fight our own shame and maybe cause that I saw myself in Stefano’s words when he talked about doing lots of questions, sometimes the wrong ones. It’s curious but also encouraging to know that this kind of things are appreciate in realities like Silicon Valley.

    Another point which cought my attention yesterday was people who use to share ideas and concepts without any fear to be copied from anybody but in a view to endorse, develop together and maybe finding someone interested into, that’s something in Italy we don’t use to do. It’s really worthwhile<span class=”text” lang=”en” data-default-size=”13px”> and I think we should start to do it more.</span>


    Hey everybody,

    First of all I’d thank Simone for the spark. I think this period of quarantine could be caught to do a lot of things.
    Somewhere I read we are able to learn or improve significantly our own skills of anything practising 30 minutes per day and some years ago I started to play guitar watching tutorials online and reading books. I did for 6 months, kind of every day and at the end I achieved the level which I aspired. So I decided to do the same with the fingerstyle, to improve my knowledge with this instrument.

    I’m updating my resume and portfolio, that’s maybe one of the most important document for designers, also a great start point to find a good company for my internship, which I’ll start in smart working of course.
    I’m also studying, so watching virtual lessons and working on the project of this semester with my team work: this means lots of Skype calls, online meetings, ecc… I’m also working on my thesis project, which is about how to improve the communication about what the Politecnico of Turin is doing in terms of sustainable mobility.
    I recently participated in a project about this period of quarantine sending some fun videos in which I describe my ordinary lifestyle ironically, reporting what working from home with my family means or taking on standard problems such as internet issues, virtual classrooms that fight against servers and all the stuff that all of us are discovering day by day.
    I’ve no idea if this videos are for RAI or what, cause it’s a project of a photographer who worked with me, so I don’t know exactly what’s the final point but if you want to send something describing what the quarantine means for you, how’s smart working going on and how the things in our country will change after this period, this is his mail: <span id=”m_3354557316636356473yui_3_13_0_ym1_6_1389805214972_35″><span id=”m_3354557316636356473yui_3_13_0_ym1_6_1389805214972_32″ style=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>  (in italian)</span></span>

    Anyway, I believe smart working will be more present in our future, especially after this period in which everyone, from universities to companies, is reacting or trying to react quickly and efficiently to response to this situation.
    In my opinion smart working is related to a deep structure of tool, platforms but also a forma mentis that allows you not just to work from home but also doing it intelligently, taking advantage of all the possibility you could have if you were in your office place, class or wherever. In Italy this way to work is been ignored for too many years and even if this is a sad situation for sure it’ll bring lot of changes and it’ll allow us to rise more then before.

    I saw the movie about Alpha Go: it’s really interesting how the focus human-machine is developed. You can see the two sides of the coin, the first in which the human entrusts everything to the machine and the latter in which human can’t still believe that machine can overtake and beat human mind. It’s basically what still happen in the world, suffice is to think about the speech between Elon Musk and Jack Ma. If you didn’t watch it (improbable) take a look.

    I’m not a podcast user either, but just because I’ve never used to listen to them. We could make a list of interesting podcasts here, I’d like to check it out.

    PS: I don’t know if it’s just my problem but the meeting link doesn’t work



    Hi everybody,

    I’m Alessandro Caruso and I’m studying Design and Visual Communication at PoliTO. I’m attending the third year of my bachelor and at the moment I’m in Barcelona spending my Erasmus at ELISAVA.

    Since I’m studying Product Design in Italy but I’d like to try other fields, I’m doing some different courses now such as Graphic and Interaction Design, here in BCN.

    If there’s something that I’m figuring out in this period of my life is that I’d like to experiment, to seize all the opportunities that I find and I’m realizing how I’m strengthening my will to travel around the world.

    I’ve ever been interested in communication and I’d like to learn more about Data Visualization, a world really more developed in America then in Italy. That’s why as soon as I read about the Silicon Valley Study Tour I decided to participate at the discussion. I’d like to know more about how all big companies in Cupertino treat the “design world”, form products to abstract forms such as ads, DataViz and so on. I’m pretty curious about what will come out from this discussion also because I love to match other people with different backgrounds, fields of study and surely, it’ll be really useful and interesting knowing who have had the possibility to participate to this great project.

    Unfortunately, I’ll still be here in Barcelona for the first meeting but I want to be part of this discussion anyway because I think it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted!

    Can’t wait to see you people,

    Alessandro Caruso

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