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Hi everybody, my name is Giulia Carrer and I attend the first year of master’s degree in Management Engineering (innovation path) at the Politecnico of Turin. During the previous three years I partecipated in several Hackaton (challenges proposed by the Politecnico) that led me to confront people from different fields and countries. These experiences have made me grow from being a team moderator and then a team leader. In addition, thanks to the hakaton with FCA, I had the opportunity to interact and dialogue with experts from different fields like marketing, production, research and product developments. I also had the chance to talk with mechanical and physical engineers to analyze the structure of an electric motor and its disposal. That experience explained me how, sometimes, a small intuition can be better than many more complexones. In particolar it has led me to under stand how much knowledge I have gained over the years, and how many more I need to improve to extend my professional and cultural backgr

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