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  • Martina

    Hi Ismaele, hi guys
    I have read your comments, I agree with some of you.

    I believe that having the opportunity to be able to take lessons online in this period is something fantastic. it’s fantastic that this is possible today.
    Obviously I miss being in the classroom, building a relationship with other students and with the teachers. this is something technology doesn’t give you.
    It’s true that in many cases technology unites, but I believe that it must unite in the circumstances in which it is really necessary, in times of emergency such as today, when the distance with each other is real.

    I don’t think that working from home and follow the online lessons, alone in your room, is a positive technological turning point for the future. As @botten says, human confrontation is irreplaceable.

    I also believe that going to the office or university and following a “normal” day will get us out of our comfort zone. Staying at home without having discussion with others will not make us more technological, but only more “robots”, more “machines”.

    Finally, I would also like to live in a “greener” world, and I believe this is possible by using technology in a different way, for example by using only electric means of transport and trying to make a transition to renewable energy.

    Have a nice evening!



    Hello guys,

    speaking of 3d print, in 2014 during a normal family lunch I saw on the news an interview with a 15 year old boy who had built a 3d printer. This boy is an Italian boy, his name is Cesare Cacitti, do you know him?

    I was surprised by his age and his ability to create innovation. So I decided to contact him, I wanted to know more about him. I seriously thought I knew a future genius, the future Italian Gutenberg.

    He told me all the technical details of his printer (I honestly understood very little about it), but he also told me that he started as a self-taught and subsequently participated in communities where he could exchange tips and suggestions.

    This makes me think how important sharing and cooperation with others is, and it is thanks to technological progress if today we can get in touch with many more people than we could have done in previous years.

    I want to leave you some articles about Caesar and his creation:

    I’m curious about your other experiences 😀



    Hi everyone,

    my name is Martina Morabito I am 26 years old. I attend the first year of master’s degree in CoD (Digital Communication).
    I graduated in banking economics, unfortunately my path was not easy and I always knew that it was not what he did for me, but through the study of some subjects (marketing and economics and business management) I discovered what was my true vocation. So I chose this master’s degree program, I couldn’t have made a better choice.
    I always thought that every person should be moved by their passions to make the best of it, so it was for me. I spent the first semester studying really hard, so during the first session – in just 20 days – I passed 5 subjects with excellent grades.
    For the first time I finally felt I was in the right place, I finally found my place in the world.

    Since I was a child, the things that fascinated me most were the use of PC and TV advertising.
    I enjoyed playing DOS and seeing all the green characters that came up when I typed on the keyboard.
    After playing with DOS, with the release of the new operating system “windows 95” my father made me discover “Paint” and how to draw with the mouse. The anecdote I always tell is that during these scribbles with my father, we had to clear the workspace. In a split second, I immediately spotted the eraser. From that moment on I became the person who solves the technological problems of friends and relatives. When I joked with my parents I told them that one day I would work for Google. Today, thanks to this fantastic project, this could somehow bring me closer to my dreams.

    About my other passions, i love tv series and movies. They have always been an important part of my life. in 2015, as a self-taught, I decided to open a facebook page as a fanpage for a TV series, with its website created thanks to WordPress. In this case my interest was not so much focused on the TV series in particular, but to create a service for many fans. My facebook page has reached 10,000 likes.

    In 2009 I participated in a school project called “leonardo smile”. The aim of the project was to bring fourth and fifth year high school students into contact with a foreign country. Instead of the classic study holiday, this consisted of a working holiday. I had the opportunity to learn English, being in contact with native speakers. In addition, I also had the opportunity to live with people from different European countries, and it made me expand my communication skills, already acquired thanks to the scouts and lastly I used them during the Way of St. James, which I carried out in 2018, thanks to whom I have lived in contact with many people.
    During the Way of St. James I tested my physical strength and also my mental strength. I went beyond limits that I didn’t think I would ever be able to overcome, always knowing the maximum limit how far I could go. This is why I also learned to take care of myself.

    Finally, I hope that thanks to the conferences and this forum I can get closer to new perspectives and realities.

    Have a nice day!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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