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  • Davide

    Hi guys! I am Davide Preatoni, I am 19 years old and I study
    Computer engineering at the Politecnico of Milano.

    I chose this course of study because I strongly believe that the world we are building is evolving
    an exponential speed, used to look in step with the times and much of the change
    both to know the soul of progress: technology.

    The main problem is that it is a universe in constant evolution, that in the good and in the male, by the faculty and
    the opportunity for anyone who wants to try to express themselves.
    It is for this reason that in all this chaos one must find a starting point and even if it is not said that that will be the final destination, we must still try to aim for the stars and it is
    for this reason I believe that SVST are famous stars to which we must aspire.

    Honestly, I still have no concrete plans after graduation; choose what i know is that i will do my best,
    for being a small fragment of the change, and it is this reason that I aim high on SpaceX. On Mars.



    Hey Stefan, great speech, you touched many keys and especially elegantly expressed!

    Hi all guys again!
    I want to start by saying that in general I am proud of the way in which (with due exceptions unfortunately for Europe)
    the world is behaving in a united way, as one big team!
    It makes me regain confidence in the human race.
    (I advise you to see the podcast, especially to Stefan, since he said that he really likes this type of content,
    by Luis and Fedez feat Logan Paul, seen among other things a little while ago, very fun and light as a genre of videos, but there is one point in particular
    where Logan makes an interesting reflection about my premise and extends it to the post-covid)

    To answer your Timothy question in particular, I read something about it!

    Filaindiana: Italian project (which unfortunately for now is only active in Lombardy) which prevents crowds of queues at supermarkets,
    giving in real time the amount of people in the queue.
    Obviously the more people make use of this application, the more reliable the data will be.

    I also know something about Apple!
    The colossus has created an application (obviously only for IOS devices) that allows an auto-screeening of the symptoms, helping
    thus the population to maintain appropriate behavior with respect to their own and others’ health.
    Fortunately, the deficit caused by the “Apple”, regarding the usability reserved for its devices, was bypassed by creating the corresponding website, accessible by anyone.

    I have also heard of “SOS Italia”, which intends to trace the subjects affected by COVID-19 and inform the competent authorities.
    I want to emphasize that I am not so informed that I can raise questions about it, but I believe there are significant problems in terms of privacy.

    I believe artificial intelligence is more used abroad, like Russia which has implemented a telecamerization system with attached facial recognition software
    Or, in data analysis as it is already widely used, it is helping in the search for a vaccine.
    The last observation is only a hypothesis, but I think it is quite concrete.

    But now I’m curious to know you others if you are aware of technologies that I currently ignore!


    Hi all guys, i’m Davide Preatoni, i’m 19 years old.
    I study computer engineering at the Milan Polytechnic.

    I am excited to be part of this project, i think it can form a 360° degree about technological and financial perspectives, as well as on collaboration skills.
    Start-ups are the present and the near future.

    Curious to meet you all!

    See you soon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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