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My name is Rayne kunene. I'm from Swaziland, 26 years old. I'm currently studying communication at the American university of Rome but before that I was about to graduate of being a professional teacher because I loved children and wanted them to achieve their dreams for future. I'm a very passionate, ambitious person and very hard worker in everything am doing. I arrived in Italy in 2014, studied italian, l can speak very well.When I was a bit younger I was a cheerleader in school and I loved helping unfortunate kids that's why I wanted to be a teacher, in which is something I want to continue to do in the future. I decided to study communication because I was interested more in technology since I didn't have enough opportunities to learn back then, when I heard about Silicon valley I was very happy, since my degree is based on technology, film industry, did photography in Paris last year since i need more knowledge about Technological staff. Would be very happy if I can get this opportunity to the destination of my dreams 💭.

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