How it works

Since 2005 a selected group of Italian Universities and High Schools promote conferences held by local manager and entrepreneurs to share with students relevant experiences.

The cultural association La Storia nel Futuro jointly organize these events to give students and graduates that attended all the conferences the opportunity to take part in the Silicon Valley Study Tour.

The students are also asked to share their thoughts about the conferences in a Discussion Forum, held in English. Then, after the conferences and the interaction on the forum, the outstanding one will have the chance to spend one week in the Silicon Valley with the Silicon Valley Study Tour, organized by La Storia nel Futuro and the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council ( at the end of August each year.

For those students that do not have the chance to attend the entire cycle of conferences, an internal selection process allows the top-notch one to gain their spot in the Silicon Valley Study Tour too.

The Tour foresees the visit to 8-10 companies and startups, incubators, and the Universities of Stanford and Berkeley. 42 SVST’s have been organized since 2005, with the participation of more than 400 Italian students. And, since 2011, also Managers and Entrepreneurs can attend the SVST thanks to a partnership with the major Industrial and Manager Association in Italy and Italiani di Frontiera.

Today, the network of Alumni, based in the Silicon Valley and around the World counts more than 800 members.

How can I join the SVST?

If you’re interested in Silicon Valley Study Tour, ask for more information by filling out this form on Gomry