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Listen to professionals working at Meta, Google, Cisco, Nestlè, Minerva CQ, Noventi and other tech companies from the Silicon Valley and around the world, talking in Live Streaming about their experiences.

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Brilliant minds

The Inspiration Valley is a virtual journey where you will listen the story of the Italian brilliant minds working in the Silicon Valley and around the world. You will discover cool topics related to Innovation, Business, Trend, Marketing, Sustainability.

A virtual journey

and the best part is... it's completely free!

The conferences started on October 19th, 2021. The webinars and podcasts are made in partnership with Rinascita Digitale, Lead the Future and Boolean.
You will be able to ask questions and, most importantly, be inspired to start your unique journey!

The program 2022/2023

Discover here all the conferences and great hosts you will listen to and interact with.

The conferences are in English or Italian language.

29 Sept 2022 | 6 – 7 pm CEST

Giacomo Pellegrini and Tommaso Tosi

Giacomo - Stanford Sloan Fellow '21 | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Music Web3
Tommaso - Bocconi University graduated | Always hiring in Web3! | Founder @ in Silicon Valley

5 Oct 2022 | 6 - 7 pm CEST

Gianluca Venturini

Software Engineer at Material Security

MSc in computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and University of Illinois Chicago in 2015. He was for 3 years full stack engineer at Dropbox, before joining in 2019 Material Security- protects accounts even after they’re compromised or harmful messages get through- as a Software engineer.

13 Oct 2022 | 7 - 8 pm CEST

Lucia Aronica

Lecturer at Stanford University, R&D Genomics Lead at Metagenics, Adjunct Professor at SJSU, TEDx Speaker

MSc in Medicine biotechnology at Università Federico II di Napoli, PhD in molecular biology at University of Vienna.
Since 2019, she is Lead Instructor, CME-accredited Certificate in Epigenomics for telemedicine practitioners.
Moreover she is R&D Genomics Lead at Metagenics and Lecturer at Stanford University.

20 Oct 2022 | 4 - 5.30 pm CEST

Flavio Crisciani

Software Engineer at Google

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and infrastructure industry in Silicon Valley: start up like Brave IT Solutions and PLUM Grid; Big Companies VMware, Docker, Google.

25 Oct 2022 | 6 – 7 pm CEST

Vincenzo Di Nicola

Head of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation at INPS

MS in Computer Science at Stanford University, Computer Engineering degree summa cum laude at University of Bologna. Success story as an intern at Yahoo! (Sunnyvale), he worked in Microsoft (Redmond and Beijing), co-founded GoPago (San Francisco) and sold its technology to Amazon. After returning to Italy he co-founded Conio, startup leader in Italy in safe custody and management of cryptocurrencies, with shareholders such as Poste Italiane and Banca Generali.
Believing strongly in the “Giving Back” principle, he taught Computer Science pro bono to High School students in Abruzzo, where he is from. In 2022 he co-founded ./cogita, non-profit association to boost Computer Science prowess among Italian students.
In 2021 he joined INPS (Social Security and Welfare Administration of the Republic of Italy) as Head of Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation.

2 Nov 2022 | 6 - 7 pm CET

Mario Soave

Founder at CleverFi - Innovator at Launchmetrics

A creative and innovative professional with several years experience in IT Development working with international companies. Founder of CleverFi at Austin (Texas) and Solutions Director of Launchmetrics (NY)

11 Nov 2022 | 5.30 pm CET

Pietro Caragiulo

Silicon Research Scientist at Meta

After attending the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009, Pietro held his Master in Microelectronics at Politecnico di Bari in 2010. Staff Engineer at SLAC, National Accelerator Laboratory from 2010 to 2018, from 2022 is Electrical Engineering PhD at Stanford University.

17 Nov 2022 | 6 pm CET

Roberto Bonzio

Curious Journalist and storyteller. Author of the Italiani di Frontiera project to tell the stories of the Italians in the World

30 years tech journalist experience, since 2010 founder of Italiani di Frontiera project and guide of Italiani di Frontiera Silicon Valley Tour for managers and entrepreneurs.

12 Dic 2022 | 6 - 7.30 pm CET

Alex J. Vestito - Giacomo Perazzo - Paolo Marenco

Alex J. Co-Founder & COO at PickEat - Giacomo Co-Founder & CEO at PickEat - Paolo Mentor and Founder SVST

How a startup can be born from these webinar series. The young story of PickEat told by the founders and the mentor.

16 Jan 2023 | 6 - 7.30 pm CET

Gaia Costantino

Senior Manager at Disal Consulting

Helping companies thrive through their digital and sustainable transformation. Past manager at Amazon and Vodafone, Bari Sprint Factory Startup Mentor. Silicon Valley Study Tour participant in 2011 when Industrial Engineering student at Politecnico di Torino.

The program 2021/2022

19 Oct 2021 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Stefania Tibiletti

R&D and Innovation at Nestlé - IT International Graduate Program

Alumna SVST 2017, MSc in innovation management at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in 2018, ESADE & SVST 2018 guide, marketing program manager at Cloud4Wi. At Nestlè IT graduate program since 2020.

02 Nov 2021 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Cosimo Spera

Founder & CEO at Minerva CQ

MSc in mathematics and statistic at Università di Siena in 1984, PhD in operation research at Siena-Yale-MIT. Between 1992 and 2000 professor at University of Siena, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University. Visionary, strategist and start-up team builder in several companies since 1999. Since 2021 at Minerva CQ, company that delivers the next generation of CX cross channels.

16 Nov 2021 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Luca Pignatti

Founder at Feedel Ventures

BSc in material engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2009, MSc in materials and manufacturing engineering at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and Imperial College London in 2012. 10 years experience in highly innovative companies like Airbus; since 2020 CEO at Feedel Ventures, the first startup studio connecting Italy to the world.

30 Nov 2021 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Andrea Caridi

VP of Business Development at Kellify

MSc in telecommunication engineering at the University of Genoa, Bachelor of Engineering and economics at Télécom Paris in 2010. Active internationally since 2007, he led innovative projects since 2010 and supported the launch phase and the scale-up of several startups since 2014. Since 2021, VP of Biz Dev at Kellify, the science-centric scale-up that comprehends the world through images.

14 Dec 2021 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Enza Sebastiani

Independent film maker

Bachelor in American English, theater and film at UCLA, interior design-architecture at UC Berkeley, film-communication at City College of San Francisco. At Apple from 2000 to 2021: advertising project coordinator, video communications specialist, project manager. In 1996 founds 1000 Hearts Production.

18 Jan 2022 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Silvia Veronese

Tech entrepreneur and Investor

Doctor mathematics at Università di Pavia, MBA at University of Utah, Micromaster data, Economics and Development policies at MIT. Entrepreneur with extensive management experience, among others in IBM, HP. Since 2018 at Guavus, company at the forefront of AI-big data analysis. Since 2021 Vice President and board member at SVIEC Foundation.

01 Feb 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Leandro Agrò

NTT Disruption Director Exponential technologies

Awarded Design Executive, IoT pioneer, patents contributor, based in Palo Alto (CA).
Four startups; Two books; Leandro was involved in the design of early mobile UX, eye-tracking based interaction, full-body animated digital assistants, industrial IoT, and now designing immersive experiences.

15 Feb 2022 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Dario De Santis

Principal, Product Management at Cisco
Co-founder at Tweelin Inc.

Dario is a seasoned enterprise product leader and entrepreneur with 15 years of B2B experience, spanning from wearable devices to Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration and IoT Cloud services. He holds a MSc in Computer and Information Sciences from University of Bologna (2007) and an MBA from SDA Bocconi (2011). Dario has been at Cisco since 2016 and led several innovation initiatives.

02 Mar 2022 | 5 – 6 pm CET

Viviana Laura Pinto

Educational Tech Specialist

Alumna SVST 2015, MSc in Applied Mathematics for Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in 2017. TEDx Torino speaker, formerly data scientist in Intesa Sanpaolo and aizoOn, now EdTech specialist and content creator in Educational Robotics and innovative teaching methods for companies such as Mondadori Education, Bricks4Kidz and Fondazione CRT. Excited to build her own startup in EdTech.

15 Mar 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Silvia Urbani

Global Product Lead at Google

BSc in industrial engineering at Università degli Studi di Padova in 2005, MSc in management engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2007. 10 years experience in planning, forecasting, FP&A, competitive analysis, business intelligence, account management, contract negotiation, relationship building, problem solving, animation, video editing. Since 2014 at Google.

29 Mar 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Irina Pesterean

Strategic Partnerships at Lyft

BSc in business administration at Università degli Studi di Torino and University of Florida in 2009, MBA at Sydney University in 2011, data processing and data processing technology/technician at Standord University in 2015. Extensive experience in sourcing of investments and acquisition opportunities, due diligence, corporate financials, and deal modeling. Since 2021 at Lyft.

26 Apr 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Manuel Cherchi

Operations Lead & Vendor Manager - Marketing Solutions at Facebook

MBA at Istituto Adriano Olivetti in 2004. Long experience as problem solver, sales and marketing, in big companies like IBM, Linkedin, Cisco. Since 2018 at Meta.

03 May 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Lorenzo Niola

Mentor at Techstar and Business Advisor at Swisspod

Alumno SVST 2013, MSc in business administration, management and operations at Università del Piemonte Orientale in 2015. Extensive experience in in helping tech startups working around blockchain, IoT, AI, big data, drones, tackling social and environmental issues, as well as supporting impactful projects; he supported 200+ entrepreneurs and involved in mentoring & coaching sessions for startups and scaleups. Currently helping Swisspod from Switzerland using Hyperloop tech to revolutionize cargo transportation. Lorenzo launched 7 accelerator programs across different continents since 2019 at Techstar, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

17 May 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Vince Mitolo

Head of Growth at TrueLayer - Open Banker

Alumno SVST 2009, MSc in telecommunication engineering at Politecnico di Torino in 2008, Master of technology at Tampere University in 2009. 10+ years of experience in sales and business development in the fintech startup industry, in US and Europe. Since 2018 at TrueLayer, a global open banking platform.

07 June 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Enrico Catalano

Junior Research Fellow at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Alumo SVST 2015, MSc in medical biotechnology and molecular medicine at Università di Bari, PhD in biotechnologies for human health at Università del Piemonte Orientale, BSc in physic and mathematics at the Open University, postdoctoral courses at Bergen, Oslo and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. Lindau Nobel Fellow. He has a scientific background in medical physics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, nanotechnology, nanomedicine and regenerative medicine. Startupper and since 2021 at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

14 June 2022 | 5 - 6 pm CET

Carmela Greco

Support Engineering Manager at CrowdStrike

Aluma SVST 2013, MSc in computer science at Università di Catania. Software developer in many companies (among the other Quintly, Leapforce, RebellMouse). Since 2020 support engineering manager Humio - EMEA (acquired by CrowStrike).

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