November 17, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the hackathon organized in Padula (SA) by ValloWeb Digital Innovation Hub APSMonaci Digitali and Silicon Valley Study Tour. The main theme of this hackathon was environmental sustainability 🌱.
This event allowed me to have a completely new experience within my territory and in a unique and evocative location such as the Certosa di Padula ✨.
My team consisted of myself, Antonio CarboneAndrea Iannelli, Emilia Del Pezzo and Salvatore Apicella.
The problem entrusted to us had as its theme the management of waste and its second life in the construction field. Although we found ourselves in a context totally outside our expertise, we were able to handle the problem and, above all, to obtain a solution that was largely appreciated by the jury and in which we were able to imprint our characteristic imprint as (mostly) software engineers 🧱.
I look forward to new experiences like this 🧠.

#DoneIsBetterThanPerfect #Hackathon #Padula #SVST #SiliconValley #Sustainability

Cristian Cerasuaolo, SVST Hackathon #3 participant – Padula (SA)  1-12 November 2023 – MSc student in artificial intelligence and intelligent robotics at Università di Salerno

October 30, 2023

Dear Paolo & NIAF,

What a beautiful message. What a beautiful surprise to receive this email from the amazing, grande Paolo! NIAF Voyage of Discovery 2009 was such an instrumental part of my freshman year and my road to discovering my italianità!!!! The stories and anecdotes are countless. Needless to say, the people I met were unique and admirablelike Paolo! I wish our paths cross again. I will always be a NIAF VoD proud alumna. I will always be thankful to NIAF for the invaluable opportunity to visit the land of my four nonni for the first time. Grazie mille!

Have a wonderful week ahead. Kind regards,

Silvina Di Pietro, NIAF Voyage of Discovery 2009 participant – Physical & Life Sciences | Materials Science Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

October 6, 2023

 I want to thank Boolean and Silicon Valley Study Tour for the incredible opportunity they gave me. About a month ago ended the most incredible, beautiful and enriching experience I have ever had. Spending the month of August in Silicon Valley changed my vision of the world and the perception of my possibilities. Listen to the lessons of to the top managers, CEOs and researchers of the most innovative California companies including GoogleMetaApple and many others, was absolutely enlightening. thank you with all my heart.

Louis Faye, 51st SVST August 2023 participant – Full stack web developer student at Boolean

September 14, 2023

While visiting Stanford University with Silicon Valley Study Tour in August, I was deeply inspired by this quote:

“There comes a time in every life when the past recedes and the future opens. It’s that moment when you turn to face the unknown. Some will turn back to what they already know. Some will walk straight ahead into uncertainty. I can’t tell you which one is right. But I can tell you which one is more fun.” — Phil H. Knight

Thanks again Jeff Cabili for the insightful campus tour and valuable public speaking tips!

Luigi Bardella Gerbi – 51st SVST August 2023 participant – Genoa Entrepreneurship School, Executive master

September 8, 2023

A few weeks after my trip to Silicon Valley, I have successfully assimilated all the information gathered during a hectic week filled with meetings with exceptional individuals who graciously opened their doors to us.
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Boolean & Silicon Valley Study Tour for providing me the incredible opportunity to partake in this highly educational experience in various aspects.

The atmosphere in this unique corner of the world is truly remarkable, offering numerous opportunities and a consistent drive for innovation. The different approach to work and an unwavering passion for their endeavors serve as a profound source of inspiration for me.

I have chosen to share some noteworthy insights and lessons that particularly resonated with me:

1. Often, the most challenging situations we encounter are the ones that impart the most profound lessons and personal growth through confrontation. The key is to develop for the next generation, rather than present. The ability to envision the future is paramount.
– Luca PrassoGoogle
2. Investing in Research and Development (R&D) holds greater significance than commonly perceived, as it represents the true well-being of a company. Those who neglect to invest in their future prospects are unlikely to endure in the long run.
– Alessandra CostaSynopsys Inc
3. Emphasizing the importance of storytelling in pitching, along with the importance of vision and passion in the context of a startup. Courageously departing from certainties in pursuit of genuine belief is a defining trait. – Maddalena AdornoDorian Therapeutics
4. To learn how to develop something big and usable, start by eliminating aspects we hate first. Comfort should never be the norm; instead, one should continuously seek challenges and stimulation. Sometimes, the speed of iteration surpasses the quality of iterations.
– Francesco CrippaUniphore
5. Innovation = be ready to do something new. Avoid becoming ensnared in routine and remain flexible. The willingness to think outside the box is essential. – Frank Hysa, Ph.D.Capgemini
6. Minimize development efforts before testing the market. Adopt a philosophy of early and frequent learning. Mastery of communication and the presence of highly competent individuals in your circle eliminate weaknesses and foster ongoing growth.
– Giuliano IacobelliApple
7. Recognize that body language accounts for 90% of our communication with others. Always remain aware of our surroundings and our physical positioning. – Jeff CabiliStanford University
8. To effect change, one must first be attuned to shifts in the environment and remain vigilant at all times.
– Marco ValenteCisco

I hope these insights prove valuable and insightful as I continue my journey in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Alberto Schianni, 51st SVST August 2023 participant – Middleware – Web developer at Elmec Informatica

September 5, 2023

📍In California, Silicon Valley, exploring the Silicon Valley’s ecosystem, business infrastructure, culture, top universities, labs, large firms, venture capital and start-ups.

During our visit we had the chance to meet researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, “start-uppers” and many Italian American executives to learn about their role, business, research and contributions at Google, Meta, Stanford University, University of California Berkley, Slac National Laboratory, HPE Labs, Innovit, Lombard street ventures, Pure Storage, Netflix, Glassdoor, Sysdig, Noventi and other big tech companies, universities and research labs.

Thanks to Alessandro Cannas Jeff Cabili Alberto Tono Cesare Mercurio Luca Pozzi Alessandro Ratti Luigi Bajetti Jacopo Naidi Massimo Costetti Antonio Iannopollo Marco Fiorentino Luca Castellano Giacomo Marini Special thanks to Paolo Marenco Silicon Valley Study Tour Simona Borghi

Hassan Mokalled,  49th SVST August 2023 participant – System Engineer at Hitachi Rail

September 2, 2023

Reflecting on My First Journey to Silicon Valley 🌟

I’d like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to Paolo Marenco and Simona Borghi with Silicon Valley Study Tour and Mattia Farina with Mumble for providing me with the incredible opportunity and means to embark on this Silicon Valley adventure. It has truly been an inspiring journey filled with invaluable experiences.

Silicon Valley, often described as the tech mecca of the world, exceeded all my expectations. The atmosphere here is electric, and the constant flow of innovation and entrepreneurship is nothing short of mesmerizing. It’s a place where dreams become realities, and where challenges are met with determination and creativity.

During my time here, I’ve had the privilege of gaining insights and takeaways that I’m excited to share with you all:

1️⃣ Develop for future generations and not for us Luca PrassoGoogle

2️⃣ The importance of dedication to the problem being solved Marco MarinucciMind the Bridge

3️⃣ Hit by the Bus pitch Maddalena AdornoDorian Therapeutics

4️⃣ Speed of iterations beats quality of iterations Francesco CrippaUniphore

5️⃣ In innovation you never become an expert Frank Hysa, Ph.D. , Capgemini

6️⃣ Learn early, learn often Federico NarducciApple

7️⃣ You need to break rules Alessandro SolbiatiMeta Facebook

Alexandro Nistiriuc. 51st SVST 2023 participant – High School, Liceo Scienfico Ariosto Spallanzani – Reggio Emilia

August 29, 2023

It’s only been two weeks since i took part in the Silicon Valley Study Tour. This wonderful experience led me to meet successful people who work for top industries as Stanford, Meta, Apple and more. The passion and ambition of these researchers, managers and VC executives has remained with me. The different way of approaching career, successes and failures in silicon valley was inspiring me.I’d like to thanks Paolo Marenco and Simona Borghi for offering this great opportunity, and to all the host who shared their experiences.

A big thank you also to the guides Angela Ferrari and Eleonora Carletti, and to all the greatest people that participated with me.

Lastly, I’d like to say a big thank you to the iBicocca team, Mirko Pagani and Elena Ippolito, for allocating scholarships which allowed me and other students to participate in this project.

Giulia Fratti, 51st SVST August 2023 participant – MSc student – industrial biotechnologies – genetics at Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca – Universitè Paris Cité – Mentee Lead the Future

August 24, 2023

When I first came to #Siliconvalley I did not know what to expect. A lot of questions crossed my mind.

Will the contact with #start-ups and #venturecapitalist be enough? Will I really get an ovierview of what it takes to drive #innovation?
How is #AI relevant for sales and #FMCG and how could I apply it in my job?

So, the trip was booked and I started this journey towards the Silicon Valley and its many roles.
With Accenture in San Francisco, I heard what it takes to build start-ups
and what it takes to shift from a start-up to a big corporation.
I dreamed at Meta looking at the future of Metaverse and AI implications with Fabio Lapiccirella and Maurizio Paganini.

The journey also brought us to the main SI sources of thech indistries Synopsys Inc and Cisco.💻📲
It has been amazing to dive into the managerial competencies and company vision of Alessandra Costa: she now is an inspiration for me as the real spirit of the entrepreneurial but still empathic woman in business.

My last questions about the Silicon Valley unique environment and synergic factors were then answered by Alessio Tresanti from Mind the bridge. 📊

I am very thankful of this experience and dreaming about the future if #tech and #AI in the most productive way. 🙏

Dora Vannetiello, 50th SVST August 2023 participant – Rome Business School  – Master in Human Resources and Organization

August 24, 2023

My Silicon Valley bootcamp experience has just ended. I met incredibile professionals, but above all incredibile human beings.
I will keep all of them in my heart and I will, for sure, treasure all the things I have learned and intuited during 5 intese days.
Thanks a lot to Rome Business School for this opportunity and to Antonio Scialletti and Andrea Parodi for their mentoring!

Sara Bassetti, 50th SVST August 2023 participant – Rome Business School – Master in Project Management 

August 24, 2023

From Google and Meta to Cisco and beyond, this journey has proven to be an incredibly enlightening one, granting me profound insights into the inner workings of these tech giants. During our visit in Silicon Valley, our exploration extended to esteemed educational institutions, where we glimpsed the substantial investments made in entrepreneurs and research and development @ University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University

My understanding deepened as I delved into the industry’s macro trends through Synopsys Inc, comprehended Cisco’s M&A process, unraveled the mechanisms of innovation within Juniper Networks, and profound the essence of Silicon Valley’s legacy through Mind the bridge and Noventi.

This experience has undeniably been a source of delight, a treasure of knowledge, and a collection of cherished memories and connections.

Nihal Fahim, 50th SVST August 2023 participant – Rome Business School – MBA Digital Marketing and Business Transformation

August 24, 2023

A large, international and multi-ethnic class visited the headquarters of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with their respective directors, presidents and managers.
It was a great experience, catching up on the AI world and the work overseas mode was highly educational. Chatbots, Quantum Computers, Semiconductor chips, Generative AI, Metaverse and the new start up trends are subjects of study and research in these years/months, going to the heart of the number one city in the hi-tech world and talking to the people who update this market every day was useful.
Surely the network developed and the updates from this bootcamp will be useful for the whole Groupama Assicurazioni to push forward our hyperautomation project for business process automation using more and more advanced technologies.
Special thanks to Antonio Scialletti and Andrea Parodi. and to all the directors, engineers, managers and Founders of this multinational companies.

 Edoardo Antonini, 50th SVST August 2023 participant – Rome Business School – Master in International Management

Turin, February 28 2022

What an experience! The energy and tenancy of hosts, plus the dynamism of the Silicon Valley ecosystem are something incredible.
Thank you Paolo Marenco for the great opportunity you gave me, thank you to all the hosts that inspired me in different ways and thank you to my mates! It has been incredible.

Laura, participant 44° Silicon Valley Study Tour Febbraio 2022 – MSc in Innovation Management  at Scuola Superiore  Sant’Anna & University of Trento – MBA fellow at Collège des Ingénieurs

Altavilla Vicentina (VI),  June 12,  2019

Caro Paolo 

I echo the thank yous. I’ve only heard wonderful things from our students!!!   Grazie 1000. Alla prossima avventura!

Program Scientific Director CUOA MBA  and participant 41° CUOA MBA Silicon Valley Study Tour 2019

Milan, September 3, 2018

Silicon Valley Study Tour was an experience that changed my way to see life, opportunities, dreams, goals and business. I was so proud to be part of a stimulating group and shared this amazing trip with them. Thank you to Stefania Tibiletti and her support, to Paolo Marenco and his enthusiasm and thank you to my University Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca that, through the project iBicocca gave me this incredible opportunity.

Giulia, participant 37° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018 – Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca

Milan, September 2, 2018

The Silicon Valley Study Tour gave me new insights which broadened my perspective on applied scientific research and technology. It confirmed to me the importance of raising the bar every day in order to work in an environment where you can grow professionally. Thanks to Paolo Marenco for his enthusiasm, to our brilliant hosts and to my friendly colleagues. I learned a lot from you all. Thanks also to the iBicocca project which supported us and the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca which considers research as the key to innovation.

Lorenzo, partecipant 37° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018 – Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca

Aosta, August 31, 2018

Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018. This experience has shown me how tech giants and startups coexist and not only shape the market and the digital ecosystem but create the world in which we will be living in tomorrow. Through this journey, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and insights that will guide my decisions in the future, as a designer and as a human being. I would like to express my sincere gratitute towards Paolo Marenco and IED Istituto Europeo di Design for having given me this opportunity, thank you.

Louis, participant 37° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018 – IED Milano

Santa Clara (CA), August 31, 2018

What a treat it was to host this group of energetic individuals at Cadence! Incredible conversations and eyes open into a future full of opportunities. Kudos to Paolo Marenco for assembling such a diverse group representing 10+ Italian Universities and half a dozen countries. And big THANK YOU to our recent college grads for helping me host. hashtag#SVST2018

Alessandra, Vice President at Cadence Desgin Systems – Host 37° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018

Barcelona, January 15, 2018

Dear Paolo,

thank you indeed for putting together the program for US. It was very exciting to see the different companies and institutions. The students also enjoyed it.

Much looking forward to meeting up in the future. Please let us know if you happen to come to Barcelona.

We are in close touch!

Kind regards,

Jan Brinckmann, professor ESADE Business School – 34° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018

Turin, March 19, 2016

Thanks Paolo for sharing with us the whole story of this bridge between Italy and Silicon Valley, and for creating, together with others, the Svst so that many can continue starting and building their reality between Italy and SV .

Thanks for pointing out to us that the Italians are good at building and are good at not giving up, even when in Italy you believe your future is already written, thanks for reminding us that with a little ‘courage we want to look for something else out. Starting and stay, or return does not matter, when the luggage you carry behind will remain for a lifetime.
It’s illuminating to see how many dots were joined together and still continue to join, how many people you meet, you know, that tell their story and together they create something. Like being in the right place at the right time =) I think it’s great to see that those who have truly believed we managed to realize their dreams, even when it was necessary to get into it to reach America by illegal, too many people, crammed onto barges In Search Of a new life. That reminds me of our current history, that we welcome those fleeing their countries in search of a new life. And with this great medium that is the Internet where everything becomes faster and smart, where knowledge huddle in a moment, where you can communicate in real time also with the other part of the world is so much easier. Thanks to the people who create these bridges, and I hope to become good enough to build something and also help those who continue to go in search of a better life.

Mavy, participant 27° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2016 – Università degli Studi di Torino

Catania, August 31, 2015

Just taking the bus headed to my hometown after a 24-hour trip and a new personal record:6 planes in a week.
But the most important thing is what I’m carrying with me from Silicon Valley … A new vision of the world, a new way to think, a new way to interact with people a stronger trust on the future, a new me.
I really want to say thank you to all the people that made this great experience to be done. All the guys that were with me, Paolo and everyone else that I meet in cisco. It’s just a goodbye, I hope to see you soon … Hopefully in Silicon Valley! You all made me grow! ‪#‎SVST‬ ‪#‎SVST2015‬

Andrea, participant 22° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2015 – Università degli Studi di Catania

Rome, March 8, 2014

Hi everybody, I have just now enjoyed this group having attended the conference held in Rome, at Tor Vergata. As a “silver line on a cloudy day” I had the opportunity to meet the notable experience and knowledge of two people Paolo and Roberto. They showed us expressively what an opportunity like that of the Silicon Valley Tour could be. Above all I’d like to underline the way in which they did it: talking to us about what people before us have accomplished and letting us being introduced by the testimony of young mind like Lorenzo.

I experienced it all as a “backing” or encouragement by the orators, as a enlightenment of a possible new path that men, characterized by both humanity and creative flair , have taken before us.

Maybe all of us could be in the future an ” Amedeo Giannini” , who starting from “peanuts” arrived to a better life for him and for the people he supported, economically too.

Young students like us need to be the catalyst of the “better” , and the three “words” I have in mind when I think about it are: internationalization, open-minded approach and connections ; and let me say that this experience has all of it.

Finally, I would refer to an argument before discussed with only a phrase I was thinking of.

Allowing me to have a little pun, the “To leave or not to leave” problem could be in a forthcoming future a “to Live or not to live” problem, surely at least for our country.

We have to leave our home, city and country…… to be more useful in the future when coming back to our home ,city and country we would shield and spread what we had been learning during this painful separation.

Angelo, participant Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università 2014 – Università degli Studi Roma Tor Vergata – Facoltà di Economia

Padua, February 16, 2014

Hi everybody! I’m Enrico, a Bioengineering student of University of Padua. I attended the conference held on Friday here in Padua and this is my first post in this forum!

I was impressed by all the topics presented during the conference. I’ve always heard about how Italians scientists are well considered outside our country but i never have imagined that we gave, and are still giving, such a great contribution to technology development! What most impressed me was the different approach and the different meaning of the mistake in contrast with the mentality that we can often face in our society.

The conference made me think about many things differently. I begin to understand how “thinking out of the box” can be important and how that open mind approach can be healthy for ones future. I think that the possibility that this conference gave us to see where people that had “thought outside the box” have arrived, is a great message .

I can only thank Roberto and Paolo for their illuminating words and this opportunity, and personally congratulate for their great communicative skills! I hope that this initiative can be the beginning of a change for guys of my age!

Enrico, participant Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università 2014 – Università degli Studi di Padova

Vicenza, February 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

I’m Francesco, a student in University of Padua that has attended to the conference held friday at the department of industrial engineering. I came out of that classroom excited and proud to be Italian.

That’s because what most impressed me of the whole speech, was the connection between the dots and the power inside all the Italians. Often, we Italians don’t think that we are the most creative people of the world: we are crazy, we know how to solve problem in optimal ways, we can do almost everything only with our potential. We are the quintessential of the “think-out-of-the-box” philosophy. The only obstacles on this way are the laziness and the fear of challenge ourselves. That’s because the general opinion of the Italian people is that is better a person who doesn’t have make anything that a person who have think something of innovative but after he fails. This is the fine line between Italians and the rest of the world.

The testimonies of the Jacuzzi brothers, of the founder of Bank of America, of Hewlett and Packard, of Steve Jobs, etc. are perfect to explain the way of thinking of Italiani di Frontiera and the focus of the Silicon Valley Study Tour.

The initial words of Renzo Piano, made me understand why we have to go abroad and then return. This concept will remain inside me forever, and I hope to be able to transmit this to everyone who I’ll meet in the future.

Concluding, I want to thank Paolo and Roberto, for the emphasis with they managed to connect the dots to explain the philosophy of Italiani di Frontiera, such as to make the finest conference I’ve ever attended.

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you offer to us, I hope (sorry, but now is necessary 😉 ) this project can make the new generations more stronger and capable to solve not only their problems but also the problems of Italy.

Francesco, participant Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università 2014 – Università degli Studi di Padova

Padua, February 15, 2014

Hi everybody,
I signed up on the social network www.siliconvalleystudytour.com today, after the conference “Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università” in Padua.

The first thing I wanna say is that…..I have won, just now! 🙂 I win because I’m trying (as everyone here) to go to Silicon Valley: if I fail, I’ll say “ok, I tried, and this is more important than a failure. I haven’t failed, I’ve tried to go!”. On the contrary…..Silicon Valley, I’m going to arrive!
This is one of the most important things I’ve heard yesterday, to the conference: Lorenzo, Roberto and Paolo said that if you don’t try, if you don’t make mistakes, you’ll not be able to have success in the Silicon Valley (but also in your life, isn’t it?). We have to appreciate the strains of the people, even if the finally fail, because the second try could keep them to become numbers one!

What Roberto, Paolo and Lorenzo are doing through “Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università” is very important for me and for italian students and italian universities, as important as the goal reached by those Italians which “made and are making the difference” in the US. Without the work of “Italiani di Frontiera” and “La Storia nel Futuro”, we would not know what is happening out of our country, how much “cool” is to be an Italian, how many opportunities there are in the Silicon Valley, maybe waiting for one of us.

In a few words, as long as in Italy nobody know that a different way to work is possible, nobody can know how we can change the current Italian situation. For this, thank you, Paolo, Roberto and Lorenzo for your work. Come back in Padua next year! We’re waiting for you!

Nicolò, participant Italiani di Frontiera nelle Università 2014 – Università degli Studi di Padova

Middletown, DE, November 14, 2011


I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Italy Study Tour and for your hospitality during our stay. The experience I had while on the trip was definitely a unique and valuable one. The viewpoints we were exposed to, the business and colleges we visited all culminated in a very well rounded experience.

I would not have changed one thing about the trip!

Thanks again!
Ryan, participant Sicily Liguria Study Tour, October 2011

Novara, September  9, 2010

HI everybody……I’m back home and I left part of myself in Silicon Valley and in USA in general!! WOOOOOW……..first word comes out I think!!!!! I had a GREAT LIFE EXPERIENCE, really!! The Tour was well organized and people we met were unic and special!! It’s so difficult for me translate my feelings into words…..I’m gonna do my best!!!!

I left from Italy on August 9, because I stayed 10 days with some friends in West Virginia……my experience and changing was starting; I had the opportunity to live the real american lifestyle with some american friends and it was great, I love american people! Days went fast and Silicon Valley Study Tour was closer and closer…..I think everyone of us questioned themselves about the Tour some days before it…..I did it!

August 22 first meeting between members of SILICON VALLEY STUDY TOUR 2010 at America’s Best Inn -Redwood City- team started forming!!!!!! Since first day visits and meetings were great and so interesting, but most important thing was that special feeling you perceived on your skin, flowing through your body and waking up you, your heart, your brain…..WOW, UNBELIEVABLE!!! When you go through Silicon Valley you can feel entrepreneurial spirit comes up from land, trees, leaves, from everything and everywhere!!!!

Other things impressed me were: 1) “importance of young people” 2) “integration between different cultures” ; 1) we went to very big companies and often top manager spoke with us or had lunch with us like friends; people there, make you feel on the same floor of everyone, you know? Your thinking, your suggestions are important like manager ones! 2) another great visit was at Pier 38…..a lot of people around, meet eachother and discuss about their ideas; you can touch by hand cultures integration and the desire to build or at least try to build something special!!! JUST TRY, LET’S TRY, YOU MUST TRY!!!!! I tried to throw out my feelings without thinking so much on what I was writing……I hope my writing makes sense…..!!!!! I could write days and days!!!!! All things I wrote are my opinion!

Finally Silicon Valley Study Tour was EXTREMELY POSITIVE FOR ME!!!!!! THANKS A LOT TO PAOLO AND THANKS A LOT TO YOU ALL GUYS SHARED WITH ME THAT EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS!!!! We had a deep experience together that joined us, we are a group, we are friends, I hope we’ll be able to keep going our friendship and maybe do a Startup together…….WHY NOT? STRONGLY BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU THINK……THIS IS THE GOAL…..THIS IS THE KEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Edoardo, participant 6° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2010 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Genoa, September 9, 2010

Expectations before the Tour were high, but in reality I don’t believe who has described the Silicon Valley like something incredible, unique and awesome. Well, after the Tour I changed completly my idea!. I has been in other places also for work, but Silicon Valley is completly different from the rest of the world. The main thing that has me impressed is the dynamism and energy of the Silicon Valley workers. The speed of taking decisions is something incredible for us. Moreover, for IT engineers there you can find the top. If you have the possibility to go there, speak with people, you will find the maximum concentration of technology, innovations, ideas which has to be taken to reality. In other words: IMPRESSIVE.

I have had the possibility to make an interview (two in reality) with one company there for an internship. Well, we will see what happens after. One thing that I have taken home with me after this tour is the consciousness of living the present. Is not important what you have made in the past, or what is your expectation of the future, you have to work hard and to create opportunities for you.

Finally I need to give thanks to Paolo. This opportunity has changend my mind (and he knows this words!). As I have told to him the last day, we open our minds to 1080 degrees!

Federico, participant 6° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2010 – Università di Genova

Novara, September  9, 2010

Silicon Valley is IMPRESSIVE!
I’m just returned back to Italy and I brought with me the new experience. SVST has changed my mind totally! The business model and the way of feeling university and also work places are completely different from the Italian one. I have understood that not all points of SV model are exportable, although that this experience has given me the feeling of “doing something better”. I also have enlarged my perspectives.

A great thank to Paolo for this opportunity!

Roberta, partecipant 6° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2010 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Berkeley, June 9, 2010

A song for Jeff Capaccio, SVIEC Chairman

Raffaello, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009, Internship at LBL – Università di Genova

Genoa, April 13, 2010

Dear Paolo,

I really appreciate the initiatives that the Association “La Storia nel Futuro” is performing since many years to promote entrepreneurial creativity among Italian graduates. All students of our Faculty that have participated to the “Silicon Valley Study Tour”, and we are speaking of rather large numbers already, have always come back with enthusiastic comments and significantly enriched both in professional and in personal terms. I strongly encourage you to continue in your important activity, and I’m happy of the establishment of the social network siliconvalleystudytour.com , that I hope will become an important tool to further promote the initiatives of your association.

Thank you for what you’ve already done, looking forward to even more interactions in the future!

Paola Girdinio, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Genova

Turin, March 4, 2010

Dear Paolo,
it’s incredible to think how just two weeks can change you forever.

It’s not only seeing wonderful places you dreamed about since you were a kid.
It’s not only “sittin’ on the dock of the bay” or going up Sand Hill
Road, knowing that “if you’re going to San Francisco summertime will
be a loving day”.
It’s not only have the possibility to say, once you’re back home, “I
was there where everything started. And where it starts again every
It’s not only visiting some of the top industries of the world.
It’s not only walking the same streets the founders of them companies
walked (and still walk).
It’s not only meeting some of the best Silicon Valley startuppers and
asking them lots of questions.
It’s not only finding out that they are listening to you and they are
eager to reply and help you.
It’s not only having job interviews and giving your CV to people
offering you internships or thesis, even in a year of world crisis,
and discovering that if you try hard you really can get what you want
sooner or later.
It’s not only understanding the amazing world of venture capitalists.
It’s not only listening to people who believe in sentences like these:
“What matters is not ideas, but the people who have them. Good people
can fix bad ideas, but good ideas can’t save bad people” and “Have the
courage to follow your heart and intuition”.
It’s not only coming back with an almost painful longing for doing
something great and beginning to understand that it IS possible to do
something great, wherever you are, if you are hungry and young enough
(speaking about heart and soul, not age, of course).
It’s not only doing all this with students (and not only) like you,
with whom you immediately become friend for the rest of your life
because you all share the same ambitions and dreams.
It’s not only being part of something great, together, discovering
that greatness, no matter how brief, stays with a man forever.

It’s all of this and much more.
But words are not enough, you need to live it.
And if you do, you know what I’m talking about.

See you there,

Stefano, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Politecnico di Torino

Berkeley, January 11, 2010

“People must never stop dreaming but Silicon Valley Study Tour can definetly turn real what a minute before was just a dream”, this is what I think now after experiencing the SVST09 during which I had the opportunity that led me to a workplace in a US National Laboratory. Paolo, your Study Tour is not only an occasion to find a thesis or an interview abroad, it’s a trip that can shape the mind of a student, getting new contacts and experiencing the heart of the world high tech. Your efforts bring life to a real bridge between Italy and the US. Keep growing the network and believing in what you do, because our talent and our sake of new challenges would be nothing without the occasion you give us!

Raffaello, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università degli Studi di Genova – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Intern

Turin, January  10, 2010

Paolo’s “Storia nel Futuro” and “Silicon Valley Study Tour” initiatives do a great job of creating a bridge between Italian students in different Universities and Italian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Through the program, young Italians get a chance to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and be inspired by people who have achieved their dreams working in the heart of the world’s most famous valley of Innovation. Paolo this experience can not be lost. Please, start the ex-alumni community of the “Storia nel Futuro” and the “Silicon Valley Study Tour”. Thank you

Francesco, Rettore Politecnico di Torino

Milan, September 15, 2009

The SVST 2009 has been a great experience!
We have visited many of the world’s most famous companies and many start-ups and the people we met were always helpful to us.
The real power of Silicon Valley is, in my opinion, the diligence and the passion that the people put into their jobs. Moreover, during this period, I have learnt that we cannot just think in a “local way” because business is a “global play”

Marco, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Novara, September 13, 2009

For me it was the second time in SV but there’s always something new to learn.
I came back home with a huge will of trying and never be scared of ask something to anyone.
The SVST is a real shock!noboby can go home without have changed something in its life.
I am back with more optimism and a new quote:
“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

If we want to make Italy a better country we have to start! And i believe that Paolo is on the right wat with the Silicon Valley Study Tour!
Thanks again for this absolutely terrific experience!

Anna, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Turin, September 13, 2009

I won’t recover soon from Silicon Valley fever! I got into a new way of looking at the space around me.

Now I can sincerely say thet I deeply believe to be able to create a different new future for myself. My borders moved further.
Thanks to everyone, Paolo and guys, that make it possible!

Laura, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Rome, September 12, 2009

Great experience.. it has changed our way of thinking..
Its true.. in USA everything is possible if you want.. and if you believe in what you are doing!
Moreover, the meritocracy its apply.. and in Italy we have to learn this principle.. because in this way you can have the best results in a society.
If we join our creativity, talent and the ability to work hard…with the meritocracy in the place of work, the will to share our success with other person and if we start to think global.. we can grow up as Country.

Elena, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università di Roma 3

Genoa, September 12, 2009

The Silicon Valley Study Tour is an unordinary experience. At university, you study hard to learn your profession, and sometimes the vote is not enough to feel satisfied. I’ve lived the SVST near the end of my studies and I think it makes you feel a step away from the top, really near to change your life with dedication and a little luck. And then, not to be underestimated, it’s a good excuse to have a fantastic vacation in California! Once more, thank you so much Paolo Marenco!

Fabio, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università degli Studi di Genova

Milan, September 11, 2009

Wonderful experience…I met special people and company…
I didn’t think so…I was interested in all….
and I learn something nobody gets me….really…I suggest to everybody a similar adventure!
open your mind nothing is impossible and THE WORLD is your oyster!
see u soon california…guys you’re fantastic…

Elisa, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università del Piemonte Orientale

Genoa, September 11, 2009

Fantastic experience, better than I hoped!!! I recommend it to everyone. Two things impressed me above all:

1) the availability and kindness of all people we met during the tour (and not only); they spoke to us as if we were on the same level

2) the fact that all we can think (in particular in the research field), SV companies, and Stanford/Berkeley laboratories are working on. In Italy it isn’t the same thing!

Andrea, participant 5° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Università degli Studi di Genova

San Francisco, September  3, 2009

Poetry and song – Last night in San Francisco

Raffaello, participant Silicon Valley Study Tour 2009 – Univesità degli Study di Genova

Irwin, PA-USA, July 6, 2009

After seeing Italy firsthand, I feel more connected to my family and heritage than I ever have. Thank you NIAF, Paolo, Giusippena, and every one who contributed to this amazing experience! My Italian heritage lies soley on my father’s side. My father immigrated to America with his family in 1971 from Calabria (Nocera Terinese). I still have three aunts and many cousins living in different regions across Italy and am lucky to speak with them often. While in Milan, I even had the opportunity to meet a few of my family members in front of the Duomo, which is something I will always cherish. I loved every excursion because I felt as if we experienced the ‘real Italy,’ and not just the touristy cities (Rome, Venice, Florence, etc.). Genova was my favorite place; every aspect of the city was beautiful and authentic, from the beaches to the streets. The Genovenese people were extremely helpful and allowed me to practice my Italian. Visiting the Italian universities was also very interesting because it gave us a perspective on how developed Italian culture and education truly was. I personally enjoyed visiting ITT– I study neuroscience at my university and was interested in the research being conducted in Italy. Overall, the Voyage of Discovery 2009 trip exceeded my expectations and showed me Italy and its rich culture in the best way possible, by experience!! Paolo, I was unable to say bye to you on the last day, but thank you so much and thanks again NIAF! I cannot wait to return to Italy in the near future. Until then, I will be sharing my stories and adventures with all of my friends and family

Andrea, participant Voyage of Discovery 2009

Bogota, NJ-USA, June 18, 2009

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to Paolo and everyone from NIAF for an unforgettable trip! My mother moved to America from Salerno in 1969 and my father is American with Sicilian roots. It was such an honor to be able to visit my family’s homeland! My favorite parts of the trip were our visit to Camoglia (the beach was incredible!), viewing “The Last Supper”, meeting my cousins in Milan, and just hanging out with everyone! I found Italy to be full of culture, history, and of course beauty! I look forward to visiting Italy again…hopefully in the near future! Thank you again, Paolo and NIAF! : )

Nicole, participant Voyage of Discovery 2009

Aix-en-Provence, June 17, 2009

Paolo Marenco is capable of motivating people so they can do what they had thought would have been impossible.

Claudio, participant 1° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2005 – Univeristà di Genova

Software Engineer at Digital Keystone

Rome, May 5, 2009

About fundraising for innovative ideas in Italy, I think that most part of investors are scared of failure. In this crisis period the problem is the real luck of capitals, but in other periods the problem is investors’ culture and education.
This network is the way to join new ideas and people that can and want develop them, so ideas won’t be wasted.
I also have to congratulate Paolo Marenco on the idea to give to Italian students the chance to be in touch with professional people that could realize their ideas.

Giuseppe, participant Silicon Valley Study Tour Network – Università di Roma 3 – Facoltà di Economia

Bologna, April 22, 2009

I was at the conference today in Roma 3, I came from Bologna and I just got back.
It was my first time, j never had this experience before and i have to congratulate Paolo Marenco on the idea to give to italian students the chance to have contacts with such a stimulating reality.
Moreover one of the topic discussed was about to change the mentality and the education, in Italy, about venture capital and to look more on the long term then the short term to have a real revenue.
Well, if students are future they have to be educated and introducted to this way of thinking, so i guess those conferences can be a first step for a different future in our country where, hopefully, there will be people available to risk huge amount of money of new ideas and innovation.
Interesting experience

Pierluca, participant Silicon Valley Study Tour Network – Università di Bologna

Milan, September 8, 2008

Paolo Marenco is for sure one of the most open-minded and innovative person I know. The Silicon Valley Study Tour led every summer by Paolo is a terrific and enriching experience. I strongly suggest to every student willing to “touch” Silicon Valley and to network with great and passionate people. I am happy to see the number of participants growing year by year confirming the success of the Tour and Paolo’s vision.

Nicolò, participant 3° e 4° Silicon Valley Study Tour 2007 and 2008 – Università Commerciale ‘Luigi Bocconi’

Partner The Hub Milan

Redwood Shores, April 22, 2008

Paolo Marenco’s Silicon Valley Study Tour initiative does a great job at creating a bridge between Italian students and Italian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Through this program, young Italians get a chance to experience firsthand the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and be inspired by people who have achieved their dreams working in the heart of the world’s most famous valley of Innovation.

Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President Oracle Corporation

Rome, March 20, 2008

I would like to introduce innovator and cross-cultural guru, Paolo Marenco. For the last several years Paolo has been organizing trips by top Italian University students to Silicon Valley. He has also founded an innovative service company to address the challenge of Italy’s rigid labor market to start-up and high tech companies that need a flexible work force.

Richard C. Boly
P4G Coordinator
U.S. Embassy, Rome

San Francisco, January 10, 2008

Founded in February 2004, the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council, was formed under the auspices of the prestigious Washington DC based National Italian American Foundation, to tell the Italian story of innovation and create a potent ecosystem in which our members share ideas, foster new business relationships and forge a heavily populated bridge between Italy and the Silicon Valley taking advantage of Italian genius, silicon valley capital and silicon valley entrepreneurial talent. […]

We have paved the way in educating the next wave of Italian entrepreneurs by organizing annual study tours in collaboration with La Storia nel Futuro and its President, Paolo Marenco, whereby recent university graduates from Italy come to the Silicon Valley and participate in an intensive two week orientation to our region’s most important high technology companies, biotechnology companies, and venture capital firms and their best practices. This year will mark our 4th such tour.

Jeffry Capaccio, Presidente SVIEC – Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council