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  • Leonardo Grillo

    Hey @paolomarenco,

    I am very sorry for my delay. I am confirming right now on the Facebook page my presence in Milan on May 19th.

    I guess we will arrive together on time at 4.30.

    Thank you for your availability!

    See you soon!


    Leonardo Grillo

    Hi @paolomarenco,

    I would like to inform you that for tomorrow morning we have scheduled a meeting with an engineer of Univa (Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese). The appointment will be in Varese at 11.30am. As soon as we finish, we’ll leave for Milano Bicocca University trying not be late for our SVST meeting (hopefully we won’t stuck in the traffic). I am writing to assure you our participation even if you don’t see us at 2.00pm sharp.

    Thank you in advance!

    See you tomorrow 🙂

    Adriano Fontanari

    Hi there!

    I am Adriano, we met last Friday at Bicocca.

    I am going to buy the ticket to SV. Before doing that, I would like to know if there is someone who would like to buy the ticket and travel with me.

    If yes, send me a message.

    Thank you,


    Marta Pancaldi

    Hello everybody!
    With the permission of Paolo, I thought it would be a good idea to create a group on Facebook to discuss our amazing SV Tour.
    During our meeting in Milan, I saw that many of you have already purchased a flight ticket and, for those who are still searching for flight options, this could be a good opportunity to find a “travel companion” 🙂
    Also, since many of us are coming to San Francisco a few days earlier, this group may help us find a common accommodation, so that we can stay and explore the city together 🙂

    The group is (obviously) called “Silicon Valley Study Tour 2017” and you’ll find it at this address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416433395090723/
    Feel free to join it and somebody will grant you the access.

    Meanwhile, good luck to everybody for the upcoming exam session! 😀

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