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  • Paolo Marenco

    Here we are! Ready to start the selection of Novara University attendees to SVST, August 2018.

    Soon the conference program you have to attend in UPO University, coordinated by prof Roberto Candiotto

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    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hello Guys!!
    I’m Stefania and I’m a student of Innovation Management at the University of Trento, and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.
    I did the tour in August and was one of the most exciting experiences of my life! I can’t wait to share with you my experience and to give you some tips and tricks about San Francisco and the Silicon Valley!

    But now it’s your time.. let’s start!

    Here we have an article about diversity.. but there are also other topics that you can use to tell us something interesting! Like education, internet access and also what the Government do to foster the job demand..


    Read it and share with us your ideas! But don’t forget to introduce yourself!

    I hope to hear something from you!



    Hi guys, my name is Gabriele and I’m attending the second year of economics and law at the “Amedeo Avogadro” University in Novara, I’m writing this message just to thank you guys for the beautiful meeting you’ve held today.

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Hi Gabriele!

    Nice to hear that the meeting was cool! We are waiting for your impressions and feelings!!

    Also more amazing meetings are coming for you 😉



    Yes I know and I’m going to attend everyone of them, I think this is an Amazing opportunity for me as a person, as a student and also for my future job career


    Hello Guys!

    I’m Aldo and I’m a student of Business Administration at the East Piedmont University, and I hope to be part of the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2018.
    I think that, the article posted by Stefania demonstrates how social integration and social diversification, increase community utility and company growth, as well as “smart” investment in technology development and staff training,guarantees an advantage over competitors.

    This is my opinion, that said;
    I can’t wait to attend the conference on cyber security.

    Greetings to all of you.

    Sara Biscuola

    Hi everybody! My name is Sara Biscuola, I’m a master student in Business Administration of the University of Eastern Piedmont. I’m a university tutor for students with learning disability. I like to consider myself as a curious person who always wants to look forward the future and to learn new things.

    I think that SVST is a unique and useful opportunity because it can give students the possibility to interact with entrepreneurs and to understand how they made their ideas come true. Moreover, I believe Silicon Valley is the best place in the world to breathe innovation. I am fascinated by the idea of getting on new paths and abandoning the old ones, I like the fact that it possible to imagine something completely different and to try to realize it. I believe that innovation is the very true and unique way in order to really improve people’s lives. Last but not the least, I want to thank Professor Candiotto for the meeting and Paolo Marenco for this wonderful opportunity.

    Talking about the article, I think that the issue of minorities is a very complex and diversified topic.

    Education is fundamental because, when kids are busy with school in a constructive way, they have less and less possibilities of going in a bad path. In addition, a diploma offers an alternative to criminal career. Knowledge improves the quality of life of people. To keep up with technology, it’s important to attend university courses to increase scientific and technical competitiveness. It’s also important to try to support and encourage minorities and gender equality. In this way, it’s possible to avoid the damaging of the economic system depriving it of a skilled workforce. It’s very important to see that big companies – such as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, HP INC.- are increasing awareness about this topic through campaigns and diversifying the workforce by introducing pink quotas and people from different ethnicities. The evolution of the role and status of women has profoundly changed our society into its most profound and essential structure. The role of women is much different today than it was in the past. Today, women work more outside home and have more power than in the past. I can name some example of such women like Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg.

    The equality (and sharing) of rights and duties and role and commitment are not just fundamental moral and civil needs, they are a necessity for survival.

    Lastly, I would like to share with you all a very interesting article. Check it out: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2017/07/18/how-cambridge-and-silicon-valley-became-startup-hubs/#376edbf537a7.

    I hope to hear from you soon!



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    Roberto Rota

    Hello everyone !!

    I’m Roberto and   I’m attending the third year of CLEA in Novara.  I have always  lived in Novara, I love my country but I also love to travel, to do new experiences and Always get involved !!

    I’m not afraid to work hard and learning  new things….I’m a dreamer  and i’m ambitious, one of my dreams is  to visit  the most famous companies around the world, and learn something from everyone. In Silicon Valley are situated lots of these and for this reason  I think that the SVST 2018 could be an incredible experience for me, and I eventually hope  one day to be able to work out from Italy, maybe right in Silicon Valley!!

    I hope to be part of this fantastic experience and I will be happy to attend the meetings and to partecipate actively in the forum.

    Greetings to all of you, Roberto.

    Stefania Tibiletti

    Nice to see some of you here! And thanks for introducing yourself!

    Good development Sara! I have read your article and I have some questions for all of you:


    1. Talking about the six elements: Do you think that in Italy we have all of them? In which one we could improve ? And how

    2. Great man comes first: We all know that there are big names in Italy like Adriano Olivetti, he completely change the way of looking at workers and also at the way in which workers should live the working environment.. but why was not possible to build an Italian Silicon Valley starting from this great man? Or, why our Industrial Districts were not albe to transform themselves in that kind of environment?


    Talking about diversity, are you sure that the diversity mentioned in the previous article is the only one that really matter?

    Here a provocative picture of what i’m arguing to..


    I think in Italy the worst problem is the kind of culture we have and there are only few people who tried to change this way of thinking, Olivetti but also Ferrero who created a big company which I think is the most represantative example of welfare here in Italy, in my opinion when somebody starts the big change we don’t have to be afraid of changing and try to be a part of that, growing up together.

    Dalila Sina

    Dear all,

    My name is Dalila Sina and I am a student in Master Degree of Business Administration at University of Eastern Piedmont. Previously, I earned by bachelor degree at University of Milan- Bicocca.

    My hobbies are various, but my main passion is judo. I am a judo teach too and I help my family in this activity, since we all have experience as judo teachers.

    Moreover, I love travelling and living new experiences abroad.

    Concerning my behavior, I can say that I am a resolute person and I am not afraid of competition.

    In my opinion, SVST is a great opportunity for all the people that want to improve their abilities and want to gain a different vision of the world and acquire better problem solving skills by experiencing new corporate realities.

    Switching to another topic, let’s focus on the article

    I think that this work is an interesting picture of American society. Indeed, it seems that Universities and government invest in many projects that might increase collective knowledge and bring a new hope to people that might have had justice problems. Another thing that strikes me  particularly, is that very big companies such as Facebook, Google and HP, are used to invest their capital and resources in young people, even in those being discriminated by the majority because of gender or ethnicity.

    Later, I will read also Sara’s article and let you know my point of view about that.

    Looking forward to writing you soon.


    Dalila Sina

    Lara Di vittorio

    Hi everybody! My name’s Lara and I’m currently attending the second year of Promotion and Management of Tourism in Novara. I just wanted to say that yesterday’s meeting motivated me to try and take part in this beautiful experience that our university offers us and I’m looking forward for the other ones that sounds really interesting. I hope to be one of the people who will take part in this Silicon Valley study tour.

    Dalila Sina

    Hi @Sara !!!!

    I read the article that you proposed and it was very interesting!!!!

    In my opinion, the Silicon Valley stands in a strategic position because of the presence of some of the most important Universities in the nearhood that can guarantee a large and studied human capital. Another important point to be considered is the presence of large number of experienced investors. This is quite unusual in comparison with the Italian situation. Indeed, it is very difficult in Italy to find investors believing in a start-up’s project.

    In my opinion Italian government should invest in start-up, as well as private investors should.

    I suggest you to read this article, it was very interesting to me.


    Waiting for hearing from you soon.

    Dalila Sina

    Andrea Re

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Andrea. I’m a student of business administration at University of Eastern Piedmont.

    I’m a tech lover. I love studying foreign languages and being involved in an international environment. My other passions are travelling, reading and experience new things everyday.

    I’m so excited that our University gives us this awesome opportunity so here I am. Let’s start this amazing journey 😉


    Great article @sara! I found it very interesting.

    about your questions…

    In my opinion in Italy we have almost all of these elements but in different ways. For example, we have pillar companies famous all over the world but we don’t have any in the hi-tech sector that it is and it will be the protagonist of the future.

    Another thing is that it’s difficult compare Italy to Silicon Valley for their different dimensions. SV, for its “small size”, could be considerate as a “community” that allowed people to easily meet each other and bring values that are shared by all the community. In Italy we could have all of these six elements but it wouldn’t be the same; we would need an Italian SV to do a correct comparison.

    Of course, we had the opportunity to develop an Italian SV with Olivetti, but we failed, the management of Olivetti at the time didn’t understand the value of the computer that they had created so someone smarter “stole” this amazing opportunity.

    And I think we can improve some of these elements, especially education: we should investing more in it, in particular in the university one.


    This is my opinion. What do you think about that?

    Sara Biscuola


    Hi guys! How are you?

    , I’m very happy that you think that the the article I published is interesting!!

    The world keeps changing, and the changing we see during those years is transforming completely our way of living, working and interacting at a speed and level never seen before. Technologies have lowered barriers to make people part of changing, and now everyone can contribute and act together. As a result, we are experiencing a turning moment for humanity in which anyone can create a positive change and impact.

    Concerning the article, Italy is very strong and competitive about Universities, but we often hear about brain drain: our best talents often flee abroad to find better job opportunities! On the other side, concerning investments i believe we should improve a lot, if we want to be still competitive! First of all, in Italy as in the rest of Europe, there is a tendency for a bank-oriented financial structure and equity markets for innovative companies are recently constituted. Secondly, there is a limited development of venture capital on both quantitative and qualitative sides, and enterprise incubators are newly developed too.

    On the other side, in America there is a consolidated market-oriented financial structure and the figure of the venture capitalist is very important, adding not just capital but also giving important advices. Unfortunately, in Italy the tax system stifles businesses and very often entrepreneurs find themselves in serious trouble and they are forced to make their business failed. There is no a concrete support to help companies because taxes that affect our country are too many and too much, and this is not sustainable. Very often, Italian companies are outsourcing operational processes to cut costs, leading to serious problems such as unemployment and business districts can’t be created because businesses are delocalized. We are still too far away to build an Italian Silicon Valley!

    There are many solutions: tax reductions, it is needed a change of mentality in order to support businesses which would bring to a lower unemployment level and maybe talents would remain in Italy, etc.

    As reported on article, in USA failure is seen as an opportunity to improve!!

    Falling is part of the risk process. Without a culture that accepts failure as an experience, people will risk less. And those who do not risk, do not innovate too. And without innovation, there is not a changing in the world.

    I want to conclude with a sentence by A. Olivetti: “Factory can’t look only at the profits index. It must distribute wealth, culture, services, and democracy.” Olivetti looked a lot to the future!

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